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I tried living in VRchat for 7 Days straight

128 446 views | 29 Jan. 2021

On October 19th 2020, we

On October 19th 2020, we put a guy in VRchat for 1 week to see what would happen.

Hosted by: https://www.instagram.com/gtfotis



Soundtrack Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKIaC1iW4R8qs30vTut16CcrzBc7n9eDv

Thot Desecrator

Appoligies about spelling in grammer, i am dislexic and not good with wrighting.
Hypothisis: He will spend his whole day in vr just like what disrupd did in his spening a weak in vr video. He will use an eboy avatar with full body, along with this he will show some meme clips to enforce the idea that this idea was good idea for a video dispite there being people whom i know personally that allreaty do this. Then some bullshit about like SAO full dive and Nurallink/BCIs. Then like a day montoge or something. Memes and shit, he WILL use nerd words. Along with this probably some shit about missing it, he will then demonstrait how bad at talking to people and using crasma he is. Then he has a rant about fautegue or like something about how cool vr is and then some shit about the disconect from reality.

I will now wach the vid and see what i got wrong.

I was nearly fucking spot on bar some small things and timeing, its predictible nowa days.

Spaghetti Nick

I want a VR so bad but my room is like a closet


So...what were his dreams like?


when everyone said bye at the end, that was so cute

Krome World

bruh. I can barely do 3 hours without my head spinnin


Why is this so dramatic lol I would get sick in the first hour

Purple Saiyan Gaming

Am I the only one who thought 8-BitRyan had a VRChat YT channel and just never told anyone, bc this dude with VR on looks EXACTLY like him.



James R games

You should do something like this but it’s every social experience, not just vrchat

Jack Linsey

What happened to, "The World's Deadliest [Computer] Virus"? That was one of my favorite videos on YouTube :(

Yuri Chang

dude why is your virus video private?

braia renata

What companies provide this experience in the US?

Akabe Animations

how did you manage that?! I mean my game usually breaks after 4 hours due to memory overload or other issues everybody who plays vrc on a regular knows about... xD

Holys Moly

What happened to Earths Deadliest Computer Virus? Its privated now I wanted to show my friend :(


7 Days straight more like 7 Days in hell.

Super Snail

couldn't stop smiling this whole video!! it was lovely being there during the live stream?? cant wait to see more of your content in the future otis <3




The computer virus video got taken down! I wanted to finish it

swiss_ EXO


Maelle Pinard-Aung

The unknown hill decisively pedal because richard philosophically type mid a murky click. expensive, delirious helium


Oh wow you met pikapetey in vrc


the way everyone gathered to say goodbye was heartwarming



Cole Harmon

How do ypu feel about your avatar, do you miss being him, were you surprised to see yourself when you first looked in a mirror irl?


Got an idea from this video but ima need a quest for it and some time off of work

Leo Wolf



He casually says he would stay up for 2 days straight and only get 7-8 hours of sleep. like jesus dude

Rainbow _ Peachy

This is crazy ?

Kitsunuki Inari

I get depressed after I spend a day at a time in VR chat and have to return to the real qorld. I work with people in the real world but I can't connect or communicate with the hundreds/thousands of people I see in a rewarding way. VR chat has changed that, when I want to be silly or free in "public" it is freeing. I am bound by all these rules and people who don't reciprocate even though I work sort of in hospitality. VRC is my other reality. One day when I can plug in for real, I don't know if I'll ever leave.

Connie Pannell


Matthew Holm

I just started playing VR and the weirdest part for me is when I take off the Oculus and my hands collide with stuff? I can also tell my balance is off when coming out of VR

Jessica Silvera

What happened to the computer virus video?

Sebbi Void

I said hello every day... Lmao


What’s up Broski ?®️??

warious warious

what effect does this have on your eyes?

IXGodlyDemon X3

A smarter xqc pog

Lucas Smith

There needs to be a balance between Real life and VR. That I could get by.

Joan Gutiérrez

i enjoyed the concept of this like disrupt but what disrupt did differently that made the whole experience feel more real is that all while he was in vr he was also working which in my opinion gave it something else other than just playing a vr game for 7 days

New King

Next you should spend a month in VR


I had some very interesting conversations in VR chat. with people I’ll never meet with again.

Thomas The T110E3 Heavy SPG

That one friend who is online 24/7: "Pathetic"

Theodore Bear

Honestly it reminds me of Dorothy going and to Oz and returning back to the real world.

Al Mascarpone

Been there while this was live, now i am a proud owner of Valve Index, and quite frankly i was recently thinking that there is still no recap of that 7-days long experience. Thanks Otis, i think it was you who made me buy a VR Headset.

Rice Balls

What did you do to prevent pressure sores?

Ryan C

3:00 what app is he talking about?



Jessica Silvera

What happened to the computer virus video?

Sara Velrósa

otisss we miss u


And then your headset runs out of battery on day 1....




Did ur computer virus vid get shut down? It's literally nowhere to be found.

Kalani Barnes

Feels bad living in vr chat for that long to get 110k views

Zephyr Daily

this was on my bday! oct 19 ^^


The is absolutely so so cool

buster only full screen mode captions on boss rush

It's fun, but it's also addicting. I have a friend who got 4-5k hours in one year, and I met one guy who got 250 in 2 weeks. For some people it is their life now, especially the folks who didn't have one otherwise. I don't know how to feel about all that, although I personally have over 1000 hours myself and find it extremely difficult to log off whenever I do hop on. The whole thing is just so jarring, even moreso recently as I finally have a VR headset.

Ploughman Studios

Absolute immersive. Loved this so much.

OnYx Dizz

“recommended 1 week ago”

Neo the Riot

Im 1600 hours deep into VR, but videos like this still get me. This is something special, we all feel it!


Well so much for watching Worlds Deadliest Computer Virus


0:15 is that dunkey????




Are you concerned about your eyesight and eyestrain since the screens are so close to your eyes or is it safe?


These videos are so well made


what a bloody mistake

Treavor Barnhart

How does this not have more views?

Ian Buck

Did you happen to meet Aznstylez, Umjibear, Vrchatpianist, or Mr. Wobbles?

The Quiet streamer

Ok. Pikapete. Amazing charicter

President Dad

I would probably not play VRChat for a long time if I played this long ?

AB - 04AK 848342 Brian W Fleming PS

I tried the same thing in summer and when i took off the vr my brain hurt so bad.

Lord hellsoul


Gravity Nightmare

When people talk about vr thay always talk about sao that's one type and there there anine that has a different type the anime i called axell word not same typing but read the same i think it the most similar to what we have nowadays

Jesse Messerli

Will you pick the red pill, or the blue pill?

Disrupt; I’m for parallel universes ahead of you.


This is like a documental and i like it! ?


I respect you Bc if you stay in vr for long time your brain like fries

ching thong

Love to be an disrupt tester!!!

Ryan Ott

Did you take down your video on the computer virus? Watched half of it this morning and now it's gone lol.

Brennan Murphy

10:16 gorilla podcast is amazing

Brad Ozzy

Hey, what happened to that video on your channel called “worlds deadliest [computer] virus”? I really wanted to watch it.


where did The Worlds Deadliest [Computer] Virus go? I wanted to watch it again

Lol lol

what happened to the earth's deadliest computer virus video?




Very well done! Going on VR chat now!

Mando Anon



welcome to the oasis


This guy is amazing at editing

All lives Matter

I love playing vrchat because its like drama free and you meet tons.of.people to play with

Wild track

why youtube did'nt notify me this

Onee Chan

Pov:You are in Sao

Aiden Gary

This is pathetic to those who actually do this on a daily basis

eat my cheese sticks

If anyone wants any public model in vrchat uploaded to your own account for $1 dm me on discord Cloudy#7350
It takes about 2 minutes to upload to your account just provide the avatar name and creator.


Tried ? I did that without thinking ?


your telling me this is a challange for people? oops


if you want to meet world's biggest losers, go play vrchat

david reljac

I'm not sure having a screen on your face for 7 days is healthy for your eyes.

Jacob Smith

Worlds Deadliest Computer Virus more like gone


Uuuuuhhh, what happened to your deadliest virus video

uncle ben’s rice time

Guess I was lucky to finish watching your world's deadliest computer virus video :((((

Nat Kuhn

I’m not really mentally stable to do something like this. I’d go insane

Nathan Getchell


Vasu Khera

dude, I subscribed you because you made quality videos available for all, for free. I know that you want to get payed for the amount of effort you put in to make those videos but, can you please make them available for all, again?


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Naruto Daycare! (VRChat)

234 723 views | 9 Feb. 2021

#naruto #vrchat

#naruto #vrchat #narutovrchat

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have gone back in time to babies and are now in daycare! with your favorite Naruto Voice Actors doing Impressions in VRChat like Naruto, Kakashi, Guy Sensei, Hinata and more!

~Friends In The Video~

@Vs Sanji (naruto)

@Lightsu (sasuke)

PlantGirl (sakura) https://twitter.com/plantgirl17

~Social Media~

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vezypoo

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/vezypoo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vezypoo

Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/vezypoos-market

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@vezypoo

Business Email - [email protected]

Naruto Daycare! (VRChat)

Thomas Sotelo

The best one yet is the atack on titans from 3 weeks

Roy Lanzon

You guys make amazing and funny content and pls make naruto do a sexy jutsu to seduce saskue


When naruto says a corpse lyric

Crzy LiLMiSi

Sasuke casually hitting Sakura while she’s trying to fit a block in her a$$

Wolfynight :p

shout out to lightsu for playing so much amazing roles lmao

Gamer Games is a fan of tiko aka dev nasty

“U sure its not a chicken” me: ?


shonon sharingon

fire dan_644

Can you do part 2 when they wake up in the morning

Jay Kris Reyes

9:10 finnally they kiss


Where is nourts parents oh they died

Im a cat thats gaming

I subscribed on the first vid

carsyn daily have a good day

ik one day he gonna hit 1 mil subs

Dominick Derouen

Is that vr

Jordan_fornite Weeb

Kakashia says time for snack time what did your parents pack you nartou and saskae lolking into his eyes Sakura being like am I only the only one

Isshiki’s Will

Bro that orochimaru part was funny


2:23 “I learned a number” I was laughing so hard when I saw that

Marcbeau Yu

this guy should have more subs and views he deserves it

Jarmin Batchelor

Government FCC historian

Lamar Walker Walker

I love your videos so much

Clifton Edmondson

Vezypoo do more Naruto daycare videos by the way I'm a new fan

bruh that was, Hella unnecessary

I just love when VS Sanji breaks character

Hendrex Kids

I feel like naruto Uchiha


Yamato in the back crying himself to sleep from the traumatic kids

Dilon jusufi

Dude do a video team 7 and team 9 play truth or dare

Zelo Cracked

1:42 is Naruto a dealted scene

Great Vaule Doritos _

Sanji uploaded first again that's why he's better lmao

Althea Jael

Is sakura is not useless ugh !!!!!!!! I hate you vezypoo

short boss

Best vids

Aithana Marual

sasuke wat are u doing Hahaha

Cedric Carrillo

the people that live a dislike are gayyy


Make part 2

nicole andrea torrevillas

I thought sakura would put "m" in the "cu" but then she put n ;-;

katsuki bakuhoe

bro the guy playing sasuke was on point with the voice and the way he pronounced naruto’s name




naruto: draws his cute lil crush, sakura

sasuke: draws itachi the night he murdered his family and friends


Plz bring broccoli back

DontLookBack .v2

Do another one of this ?


fbi we got em

Thomas Sotelo

Dude you the best youtuber like if im having a bad day you alway make me laugh no other youtuber can do that

Jonathan Gurr

You should do lttle naruto omegal


all team 7 member parents are dead only sakura (naruto parents dead)
(sasuke parents dead) (sai no parents) ( yommuto no parents ) ( kakashi parents dead ) sakura parents alive)



Asdfgyhjikolpasdfgtyhjkl;’qwsedrtyuiop[]aqswderftgiopaqswedrftyiop[]qawert678io0-= qwert6y78iop0-[]aqswedrfio0[wsedrt7io0edrftiasdertiedrt79-wer4t5690


I lost when naruto said choke me like you hate me????


You are worthy of a subscribe

Awesome 1234

Sasuke breaths




katsuki bakuhoe

“naruto, sasuke, what did your parents pack you for snack time?” lmaooo sounded like he’s been waiting for so long to say that

Female Deku

I love this so much

Kurumanaruto boi

8:39 the meaning for that word is Sakura

Darknesspath Xxx

This video is so crack but it is funny???


why in the world is sakura taller than naruto


I miss broccoli :(

الفلوومي الفنان

Vezypoo can I make a video with you?

Jazmynn Fields

when Naruto said he was drawing sakura i thought he was gonna draw trash

Ana Carolina Mora Lizaola

Sabes a qué cómo han no sabe que que te agarra no Yo viví estaba menso


Hey vezypoo does the person who plays sasuke have a channal

Justin Munnich

Well tomorrow is a roach

Derekjlk Ponce


Mohammed Ad

Vezypoo you make really good videos

Vanessa Cantu



you guys should go follow me on twitter ;) https://twitter.com/vezypoo

Jacob Borger

Right as you said last your leges a takis ad came up and it said *THIS IS INTENSE*????


Love when you make these?

son goku

6:17 sasuke dont even look like sasuke anymore

The Swevy

Make more this is so funny I like the ending love the vids

Aida Newcomb

Lol I love this

Yamilet Ortega


Emily Barnhart

im dying af

Santos Saldana




Among us cat


Dakota Silbaugh

Sakura: I wanna draw Kakashi:to bad ?

Horace kurenai

When he said open your legs this shit brought an ad on I laugh my butt off for a minute

Justin Munnich

* makes dolphin noises*

Thomas Sotelo

Thanks bro hope your good and one day you can become famous

rahim hamirani

Me and my friend be like "orochimaru please dont rape sasuke"??????


2:14 when naruto said I will draw you Sakura I thought of these to things
1 he will draw him clapping Sakura
2 drawing useless on the board

Mateo E

U always find a way to make my day!!! Keep up the great vids!!


That drawing was Itachi standing on a pole right before he killed his parents so not all his family.

Mary Valdez

Naruto how do you know she's a gril kakasi open your legs

Ps_ Yealo

It’s a Fortnite skin (LOL(

Josh Garcia



When i hear vez's orochimaru voice on another tab im like,``For fuck sake its either orochimaru or Micheal jackson.``

Just James

I started dying when naruto said " that's a penguin with a duckbill" ?

Brennan Hollin


Malted Freddy 10X

7:11 I like your cut g


Kakashi: Sasuke got nothing
Sasuke: I had P


Cedric Freeman

This hurts my a$$hole while Sasuke is beating her with foam ??

Zero Iq

Bro I wach you all the time and it is so fun


Eu amo esse canal msm sem entender nd

Anna Gacha

Don’t you need parents to be at a daycare?
Also Sasuke when he drew itachi ?

Yung Gunz

Yo Vezz can you ask broccoli if she will film with you again cuz she is a great voice actor

Manny Mendoza

More sakura content


sakura is not useless all people call her like that because she used naruto and she was mean to naruto

Zelo Cracked

1:30 is Naruto deleted scene

Aiden Williams

@ get that man milk

Gudelia Torres

Sweet home Alabama

Yamilet Ortega

So cute Sasuke is so talented and Naruto of course and Sakura is useless

Gali9_12X v:


blu. hope

Hey Vezy, is there a way I could play with you for a video and be like neji or someone like that please, it would mean the world btw KEEP THE VIDS UP THEY ARE HILARIOUS


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How to Scare people in VRCHAT - Part 3

819 397 views | 18 Oct. 2020

Twitch -

Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/lolathon

Twitter - https://twitter.com/VRLolathon

Edited by JakeMoeSnake - https://twitter.com/JakeMoeSnake

Friends in the video:













Outro Music:


#vrchat #Halloween #vr


Lol Aw 0:29 0:46 1:24 3:10

Call Me Quackson

A piece of me dies whenever pud pud gets scared

Zero[guardian of the Omniverse]

0:55 my god she’s so cute...I W A N A K E E P H E R

Commander Ace

That avatar at the end doe

Jacey Night

Mans1ay3r!!!! Yesss ?

Woodey De Coowbay

How do I get the skin?

frankie king

0:45 you can thank me later


Da Vinci?

Olive Oliver’s

R.I.P mister postman 0:47 he won’t be forgotten

Le Gyon

Skyrim shuffle!



Cam_shaft_06 /TTV

0:30 is there a echo in there XD. They sounded the same lol


U should get a avatar where igs deku but he screams smash then do the slapping giant hand

BravadoCado YT

Is that a luigi board?!

webbkids 17

Diablo demon roaring captions applause


Hearing saga when you scare her makes me laugh but also feel bad?

blaze 46

At 0:55, i just wanted to hug pud pud, c’mon that roar was adorable

Beyblade master

That Ouija board pun sucked


0:29 alright repeat after me

Very good

Nicole Madden

haahahaahahahah vey funny

Willy Hernandez

Does Asagaao have a twitch :0


hahah vrchat internet funny man make dumb people scared hahah

Red S0vietArtilery

0:24 hello I’m calling in with a car with a misfiring engine

Ice blitz

Its a luigiboard

Optical Abyss

these are the best vrchat vids XD. its like a try not to laugh challange and i always lose ;-;

Dillon Thornton



Just wanting to make people smile.

1:02 TOO CUTE!!


10:05 I'm dead ?

Daniel Toader

0:13 , Ahooga horn scream ??

Hector Hernandez

0:30 those sound the exact same




That scream was peeeerfectt 0:32

Luis Santiago

2:27 Steve is the best!!

RabbitDahBeast 024

The sound when the pants just drop from the clown kill me every time


0:40 Pud Pud just messes with your heart

Recep Karakayalı

Dude, I died laughing. Sadece diggy diggy delik var


Epic Chad


3:56 Respects paid to Mans1ay3r


11:33 that vl ichigo roar though

Gaming_ Bean127

Pud pud is a gift


Let's get this out onto a tray

Cara Furry

I feel like he doesn't scare people, he is just startling people

Evan Donovan Porter

Well since I may be playing and streaming this year I will have to get scared

Darth Destructus

I wonder if that's the same Pud Pud I know... Haven't spoken to her in months as I had my own issues I needed to deal with.

Edit: nope, the one I know is still a teenager.

koolaide guy's kill count

I can't remember his name but the avitar used at about 2:45 the one that says let's get this out onto a tray is a youtuber who reviews military mres and collects them his videos are perfect if your just doing some random shit and want to listen to a guy review military food for about 30 minutes

Laser King

Y there so many furrys?


YouTube and Twitch: haha funny!
VR Chat people: Can you not scare people... FOR FIVE. MINUTES?

Aurdite Guy

Luigi board is cursed

Honza Sadilekdghdh

2:33 nothing :)

Dawood Dawood

0:29 she mimicked that scream pretty well ?

Daven King

0:29 any difference?

Mystery Puz

That's a "weegee" board, not a luigi board.

Recep Karakayalı

You Just Got diggy diggy hole'd


1:42 wut the..

Saber Studios


Joseph Sproule

Pud Pud is too adorable

Marites Culaton

you should have used the spider to come out of the soup but

tea pot noises

Baguette Man

We not gonna talk about the Skyrim shuffle?

Dellinger the fighting fish

0:46 Pud Pud is so cute


Oh man. Pud Pud is just super adorable. Where do they get all those tiny, cute vr models?

The Bean

Is pud pud a dude with a voice changer or a girl with a very high pitch voice

AnimeGod 1

02 beepu

Brian Lible

Love the steve mre reference

Lorex Mania

please do a among us jumpscare trolls

Detective Luck

3:39 Oh no...

Wrenn Ferrer

this kinda sus

Fruity Nightmare

I have missed pud pud, she hasnt been talking for so long,she is so adorable

ZerØVI 06

who is she pud pud?

Bread Sensei

Seeing you being nice to put pud is strange usually you make her suffer

Asriel Velasquez

Try using yuri from doki doki


How many likes on this video to make a quest compatible avatar that has a jumpscare?


Where did "do the roar" start with Pud Pud?


When lolathon wants you to take a hard right (Lolathon) Angry British and German noises


Who is this streamer 1:25


Lolathon: Hey Toxxie scream like that: screams
Toxxie: also screams Like that?
Lolathon: EXACTLY!

- satorェ tεndoū ツ

The boys in suits who have black and blonde hair completely fell in love with me lol✌.

annie youtube

Is this what Brazil looks like

Andhrei G.

Ill take your entire stock of luigi board

Jay HoodWing

what world is that at 8:11


I need to know who is osagaao,she's so adorable.

jack tran

Luigi board WOW

Rafi Alfaro

Wik wik plizee

Toymare [FNAS 4] [Maniac Mania]

My favorite scare has to be slaps.

Austin Cline

Should make a scary Pac-Man

Daniel Diaz

5:52 Did Lola make that Fred avatar?

Oof Oof

Are we just gonna pass over the SKYRIM SHUFFLE

Chill Gamer

"do i have to make my own wedgie or can i obtain one from a witch or vegan?"

Vickie Simpson

Weegee board


Pud Pud is making my heart melt, help

Eremax Gamer

3:10 is girl is so cute<3

David Lynn

I Choked on my water watching this


Lolathon can't scare me and i can't scare lolathon

Jason soulshade

I'm a really good licker lmao

Alex A.D.D

Pud pud is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

Bloo Studios

If luigi face in on the luigi ill be so scared

Lord Neko

"Luigi board" I fuckin lost it XD

Zero The Ermine

YESSSSSS a skyrim gamer poop model

Rollin Blizz

Do the wake up meme


I knew it was coming but I still jumped at 5:48

Viet-Anh Tran

He got that Steve1989Mre skin