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Galaxys and Nebulas through my Telescope (Deep Sky Objects)

3 525 278 views | 19 Nov. 2017

---------Cameras and Gear

---------Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video -------

Telescope: http://amzn.to/2AgfxUi

Mount: http://amzn.to/2i7ktpL

Camera: https://amzn.to/2Ltbw2V

Planetary Cam: https://amzn.to/2M6UmJz

Barlow Lense: https://amzn.to/2Lq6Z1p

DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links!


In this video I want to show you how I capture Deep Sky Objects, like nebulas and galaxys. It's the most complicated part of astrophotography and you need to prepare your telescope before you can image distant stars. In the end of the video you can see some Deep Sky Objects I captured, like the Orion Nebula and the Dumbbell Nebula. Hope you enjoy!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.w.astronomy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jwastronomy/

Website: http://jwastronomy.com/

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]

PoSSlew ontiktok

i have a telescope what is used to find galaxys and nebulas and planets


Space is incredible. I love astronomy! beautiful galaxies, as well Nebulas, Millions and MILLIONS of unknown interesting planets but last The Multiverse. incredibly stunning

Karl Juice

Counter balanced with a toilet roll...

Play with Piano

Too late

Noah Whiteman

I have a few questions about reflector telescopes if anyone has experienced any of these please comment back.1. don't know how or why but the finding scope broke internally the lines that help find the stars is broken so they don't meet in the middle so I cant pin point where the objects are perfectly.2. I've tried collimating my telescope but I don't know how good of a job I did. when I look into the telescope specifically of a object I can see what I'm looking at but it just looks like a ball in the eyes piece just one color like mars for example all I can see is just it there's no details and from what I know about this specific telescope its supposed to be decent but doesn't match the low expectations I already had for it. You can probably tell I don't know much about telescopes just from reading this.


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I will upload new videos there!

Duc Hoang Senior 9x

I wish i could have that telescope one day!

Justin Johansson

You expect me to believe these are photos you took with the telescope ??


What was that thing on 3:22 back side to you, a light tip was moving behind you

Yeh mera Blog hei

Color full image lenewale pehla telescope dekha mene. Scientist bhi heranhei

Matthew Clift

This is best to watch while stoned

Saran Jawa

Its true but can't believe...what can I do

Ryan Deets

I honestly would have given you a thumbs up on this video but because you did a slideshow in the end of what you allegedly saw in your telescope I did a thumbs down. I would prefer live action view of you finding said nebulas and galaxies and whether or not you can see them clearly through the telescope without processing the images through a computer I'm in the market for a telescope so I don't feel this video was very helpful. I'd like to be able to find a telescope where I can see nebulas in certain stars and galaxies and planets without having a process my images through a computer

A.S.M Nayeem

What is the model of your telescope?

Pulkit 7

How it is coluorful?

Bhavana Kothari

Yo bro


Are those real pics?

Jack Williams

Oh no guys look at all these silly people saying this is fake because they read one fake Facebook post just admit defeat nasa is real and all this is real

Abhijeet Jagtap

thanks for showing us the beautiful creation

Nasro Ham

Fuck that planet

Prince Java

Fall asleep & dreaming flying to those galaxies for seconds with this video

vismaya satheesh

Which telescope are you using
It looks so cool

Deep Sky Hunter

Amazing.. Beautiful Shot Of Galaxy????


What if you make eye contact with someone on the other side while looking at the universe...?

manuel ortiz

That sis looks very expensive...how much was that telescope?

Max Buckley

Incredible ? thank you for the content sir

Yasin Aarfat

4:30 ?

Rowan's Nature Channel

Awesome video as usual, but what do all the deep space objects look like without photostacking???

Abishek Tamang

It's fake bruh

Sergio James

6:30 looks like it’s an angel

mohammad salim

ey tera khayal or teri nazar to glaxy tuk ja sakti magar to kabhi nahi ......allah o akbar.....sari tareef us rub k liey ...jo tamam jahano ka rub he....

andorinha saudosista

A thing that i need to know is: each one of those bright dots in the images, is one of these giant stars, very bigger than sun, that they talk about?


When I see sky
My wordly tensions gone
and deep thoughts kick in


Depressing to think in our lifetime we may never know what is really out there :(


I like the music

Nagman Kokni

No matter how hard we try, we won't be able to explore much about nature.?

otis mcdonald

No way these images are from that telescope. These are practically Hubble quality photos


I want to be astronaut

Lord Caim

can you tell me whats the song at 3:34 please? Shazam didnt work D:

Anything Of Everything With Devendra

Are These Images 100% real

Chandan Mukherjee

But where is aliens???!!!!

Prxmise_ Slime

What telescope is it


beautiful really

Connor Wilcox

I came here expecting references to Marvel Nebula but these comments have got me lowkey depressed.

me nefcanto

they are all in visible electromagnetic spectrum? and also those colors are their true colors or are they proccessed by computer?

Daniel Naias

belíssimas imagens e um bom trabalho. parabéns

Muhammadh Mubashshir

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Soumitro Hore

5.7k dislikes whooo?

robert bucad

I love the whole space and galaxy
It's so beautiful ?

「。Mery 。」

Seeing space objects makes me emotional and happy. It gives me a good energy ??



Daniel Buezo

I like to think of different life forms that can be out there. Like beings so giant they can palm a planet like earth. Idk.

Rare One

How much for one of those telescopes?

Got to Go

Man these are almost as fake.as nasa . Keep up the lie

Клемент Бурдин

This guy can see me eating breakfast at my home in Moscow! Nice!

Zen of Kursat

did you get the still images with this telescope ? can you post some live videos ?

Sithija Yasiru

I will have bought a telescope like that

kelvin nueve

And what all of us are seeing are galaxies 1500 years ago what could they actually look like right now


Howmuch money for ur telescope

Iphone 12 tv

Seeing something 1500 light years away


Fake, this photos hubble captured


vid ends at 4:30 ..total BS pics from then on or please get back in 1,500 light years to confirm [target speed size distance] waiting for data signal return...wake the [email protected]#$ up dumbbells.

suddais ali khan

Can any of you guys tell me what's the name of the song he uses while watching deep space

Paulie Deron

This not from a telescope! CGI BULLSHIT.

Omar Tampa

We are lucky !!


That’s not true your telescope? Stop the lies.

Baisil Suni

Wow!wow! Awesome ??

Jack Williams

When you look up at the sky its so crazy to think that we aint the only life out there i mean cmon being how large the universe is we cant be the only life here there has to be more life out there i love space And astronomy

Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi

Even if we have spaceship that can travel like speed of light. It's still a hundred of millions of years to arrive

Silent Dhumuha

Wow amazing ?


cool thing is whileyour seeing that nebula it might not even be there anymore

David Plenderleith

04:25 you’re welcome

S.F. Morris

this was so enjoyable to watch and learn.

Lloyd Garmadon

Why do i think that you didn't make the video through telescope

Asmoothjawn Atta

It’s crazy to think you know what you’ve been told but not experienced for yourself.


Thats some big azz home telescope

K Dogg

So to my understanding from the comments if aliens were to look at us through a telescope and they were 65 million light years away there would be dinosaurs still on the earth


Sind Sie Deutsch?

Joemi Natividad

I wish I have that kind of telescope at home.


So fascinating

An Atheist

There’s no way we are alone in this universe.

Oh Hell No


TheGamerCat Playz

It’s amazing how far the telescope can see. 27 million lightyears?

mass monster

Ye telescope mujhe de de thaakur

Salih Bülent Alkangil

What is the price for this telescope? I need an affordable telescope which I can see Saturn, Jupiter. Can you recommend me?


did your telescope capture these??

Jay Smith

I always kick myself for not doing enough in life I have nothing going for me at all but at least I can say i was once on earth and we discovered things out of this world ☝?

Taqi Sultani

I like your teleskope

Soares X

how much cost this telescop ?

rafi andrei

Whatdoes J.W means

Nitil Poddar

Hey, were these images taken from ur telescope, bcoz they looked like u copied them from the internet .


How do you balance your 33lb tube on a 44lb capacity mount?

Know Pain

I wish I could afford a decent telescope. Man im broke. But thanks for the upload. I can only see the stars, planets and galaxies through your videos.

Jonnathan Gutierrez

Why not showing a video and not just pictures???

Sujan Bk



I was at camp an seen ah blue an red star like the star was blue wit red rays around it

The Winnemucca Paraglider

This should be titled, “Me and my telescope.”

Angus Nock

what's past that though, 1000 years ago there was no thought of dinosaurs.... 1000 years from now we could be in the galaxies.

Eduardo Freire

Essas imagens são de telescópios de grande porte, não são desse brinquedo que vc tem kkkkkk

Davi gamer Domingos



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Music Credits:

Andrew Odd - Leaving

Rhiannon McColgan - Space Lullaby https://soundcloud.com/annon-sound

DrumtotheBass Woop

I want to be reincarnated as an M star, complete with its own fledgling primordial life. So I could watch my creations grow up. ?

Biren KumarG

Wanted to say...

Until unless some robot will go beyond our milky Galaxy
It is hard to find whether we are in Nebula or in any Galaxy

tim s

Astronomy videos like these remind me our universe can be so weird.

Gregory Kane

Ne bu lee...cool plural Nubuli

Henry Robinson

Why we need to know this stuff:
Because when we conquer the galaxy we need to know what we’re doing

Sukanta Bhattacharjee


aditya pratap

which direction the sun is taking us from the galactic center?

Häm Börger


Christophe Capeau


Raul Andrade

Although the idea is interesting, I'm glad we're not inside a particularly bright nebula, as that would probably diminish visibility of fainter sky objects. Everyone loves looking at foggy landscapes... from the outside.

Wilton Gomes

Naah, you don't say...
Of course we're in a nebula.
We've never seen it before cos we inside. It's like being in the belly of a prego... You'd just never really know


But but what about the FTL game? where your ship jumps into a nebula and its so thick that you can't see the other ships in it. lol

The White Recluse

We are inside of a nebula, inside a simulation

Casius CBU


physics deviation negligible
unless unique

same goes with

if [outside]

maximize quadrant + content feasibility and data gatherings
we might be of data exchange merit for others

Leonardo Nunes



That'd be cool

Reza Hemmatzadeh

The background music is irritant

Afonso Ferreira

SVPERNOVAE and NEBVLAE are not pronounced supernove and nebule. Not real latin. Loved the video though

Sid J

Are we actually in devil's anus?

phantom walker

heres one for you nerds..a magnet works best cold.. they say the centre of the earth is magnetised iron to give is our magnetopheres,protection from radiation,ect.. the centre of the earth,is said to be 400,000 million degrees,or so..so how is it magnetic..

Cybernetic Marmot

2:02 Angry frog man similar to Rigel from Farscape giving the finger while he fumes from some injustice


I like how he says ionized particle like that actually means something.


To think, all this knowledge is only possible through the computer. Detecting these wave lengths and inferring their significance was impossible before the discovery, construction and application of the binary gates on silicon chips. I often marvel at the explosion of knowledge made possible by the computer and wonder, what is more miraculous and awesome, the phenomenon or the tools we have invented with which to study them.


So I can't hide from the Borg Inside a nebula?

August Day

Imagine if the redshifting of other stars we see all around us is caused by interaction with nebular particles near around our sun. Maybe the universe isn't expanding! That would be cool.


Nebulae seem to form substance when seen through the telescope. Pictures of things, or partial pictures in uncertain paradolea-type, but even more striking, in that some parts of them appear polished. Actually, when I think about it, it is difficult to explain so anyone could understand what I mean. It's really very nebulous...


One thing you either aren't aware of or failed to address: all of these photos that we've become used to seeing are imaged in what's called the "Hubble Pallet" and are false color images, representing hydrogen alpha, sulpher II, and oxygen III mapped to the R,G,B channels. So, nebulae do not visually look like they are presented in astrophotography when interpreting across the visible spectrum to the human ocular system. They are very pretty when imaged in the Hubble Pallet, but not so much when imaged in the R,G,B segment of the EM spectrum.

Paul Wevers

For all you star gazers out there. You think the universe is kinda big right? It really is not. Big is a concept translated to the sight and feelings of the beholder. We are just very small. Imagine being so big, in size or sight, that a galaxy is just a spot on the board. It would be a little less glorious huh.
See how much is possible in taking on this view on matters of existence?


Love your content


Each person is in his own bubble then.

JMO8A Veda

this means everything has its own themes with meaning sharing feelings and changes sometimes we see it and sometime we dont we do we dont

sylveon 69

makes me wonder just how sparce those massive intergalactic voids you hear about actually are

Tara Brooks

So now that were dating... owowie

Carina Murillo

I take pride in the fact that I'm named after a nebula (Carina), well... I'd like to think so. My parents just like the name ??


Are you in a dream sci fi image?

terry landess

I want to count things when I grow up.... You can be an accountant, or an astronomer.


Ahh, one day The Terran Empire will explore, conquer and settle all of them I hope.

Jaguar TWR

I love nebulas


Do you have a video on neutron stars?

Rob Houtsch

Yeah. Sorry. It was Taco Tuesday AND Italian Sausage night at the lodge ?‍♂️

Satria Prasna Dewa

Local Interstellar Cloud's other names: Local Fluff


my anxiety level goes 0 when i watcn this channel


am i going to actually watch this video?
no, the answer is no

David Bland

@Astrum Would our nebula be visible from other Star system's the same way we se nebula from ours?

Gregory Kane

I feel like im in the skip ads Nebula


It's weird that sometimes you use the plural of nebula correctly and sometimes use the singular when you need the plural. It was a little jarring to listen to. Still a good video though.

Frank Guy

I hate that they never show how the space really looks, its always the altered colors photographs.

Derek Mcdonald

Are you sure were in a nebula 'cause last I checked we Aint

Bill Kast

Astrum channel is great! I'm on a mission to watch all of your videos at least one time.

Jacob Alexander

If the earth is in a part of the nebula that reflects red wouldn't that have an effect on our perception of red shift? Seems like we would be observing the universe through rose colored lenses.
I always doubted the expanding universe red shift theory.
What would the expanding universe be theory be if we lived in a part of the nebula that reflects blue?

Bevon Brye

I be asleep soon ? but I'll be back same time tomorrow ?


If a picture was taken of our nebula from the out side would it be visible?

Drew Degen

These enhanced, moving graphics are astoundingly beautiful and convey so much information about nebulae.

David Gladden

Can someone answer the question? Are we in a nebula or not?

Peder Gjelland


Eunice Lee

Didn’t realize nebula had so many variables...thank you for sharing the details. Fascinating!

Mark Goddard

No. We are not in a nebula.

Jan Yakov

No (no jet), but we will be. :-)


Makes you wonder if there is an advanced civilization in the Orion nebula right now. Looking back at our own nebula and wondering what it might be like to live inside of it.

4 876

We are stuck in a nebula bubble in a blackhole giving the illusion of entropy

Tyler Christensen

Ugh. I’m trying to resist the urge to go play Elite Dangerous now since it’s too late and time to sleep.,

Thomas Sicard

If only it could have been narrated by some dude with a Cajun brogue...
Ah well,...

Samantha James

Doesn't this just blow your mind.

IamYourFather38 delta



So....... Yes.

Konami Code

I sometimes imagine being inside Nebula

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Debra Jenkins

The Earth is like a space ship. Only it's like Daytona 500. We just go around and around and around.......


Could u plz make a video difference between white dwarf and neutron star?

Espen Fredrick

I do research on HII regions and the elements in them! I’ve spent countless hours pouring over other nebulae and yet haven’t stopped to appreciate our very own. It’s sort of comforting.

Surachat Ngangit

/หลั้กฐาน/หินยา 1 แท่ม
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Do we know what interstellar stuff will cross paths with our solar system in the future, like dust clouds and bits of nebula? Could it at all affect conditions on planets, like temperature, or blocking light from the sun? I assume the densities are always too low for that?




I like how we are in both a nebula and a supervoid.

rat girl

i feel safe here, im probably not but it feels like a warm blanket

Melissa Saiz

Amazing and beyond beautiful

Michel Ranger

The sun was born from a nebula and many planets are born from the sun, that is why they have a core.

themonry Official

We are actually in a nebula

Other sites: we are inside a supermassive black hole

We are actually living in a virtual simulation

Disent Design

Technically speaking, since the suns heliosphere extends way past the 8 known planets, couldnt it be said that we exist within the sun, and orbit its nucleus?

Thomas Frazier

Umm. It's not colorful. They are filter enhanced.

Carlos Zorro

3:45 you mean 15 quatrillion ... not quintillion...

Jose Suarez

so is possible that the all universe is just another even bigger nebula which we can no see because we are just a small particle in it? if so could be more like it?

Behrooz Etebari

Rumi (a persian poet, sage and Sufi guru) mentioned in the 13th century:
I see a pupil in every constellation.
I see every human pupil as a constellation.
O cross-eyed, if you see one as two.
Unlike you, I see two as one.


3:14 anyone know what nebula this is??? I have a tapestry above my bed with it on it!!!


Imagine some 1000 light-years away a species could see our nebula and think: "Wow, that looks kinda cool". It's really wholesome to think about that, that someone / something thinks about us a a kind of beautiful thing in the sky somewhere.

Gregory Kane

15 quintillion...no way

Austin Harding


Muhammed Alsaif

I never regret clicking Astrum videos.

Aditya Purwanto

Video starts, beer in one hand and a cigar (which is actually egg rolls) in another.

Okay, hit me up, Alex.

Jason G


Ramon Prakash

I had no idea those clouds were so large....

phantom walker

only gave thumbs up cos he knows no better..

Tsvetan Sirmanov

To God be the glory!

Luigi Cotocea

800th comment

hank hill

Why do you sound like your about to laugh its driving me insane

dody dody

This is the most beautiful video i’ve ever seen in my life :O THATS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!

Rozz Grey 801

At 0:55 I thought that was the Millennium Falcon in the bottom right corner!

Shannon Wilson

I always thought we were bcoz of the voyagers and finding it more dense than originally thought...


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"Hubble Deep Field" Amazing Images(full documentary)HD

1 185 977 views | 10 May. 2015

Hubble Space Telescope is

Hubble Space Telescope is awaiting one final shuttle servicing mission, but why is a telescope worth the risk? Hubble has made numerous discoveries, such as the birth of stars, the death of stars, the existence of black holes, the violence of a comet crash, charting Dark Matter clouds, and discovering 2/3rds of the Universe itself, in the form of mysterious Dark Energy. One day, the Hubble mission will end, and Hubble will burn up in the atmosphere. But a new telescope, the James Webb, will take its place among the stars.

The Beginning of Our Universe:https://youtu.be/uoNKbnhO70c

Extreme Ice Expedition:https://youtu.be/6p8JPrDI2LU

The Minds Big Bang:Liam Neeson(narrator):https://youtu.be/wdgqm82-I0o

Satellite View of Earth:https://youtu.be/P-ZxTV700ys

Ultimate Mars Challenge:https://youtu.be/0osSM7bRZkQ

Sangeet Mandal

Sheer stupidity and waste of time...rather than taking useless headache and wasting billions on space exploration for answers...read Vedas...Ramayan and Mahabharat...
These scientists are stupidly ignorant assholes..

Allan Weisbecker

I also find it incredible that Hubble scientists believe that stars are formed via collapsing gas clouds, given that this breaks all three laws of thermodynamics, the the second, first, and zero-eth. To put it simply, a system cannot do work on itself.

Open a soda bottle. the gas expands to fill whatever space it's in. Gas clouds in space would expand, not contract. The doubletalk they give you about 'gravitational collapse' is just that, i.e., doubletalk. When are physicists going to wake up? (See the 'Sky Scholar' videos for technical explanations.) Contact me via blog.banditobooks.com if you disagree.

Colin Davis

31:28 that is us in 4 billion years

Scotty Cosmos


Nagito vi Britannia

11:50 12:24

Krishen Diwakar

Billions of galaxies in the universe and some people still don't believe (Aliens) Higher Intelligent species aka gods exist

Tyrone van der Merwe

43:30 james Webb to launch 2013 lol , it’s 2019 and it’s not near launching


so I'm kinda high and thinking since I got put on earth in the milky way galaxy if die will my next life be in one of those galaxies on the deep field image where my new meat body is a 30 foot tall kangaroo on some planet being attacked by mini t-rexs the size of chihuahuas


Hold up. I thought Jupiter was a has/cloud planet, a planet with no hard surface!

So tell me how an asteroid ☄️ is able to make such visible impact?????

Brian Evans

Why don’t they just fucking build a newer, better one. Money is absolutely insignificant - if the bubble telescope hasn’t already shown us that ;-)


OMG!!! What an amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing.

Andrew Loner!

Nice knowing you all good bye earth??????


Why it looks so cheap and so American?

BK travel



Oh man people are just getting more and more ignorant and arrogant, the Lord is the one who created our planet and everything else... it makes me sad seeing scientists spend millions on looking for answers out in space when they can use that money to feed the poor and hungry here, instead of doing all the expensive research why not help humans on the planet you live on

toik toik

what the Hck...why dontbyoubshow the real pictures at computer graphix.. this is a lie to the poeple.


That loud and intrusive channel plug at 17:00 was extremely annoying.

John Jones

Nobody talks about the Creator. This is all a creation from One Powerful Creator. We can watch, analyze the universe. That is about it. Hubble is just an observer. Like all of us. No power to create. How do I know? Because I believe in Islam, the worship of Creator.

Huh What

amazing and very informative to say the least. Mind blowing images.


On the one hand dark matter and energy feels like 19th century Ether. Something made up to explain observations we don't understand.
But then Keppler determined the movement of planets in space. Correctly. But freely admitted, he had absolutely no idea WHY. Because gravity wasn't even a scientific concept back then.

So maybe we have to wait til future generations fill in the gaps. And probably - but not guaranteed - laugh about the idea of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.,

gareth rees

Brilliant documentary.


The image of the eagle nebula with its three columns of gas and rock - the left most one 4 light years in length - puts our significance into true perspective. The image is beautiful and terrifying at the same time, like we are looking at a piece of cosmic art work that was never meant for our eyes. Trying to grasp the dimensions of these gas bodies could drive you insane.


I can see this...being born....from 300 fuckn billion light years away...

Andrew Mefford

On what planet is is normal to make introductions so loud?

prem chhabria

Har Har Mahadev

Marc-Anthony Gvzman

mind. blown.

FBG 508 Jae KiDd

Sounds like space cowboys ? ???‍? where is Clint Eastwood when you need him!

Brandon Bennett

Im so confused ?



Riley Mercer

“The James Webb space telescope will launch in 2013.” It’s currently 2020 and were still waiting , I just had to laugh at that but JWST2021 here we come babyy

Chiggy D

So we know what these particles and elements do and how they operate at their smallest stage but where do they come from? What produces hydrogen and everything else?

Jarkko J

29:24 here they talk about the actual "deep field" image

James Walter

Allah says in The Quran : We have built the heaven with might, and We it is Who make the vast extent (thereof).

Play Station Portrait

To people watching in 2100

Hello From 2020

Ridda Aneas

i wish, i am watching a very informative documentary about the Universe, and not a horror movie with it's background sound...

Marta Harlos

Scotty beam me up and take me away from this primitive planet


Noone knows what's going on out there.

Daz T

It's good to see the past shame it cannot look forward to what's to come we can all predict ?

Driving Across America

1 million views, and only 4K likes........So sad. This was a well put together video. I love it.

Luyi Su

The discovery of Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson is NOT the cosmic microwave background radiation but the collective noise of deep field galaxies.

어마어마한 우주

하하 ?

Alex Otoo

in my father's house are many mansions

nobody nobody

We got to have the biggest EGO in the universe to believe that we are the only living being in this universe ?

Carl Haber

I'm extremely honored to have lived in a time as remarkable as these. I cannot describe the honor I feel towards these brave men and women from all countries involved who risk all to be shot in a rocket into the "GREAT UNKNOWN" so we can marvel at the miraculous wonders our DIVINE CREATOR has bestowed upon us!


ahahahaha, james webb is launching in 2013!!!:D:D the best joke i've heard in a while, seriously!:))

Fatima Lopez

They sound so damn stupid. Maybe we can now know how our universe came into existence. Still dont believe our universe was created by THE ALMIGHTY.?


Say supernova again

Gary Hodge

I told my girl 2 mind blow me lol


This always becomes my topic when I smoke marijuana? I become helpless thinking about universe.

Kumquat Lord

17:28 well, actually anything heavier than iron is formed in neutron star mergers. We first saw one in 2015 after we detected the gravitational waves from the event. They're called "kilonovas"

Legend 28

So... Where does the black hole go?? Is it another dimension?

mikey1974 hetfield

I see demon faces

Techno world

All these soo called scientists have no clue what the universe is...just using some Bulshit names and trying to figure out what is what..they ve got some points here and there nothing else imo...


Your poop created when star dies...


God, the Creator of the Heavens....HOW???How can any intelligence be so infinitely awesome.


Yeah. I'm that good



Troll Hunter

what if the milky way is just a collection of atoms so on and so forth and time slows as it gets infinitely bigger like our galaxy is the sparks of a match in a bigger world

Robert 76


Randon Stuffs

16:43 Freaked me the f out

U Rosario

6:20 the one to the left looks like a dog ?


Thousands of fuckn millions of fuckn billions of miles away

Aldhy Sosu


Phineas Freak

I hate these fucking overproduced, sensationalizing docus.

Pyro- Jeewlian

I'm so happy that we will soon have the James Webb's telescope! This is where I want my tax-money to go! :)


Of thousands, of millions, of fuckn billions, of miles away

Bradley Caughorn

In my house are many rooms i have prepared one for you!

Elizabeth Falls

God of all creation, You are holy and powerful!! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and for forgive me!

Heather Clift

We’re just energy, still existing long after this universe ...we’ll be in another one and another another...we came from many before


Enbroius Fucious stars being born




Finally we toast

Lbenn HTX

Are we alone tho?


Thanks for the info :)

Jimbo Bojim

Wait. I thought the Hubble doesn't capture color images? So basically were looking at more deception and fairness.


i wish theyd add a "artists impression" watermark in every clip.

Billy Jack

This is beyond comprehension, we as humans will never know what is beyond earth, what is in this vast universe or how we are even here, it’s unimaginable, earth is a star that is slowly die-ing, we walk around this planet not even thinking twice about what is above us, and at anytime we could be hit by a catastrophic meteor that would end everything we see, hear and feel, we are so consumed with our electronic devices and are constantly in a rush for what?
We do not know what happens in the end when we die, we can only speculate from what we have read, we will not truly know until the time comes, and even then we may never know...

Kenneth Nootbaar

Back when I was a kid my dad got me my first telescope back in 1959 . my son and I would go in the back yard almost every night and just scope in the moon and planets , now that he's all grown up and married he now takes his kids out and uses his scope . Things we seen was each a mystery .


Say Corina one more time.

Victor Hoe

Perkin Elmer made the original reflector back in the 1970's. It was shipped to Houston in a climate controlled van/trailer with the instructions to keep the climate controlled environment. Houston parked it and left it sitting and contributed to the distortion.

FBG 508 Jae KiDd

Lol james web telescope will be launched in 2013
2020 still no launch of a James web telescope

Eden V

Is anyone able to explain how the exposure effect works in this scenario? I understand how it works in a photography sense but I’m having trouble understanding it here. Thanks!

ABC gaming

This shows there is God may God make us to understand and open heart and our eyes to see what is the true meaning of life Ya Allah ??

Allan Weisbecker

Some of these images are obviously fraudulent, like the 'tracking shots' wherein stars/galaxies change perspective as the 'camera' 'moves', which the Hubble cannot do. In a zoom shot, the space between bodies remains the same. This is not arguable if you know filmmaking.

If you go to 1:40, notice how stars 'go by' as the camera seems to move thru space. Well, the Hubble cannot do that, obviously, since it's in LEO. Hubble can only zoom in. In this case stars/galaxies do not 'go by'; the image remains flat.

I don't know if the fakery is from Hubble or those who made this film, but it IS fakery. I'm going to find out and you can read about it on my blog: ​@t. Or contact me via that site, especially if you think I'm wrong (I'd like to hear it).


So if you take how they explained how planets are made. Theres no way earth could be completely a sphere nor flat. I would say somewhere in the middle of those two.

Owen Higgins

We need to bring hubble back to earth and put it into a museum.

Android 747

The beauty and the precision of the universe proves that God had to planet!! Lol


16:38 watch this documentary through your projector loud and don't pay attention, you will think aliens are invading your living room 5 seconds later...

Anthony Hutchins

Just wait for the James Webb deep field...


Not HD!

Ashutosh Sonar

A Lot of THANX of Hubble space telescope & Edwin Hubble Best of Luck All Astronomers for their An Extraordinary Reasearch


Believe me

Bradford Hart

Thumbs down for annoying commerical like channel promos

Kenneth Kustren



I think we should find a way to pull Hubble back out to a safe orbit and continues it's mission to study the stars...get as much use out of it as you can, waste not want not!

Patrick Doucette

Where's the comment with 2 thousands thumbs up thanking the camera man?


We are asking you to believe in something that we can’t see, but think exists. What kind of science are we talking about?


We are star children


All these planets and Sun's , they tell us they are no Aliens ????

Kyle Ross Lloyd

Dark matter= magnetism.