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Top Ten Market Lessons from 2009

281 views | 2 Jan. 2010

My top ten

My top ten lessons/observations from 2009 about how the state of the Stock Market has changed, and how it will change our approach to selling income strategies through Options.


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Digital Marketing Pulse 2020

208 views | 19 Oct. 2020

Tune in for the latest

Tune in for the latest familiarity and usage data, shifts in marketing spend, sources of education, and views of evolving trends.


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The Diverging Diamond - The Cities Skylines Build Guide [Tutorial/Inspiration Lets Play] Part 37

3 357 views | 14 Jan. 2020

Today we work on upgrading

Today we work on upgrading the Braitwaite Dumbbell Interchange into a nice Diverging Diamond Interchange!

This particular diverging diamond interchange is the design of ImperialJedi, check out his version below:


Catch up on The Cities Skylines Build Guide here:


Map - Marin Bay (Campus Expansion)

Mods: TMPE, Unlimited Resources, Unlock All Spaces, better Landscaping.

Music kindly provided by Onyx: https://soundcloud.com/onycsmusic

Watch all 45 episodes of our previous vanilla Lets Play here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW9ZbMsZn0d5aZOFdwRe0HM_vYxnibQt2

You can follow me on Twitter if you like:


If you'd like to know what my set-up is, you can see everything I use on the Google Sheet below:


Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Cvfy8FWVSSSV8RAG8G_cw/?sub_confir

Brady Zink

Could you add the streams to the playlist?

Eelco Hoogeveen

440 subs. You are Growing mate . Cheers keep up the good work


Diverging Diamond interchange really worked. I see what you mean when you said it should really be for a bigger space, especially considering you have two roundabouts pretty close to it back to back. Regardless, well done.

Martin Burmeister

Those poor tram and train lines getting no love made me almost cry. :D Detailing comes first! :) As a fan of mass transit that kind of bothered me, as now Cims would not be able to use those lines... :)


The framework of it is good but i feel there are a few unnecessary intersections, primarily the ones nearest the bridge, and crossing traffic seems a bit unnecessary as well.
It seems a little pointless to give the option to get off the highway, only to hang a left, cross over the other road and head back onto the highway. Ideally you'd have the initial 2 lane ramps transition to two individual one lane off ramps. Lane math for the bridge too... 2 lanes merging to 3 lane bridge where the single lane ramp connects. Otherwise, it looks great, like your work


Another cracking tutorial ???????,ever since I’ve started watching your videos,it’s inspired me to do the stunning detailing you do,makes such a difference to the city

Spartan Angel

Great video ?


Honestly for the work you do you should have more subs

J Hatcher

The interchange wasn't bad to start with. The actual probalem wasn't the people coming off the freeway, it was the fact that the interchange itself was the only way to drive from one side to the other and it created a lot of through traffic that some extra bridges or overpasses could have fixed.