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MTF I 10 Part 3. MTF Iota 10 ("Damn Feds.") Look at Description.

184 views | 9 Mar. 2019

I hop you like it, and I

I hop you like it, and I am doing my best have fun.

To know more about MTF and the SCP Foundation Go to


MTF Iota 10 ("Damn Feds")

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Iota-10 maintains undercover operatives in various international, federal, and provincial law enforcement agencies and specializes in facilitating the transfer of anomalous evidence and objects into Foundation control as well as the transfer of jurisdiction over anomalous event locations from local law enforcement to Foundation containment and response teams.

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[Wikipedia] Zaliche

9 views | 1 Feb. 2017

Zaliche (Greek: Ζαλίχη)

Zaliche (Greek: Ζαλίχη) or Zaliches (Greek: Ζαλίχης) was an ancient town in the late Roman province of Helenopontus.


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The SCP Mobile Task Forces

985 917 views | 25 Aug. 2019

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#scpillustrated #MTF #mobiletaskforces

Jacob Sutfin

my favorites 16:10 12:59 15:52 5:29 6:24 7:20 7:45


Yo is there a wolf guard in the MTF teams

Tristan Huang

I don't mean to offend the people in the MTF teams or the SCP foundation as a whole, but where was MTF BETA-7 "Maz Hatters" when COVID-19 broke out?

Demar Hall

Surprised that there isn't a MTF unit, that hunts for anomalies in the more colder temperatured regions. Like parts of Canada, or in northern Europe, like Finland, Norway, Russia.

Or even Antarctica.

If there was, then probably their nickname would be "Sled dogs", or "Snow angels", or something else that's cold related. Someone should write that down, an arctic/alpine MTF unit.

MTF Nu-7 Field Operative Garisson

Imagine if u were asked which Mobile Task Force u work for and u have to answer: "The Village Idiots."

This post was made by a guy who's a part of a MTF named after a fish.
Shit. 076-2 is trying to escape containment again.

Some One

16:50 no, the specialize in the foundations S T O N K S

Kresna Adhikari

Haha. Muffin tasks forces. I heard the 05 doesn't give funding to their issued combat boots.
This was posted by the Cookie insurgency.

Jose Maria Alfonso Manaig

MTF Alpha-9: Allah-9
Mtf Epsilon 11: Spec ops
MTF Epsilon 11 in NTF mod Roblox: hOw sH0T GuN?

Proxima B

I wonder what happens to cloud-9?

Dennis Wu

Ok now let me get this straight the dream team is a mtf unit? So then the dream stans are mtf?

Kritikill ヅ

My top 5 favorites go:
1. Epsilon-9: Fire Eaters
2. Tau-5: Samsara
3. Epsilon-11: Nine Tailed Fox
4. Alpha-1: Red Right Hand
5. Nu-7: Hammer Down

Aidan Bramwell

Y’all gotta read the thing at the start. Shit says “the badass soldiers who do all the cool missions and usually die!” (I’m pretty sure it says that)

jackyboi 123

Mobile task force unit epsilon-11 designated nine tailed fox has entered the fectilly

Beegyoshi Boi


josiah games

umm where is tau 9 ik you cant get them all but i was just wondering

btw happy new year

Warhammer Titan

Scp:*is immune to bullets*

Alpha-1:Haha gun go brrrrrrrrr

Soma Das

Damm feds


If i could make my own MTF unit- i would call it:

ETA-91 aka “cereal-killers”

Specialised in eliminating or containing a food like scp which could be keter, Euclid or safe.

Blue the velociraptor playz YT

I thought mtf phi-2 assisted in containing scp-250


Where's the maz-hatters when we need them...

Classic beepobob Dad

rrt chuckled



xxx_K1ngSavage1_xxx 21

MTF: NU-7 "hammer down" should be number one

Keven Lin

Okay I am going to make all the MTF descriptions as short as possible. Why am I doing this on a 1 year old video?

Alpha-1: 05’s henchmen
Alpha-4: Package stealer
Alpha-9: Work with SCPs
Beta-4: Works with WWS
Beta-7: Disease containers
Gamma-5: You won’t remember
Gamma-6: What’s Thalassophobia?
Gamma-13: No AB allowed!
Delta-5: Know your enemies’s interest
Epsilon-6: Less populated the better
Epsilon-9: Fire Nation
Epsilon-11: SWAT of the Foundation
Zeta-9: Cave update
ETA-10: We do things differently
ETA-11: Sound&Music we like them
Theta-4: Stop thoseTumbleweeds!
Theta-90: Mathematicians
Lota-10: Hail Hydra!
Kappa-10: Hackers
Lambda-4: Hunters of the flyers
Lambda-5: Tough terrain here we go
Lambda-12: Trained pesticides
Lambda-14: Attack on Ambrose Restaurant
Mu-3: Lets steal from MC&D ltd
Mu-4: More hackers
Mu-14: Phasmophobia
Nu-7: Foundation’s personal army
Omicron Rho: First dream hunters?
Pl-1: More populated the better
Rho-1: School related terrorism
Rho-9: Fire walls
Sigma-3: Library explorers
Sigma-66: We don’t work for you...
Tau-5: Cyborgs created from a dead god
PSI-7: Our property now!
PSI-8: Zombies and ghosts busters
Omega-0: Memories of the lost / Force ghosts
Omega-7: OG Alpha-9

Omega-12: we’re reality benders of a alt universe
Stigma-9: Wreck the church
Epsilon-7: Don’t forget
ETA-4: Birds...
ETA-5: Capture the giants
Theta-5: Defend the boats
Upsilon-4: Memetic outbreaks no more
PHI-2: Ark Survival Evolved

a blue rat

You have gotten significantly better at drawing my friend.

Rolan Mustafin



MTF Omicron RHO is "The Dream Team"

Janie Phillips

GAMMA-6 more like grandma-6

john massey

What does a command and control bunker look like. ? Assuming the SCP has units that report back to home base.... What does homebase look like.? Does cammand and controll look like a big map on the wall with Pins representing SCP locations and radio communication to coordinate SCP units.. is it more complicated... I personally have no understanding of what a modern command and control unit looks like...?????

enderspeakable me

when your pest control come equipping with guns

Unknown Cat

Yesyes, keep shooting the 7 feet tall invulnerable white humanoid with a P90, yes yes.

Manek Iridius

The SCP is a joke. A monstrous entity like that and it wastes its time... using humans to corral low-threat eldritch abominations because humans can't effectively contain anything that's an actual large-scale threat. It's like a quiet kid in the back that secretly kicks puppies or something because they're mad at bullies.


Nine Tailed Fox... Cool!
Hammer Down... That sounds epic.
Savage Beasts... That's dope.

Village Idiots... I like this name

Rolan Mustafin

Mg f gamma 14


Imagine if you hate math and get placed into Theta-90

Katherine Gleason

"Because we're the best of the best of the best, SIR."

Mister Robot

wha- What about The Scrubs?!


Coolest 3, in my opinion:
3. Red Right Hand
2. Nine tailed fox
1. See no evil

Квадратная Голова

Mtf Units:
MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand")
MTF Alpha-4 ("Pony Express")
MTF Alpha-9 ("Last Hope")
MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways")
MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters")
MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings")
MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders")
MTF Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers")
MTF Delta-5 ("Front Runners")
MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")
MTF Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters")
MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox")
MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats")
MTF Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth")
MTF Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers")
MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil")
MTF Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts")
MTF Theta-4 ("Gardeners")
MTF Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders")
MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds")
MTF Kappa-10 ("Skynet")
MTF Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers")
MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits")
MTF Lambda-12 ("Pest Control")
MTF Lambda-14 ("One Star Reviewers")
MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders")
MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers")
MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters")
MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down")
MTF Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team")
MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers")
MTF Rho-1 ("The Professors")
MTF Rho-9 ("Technical Support")
MTF Rho-19 ("Cythereans")
MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers")
MTF Sigma-66 ("Sixteen Tons")
MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara")
MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement")
MTF Psi-8 ("The Silencers")
MTF Omega-0 ("Ará Orún")
MTF Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box")
MTF Omega-12 ("Achilles' Heels")
MTF Stigma-9 ("Evolved from Naturally Occurring Gears, Levers and Pulleys")
Additional MTFs
Beta-777 ("Hecate's Spear")
Epsilon-7 ("Forget Me Nots")
Theta-5 ("The Bigger Boat")
Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill")
Phi-2 ("Clever Girls")


Some mtf unit ideas:
MTF Iota-6
“Mountain men”
Specialize in the securing and containment of anomalous entities in mountainous, alpine, or otherwise elevated areas.
MTF Mu-10
“Night Owls”
Specialize in securing and containing anomalous nocturnal entities or events.
MTF Sigma-12
“Dead Ends”
Specialize in tracking, pursuing, and eventually securing anomalies over long periods of time.


Some of these task forces are kinda dumb or are just repeats. Like there’s 3 task forces just for computer/internet/electronic anomalies! C’mon. In my opinion, there should only be the Alpha-1 “Red Right Hand”, Epsilon-11 “Nine-Tailed Fox”, “Mole Rats”, “Deep Divers”, “Skynet”, “Bird Watchers”, “Ghost Busters”. Sorry, I forgot the official names for them so I just called most of them by their nicknames. And I might’ve missed/forgotten about some other good ones. Like, why make an entire task force for a few SCPs? Doesn’t make much sense...

Sukhraj Thandal


Khamari Harrington

Tau-1 always get left out even tho they help the facility by re containing shy guy ✋??


your shading is phenomenal, good shit mate

danny rich

so mtf are the spec ops of spec ops


I always wonder during ww1 thru the cold war do MTF wear similar uniforms like the US military

Jasper 0529

So what MTF was in-charge of dealing with the anomalies in SCP: Overlord?

Edit: nvm it was Epsilon 6 and Nu-7

AncientAmber YT

MTF Zeta-10 "Spartan's Hand"
Basically killing cults, cultists, and anything related to satanic rituals.


SCP 682: sleep in dirty sewers
MTF 1: Hey, what do we do?
MTF 2: I don’t know, shoot at it?

SCP 682: wakey wakey up
MTF 1 and 2: Panik




omega 1 isnt real?

edit: (real i mean like part of scp canon)

Chuchi Cadag

My favourite is nine tailed fox 7:55

Meat Wittu

I also made Hotel-5. But that is CZ cannon

Insert Google Name Here

So theres an MTF team called..... MTF M69..... With the purpose of having sexual intercourse with O5-3. An all female..... Task force.......

Oh boy


Of course MTF LAMBDA-12 has never lost an agent, they carry the blessed symbol of Jalakåra of the Impenetrable, the eternal host and benefactor of all mankind. No way he’d let them be killed.


The O5 with code name Montgomery has to be O5-1

Ari Symons

What about tau 1


Hammer down is the only unit that contains an scp we all fully know and love, 939

Legacy of Metallum Gamer

Everyone knows the OG is Nine Tailed Fox


where is gamma-6


I know I’m late to the party but what about omega 9 :(

Ari Symons

Mtf alpha 1 now the chaos insurgency I believe


What about MTF Alpha - 1, can someone please tell me

Terence K.


Big Sad

Mobile task force Nu-7 Hammer down

People who only know scp on roblox: "Where is omega-1 law left hand?"

Me "In the hole BBBBBBBBBB but seriously they dont exist they are fan made"

god gaster

If I was a mtf member I would be mtf phi-2


Rho-19 is a whole ass task force on another planet. The foundation has so much secrecy that they won the space race without the US or Russia knowing.

DG- DariGaming

Is no one going to talk about that alpha 1 are the chaos insurgency?

SCP 001

I’m SCP 001 and I will murder all of the task forces in five seconds

Black Wolf

I remember when I was playing Scp game in Roblox I was a mtf and the local security was Shooting the Scp I was
“Bruh u cant kill Scp’s” my team was like “XD”

Yeetus Confuctus

MTF Epsilon - 11

Da_chosen o_n_e

7:53 *scp containment breach flashback noises

Israel Cota Morgan

Condemns on the E11 Nine tail fox


maz hatters are also ment for 610

James Preston

Alpha 1:
Most loyal

The CI b like:
U sure bro?


you missed Sigma-9 the Valkyries

Zhiqin Li

Nine tailed fox clearance?


XCOM 2 SCP foundation mod.
Tau-5 appears.

XCOM ground force: chuckles, I'm in danger.
XCOM commander: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

Ty Russel Omayan

You forgot Apollo-9 “Game Wardens”

Auston Liu

MTF Epsilon-11 (NTF)
me: Kitsune?

The Angel

MTF Alpha - 10 Codename Last God MTF Alpha - 10 Contains SCP 106 008 3008 SCP 049 As There Jobs Are Classified Level Four
More information: They Are A MTF Made By A Dead God Can Clone Of Dead

Real DrUwU

Imagine being the best fo the best only to be sent to try and kill an unhurt able thing


14:00 mcyt fangirls entered the chat


Their guns looks small


The MTF symbols in this video were made by SunnyClockwork and sasuker4444. I previously got their permission to use them. Please find links below to check out all their other artworks!
Sasuker deviant art: https://www.deviantart.com/sasuker4444
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyClockwork - Patreon: https://patreon.com/sunnyclockwork - DeviantArt: https://deviantart.com/sunnyclockwork
SCP wiki: http://scp-wiki.net/a-sunny-day-at-the-clockwork-gallery

Reben Balen

I always just have this idea on a sunny day thinking about what the MTF are doing and i love the way you make the videos seem more serious


would kappa-10 not deal with 1471?


AKA: ”O N E - S T A R R E V I E W E R S”


I want to meet "Mr.Fishy"

William Avant

what about the game wardens?


Yeah I know one thing the nine tailed fox went to site 19


I always love to hear about my own MTF allies

Jayaras Fernando Pulle



I was deploid with [REDACTED] 11 at site-## and I was with them and what was rest of my team. We entered the facility with 15 men while the others were guarding the outside and this was a little containment breach but with some bad SCP's getting out.

Sean Morgan

MTF Theta-5 has the best name.


Whos coming from SCP Overlord

Rolan Mustafin

Model task was de cafe. Empty of life. Got them

Jayden C

(Sees this video one year later and is barely getting into the SCP universe) (Sees "MTF personnel are usually killed". Also sees info about Samsara) Why doesn't the foundation just use Samsara for everything lol. (Understands the universe is cooler with more units that are all highly specialized in specific areas).


do rapid response team (rrt) please!