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The 5 BEST Gold & Silver Mining Stocks to BUY NOW! (September 2020)

13 220 views | 24 Jul. 2020

In this video I discuss

In this video I discuss the 5 best gold and silver mining stocks to buy for huge profits. Gold and silver mining stocks still have huge upside in my opinion and could continue to skyrocket throughout 2020. The Federal Reserve's monetary policies of zero percent interest rates and unlimited QE have created an extremely bullish environment for both gold and silver, as well as gold and silver mining stocks, and I believe we are still in the third inning of this bull market for precious metals.

Although you can make money just buying gold and silver bullion, the biggest money is made by purchasing the gold and silver miners. Of course, you have to choose the right gold/silver stocks and they tend to be riskier and more volatile than other stocks. However, the returns can be phenomenal as well!

I have actually already mentioned 3 of these stocks (FSM, AG and SVM) in a previous video, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr0mQAhgT9I&t=894s

And here is a video I did a while back explaining why there is more quantitative easing and zero percent interest rates coming, and why that's bullish for gold and silver:

Here is the video on Newmont Mining (NEM) I mentioned in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HYmA9PN8Ak&t=22s

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Link Lindquist

Love au/ag mining stocks... Just like in late 2015, I've positioned over 90% of my portfolio into the PM sector. In au space, I like majors (KL), (AEM), (AU) and (EDVMF) and have call options on all but Endeavor Mining. In midtier space, I LOVE (BTG), (EQX), (KGC), (AUY), (EGO), (NESRF), (TGCDF), (ALIAF), (KNTNF), (FTMNF), (SCEXF), and (WDOFF) and again, own call options in B2Gold, Equinox, Kinross, Yamana, El Dorado, and Goldfield. In microcap gold miners (sub $2.00), I LOVE (NAK), (OQMGF), (SKREF), (MDRPF), (MGDPF), (LRTNF), (LOMLF), (LGDTF), (PMNXF), (AOTVF), (ORZCF), (WFRSF), (CRDNF), (HUMRF), and (AGCBF) and it's only a matter of time that many of these are bought out by majors. My hope is that they continue to develop w/o being bought out and continue to grow EPS, REVS, and output in this rising metal environment. Project Generators (AUG) and (SMDZF) and gold royalty companies (SAND), (MTA), and (ELYGF) round out my FAV au stocks, with (WPM) my FAV overall au/ag royalty/streaming company. I agree w/ you that $ilver will outperform gold going forward. If you want 50/50 exposure to gold and silver, Pan American (PAAS) and Silver Standard (SSRM) are HANDS DOWN THE TWO BEST. For ag 'pureplays' that accrue at least 60% of REVS from Silver, I LOVE 1)(AG), 2)(SILV), 3)(MAG), 4)(SVM), 5)(AXU) and 6)(EXK). Fortuna (FSM) would fit this bill if it hadn't purchased the Lindero Gold mine in Argentina ~5 years ago, but will still be an easy double, going to at least $13.00 within 1 year . The ag juniors will rip highest, with my FAVS including Bear Creek (BCEKF)-which will be bought out by (SSRM) as it's the largest shareholder of Bear Creek, which owns one of the largest high grade silver deposits-Corani-in Peru with over 250M oz of silver and nearly 4Bn pounds of copper and zinc. I anticipate (SSRM) will buy this out for just a 30% premium VERY SOON, for ~$3/share, b/c if they wait several months, the NPV of Corani will explode (IT INCREASES SOME $112M for every $1 increase in Ag price) with ag prices of $30-$40, which is where they are headed, much sooner than later, and BCEKF would fetch @Minimum $5/share. Other silver juniors that will be 3-5 baggers+ include Discovery Metals (DSVMF), Great Panther (GPL), Comstock (LODE), Excellon (EXLLF), Silver One (SLVRF), GR Silver (GRSLF), Impact Silver (ISVLF), Dolly Varden (DOLLF), and Aurcana (AUNFF). Minco (MISVF) has a lot of proven silver resources, just like Silver Bear (SVBRF), but both lack sound management AND Minco's Fuwan project is in China and Silver Bears' Mangazeisky project is the Russia.


I like most of your picks too, especially FSM. I think Barrick is undervalued right now too. (one you didn't mention)

Willliam T Lewis

I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

Tom Barnard

SGLN London excellent investment I'm a very happy man

Silver Surfer

Any feedback on NewGold? NGD.


first majestic, silver Corp metals. usas,

Metal Bum

Great advice and info. Gold silver
Just subbed

Twisted Christian


Steven Artascos

In the early 1950s we experienced a revolution in new appliances, tv and autos, now in this decade the new revolution is going to be green technology and new gadgets, so, all of them need some form of precious metals, so owning these stocks is Paramount, you will make anice returning all of them...

S Hull

In SVM @ 5.70!

Aaron Fisher

Don't forget PAAS, yes its a major, but it has the world's 2nd largest silver mine sitting dormant on C&M. Carryover dispute with the Guatemalan govt. And the previous owner ( TAHO). Presently valued at 0, but oh my goodness if this reopens! Huge upside with no downside (on the Escobal mine).

Mark Cole

Thanks for your great videos!!

Chuck P [again and again]

Best of both worlds...GPL

Xenia Ponomaryova

Trust me Bitcoin trading nowadays is a big chance to make money.


Currently in my portfolio for long term investment.

IPT.V Impact Silver
FVI.TO Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.
HL Hecla Mining Company
EDR.TO Endeavour Silver
MTA.V Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd

I don't have any gold stocks. I'm considering GDX, still way off it's all time highs.
Also I think alot of people are overlooking Royalty companies as longterm holds. It makes too much sense.

Rikers El

I purchased some NAK, they were cleared for work in Alaska

Asim Gul Paracha

Would appreciate a video analysis or recommendations on Impact Silver Corp. Highest leverage to silver, seems like a great company. Would love you know your thoughts, and especially in comparison to AG and FSM for Silver play only!! Please advise. Thanks.


Aurcana silver in Colorado will be mining in the next 6 to 12 months. It’s very undervalued and also has a 2nd mine that they plan on opening back up once things are back up and running. Hard to find good mines that dont have geopolitical risk. this one doesn’t . AUNFF is ticker symbol.

Phuong Le

I have clz.v, Svm.to, pass.to. Go up triple


As the CEO told Jim Cramer on mad money, 'we operate as if gold was 1200-1300'

Mahmut Kacar

Maybe i enter after the second lockdown when they crash

Metal Bum

Very good contact so what are your top three of these to hold in this bull market? I’m already big in SIL and SILJ but wanted to just buy theee miners

juan montalva


Brian Stewart

Check out GRSL on Toronto Venture Exchange. Silver explorer with huge potential. Cheers

Josh Anderson

Load up the party just starting. $LRTNF $LGDTF $SILV $MAG


Checkout Sierra Metals. It reminds me a lot of AG in 2011. They plan on adding a dividend soon also.

?EGM Channel ?

You’re not showing the names of the stocks you just showing the stocks only do not show in the abbreviations

Joseph Frank

VIPRF, not too many outstanding shares, have a decent relationship with Pan American, and seem to be a high risk/reward bet in the jr mining and exploration space.

Kerry Tom

So let me give you my 2 cents worth view. Yes, most of these junior mining stocks do have the potential to rocket higher. So what are the odds of you're right with your picks of finding these penny/one, two, three dollar mining stocks that will moon shot explosion from an cannon. Maybe if you make plays on 15/20 of these stocks. I'm sure at least one will be a lottery winner. Maybe two if you're lucky. With that said. My approach is is forgo the juniors and concentrate on the best of the best. I'm very selective. Very detail oriented in selecting my silver stocks. Pan American Silver and Wheaton Silver. If you go far back in the 10 years of its chart. It's the strongest in the technical patterns. The chart doesn't lie. It beats every one of these junior minors by comparison. The odds are stacked in your favor if you make option plays on them ( Providing the market has to be favorable). You will be rewarded. This the lottery that I'm talking. There's no wishing or hoping like you do in junior minors.Check out its technical on these 2 stocks. You need to go back into its past years to get a feel how it's performing. Then make your bet on them fully. It's a no brainer! I don't want to spend hours upon hours to search for potential junior minors. Okay with that said. Mr.Stegman you're doing a good job. I think better than most of these so-called experts on this particular topic.

John Wheaton

Better late than never
Bought WPM , BTG , KL , KGC
NEM as well as SLV, IAU, SIL
last week ThanQ ?

Mike Hamilton

What percent of gold/silver are you holding. They say only hold about 5-10 % Im holding way more than that ! I figure on a bull market what the hell eh!......Let 'er ride !!!

Bob Smith

Question : Is it a good strategy to buy the junior mining companies that the big boys (Sprott, Rule, Lundin, etc.) have recently financed? If you look at insider filings you can see what companies the big boys have financed. One would think these companies would be more legit but the share price spikes up immediately after it's known that these companies have been financed. Thanks if anyone has an opinion on this!

Alex Kim

Hey Drew I really need your help, so my dad randomly wants to invest in gold and silver, but is leaning more towards silver. He wanted me to find out the best way to invest and (etrade, Robin hood, M1 Finance etc). I found that M1 seems good but I have no clue. But from what I've heard its a good. I met with him today and he wants to give me 50k this week. I don't know ANYTHING! All I know is what I have researched over this past weekend. I just feel a lot of pressure and I could use some help. Is there a way you can point me into the right direction... anything please.


Nice video there!

Michael Rose

Great fundamental analysis.....

Alex A.


John R

How about ASM? Seems to have the fastest growth and is cheap.


RVSDF, GRCAF, GGISF all potential 10 baggers

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NEM XEM Technical Analysis (27 Jan 2021)

223 views | 27 Jan. 2021

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You should invest in the largest gold mining company (Newmont)! See my DCF model! Ticker = NEM

410 views | 26 Aug. 2020

I run my discounted

I run my discounted cashflow model using the ticker NEM for Newmont Corporation This way I can figure out the value of the companies stock price.

Contact: [email protected]

I found this website that offers a standard DCF model where you can input your values:


I built this website to help small businesses value their company:


Discounted cash flow (DCF) is a valuation method used to estimate the value of an investment based on its future cash flows. DCF analysis attempts to figure out the value of an investment today, based on projections of how much money it will generate in the future.

This video is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I'm just a lowly mathematician!

Justin Wiseman

It's at $60.50 now 3 months later. It seemed it dropped in 3 months time ?

savyourself freedom

Thanks for the video I just learn so much thanks for teaching me . From ??


Hi Scott, have you heard of Newmontbrokertrade.com? Do you know if Newmont has a stock trading platform? I think this might be a scam pretending to be part of Newmont corporation.

Johny V

thanks for posting it,i was assuming the same,thanks for comfirming it

Nyce Will

Scott thank you for doing NEM. Really appreciate it. I like it alot and I liked it over Barrick. I wanted it for my hedge in my portfolio. Thank you for the breakdown. My numbers weren't as close to yours but I got them slightly undervalued about two weeks back. Great job as always.

Jon Renzo