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TI & Shekinah Jo Talk Too Much ... They Never Shut Up | #TIandTiny

15 172 views | 7 Feb. 2021


*TI &


*TI & Tiny's show has been cancelled by MTV amidst allegations of coersion and trafficking. Multiple alleged victims have spoken out. *

TI has responded the claims and allegations made against him and his wife Tiny Harris. TI & Tiny Harris Deny Allegations Of Drugging & $exual Coercion. He denies any wrongdoing and maintains that anything that he and his did was done with consenting adults.

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Kari Kawai Lee Taylor

I always enjoy you. ??. Wine ?, TRUFFLES ? and JADED NERD.

Sonja Teal

I'm very new to your channel and I'm playing catch up on your previous videos.
Just wanted to say there is something about you that is very calming when you speak. And I love your intellect and viewpoints. Most of all your love and appreciation for your supporters is awesome! May you have even more success!!!???

Eleshia McMahon

New sub‼️Enjoyed your content ????

Deanna Ellis

? ? into existence ? already better ?

Keisha Sains

Shekinah, 10's across the board....

sade adams

Replay .. hmmm no comment..prayers to the lost

truth be told

TI needed to be exsposed for taking advantage of people because he got money

Brilliant Brownie

Enjoyed the program and appreciate your thoughts no matter the subject. Also, as a fellow kitty guardian, I wish your love bug the best. ???

Mell Merc

I'm sorry,but he should have thought about his family before acting out,and another thing,if this is coming out now because these aligations are not new i heard same rumor back in the days,so if it's coming out now somebody in TI camp pissed of the elite

Leona stanford

Enjoyed your content

Tracy Britt

Lol. Lol. ?

Omar bain

Gay men get in touch with your masculine energy

Chrystal King

Always enjoy your commentary Jaded. Very thorough. See you in the next video ❣❣❣❣

Pamela Brown

It's HARD to STFU once you get that momentum flowing. "Dialoguing!"

Asha Nichols

U talk to gay and crazy like ur voice just bugs me


I just want to say to the person that said they feel for their children, WHAT? do you feel cause it can't be sorry or you wouldn't be engaging. There children now what's up kids aren't dumb, they'll be alright, this ain't the first time ti, tiny and the media has caused those children embarrassment and heartache


Baby I believe that was Run DMC who said "you talk too much and you never shut up" not Kaya, Run DMC...?

Deborah Wheeler

Shekanaha cant do Tini's hair no mo she just mouthed off her bag.

Stephanie Turner

No i have never done that. It’s disgusting and wicked.

Toni Taylor

You got me CTFU not pie face

Margo Wells

You are too repetitive. Waaaaay too much drama.

Marsha Lewis

I feel for the children that have to be subjected to this shame on media

Charmeane Drayden

Take so long to get to the point on TI situation

Wayne Cooper

thing with that Elite want him sacrifice his son are want him crossdress

Millisa 907

Look at Rick Tip James

Tennille Bowens

Ummm, for all the pie face girls like myself out there, ?? you Jaded!??? You ain't have to do that girl like that!??? Although hers is bigger than mine though, so there's definitely alotta real estate there. And I have a damn neck. Nevermind. She's in a different category than the average pie face girl like myself!??? ( You know im just kidding with saying ??you. I'm talking to you like I would any other friend of mine).

Ti news

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T.I RESPONDS To S€X Trafficking Allegation After Hit With More Bad News, 50Cent, Ja Rule STEPS IN

115 230 views | 29 Jan. 2021


T.I RESPONDS To S€X Trafficking Allegation After Hit With More Bad News, 50Cent, Ja Rule STEPS IN

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Linda Taylor

Come on Wendy you got off coke in 4 days Im happy for you but hon it take longer than that I smoke cigarettes been cold turkey 13 days no gun patch nothing sit around devish folks blowing smoke in my face and think I'm not fighting temptation I'm going little crazy but where I'm weak God will make me strong ?

Jerrell Johnson

Wendy Williams at the Beach just literally just made me Lose my Appetite. My stomach started Aching

Nazareth Is The Hood John 1:46 Podcast

Look up Larry Sinclair. CASE CLOSED!!!!

Mary Smith

No one is spotless.

Monica Daniels-Robinson

Social media has become more and more dangerous to involve yourself with, I can speak from experience how social media has dangerously impacted my family and could have caused detrimental damages. I'm talking murder, all because of false allegations that someone posted regarding my husband and even posting a doctored up ring doorbell clip, even going to the news media, with a"LIE"!
Meaning none of the person's allegations could be proven true! Mind you that didn't matter, it's what the eyes saw and the alleged act that was said in the allegations. People all over ran with it, like it was the word of 'God.
People, need to stop and think about the venom they are spewing about others, and stop trying to bring someone else down. Just to destroy someone's character and reputation no matter the consequences.


Porsha accused Kandy of trying to drug and rape her on TV but people don’t want to believe these women??

Sincere Williams

Statue of Limitation gonna come play into ti & tiny situation??‍♂️?

Antonio Bowie Sr

It was one of them situations where she felt she was catfish out some shit

Malik M.

thought that was my keys that fell for a sec ?

Egypt Guillory

Where the fuck yall been at....? do yo reasearch on all the shit Obama has done in plain site and behind the scene.....?

Michele Hickson

Do they have text or videos. People can say anything.

sipp my tea ride my wave


I Am NLJD #NoMore

I smell interviews,book deals & settlements.. smfh Start making then sign contracts fuck that!!

Mark James

I must be missing something. The chick said she got high and had sex with Tip 10 times in one night. So, what's the problem? That chick is clearly unstable. It shows in her eyes.

Kionna Little

Feast music of the mental gain knowledge and know an live an do the commandments of Jesus and Gods plan for they are so simple and down to what you eat that makes you feel strong and healthy to not stealing and not stealing no more killing unless being killed reconcile and suffer the consequences and change do unto others as you want them to do unto you love your parents love people don't hate don't sex anyone you see sex your wife only sexing anyone especially when it comes to men women and children is downright wrong and adultery forcefulness is mean sex is very bad and America base their lifestyle off of that I said America if they go back to Europe where they belong we make our own money somehow hopefully we'll be generous to our own people we actually built this country black people I said black people they lied to us when they told us that they took America from the Indians that look like weak people display them on TV as you know people probably from other countries where Christopher Columbus spied and gave descriptions but those weak people that they display did not build the hardest rock into sculptures black people did that regardless of the fact Statue of Liberty Fourth of July Valentine's Day Halloween Independence Day Presidents Day St Patrick's Day it's all money making machine bloody evil sexual riches kill the defenseless with guns cuz it's the black people in America did definitely did not have guns or planes for transport to China to get gunpowder and construct a weapon white people did it they need to go back to Europe history of them slaughtering half of a Nation and enslaving the rest what if history lied to all of us for thousands of years we probably did not enslave our own people they probably did whatever they wanted to do in Africa take all of the diamonds crystals stones gold and ship it to England when we never even thought to do that we lived off the land Africa is across the water from Europe but the black people that was originally from America or whatever they called it were killed they were the Indians they were strong regular black people who wanted to actually make it to Heaven according to the pyramids and probably believe that space is where it's at that's God all the energy all the matter all that everything oxygen that's what I believe anyway Sun all of that all the galaxies into the Everlasting light money was made by white people guns was constructed by white people alcohol came from Europe which is why it was illegal now it's on every corner of are black people street so is pawn shops for guns GTA which actually hates women love sex with even with men and children they don't want black people population control sex with robots who take the jobs for free as the owner of the robot gets paid penises are fishy and disgusting they always want to swim and dive inside of something even a blowhole or mouth hole pills are all white you don't know what they are even if they color the substance is white man made stop living so man-made these days like he said stop worshipping these celebrities boycott that music Jesus Commandments that's all you need you to the Commandments Jesus Commandments use Commandments did I mention they are so fair in the beginning I hope so but if I didn't read them for yourself or since you like YouTube so much the first 20 minutes of Matthew States Jesus Commandments that is so fair

NellyDa GamerTech

I don't understand why people are so concerned with what's going on in these grown ass people bedroom. These aren't kids they're having sex with, these are grown ass women that know what the deal is. So what if they have threesomes, that's their marriage, their business.


Look up Larry Sinclair Obama.

Mac Jones

Wendy williams is a man

dedicatedskateboards.com bigley

How is it traffic ing when they want that D or taco sound, s like they wanted to hang with the king


I don't want to hear about no chicks who was willing to f a married man and his wife ‼️? she was willing to do it so stfu

truth be told

These people are not lying on TI

Mz Miss

Recruit???? OMG

Registered305 Felon702

T.i lookin like Trump rite now in the house getting smoked outside, he prolly having family meetings er night for damage control?

Mark James

Damn, Wendy is losing her mind, for real.


This is ? Why did they wait so long to come out about t.I and tiny in I bet they wasn’t saying all this when they took the money from them


Method Man's wife should be mad at him, not Wendy he's the one that had a one night stand on her and he told her business to Wendy doing pillow talk, he owe her loyalty not Wendy. She only told the story of her life.

Drew Finn

New World Order is eliminating threats. When sh!t hits the fan. One of the first things most people will do is look for leadership. Think people. Look what has happened to the rap game in the last 10 years. They mixed a bunch of clowns into the game. We all seen it, but did we question it? Now that they done flooded the hip hop industry with stupidity and mind blowing immaturity. Now they're moving in on the OG's and picking them off 1 by 1. TIME TO WAKE UP!

Flyboi Clarkston

Dude just compared rubber man to President Barack Obama. Had to pause to comment couldn't even take this shit serious.

Mary Smith

Hollywood does all kinds of evil ad well as Government. Both are ran by EvilEintities.

Kimberly Rouse

? ??????TI and Tiny are innocent ??, ..... I just know !!sending protection to their family ???,,, Mad bitches in action

Ms.Tasha Mack

SMDH Freaking ain't that DAMN serious? Sex is normal but it's some lines you don't CROSS PERIOD???????


People need stop spreading rumors!

Isiaiah Mount

Fffs bad recording man

Chyna Pinkk Lee

She wants attention if they go to jail, she should to, shekani already said she use to sleep with them and help recruit, so she’s accessory to each party she participate in, which is a crime holding people against their will, but she said they had the option to leave, so saying cocaine is a hell of drug, not cute coming from her, because she said she took the drugs do, damn tip can hit 10 hours, I see why tiny ain’t leaving

Deborah Hardaway

I feel sorry for best friend.She definitely has to come to court.T.i probably did do the gun play he like to run up.But I feel sorry for all kids involved.Tiny gonna lose the home an show.They may as well downsize now.This gone be a while.

Anita Daniels

" You have the right to an attorney .Everything You Say Will Be Used Against You In The Court Of LAW or Not Say..Same Flavor..
That Aura Is Coming To The Surface...

martin drummond

I clicked on this foolishness agsin ?...let me try to get this bullshit off my noti-fis.!...cuz I mess with pod casters that dnt have all that foolishh ass gimmick music, ..voice bullshit...going on...!...fuck outta here, just get to the news...

American Chauffeurs Group

???what kills me dude says if this is ture if this is ture ??‍♂️ How about find out first then let us knw exactly what happened

Paige White

2 PEOPLE_ DID ACCUSE Obama of Something.
THEY ARE DEAD yall SIMPLE af out here.

Shabazz El MedicineMan


Ask Elle Michele

Hollywood is a cult in and of itself. hip hop and Hollywood have married each other and they're all under the umbrella of Illuminati ritual abuse of people. I'm not even going to talk about the accusations against Hollywood regarding small children. We've had enough and God is exposing them all! Pass the popcorn.

Shirley Daniels

F#$% t i hes a narcissist hes a bum hes a user and cant fight coward and tiny is stupid beyond compare

Bertland Williams

Older people are getting into these things because there's nothing wrong with it or illegal about it. I'm talking swingers, S&M, and orgies. The problem is bringing these young MF's in who can't keep their mouths close. They should be glad they're getting paid for it. I'm not paying no woman for giving thmy good good. I'm not asking are receiving money for my greatness. Enough said.

Arthur Gore

So as everyone can see. They use sex to defame and destroy, rich, black influencers with political agenda. Now that the election is over they no longer need ti to tell ninjas to go vote. In fact they about to get that money back in legal defense fees and some. Corona virus is going away now too just as I predicted after the election. Just take a good look around. The tried Martin Luther King didn’t work now look. They tried it with kobe didn’t work now look. Did it to Michael Jackson didn’t work now look, took down bill Cosby, R Kelly, etc the list goes on no look ti and his wife jammed up. Cause they buying up Atl and got political persuasion over the culture so people think, but yea I’m just sitting back watching all of the buffoonery. Don’t be surprised if they try Lebron later on down the line. I ain’t gone believe none of that. But just don’t be surprised.

alvin dounseroux

Watch these rapp n get up all up in your guts french vanilla pecan strawberry chocolate dexlux?

Logan Campos

Obama has sent soldiers to war. To their deaths,tf r u talking about?? Also letting a black man getting the death penalty I think it was in Atlanta or Alabama. Yall remember that bozos??

Trump never started wars.

Miah Stalings


Marvin Johnston

Obama isn’t spotless there a lawsuit on human trafficking on him too look it up

Chyna Pinkk Lee

She didn’t tell about biggie, she being messy smh

LukySevyn X

Well whatever goin on it sounds like it was all consensual so what we talkin bout here? ???‍♀️

Kevin Wallace

Hey The Game Is Dangerous Wen U Get A Certain Amount Of ? And The Sad Part About It Is The People Dont Say Nothing About Situations Until Much Later And Then Motha Fuckas Come Out Of The Woodwork Acussing People Of All Kind Of Horible Shit And Those People Fucks You Up A nd Destroy Ur Life N ow People Will Be Calling Them freaks And shit

tawanna gordon

TI already said they like to add extras to their room. That's not a secret. The secret is the rape and drugs. That's what have to be proven. Shekinah didn't mention that. The other girl made it seem like they had a choice at 10:00. So Shekinah only confirmed that they are swingers and Sabrina wants to be more than friends. Ill just wait for everything to unfold.


The truth is stranger than fiction.

Israliediamonds Thibodeaux

Obama has ties to
The pizza shop

elvin Parker

T.i. like can we move on and get a couple new chics to the crib... yall boring me wit this ish...

Koko Carter

Don’t say “dirty” south when they trafficking all kinds of young black women in Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas etc

Pretty Rick

The whole world is q

Arthur Gore

Tax evasion, sex scandals, and drugs is how they move rich influencers out the way. 50 making the network’s too much money that’s why his ass ain’t in the shit too. And the dumb 1s like uzi and young boy and Kodak will eliminate themselves. Anybody noticed Oprah ain’t said a word about anything. Or is it just me. Lesson is get yo money and move in silence. Keep your business to yourself. And don’t put yourself in a compromising position. For fame and sex. It ain’t worth it in the long run. The system can and will be used against you to destroy you..and if all that fails then the target will just end up dead..

Queen L L

She was not at work. She was at the court house


This whole thing is being exaggerated. This is light work and routine for a famous rich person. This is nothing but a bunch of intoxicated sex between consensual adults and ALL of the nonsense that come with EXCESS. Theres rich people out there actually sex trafficking, kidnappin, killin and hidin bodies. Let's reserve all the outrage and condemnation for ACTUAL sex criminals..FFS!! (no pun intended)

We're really this shocked two celebs are intoxicated with, what I'm sure is some of the wettest and most mind blowingly enthusiastic drug induced sex imaginably. Theres hundreds of celebs doin that. Give all you you regular folks massive amounts of money and fame and let's see what kind of kinks and tricks MANY of yal would be pulling.

camus fenelon

How the fuck a nino a nigga hit a pussy 10 times in 12 hours. Is he a dick lago.


TI MY ADVICE TO YOU.. SHUTDAFUKUP talking wout a Attorney.. U r in trouble so stay offff soc media talking about Dat.. GOODLUCK to u and Tiny... Dede Blass the black Madonna

Mac Jones

Wendy williams is straight up scary looking

truth be told

Look my thing is with Tip walking by the room seeing this young lady being assaulted and saying y'all wild was horrified, the girl was 16

Shazzy Mapatazzie

I've been a DJ for 25 years and have been told several stories about TI and Tiny & trust me, it would sicken your stomach. The people who I have known for many years are the ones who shared their personal story with me and I was broken just hearing the story. PLEASE be careful when it comes to celebrities' as they feel they are allowed to do whatever they like without consequences.


She said he said “either do it or not” and they proceeded to do it. He didn’t put no pistol to your head to do it smh

Pamela Whitten

Just Nasty!!!!??

Sabrina Alvey

I guess you all haven't that one with that white guy comes out and said how Obama suck him off.?? Lol look it up said they smoked crack together and all that.

elvin Parker

Its a doggy dogg world... snoops voice

Calvin Miller

Be careful of the company you keep and learn to be quiet or shut the hell up

suave Moore

50 cent is funny he knows Wendy williams is a transgender man and just clowning him. I wouldn't want to Remember that night iether . That's why method man mad she told that story ,he probably didn't know she was born a man at the time

BigLuck Da Great1

Great content



bigm 9056

In case you didn't know, The living breathing witness is the ultimate evidence,so My brother think on this, back facts with facts, always speak truth period.

Krista Cade

How does a threesome equate to trafficking? It sounds like a bitch got cut off and her washed up ass is clout chasing. PERIOD.

real real

People lie an the system need to stop tripping on our black celebrities , the system don't think our celebrities aren't getting attacked you mean to tell me that they're not looking at that in that angle ? T.i take all your money out the bank brotha an stash it . they out for your money an the kill your legacy..

Larry King

Look here all y'all celebrity hot mess y'all hear Cloud chasing t i tiny go to church and give God praise having threesome out here Josh should be ashamed of yourself everybody want to be famous and cloud chaser 2021

Kathy Gaither

What the hell???

Kizawanda Holley

Tip "THOUGHT" he couldn't be touched in real life??. Tip thinks he is God for real tip thinks all his money can make things go away or stay in place lol. What's in the dark wil ALWAYS make it to the light. Tip is a narcissist an Tiny is the a victim as well.

Theresa Murphy

All entertainment to me ?

Krandyn Briss

I'm aware something bad TIP & his wifey has become public , I honestly haven't heard what it is exactly they allegedly did

Riott King

I think they all need God ??

Mujer segura

Did you see tiny face at 11:16 checking out what TI checking out ??

Misty Cartley

Actually there were plenty obama stories.. hiw yall miss them


It seems like TI and Tiny like to dable in Manajes. The way the girl explained it in this video she said they could do it or not, so they aren't forcing the girls to do it. People might nog agree with the idea of having a 3some, but it's not illegal. To each there own, ya know.

Lyric Parker

Stop upping Obama that man is not God so y'all need to stop worshipping people cause thats how you get deceived. Joan Rivers said on national tv that he was gay and his wife is trans so he did have his share of controversy and you know it. We might not hear about his as much because people that betray him end up dead like Joan Rivers did after her accusations. And a guy name Sinclair suffered the same fate saying Obama snort coke with him and had sex in the back of a limo. He was killed afterwards..
I'm not saying it's true but everybody has had haters and rumors if they live long enough. Jesus Christ had big haters. So you say stop idolizing celebrities, but you start off idolizing Obama. He's just man.

Linda Taylor

Come on Wendy you got off coke in 4 days Im happy for you but hon it take longer than that I smoke cigarettes been cold turkey 13 days no gun patch nothing sit around devish folks blowing smoke in my face and think I'm not fighting temptation I'm going little crazy but where I'm weak God will make me strong ?

Linda Taylor

The power that be is coming for ti again like they did a while ago with them guns

Real One

Artists need to stay independent. Stay away from all things celebrity and mainstream. Aka Hollywood/Music Industry. They are lost deaf dumb blind weak sheep led by the lostness. Youtube has wayy better artists and REAL organic talent. But as soon as you sign a contract you are lost for sure.

Ann margaret Sharks


Latasha Bradley

all celebs cheat!!!!!

Mac Jones

I promise you my rent money this isn't even the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended haha

Ala M

Omg.... I don’t trust my mouth lol ?


T.I no disrespect hommie that's why you shouldn't claim yourself the king out the south in my history books they destroyed kings I'm from Texas you can't claim king down here and we more southern than Georgia...

I Am NLJD #NoMore

Why is it that only black celebrities are accused & put on blast regardless of statue of limitations wit charges like these??!!!??(or even put in jail)?..


T.I. & Lil Bow Wow Slick Look Like Brothers FrFr.

Michael Center

My girl got a girlfriend ? ?

Mook Meen07305

Dam they digging TI and Tiny grave and if they sent Bill Cosby to jail, so I know they going to get sat down ??‍♂️

Paige White

When you SAY that WE are the ppl of he book___ when you get your Nc Cannon?on= YOUR AZZ IS GOIN DOWN Buddy!

Actor Phil Washington

Wendy is not lying and Ti and Tiny been freaking since the late 90s. New stories please lol

Ti news

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7 378 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Sammy Southpaw

If they make you they can break you...Tip has pissed off somebody in high places..They have to humble you like they did Nick Cannon..I really hope that they are not guilty of the allegations, but when enough people say perception becomes reality.

Torri Stalk


Jamie Davidson

When you protect the circle within the circle you get what u deserve ???

Spuddy Krover

Hollyweird and the industry/celebrities been getting away with all types of satanic acts for years... remember God said before CHRIST RETURNS he will expose the deeds of the wicked

Dave Sims

"Cut throat city "



No shot at u hip hop classic I’m talkin bout for over a year now


The swamp is being drained as we speak!

Cap Glo

I hope the “dope artist” you tryna get monetized, is payin you lol

HotPepper Vikings

Look at Lil Bow Wow twin brother TI

William de Murney


Sauce House

You loose it all even with accusations against you. Smh whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? I saw my cousin loose it all over accusations. Apartment, job, etc. Sad part about it he beat the charges smh and the girl who accused him lied. But didn't get in no trouble. He could've sued but it woulda been a waist of time, lawyers said. Case lasted 2 yrs. That was the worst 2 yrs for him.

Xxeon Rolack

This is what most 'CELEBRITIES ' Do! Baphomet/ Boule


I don't watch that sh## anyways?

SÄLT 7 /addie

lol so many of these comments are similar 2 those when Rkelly wuz accused??

Rick Pugh



A simple game of Swap-A-Nicca. Come on back Nick Cannon, and go on w it Tip and Tiny.

Тамара Резниченко


Stickney Bred

Expeditiously my friends???

King Afro

If you lot don't wake up and see that there is a plot to take down every B-Person with ownership in the music industry then y'all still sleeping!
Music is all we have left in terms of true ownership.
After T.I. goes down... then they'll bide their time for 50, Jay, Diddy, Master P etc.

Michael Harris

It going to prison for show pc level rape case good luck


They trynna get Tip masters, Damn

Chi-Town Raised

I may not believe any trafficking was involved, but this is what happens when you invite others to your bedroom.

Richard Gibson

This is why you cant just fool with everyone when you got money...?‍♂️now they in his pocket..?


Tip been reaching with his stances pay back time for running his mouth

I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

Playboy needs too walk his own plank ?


He did not help himself by having those raunchy ass Instagram arguments.

Courtney Alford

How they suspend someone's show based on hear say and no proof

Prince David


Tal Lewis

T.I. keep your head up i agree with a comment I saw on here you can't fool with every one when you have money!

Cold Billy

Welp Grand opening, Grand closing

Prince David


Ann Johnson

omg they coming for you ti thats wrong i dont thin for one chance that man would of did nothing to whatever girl they said thats so wrong they just dont wanna see your success ti because you are doing good with the fam and your show you gotta watch who you think is your friend....they will get you with out a doubt that female knowscshe lying somebody is paying that Sabrina chick to get ti....

Johnson Doeboy

You have to be a bankrupt soul to be watching that nonsense anyway

Jason Bell

I love tip and tiny I hope everything works out for them!! They should of been tipping them girls..?????

TRU Views

They did that expeditionly ?

Kevin Shell

I don’t like TI, I think he runs his mouth too much, but I don’t believe anyone was in his bedroom against their will.

B Louie

Bro this is why I would hate to be famous and would be the worst celebrity...fuck all that can’t nobody kick it....you do summin as little as burn a blunt wit a foo and they gonna say you forced them to smoke weed and their following actions is because you made them do it!

Abshire Emelina



On Mommaz, PHAWK VIACOM!!!
So The Powers That Be Will Believe The Words of A HOOD BOOGAH [Just Like Dey Did Wit TYSON & BILL COSBY & USHER & 2PAC] But Will See Footage Of POLICE Over Reacting KILLING Brothas And Say Its Questionable or Justified...
P E A C E...

Claude Feldon

Finally some justice is starting come out ??????️?️?️?️?️?️?️

Hip Hop Classics Daily

Please subscribe here and support a dope artist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIF11Q6Mt0k

Platinum Kush

Who he gonna be Tipping on now lol ?

Max Alcindor

Just pay that cashapp ?

Dope Action Big Factz 614

thats sum BS

Willie Mac


joel kerrigan

Damn tiny ugly as hell

DeAuntre Smith

Guilty until proven innocent huh? Smdh that’s some bs ??‍♂️


Oh well. He still got millions in his bank accounts.. He'd be quick to tell anyone that.. I'm sure they loved the easy money, though..

Caster aka BadMan



U don't even gotta be guilty of shxt these days..as long as somebody say u did something of this nature they'll treat you as if you're guilty.. No evidence needed

Jay Moffitt

These was bitches showin up to party ? they knew what it was and now all of a sudden they was trafficked! GTFOH



Anthony Walker

That’s how yu know this America shit is a scamm

Anotherway 18

Them higher ups on Ti ass like back pockets


It's over for them

YouTube Disciple Gang Leader YTD DEMON

Long Live TB aka King Bico #TyquanWorld

Tony Curtis

TI has pissed off one of the elites ????

Mr. Feeny

Dude she looks like a red nose

King JappyJoe

They suspended his show expeditiously.

Anthony Walker

The is bullshit ti and tiny are not on this type of time wow


Dang they whole bag on hold

Brandy Davis

I don’t believe any of the accusations! Funny how it’s always a takedown of black people! Follow the money!!!