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Labor Laws and Terms Explained. PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP Exams.

3 199 views | 29 Sep. 2020

Sherman Antitrust Act -

Sherman Antitrust Act - 03:08

Clayton Antitrust Act -

Railway Labor Act

NLRA or Wagner Act

LMRA or Taft-Hartley Act

LMRDA or Landrum-Griffin Act

Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute

PHR SPHR SHRM Questions, Answers, and Explanations to practice and prepare for the PHR SPHR SHRM Exams . Tutorials Contact Details - [email protected]


PHR SPHR Self-Study Course on Teachable with 2,000 Practice Questions ($100)- https://human-resource-prep.teachable.com/p/phr-sphr-exam

PHR Practice Test of 250 questions ($19.99) - https://www.classmarker.com/online-test/start/?quiz=ckf5a2c09feae4dd

Books (Affiliate links)

1010 PHR SPHR Practice Questions - https://amzn.to/30uBGvf

1000 HR Certification Questions - https://amzn.to/2RdygZm

500 HR Certification Questions - https://amzn.to/2tk53E2

Blog - www.passphrshrm.com

Facebook Practice Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/400716413941805/

Aneela Mody

thank you for sharing

Eghosa Obazee

Great stuff, this is highly appreciate.

Meredith Yuskiw

I passed my PHR exam today! Your videos helped! Thank you !

Stunning Lady

Excellent video! ?


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I PASSED MY PHR EXAM! | 3 Things You Can Do To Pass ANY Exam

1 628 views | 11 Nov. 2020

Here are the links to the

Here are the links to the study materials I used. I could not have passed without the Distinctive HR Study Program!

Distinctive HR Study Program: https://www.phrexamprep.com

Books I bought from Amazon!

PHR and SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Complete Study Guide: 2018 Exams: https://amzn.to/38vrqZD

PHR Study Guide 2020 and 2021: https://amzn.to/2Ug9oSz

PHR Exam Flashcard Study System: https://amzn.to/3lofuwb


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Taylor Porter

Hi Christian! What are your thoughts on the aphr for someone who is looking to break into the field? I've been back and forth with this. I don't have a degree.. yet! Looking to jump back into school come fall for HR management.

KaRem Adel

i failed 2day in my phri i got 481 score ?

Eddie Barreda

Way to knock it out, Chris! Loving this channel❤️

Kendra Turley


Moheb Naeem

Hi Christina, I would like to do the PHR exam, but I don't know where to start!or what books I need to study before the exam, will you be so kind and recommend updated books or sorces that can help me passing the PHR test?
Thank you in advance

Britnee Moton

Yasss Biden with Harris undertone! ?
Congratulations! Cant wait to take mine!!


Thanks for the video! Can you let us know what is was like taking the test at home? Also, did you feel the practice tests were similar in difficulty to the real exam?

Uquay Leluca

Congrats!! ??

Kevin R

I’ve noticed that every practice exam has something different that another didn’t cover. Topics asked that even paid study classes didn’t cover. I’m frustrated that nobody is saying for example “we are going to test you on any of these 4 Supreme Court cases”, but rather there is always a new one I haven’t heard of. This is across the board in all areas


Wait, so you have to pay to see if you qualify? Can you fill out a qualifying process without having to pay for it?

Kyla Foster

I am a college student majoring in Business Administration. I would like to get into the HR industry. Can you make a video on how you broke into the Human Resources Industry? Loved this video! (:

mitali morvekar

I am studying from PHR EXAM PREP 2020-2021 (NEWSTONE TEST PREP) will it be enough or need to go through some more reading materials.. please guide me as I want to take exam next month

Unsolved & Unveiled


Miss Lu

Congratulations ???

Edward Weems

Congratulations Chris,,, Love You...

Crystal Nicole

Did you find Distinctive more valuable than the books on Amazon? Do you recommend purchasing the books on Amazon or just the Study program?


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Need to prep for the SPHR or PHR exam tests?--here is a rapid fire cram session!!

38 097 views | 25 Aug. 2016

All over the country,

All over the country, human resource professions are studying to take an exam by SHRM that if passed, will put the letters "SPHR" after their name. And I, want to help them all study! From thunderous downtown Los Angeles to the pin drop silent hills of Malibu, I have filmed, edited and uploaded a rapid fire cram session to help HR professionals prepare for the SPHR and PHR exams.

You're an HR professional who has paid the money to take the SPHR or PHR exam. You've told people that you're taking the test......it's time to get down to business and put in the work to pass the test!

When you are tired of studying from a book. Turn me on and let me throw questions and answers at you.










Kristin Howell

I passed my PHR! Thank you so much for this resource!


Must be SPHR. None of this is in PHR


Love this! Thank you!!!

Nick O

Taking my test today, thanks !!!

Shan Arnold

Thank God for you. You made this super easy to go along with! And you're super entertaining... ;)

Naomi Woods

This is awesome! Thank you.

ThymeTasted with Snehal

U r awesome

Sahba Moshtagh

Just passed my SPHR, I learned several terms from this video that I missed while studying for months. Thank you!

SBMC School of Human Resource


Miranda Price

I listened to this at least 7 times over the last 2 weeks. Just passed my SPHR ! This helped, thank you ?.


thanks for the vid. havent taken the test yet but this will help

Heyyy HR!

I don't see any of this info in the SHRM study materials ?

mss rosario

This is awesome! Thank you so much!!

stacey spencer

The different backgrounds are a way to recall the info! Smart! Great video!

Shana Clarke

This is amazing!!!! Can you do this for the PHR exam or the SHRM CP? Thanks you so much

zacheriah yerges

Is this for the SHRM test or the PHR/SPHR because both are included in the description?


Just Passed! Thanks for all the help!!!

Dung Hoang Thi

Found this video on my last days before my test. Speed of 1.5 is great. Also practiced with PHR practice app on my phone (great app with thousands practice questions and detailed explanations and simulator test). These helped me to pass at my first try. Thanks so much!! This is the link for app if anyone need it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abc.emtbtest&referrer=utm_source%3Dyoutube_watch%253Fv%253DIab9oHwh2c4%26utm_medium%3Dcomment%26anid%3Dadmob

Anna Talbot

Thank you!

Jessie Salsbury

Yes. Would love more of this for SHRM SCP or CP.

Queen O.

This would be great if it was done in a quieter environment.

MIckey F'in Mouse

6:33 sounds like peacocks

Butterfly Queen

Thank you!!!!!!!



Toni R

You rock!

Britney Horn

Great video! Thanks for the help :)


Thanks so much for doing this!


Thank you so much for this. Thanks to you I was able to pass my SPHR


James at 4:45 are you saying waiting pattern or wading pattern? It’s driving me crazy as I can’t find either term anywhere...thanks study guide friend