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JHA Public Hearing - Tue Feb 9, 2021 @ 2 PM

341 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Nuanced opinion guy

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7 Reasons Flea is Awesome (with Bass Lesson Tips)

569 009 views | 6 Sep. 2019

Flea - awesome or

Flea - awesome or overrated? Here’s my take, including a bunch of tips on how to play like the man himself. (sock not included)

0:00 - Stone Cold Bush Solo

1:31 - Reason #1: Badass Slapping

3:29 - Reason #2: Authentic as F**k

6:15 - Reason #3: No One Trick Pony

7:15 - Reason #4: Melody Maker

9:26 - Reason #5: Got the Groove

12:27 - Reason #6: Classic Funk, Fresh Spin

14:03 - Reason #7: Keepin’ It Real

Whether you’re just a fan of music, or looking to improve your bass game, this video will give you 7 reasons why I think Flea is awesome including tips you can use to emulate his signature style so you can sound as kickass as he does.

First we’ll break down what makes his signature slap style so badass, and I’ll give you a cheat code for coming up with your own Flea-style slap lines. If you’ve got basic slap skills and you can count “one and two and three and four and,” you’ve got the gig.

Flea haters often complain that he doesn’t play ‘clean’ enough. So we’ll explore his punk influence, and how that background creates the fiery sound of the Chili Peppers. (that wouldn’t be the same if Flea played super clean and virtuosically)

And Flea isn’t a one-trick pony - he shows his versatility on his many recordings with other artists, including Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Alanis Morissette, Joshua Redman, Atoms For Peace, Young MC, and many others. I’ll play you some of my favorites.

Flea contributes a lot of important melody to RHCP and the other artists he plays with too. I’ll give you another Flea bass lesson tidbit where I break down how he supports the guitar while adding melodic motion in the chorus of Can’t Stop. That’ll also show you that Flea does know some music theory, and why that might help you too.

But all that melody doesn’t keep him from being a solid rhythm section player. The rhythm of his bass lines is strongly linked to the drum parts. I’ll show you how his slaps and pops groove with the kick and snare of the drum kit, and how to start approaching bass rhythms the same way.

Flea brings classic funk history to a more pop and rock audience. He’s very open about how much he draws from Larry Graham, Bootsy, Louis Johnson, George Porter Jr. and more. I’ll show you a fun demo where I play bass lines from those great bassists, followed by Flea bass lines that share similarities.

I’ll finish up by showing you how Flea keeps it real. While other artists have sold out and bland-ified their sound over the years, Flea and RHCP keep bringing the fire. While Flea has changed his sound over years to add more melody and nuance, you can still hear him beating the crap out of his bass, from the first record to the last.

And grab more free lessons (that you can’t get on YT) over at https://www.bassbuzz.com/

#fleabasslesson #redhotchilipeppers

Fordham Donnington

Billy Sheehan


You are an incredible player! How you can so quickly go from song to song, basic to full version, etc. is just amazing. And you are a natural teacher as well. Thanks for all you do. I really get a lot out of you videos and enjoy them all the way thru.


I'm not a big fan of the Chili Peppers, but I can say they are great musicians. You don't need to be the Steve Via of whatever instrument you are playing to be "good." I will make the argument that having a great interesting sound matters more than skill. I love Steve Via's skill, but I would rather listen to an AC/DC song...just saying.

Jake Hoock

There's a reason why most people don't know the other members in RHCP other than flea

burt turdison

Calling Flea overrated is proof that someone has no idea what it means to play bass or a clue about music alltogether.

Neal Kaplan

Those who question Flea's musicianship value virtuosity over soul. Music is more than just technique and theory. Music is emotion made sonic.


For the first song by RHCP, he literally combines picking and slapping.

victor-non-victim bear -

I just stumbled upon your Channel And I'm extremely happy that I have I'm a Guitar player..I've been playing for about 30 years I'd say I play by ear I've never known the chords by names or anything like that I mean I know what a G chord is a DNA you know Just want to let you know I appreciate your content My 4 srtinged freind.. Right now I'm in binge mode on your videos

Brian Bianchi

i dont play bass

Røtten Apple

Flea is awesome! I honestly prefer bassists like Flea or Timmy C from RATM who aren't the best technically but emotionally. And they have their own unique style which I dig, because I think music should be more emotion rather than technicallities

Pep Striebeck

He did a pretty good Job with The Mars Volta.
Can' t stand the Red Hot Chili Peppers at all.
Boring and repetetive stuff.

Mike Marino: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2021

Overrated as being a very small insect maybe. Bass is friggggen saweeeeet tho

Nicolas Cannon

Flea wears his heart on his sleeve, his passion shines through in everything he does. You should read his autobiography “Acid for the children” Not a massive Chillies fan, but love his bass playing


that tone in the beggining

Mike Romano

How does one get the name flea ?

Gabriel Epperson

Flea is the most amazing bass player he uses thick cords in songs like hump de bump and slaps fast in nobody weird like me and slow in don't forget me and this is why I started to play bass.

casual crab warfare

Graphic tee! Thank god!

John Behan

Surprised you didn't compare flea's baseline to "love rollercoaster" to the one on the Ohio Players' "love rollercoaster. Uncanny similarity.

Kevin Bradshaw

The forum comments parts is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

The Tweeshrew

I love Flea, but funny I started to play bass because of Scott Pilgrim and Thundercat.

Ye Olde Foxeh

Flea is great. He is not overrated. Slap is.

Fingerz Frienemy

If you listen to RHCP "Mommy, where's Daddy?" you will hear the sheer musical genius that IS FLEA.

Carn Marth

Whether Flea is or isn't an "awesome" bassist – whatever that means – is irrelevant. The fact is that his band make fucking awful music. Bland, predictable, mainstream, white US rock turd.


Bruh... your hair!

Eloy MN

Slapping is just a mystery to me, it's so frustrating

Jeremy Piquette

For flea, you definitely want a musicman stingray bass

Hillary Courchaine

I play drums but for my new year's resolution one of my friends and I are learning to play different instruments. She's learning how to play the drums and I'm learning how to play the bass.

Jeremy Piquette

Ya I learned the way flea slapped also but I eventually went thumb up, it looks and feels better

Alexandre Pinto

Gotta say, I put RHCP on a shelf after Californication. I think that album really mixed melody and slappy funk brilliantly, so I just didn't see the appeal of stadium arcadium and so forth. Still, I'm not saying Flea sold out. Maybe Anthony did. It just stopped sounding hip and musically changeling. Great slapping, by the way. By the way, by the way can't be the chorus of a cool song. Sounds lalala.

tru tube

Anyone who can play Flea Bass Lines.. IS A Big DEAL. Awesome stuff.. !!!

Barry Rowlingson

Like a certain rug in a certain film he was in, he really ties the band together, you know?


Flea is cool, like J.Hendricks. I put them on same level. Breaker of music, on their time!


If you think flea is overrated,
You should prolly leave bass and play a guitar.

Kaleb Pacheco

Flea is the reason why I've been a chili peppers fan since I was a kid. Also he is a jazz musician at heart. His first instrument was trumpet ? all cuz of his step dad


If you think Flea sucks, you suck. I'm not talking about speed. Soul to Squeeze is one of my favorite songs to play on a bass. He plays his part in the band phenomenally. Flea and Chad are an amazing rhythm section, locked in every time.

Coltrane Cat

Flea has been RATED, ask a fan!

Raymundo Austria

He's wearing a RHCP shirt


Flea did actually come from a jazz background, he learned to play trumpet when he was a kid

Tres Dedos

If anybody thinks Flea is overrated, well, I feel sorry for their ignorance for music and understanding what is being played , how...etc

Dan McCall

Technical ability is nothing in art if it doesn't touch the heart. Who is going to honestly say Flea isn't tapping into the cosmic groove of our hearts? Flea's awesome.

Ja Curururur

marcus miller, victor wooten, wojtek piilichowski, and les claypool are the master slappers but flea is very good

Matthew Lambert

Geezer Butler was the reason i picked up the bass, but flea is the reason i want to learn slap bass

Ardiwinata Hartono

It always overated to be awesome.

Robert Talbert

Flea used to have a roadie come out and put super glue on his fingers because he literally wore the skin off them playing so hard. If you think that's overrated... then YOU'RE the one overrated!

John Follis

Another reason why I think Flea is awesome, he has more technical facility than what most people think. He has played with a pick, he plays chords in an accompaniment style like a guitarist, and if you listen to his solos live, he does add bends and vibrato. You can also find him playing the Star Spangled Banner at times.

P.o.B pedals

These people are idiots, forget the slap, his standard bass lines are very tasteful and melodic...


My favorite bass players are Les Claypool, Flea, and Billy Gould.


You need to do more shirtless videos.

Vrede Human

I always thought that the reason I love Red hot chili peppers is because their instruments sound so clean and you can separate all the notes .

Southern Triskel

Very cool little docce man! Thanks a mil! I am also a muso and my daughter of 12 years old just told me today she wants to learn the bass ...so immediately thought of flea ...obviously and after a little bit of search for something decent to show her, came across your presentation....it motivated her even further....Well done man! You might have just sparked a future star! Take care! Many thanks from Cape Town, South Africa. Cheerz

brandon anderson

Came for the double thumbing.

Jeremy Piquette

I had no.idea bust a move was flea!!!, and you oughta know is one of my favorite flea songs,, for rhcp. Soul to squeeze is probably my favorite

YouTube Is An Influencer

Its all subjective to the listener's as I'm a huge fan of Mark King of Level 42 & his various collaborations yet he is pigeon hold as someone who just slaps all the time yet he can & does amazing finger work also that he never gets any praise for either & what many don't know is that he is naturally left handed but taught himself to play the bass guitar right handed as I too started out on drums like Mark King & you learn to use your hands differently & can change back & forth & I'm more than guessing that why he had no issue playing a right handed bass because he played drums for years first, though I could be wrong!..

If you think Flea is overated or not that good on the bass guitar then that's your opinion & it's your right to think that way, but No Way Is Flea underrated & this is coming from someone who was in 2 professional bands & in the music scene for decades until ill health took its toll to the point I can barely hold my bass guitar's but I still love them & all the various sounds I can't get from them all...

Now I don't want this to taken as being rude but just general listeners don't know how to play so many various instruments & even if you play the bass guitar you should still respect your fellow musicians even if they are not playing the specific genre of music that you like as 100% of musicians know how good other musicians are just as much as those who play the bass guitar or any instrument just for fun...

I loved the overall sound & vocal delivery of lead singer Anthony Kiedis & when you put that rythmn section cooking away in the kitchen & driving along the beat but all the well still serving the song is no easy feat!..

As musicians have a tendency to over do their music & its learning when to leave space is when a band or solo act has mastered their profession...

So many decades have past since I first heard them & they were still more in the underground scene & hadn't broke through big time to every where in the world but its my humble opinion that they still as relevant & & sound as fresh today as they did all those decades ago...

Take me, I'm 53 & live in Scotland back in the day when you had no mobile phones/the Internet/streaming or any of all of modern day technologies that are here to serve our lives yet I managed to hear this band when most Americans hadn't even heard of them...

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers worked there asses off to get to where they are now & all the good & bad that comes with living that life style & this was the case for every solo act & band in the Music Industries heyday, yet people throw out comments like they are nothing & they know nothing about what they are really talking about...

Again I stress that this is your choice as fans & the general public have various different tastes but respectly please don't disrespect someone's ability just because you some how you think they are overrated or not as good as you think they are...

To those that do this get back to me when you walked a mile in their shoes & see if you still have the same opinion!..

Todays generation have it all too good & wouldn't last 5 seconds never mind 5 minutes in the brutal & at times destroying industry that is or was the behemoth of its time the Music Industry...

Enough of my take on this as I have my opinions & other's have theirs but what happened to manners & civility & that old saying of " If you've nothing good to say then dont say anything "

In light of this still ongoing coronavirus stay safe and healthy wherever you are in this world...


Upholding Freedom

Flea a Bassists to respect


You forgot to mention a couple of reasons:
*The addition of mute notes after slaps (see Around The World), interesting the slapping/popping examples though
*Four String Chords (Flea likes his bass to sound high like Californication Guitar Solo & The Zephyr Song Chorus)
*Variety not only the tricks but in the bassline itself (Even Cliff Burton made the same rhythm section from verse 1 to verse 2, Flea is more creative sounding different in verses, choruses, bridges, guitar solos, intros and outros)

young fotze

there’s a song called never too much by Luther vandross and I feel like they got can’t stop from the guitar and did their magic

Emmanuel Bueno

If you don't like Flea, there is just one reason. You have bad taste.

Τάκης Πρεφτίτσης

Flea is my favorite bassist and it makes sense if he is the favorite for many people

Sebastien Dicaire

What version of the Sterling you have? Is it the Sterling Ray 4H?


Does Somebody know which Bass he uses in this Video?

Wesley Brehm

I love Flea, but don't want to be flea. It's perfectly normal to respect someone but not actually want to emulate them. Flea is also amazing because of his activism, fatherhood, and number of iconic films he's had bit parts in; I'm looking at you Big Lebowski.


sounds very cliche but flea is the bassist who shows most passion for the instrument, that no matter how sloppy it is, he makes it work, and just gives us a cool energy yk. he says fuck music theory, play whatever makes you feel good and thats what makes me like him ig

Mr. noodles

gonna be honest i don't like the chili peppers that much but i loved how flea kills the bass i like some songs but Jesus that bass is just groovy

Seth Nicholls

I'm 43 years old now and honestly have to say my 10th grade year in high school Christmas Eve I've got the flea improv VHS tape with him and River Phoenix and it changed my life! I've been a fan ever since, so God bless the man we know as Flea!!!!
His dexterity and originality not to mention his unbelievably beautiful melodies he's capable of there's no way anyone that considers themselves a intermediate to advanced bass player by now can say that he sucks.
I think it's hilarious people hate on him because they can't play like him.

sadas fasfsaf

I’m not a huge fan but, as far as I know, Flea has never done anything BUT elevate “bass awareness” among mainstream listeners and spread messages of kindness and love. A very humble individual who has more than earned his due.


Mark hoppus is great too, underrated for his simple bass lines n songwriting

Evan Johnson

If you like Fleas playng then great. If you dont then fuckin move on. Trying to convince people that their opinion is wrong is just rediculous.

Wils Tierney

Just wanna hop in the comments and talk some shit about how Flea's best work IMO is not with RHCP at all! Check him out on the first Mars Volta album, which is fucking incredibly good, one of my favorite albums of all time. Then check him out with Thom and friends on AMOK, another incredible project which I think might actually be the best Radiohead album. Then peep out Rocket Juice and the Moon which put Flea and Damon Albarn together with some great African artists. Flea holds it down on all of these and none of them would be the same without him! He is a real force when he gets to open up on these more experimental projects.

Jo Sequins

The octave pop technique tip is awesome, thank you. 2 strings and 2 frets up. This changes my (beginner) game completely. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marcin Szadyn

Flea is awesome. Just like You?


Flea did bass for the bust a move song?! what the fuk hahahaha

Emmanuel Bueno

LOL @ Maroon5


4:43 That’s the bottom line! ??

Dam Brooks

Yes Flea is what led me into playing bass who when I saw him live on the One Hot Minute tour, not the reason I began learning bass, he came out wearing a baggy pair of Y fronts that fell down before the end of the third song and naked he remained for the whole set. Brilliant show with possibly the last great guitarist they had.

winarko winarko

What about his physicalities, playing all of that with his insane stage performance?

Ryan Hagen

Watched a few of your videos recently, your content and playing is really good, but you got my sub because of your video timestamping and organization.


Awesome video

Lisa Grimes

flea epic since 1984 to 2020 he is epic


Excellent instruction and breakdowns. I find your style of teaching/explaining very helpful. Much thanks


Fuck right ;)

Luis Hernandez



Wanna start slapping like Flea? (is that even a question?) Get started with the basics in my new idiot-proof slap video: https://youtu.be/DBUyusoZ1kk

Emmanuel Bueno

Flea actually has jazz background.


Flea is exactly the same as any other member of the RHCP:
Anthony is not the most virtuous lead singer, but he works in the band; John/Josh/Dave are not the most technical guys on guitar, but they fit in the band style perfectly; and at last but not least, Chad is not the most virtuous drummer, but he owns it in the RHCP.


At this point RHCP is a pop band. I hate them with every fiber of my being. But my abhorrence for them notwithstanding he is a good bass player. He’s no Victor Wooten or even Les Claypool. The first 4 RHCP albums were good though and he played some interesting stuff on there.

Gilles Vaudois

Flea is spectacular. Those guys can rock a stadium with one singer, one drummer, one bass player and one guitar player all doing everything at once. Metallica has 4 guys too, but they rely on heavy and have one guy on double duty (James sings and plays rythm guitar). There's a jam video of Flea and Chad by themselves, and they need no one else to fill the room. Flea's bass style is self-sufficient.

Veer Chasm

Just don’t let him back in Jane’s Addiction and we’ll be fine

John Vasey

He’s right but frusciante is trying to prove him wrong making RHCP punky, high energy, driven, full of attack chilled out slow spaced technical AF funky monks

Carn Marth

You seem never to have heard of any bass players who aren't from mainstream US / UK rock bands. Ever heard of Stephen Mallinder? Holger Czukay? Peter Hook? George Murray? Simon Gallup? Jeremy Kerr? Mat Osman? Steven Severin? Herbie Flowers? Jah Wobble? Robbie Shakespeare? John Taylor? Leslie Langston? Trevor Bolder? John Cale? Doug Wimbish? Oliver Riedel? Craig Adams? Stephen Hanley? Jet Harris? Barry Adamson? You, and 99% of the people who watch your channel, seem never to have heard of anything beyond US AM radio.


Thanks really love Flea's sound. Please do a video on Geddy Lee or Justin Chancellor.

Arthur Mallmann

He has made me hear the bass

Giulia Ambrosini

Thanks for this video, I love Flea so much and he inspired me a lot.

Łukasz Romanowski

Hey, what about Queen’s John Deacon ;) ?


So glad "Bust A Move" was in there. That B line is Phonkay as Phunk. ??

Eugene Boyles

awesome both a ya

Xavier Broussard

Whoah Flea was on Bust a Move? I had no idea.

Chuck Dumpster

You look a little like Chris from propagandhi.
They’re way radder than red peppers.

Nick's Name

Bro' your videos are awesome! You're so down to earth and easy to understand. I bet you'd be cool to hang out with.

Сергей Матвеев

Hmm, you don't like One hot minute?

DJ Jonny Travieso

He reminds me of Needles from Back To The Future.

Nuanced opinion guy

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A Nuanced Take On The Movie That Shall Not Be Named

175 572 views | 13 Sep. 2020

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'Children have the right to not be molested, it is a very important right.' #CountDankula2020

Name Linzi Naw

toddlers n tiaras, tom hanks, thats disturbing

alex ang

We need to bring Gary Plauche back!

Jo Hayes

I just haven't given Netflix any money, and won't until they piss this movie off.

Jacob Brewer

The sequel will take place one year later and it shall be called "sugar daddy". A comming of age film about the struggles of a young girl who must cope with her parents not letting thier daughter go out with a 50 year old man. (My sister actually did this at that age my parents tried to prosecute and they weren't able to do anything)


As an Atheist I have to say "God Bless You" for making this video...as it proves the point that no religious person can make an ethical argument that an atheist cannot....for fun just flip the argument...and yes I am a huge Hitchen's fan.

proud Dutchman.

You sound like a doting father with your dialogue.

Philip Grosvenor

Too many people on here twisting Danks words. You know what he meant.

Mom's Beretta's

If someone watched lolicon they are pretty likely to branch into real cp so it should also be banned. We don't give quarter to child exploitation full stop.

It's OK to be White

What's that stuff in the background, baseball cards?

Jacob B

Just ban all porn. The concept of the individual rights is stupid as fuck. No. In a civilised society there are some things that should not be promoted or allowed. ALL porn is degenerate

Nick Elakon

Not even thinking about the child porn aspect
These actresses are still going to have to go to school
How exactly do you think their peers are going to treat them?

Alun Davies

Do a mad lad on Sir Douglas Bader he is still the top Geezer when it comes to flying aeroplanes and other well cool stuff

William Shepherd

Count: “Lets look at actual cp”
Me: dankula plz


You have your right to your rights until you're doing something deemed harmful or infringing upon someone else's rights.

Spaced Invader

Do not add a P to the alphabet people...


Is no one gonna bring up the fact that dank just straight up smokes in his house like a fuckin G


Yup didnt see this in my inbox thanks obama


Remember names for future reference.

The Big Deac

134 nonces disliking the vid

karl williams

NETFLIX has been called to court in 2 states in the usa over the exploitation of children and sexual scenes allso grooming and other charges are being brought forward and netflix should be held accountable ,time sick stuff that the main stream are trying to defend no no no its wrong full stop well said danks

Black Redd

People making the loli argument don’t get how stupid it is. If I made a cartoon about a character getting murdered, is it the same as actually murdering someone for a movie.



Alice makes bad life choices

I can only imagine these girls coming of age and starting to question why they participated in this and why their parents let them

PuzzlesIRL - Dark Wacky Comedy

> One of these girls is going to look back and think "why did I do that?"

Maybe not; they are french after all (yes, I'm making a joke)

proud Dutchman.

The left are responsible for the decadence nowadays.


I just hope the actors involved are okay and aren't too negatively effected by this in a few years.

Joseph Wilkinson

The debate around the defense of this movie showcases our psychopathic obsession with “intent”. Who fucking cares why these people say they made the movie. They made an actual pedo movie with actual minors.

But since they just say the words “oh yeah this was for awareness”, people (even those ostensibly against the film) are caught off guard like “ohh well, I guess if they were trying to spread awareness ?‍♂️”.

Why these people made this movie is irrelevant. Deeds are important. Totally unverifiable goals and intentions are not.

Fry everyone involved with this movie, except the kids.


The sickest thing, they "auditioned" a record number of 600 children for this film. You can pretty much guess what they used as the audition given so many were used and deemed not good enough.

Millar Anderson

Netflix: cancels Dark Crystal season 2

Also netflix: approves a show about literal CP.

That's why I boycott netflix

Commander Rockwell IV

They weren’t making any kind of morale statement... they were trying to capitalize on the rapidly advancing “norm”, that is the sexualization of our youth.


"Let us look at, er, Actual CP..."

~Amos Yee has entered the chat~

Dudeist Preist

People on Twitter aren't going to see this.

That aged poorly.

Dante Alighieri

I would like to know what the hell the parents were thinking. You know for a fact there's a bunch of greasy guys goofing off while watching this and how the parents can live with themselves knowing that weirdos are getting their jollies off of watching their little girls is just beyond my comprehension.

Karl P

You're correct in everything you say in terms of values. But have you actually seen the movie? I haven't either, but people who have seen it say it's really boring and pretty tame in terms of "flesh". And obviously there's no pedo sex going on (actually no sex at all in any part of the movie). So, yeah...let's not fall into hype at the cost of reality. Let us all remind ourselves that the Japanese, because of the ban on showing pubes, used underage girls in Manga involved in ..er..highly questionable sexual scenarios.

Jack Tiernan

someone should be prosecuted. paedo porn. I saw 3 seconds of the film. dirty nonce film.

Dan Seddon

Watch it with those tattoos mate. I hope you don't run into any Russians. They might just cut them off you

paul charlesworth

It is not a film it's documented child abuse and should be seen that way by law enforcement but as netflicks make millions they will get away with it

Mediterranean Rice

>French made the movie
Yeah this makes sense

Иван Ангелов

lets be real the actors where all raped this is probably the sad reality

T.K. McNeil

Another way America has used kids in more adult movies is to cast actual kids and have them replaced adults in the adult scenes. A famous example is the scene in The Exorcist in which Regan, er, “abuses” a crucifix. William Friedkin is known for being a bit eccentric but not enough to risk traumatizing then 12-year-old Linda Blair, and the scene was filmed with an adult double.


We need to violate the 1st amendment to create hate speech laws but this is okay, this is essentially what every left wing shill who promotes this movie is saying.


The message wouldn't have had the same impact if it wasn't actual children. yes its disgusting but you said yourself adult actors are easy to distinguish and say oh its ok i know they are adults. But its a one sided convention. Horrible things need to be talked about instead of ignored so they can be given proper light and context.

Captain Max

I still have a Netflix account, but there is no way I'm going to watch that trash. Considering cancelling my subscription

Tech Degenerate

I don't agree with the film but i don't think we should go as far as banning it. thats a slippery slope.


A French director you say? Taking advantage of underage girls you say? Surely not!? Well I'm sure my friends Luc and Roman will be appalled to hear this.

Steven Hazen

The 130 people who disliked this video touch kids.

Drunken Ninja

There are female versions of Andy Milonakis, hormone deficient. Would've been the best option to fill the roles.... This reminds me of the actual movie KIDS, the one about aids and shit. Now those kids have fucked their lives up forever, the whole world can see this. It's one thing for paris hilton to ruin her life and let everyone see it.

Also you ARE a rolly count dankula xD

Anarchy is Order

woodchippers are operational


I suggest Asian actresses

Kevin Morrice

the horrific fact is the director is so entranced in her delusions she actually believes that she is a womens rights hero. she is so delusional she doesnt understand that shes giving legal material to disgusting degenerates



michael wilson

im not into banning things, but this really takes the piss

Robert Elliott

But,but,but.............it's art.BANG!!!(that was my imaginary Colt 45).

Matthew VandenBerg

Joyce Poring and Ola Aphrodite; two models/cosplayers in their 20s that can easily pass for even younger than 11 years old. No need to make actual CP, just hire some Asians!

Tad Meister

Kinda grotesque like bumfights


1:30 in my case, I hadn't seen the film, I wouldn't say anymore then what I know. I deleted my Discord account a week after I got exposed to actual fucking goddamn child porn, sure, I was in an abandoned cub/little fur/furry shota server but this person was abusive; abusing my trust, urging myself to stay away I deleted my account. Then later on I found so many gore, bloody, actual fucking murder snuff shit in the same exact Discord server. Now? I can tell you that it traumatized me.

idle observer

Criminal indictment handed down in Texas. Heh heh

Chris Ballew

"Let us look at actual CP."

Joseph Rhodes

John Venables netflix play list..... cuties cuties cuties cuties and cuties... wait a sec


You light that cigarette like a goddamn hero


What did you think about Tread?


"now kids, its 2020 so you better accept a ride from a stranger in a van or he might be offended"


If this movie had been animated it still would be a shit movie with just as much controversy, they really didn't need to cast actual children.


not only should the movie be banned but i would be putting the parents and producers of the movie under child endangerment charges

George Treepwood

It's a sneaky attempt to legitimize pedophilia and make it seem " normal " --- vile stuff..

Chris Caldwell

If the director was a man, the movie never would have seen the light of day. And he would have been promptly charged and imprisoned.
Sooo... Has the director suffered any well-deserved legal consequences?

I also want to point out, 144 people dislike this video. That 144 paedos.

E. V. Smith

Simone Weil writes that talk about rights is quite inadequate when considering something like cp (her example is of a young girl being forced into a brothel). She writes that a farmer defending his right to set his own prices for his products makes sense but the child being forced into sexual activities claiming their rights are being violated would just seem completely insufficient for the circumstances. She’s having her humanity and her soul violated and destroyed and an appeal to this seems stronger. Roger Scruton says that the notion of defilement in for instance a rape case better captures the evil of the act than an appeal to rights, as otherwise there would be no difference between being robbed, and having your rights to property and security violated, and being raped, and we know there is a huge difference. I think rights are obviously incredibly important but I do feel an appeal to the sacredness of the human being and the human soul probably has more force.

Tommy Scott

8:05 This is pretty much my argument against using adults as children, in this movie and all movies.

Now, Cuties should be banned. No argument there. Its softcore child porn, no argument there. However, the message of "Don't sexualise kids" is a great one that should be said, and should use children to reinforce the ideas and make people uncomfortable.

The discomfort should not, however, come from explicitly sexualising children. It should come from the implication of sexualised children.

What I mean by this is, don't show the girls belly dancing, with the camera lingering on their crotch and chest. Instead, have them go to dance school with older girls (18 year olds or whatever, played by adults, people who can consent, basically) and have them start dancing, developing into a more sexual dance as they rehearse. Then, show the young girls copying the early, nonsexual dance, and cut away before the sexual part. Even better, cut the scene to the girl doing the sexual dance in the bedroom, but have the scene only show the silhouette on a bedroom blind. With some movie magic, like stunt doubles, use an older, consenting girl to film this scene.

Implied, not explicit, sexualisation of children.

In the same breath, Netflix has pulled this exact bullshit before.

13 Reasons Why. A shitty show that only got talked about because it was about suicide. For those who don't know, there are 2 major rules about presenting suicide in media, be it a news report or movie (there are others, but these 2 are relevant.)

1: Never present suicide as an escape from one's problems. Never suggest its tragic angels returning home, and that the people around them will learn the error of their ways.

2: Never explicitly show someone killing themselves, or describe how they killed themselves.


For No.1, it's because this encourages people to commit suicide. It romanticises it and ignores the truth. It's a brutal act that only makes the lives of those close to one worse. The bullies won't change. They'll forget about you, and pretend to care, but nothing will change.

For No.2, it's because it gives suicidal people ideas and motivation. Outside of edgy 13-year-olds and SJWs, this is a legitimate use of the word triggering. Seeing suicide triggers suicidal people into committing suicide. Does it always? No, but it can, and so it is avoided.

There was an increase in teen suicides following the release of 13RW. I'm not saying 13RW caused this because I can't. Experiments were not conducted, but do bear in mind its a possibility.

We've all seen Hannah Baker kill herself. We've all seen what is, to its credit, a legitimately uncomfortable, brutal scene. I hated that scene, and that's why it's amazing. For me, a neurotypical, non-suicidal person, it made me realise just how awful suicide is, and made me uncomfortable with joking about it for a few months afterwards.

But that's just it. I'm not suicidal, so it didn't trigger me. The intended effect fails on people who need it most. The same effect could be implied, not shown (sense a pattern here?) by showing Hannah enter the bathroom with razor blades, turn on the bath, and close the door. Next scene is her sobbing parents.

Both Cuties and 13RW aimed to bring the serious subject matter to a wider audience and start up a discussion. Both immediately shot themselves in the foot because they used harmful strategies to broadcast this message. Both Cuties and 13RW could have worked if done properly, but their massive failure makes them actively harmful.

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Didn't the audition videos for cuties disappear.


Hollywood Gossip, it took:
40y to legalise same sex marriage
15y for transitioning legislations
they hope to legalise paedophilia in the next 5 years. :-)

Blue Planet

Save yourself some money and cancel your Netflix sub. You won't miss it.


In a really gross, backhanded way, they did bring attention to child exploitation.

JaeJon Malloy

Liam Hardy: we should plant some more trees. ???

John Smith

I'm so happy to hear that. The biggest pitfall to freedom is people who refuse to draw the line before the fascists have a good point


Cuties: CSA can be very damaging and can lead to serious consequences. allow us to... “demonstrate”


Dank, let me tell you, You have kinda changed my point of view on the whole Loli thing, No rights are actually being infringed. But it's still really fuckin wierd.

Lee Boyd

As the old saying goes. It’s easy to become a parent. It’s hard to be a good one.

Dragon Boy

I plan on getting some of my bois together after this shit in the world is done and get drunk and watch the movie only to roast the fuck out of it

Owen Jolley 3

Googles how to report film/programme on Netflix

Climber 64

Of course it's french.


Danks a lot, brother... You feel the same way I do about it and we are spot on correct, sir.


dae movie da shall not be naemed

Thomas _ TK

People pay good money for this

cheddar cheese is good

I thought it said the Film
They shall not grow old
But I was wrong

Scott Wrightson

Go to russia and flash those tats lol

Luke Loeser

The parents are the main culprits. Exploitation of children is not protected free speech.

H.R. HufnStuf

fuck I need a filter for my cig

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Don't get tattoos of stars on your shoulders. Or - never go to Russia. I hope you don't have matching stars on your knees. In that case - really never go to Russia.


The bbc are doing a piece on saville soon....im sure they will dumb it down and make out he wasn't what the world now thinks he was......i mean....they have a statue of a nude little boy held by a man above there main front door.

chris wood

Look into what happened to Heather O'Rourke, the little blonde haired girl from Poltergeist.

Poli T. Heliu

I heard there’s actual ch1ld nudity in this “movie”; so for all of you claiming it’s soft core, are somewhat wrong, because there’s literal nudity.

Whoever made this is a sick person

Invisible Man

Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?


The Great State of TEXAS took on Cuties they filled charges.


Stop dressing girls in leggings then.

John Harney

Fact about rollies


The same shitty ass people who tried to defend cuties were infesting my feed with how empowering Cardi B's WAP was just a few weeks later.

Jediknight 129

The viewpoint on consent is why I follow you you can express it in a way that is simple for me to link to for others.

The ONLY good thing about the movie is it means we can talk about the pageants, the dance comps the cheerleading the stuff that blatantly sexualises children because the film UTTERLY shined a light on it to the masses.

I can see why the use 'young looking actors' falls down with the point they were trying to make because of the difference cognitively between 10-11 and 14-16. But they SHOULD NOT have made it with children. Understanding the point someone is trying to make doesn't mean I can't think its a fucked up idea.


I haven't watched cuties yet, and I probably won't. It's not the kind of movie I like. But from what I understand it's just a dance movie with children as the mc's. Why is the movie so hated? Seriously asking, I don't know what this is all about.


The director defended her movie using child actresses by saying: "I was extremely lucky that their parents are activists, too. They agreed to it."