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Billions - Bobby Axelrod explain how to follow the big money

683 085 views | 5 Mar. 2017

Billions - Bobby axelrod

Billions - Bobby axelrod explain how to follow the big money.

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dana putera

The numbers told a story

sam hamdan

if it was only that easy at the track.......................it aint.

Active Life Transformation

This is crazy. Few weeks ago I was talking to a guy who owns horses which race and he bets big money as well. According to him, most of the time, the inside circle knows which horses are gonna win. And this ain't small races either, the grand competitions for the whole country n shit.

He even said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Premier League Football does the same thing lol it got me thinking that most of the population have no idea that they are betting on fixed outcomes, but I guess once you are lucky enough to enter that inner circle you can make big money

Isaac Li

Sounds like Trump's voice 20 years ago.


So basically invest in what the Rothschilds r investing it and you're golden...

Mohsen Omrani70

free bitcoin in cryptotabbrowser.com/15434100


ohh yeah... the market makers , they always bet late, and bet heavy.....$$$

Sami Folio

fuckin a
thanks for the upload

Antony MM

Bobby....this guy???

Rafael Ibarra

What season and episode is this clip?


Such genius behind this writing.
Its crazy how far human perspective has come along the centuries. The importance of statistics and the concept of consistency.
The numbers never lie.


Reminds me of in the money, 60 % delta

Panta Rei 83

He neglects to mention that his dad was degenerate gambler

sandwit ht

Respect so much for the life lesson


this guy just summed up my dads entire life. I am determined not to end up like my dad.

Sam Joel

As one of the guys this video aims to depict, I can tell you from personal experience, this video tells you nothing. This video claims to portray a protagonist who knows what he is talking about (relating to betting) and then immediately proceeds to disclaim that "the protagonist" has literally no idea or intention about betting > but instead is meant to be some supposed omnipotent messiah of the betting world > clearly self beneficial for anyone "watching"


I had no idea I could make a whole lesson out of this a-little-over-1min scene: http://engramme-blog.blogspot.com.tr/2017/07/weekend-with-tv-billionaire-explains.html What I could never have guessed was my learners coming back for more.. Keep uploading!

Jim Pikoulis

Bobby Axel Hugerod

Franklin Sninsky

Its a crime to even post this without letting him clap his hands and they turn the lights off ( showing he owns it now )

Higher Image Status

Flow Algo Golden Sweeps ?

Dan Riddy

"Numbers tell the story, they always do." So fucking true.


One day People will realize how educational this show is....

bryce e

There are 3 ways to become successful

1. Be First
2. Be Smarter
3. Cheat


"My family's been here a long time."

H Sun

So wait for large range days, then get in on retracement

Lucas T

Numbers always speak for itself

Harry Joiner

This entire bit sounds like Bill Burr wrote it

Bruno Barbosa

Jesse Livermore is that you

Chamandy Beats

the point here is to monitor the insider traders... the directors and boards of company when they move big ammounts of shares... especially if they buy a large ammount its a good sign to get in

arnaldo t.

Più contenuto utile qui che in una magistrale di finanza


Beautiful. Thanks Matias.


"win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat"

James Kelmenson


AK Fallible

There is SO much to learn about trading just from this scene. It's probably one of the most educational conversations in the series haha. I analyzed it deeper here if anyone's interested: https://youtu.be/6--eFszw7c4?t=55s

Faiz S

Dislikes please comment

Jamil Raza

So he means being reactive is better than proactive... am i getting it right or missing something ..

William Taylor

"The tape tells all." - Stan Weinstein


This is what I try to tell my employees at work when they can't figure out where some of their money went. I tell them, "Money can neither be created nor destroyed....unless you're a criminal or stupidly insane." Money always goes somewhere, it doesn't just disappear. If you're short then someone else is over or you made a customer feel lucky. Follow the money, because it never lies.

Kelly Fontes

here come all the illuminati comments. smh


Season? Part?

Highking Stoner

I'm studying this series to actually become a billionaire one day. I can't fucking wait


George Remus studied the Volstead Act very well!

Danish Khalil

Can anyone explain what Axe is saying.. really want to understand!


"Smart money"

Arjun Kaul

which episode is this? I cant find it goddamn son!

David Damion


Paul Stanford

Amen guys

Mark Mendis

Speculative investor vs Defensive investor - And Mr Market has bipolar

Mohammad Ibrahim

I took this advice and for the past 2 years I've won every single fantasy sports league I've competed in. As he said, ''the numbers don't lie''


Basically, everything's fucking fixed.
But only the few know it.
And those few, they eat caviar in public.
But at home, within a closet, they eat their 2 dollar chickens.

paper aroma

I've been working in betting industry from last 10 years. It only looks easy on television.

No Cap Entertainment

Men lie, women lie but numbers don't. #Billions


First came Money ball, then came ... Money horse? xD


in stock market, u want to follow big guys, guys with lot of money, that is where sharp action is

Smart billions

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'The Limitless Sh*t' Ep. 7 Official Clip | Billions | Season 5

101 042 views | 17 Jun. 2020

Axe is given a pill that

Axe is given a pill that expands his mind. Starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti.

Billions is on a break but will return. Catch up on the first seven episodes of Season 5 now.


Subscribe to the Billions YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/dh9LUH

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Website: https://www.sho.com/billions

Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades see their vicious rivalry reignited, while new enemies rise and take aim. Social impact pioneer Mike Prince poses a true threat to Axe’s dominance, and Chuck feuds with a formidable district attorney. Taylor Mason is forced back to Axe Capital, where Taylor must fight to protect their employees and their assets. Wendy Rhoades reevaluates her loyalties and forges surprising new alliances that put her at odds with both Chuck and Axe.

An Ancient Evil

Every series eventually gets ridiculous as the writers run out of ideas and it character's story arcs turn into spaghetti.

Remember 'Lost"?


I admit I found the premise funny (limitless but everybody is just tripping and think they are super smart) but not really believable. Felt like something that snuck over from a comedy show.

Narcos Zay

Loved It!

Larry Lavendar

Axe’s eyes go metallic

Earn With Hearn

That limitless pill bit was ridiculous. Axe set to lose $3 billion from a pill? This great show is searching hard.

Adams Angels

Well that’s a blatant riff off eh

Justin Campbell-Platt

Weird to think this was once my favourite TV show

Boring Manager

Any film with those pills is either boring or stupid, because if it's smart, you just write a trading algorithm and when you're sober you don't need to remember how it works


This is the stuff the writers were taking when they worked on Season 5...

j z



song name?

The Weathersman

Dirty Money... Billions soundtrack... https://youtu.be/nyjOvk1JQAk

Jonathan Brotto

Is it me or does the pills look like Benadryl.

Captain Freedom

Based and red-pilled.

Yooo Frankiee

Bobby axelrod

TheCookieJar Is Empty

i like how the pill kicks in after a short stroll

Никита Фёдоров

Got some flashbacks from Limitless, huh.


This show just became bull shit


This episode was embarrassing to say the least


I hear next episode Bobby's gonna waterski over a shark!

Milky SpongeCake

He gave him adderall

Nava Down South

winters had done well for himself after getting out of the army

tom rop

next season on billions...axe reaches 100% mind usage and disintegrates into thin air

Doni Artika

Semangat ya buat film nya

Rob Grant

That ain’t nothing but Ritalin

Constantine Georgiadis

I love the comic relief episodes.

TheCookieJar Is Empty



This whole story about the pill was pointless. Why? Just something to fill the hour?

Hoping the show becomes more focused. I don't care about the art, and Axe getting a bank.

Hau Cook

I like how they matched the Limitless animations on screen, it was a life-changing movie for me brings back memories


I just cancelled Showtime on Apple TV. Won’t rejoin until the Boys From Billions return to the air

John Kluivert

This season hasn't excited me yet. I hope it has a strong close. For all the Mike Prince hype we've gotten, he better do something impressive. I'm still a little irritated chuck jnr played krakow so easily. Before Mike Prince was "Mike Prince", Krakow was the go to guy. To think that he would amount to so little is frustrating. The only good thing about this season was seeing chuck get sucker punched by Connerty.


Look how they masacared my boy

sumo wan

Billions has lost its way. It's no longer that edgy show. So many characters not being developed.


Please read the comments!!! People are right
1) How come Krakow gets manipulated so easily ? He's supposed to be a rich hedge fund manager who managed to became the treasury secretary. Is he that stupid ?
2) AXE used to be cold and sensible, that's why I liked him. You're making him out to be an uncontrollable, immature and insensible..he's the protagonist, make him someone we can aspire to be. Not just a flawed human, no matter how poetic it seems to you writers
3) Wendy and Taylor are supposed to be smart as well right ? Wendy doesn't seem very good with people and smart with her insights
4) Show more business espionage, backroom dealings, negotiations, business tactics


Michael Lloyd

Completely unnecessary and irrelevant plot device


Worst episode in the series

Anthony Loughran

Did anyone notice his eyes would glare blue when he was on the pill?

Mohd Mohtashim

NZT ... Come on man.

Narcos Zay

Loved It!

Fly ingDutch

This show was dull back in season 2...


Wow we are so out of ideas let’s rip off a movie idea.

Chris Chart

Don't do meth kids.

José Alberto Hernández Martínez

what's the name of the pill, it finish in "trix"

สารภี เผ่าพงษ์สวรรค์

Limitless pill.LOL.

Eddie Morra

WTF? LSD meets DMT?




Billions 2020 Full TV Shows HD

available »»» https://focusmovies.xyz/en/tv/62852/billions

Leurs états de san

Shane Kann

Part of it is that they could have really gone to town with that limitless pill like in the earlier seasons where it's being ruthless n decisive to win /earn... The other part is that this was supposedly mid season finale..felt like a let down..I guess they're trying things which could have done in earlier seasons. The problem is it's cooked..if you over cook it or under especially now..it's quite noticeable n heavily criticized...hoping for a killer second half of a season....


The moment this happened I was like ‘ah, Billions’ filler’

Steven Wenstrom

i wish i could get one of those pills, maybe then i could understand the storyline this season :)


Modafinil is the real life version of this


Our Lord Jesus comes soon!

Ameya Pathak


Chirag Patel

Worst series ever..!!

ali dennoul

Great show but it is not what happens in real life I'm not talking about the pill .im talking about the way they close deals and trade

Jay Sea

I like how they matched the Limitless animations on screen, it was a life-changing movie for me brings back memories


Will you please post the clip with Chuck and Taylor in Episode 2?


Show has gone to complete shit.

A. Vaillancourt

The only thing that wasn't "Limitless" was the episodes..... Ends here for the season.

Nataliemissesu Allthetime


Edwin Motloung

What's crazy is that all those trade ideas were spot on. Except for the fact that they were planning on mining them out of space instead of pillaging a community.


Axe’s eyes go metallic

viraj dobriyal

becoming Silicon Valley from Suits gradually

Smart billions

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