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12 308 views | 24 Apr. 2020


#NewSupplyCrateOpening #PubgMobile #MgcYt

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? My Device?:- Realme 1

4 gb ram 64 gb storage

? My mic ?:- Clip Collar microphone

? My laptop ?:- Asus ROG strix


??? Full Specifications ???

?Brand :- ASUS

?OS :- Windows 10 Home 64 bit

?Processor :- Intel Core i5-9300H (9th-Gen)

?Clock Speed :- 2.4 Ghz

?Graphics :- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

?Graphics Memory :- 8 GB

?RAM :- 8 GB DDR4

?ROM :- 512 GB SSD


?Internet Speed :- JIO SIM, 4 mbps

? My mouse ?️:- Gaming RGB mouse

? My keyboard ⌨️ :- Gaming RGB keyboard

? Screen recorder:- IN BUILT REALME 1

? Editing :- Power Director

? Thumbnail :- Picsart



? My pubg ID:- 585218926

? My pubg IGN:- MGC YT






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Mgc supply

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Gas Clip MGC Dock and MGC IR User Guide

3 206 views | 23 Mar. 2017

This video provides a

This video provides a basic user guide for the MGC Dock and MGC IR by Gas Clip Technologies including calibration and general operation.

Bryan Goodtimes

Great video! Thanks for putting it up!

Just a quick note for anyone using this dock: The data logs are downloaded between when the Unit light turned green, and when the power light turns green. If you leave the monitor on the dock until the power light turns green, the logs will be downloaded and the dock will purge the gas from the monitor with fresh air, preventing it from going into alarm as it did in the video.


Would it be possible to repost this without the background music being louder than the person's voice?

Mgc supply

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Install of the N9TAX and the CTC-50M Comet Window feed-thru jumper - HAM Radio

7 488 views | 7 Apr. 2018

So, I FINALLY got my N9TAX

So, I FINALLY got my N9TAX antenna OUTSIDE of my house! I've had it hanging in my office area, but I knew I had to get it out of the house for better reception and signal strength. This is the video of what I used to get it outside without drilling any holes.

Get the window jumper here: https://amzn.to/2L0kG9V

Baofeng Battery Eliminators: https://amzn.to/2Cx49Fd


I am an Amazon Affiliate and I get paid a small commission when you shop (at no additional cost to you) with my link(s) above.

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Check out our book of poetry! https://amzn.to/2U9cHKs

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/everdave

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Michael Smith

Thank you for your service. I found an alternative: Bonito at ham radio shop.net sells a flat cable for 9.00 euros. The shipping is flat rate DHL. I only needed 2 so I ordered 5 and put 3 on eBay. After all was done my net cost was $4.00 per cable. The quality is excellent. MikeinMinnesota N0WDM

Sheila Magnus

Great job. Solid signal. That's what ham radio is about. 73 KD9NGU

Donny Morrison

I was wondering if you have made any simplex contacts. There are a lot of connections that may decrease output (wattage) to the antenna. I have some Ed Fong PVC antenna's. I have only checked out one so far using an SWR meter. Results not bad ( 8 watts reflected with 48 watts forward on VHF). You must according to Ed, use the thin wall 200psi PVC. The schedule 40 is too thick and will effect performance of the antenna. Let me know of your simplex TX and RX, I'm curious. Thanks for the insight into the window setup.


does anyone know if i can buy or if they make a window feed cable pass through cable for a antenna rotater switch box cable?

Jose B Rivera

It might receive ok, but the antenna’s SWR is probably high. I would check the SWR. You are a new ham and probably think it’s ok to ignore people’s warnings on putting the antenna in a pvc pipe. It matters because you could be damaging your radio and not putting out all the power you have because of losses. At least test the SWR. Why wouldn’t you want to know?


Great video! I use the N9TAX as well. Great antenna. I was In the Army Active duty (1986-1991) 3rd ID & 8th ID Germany. Sounds like Retreat playing in the background.

Shawn Taylor

Dave thanks for the video. New to the hobby but my question is... I'm not sure what the cable connection is coming into the radio, but why not use an adapter that would connect to the cable and then sma-f into the radio. I'm sorry if I missed an explanation.

Rob Marks

HI Ever Dave, I have the same Baofeng radio and antenna. Can you explain why you put it in the pvc? Also, tell me more about the battery eliminator? Thanks

William S Taylor

I hope that it is still working well for you. Try to get on HF if you can, even with a compromise antenna - lots of contacts from all over the world (I know it is a bit rougher in AK-land).


Thanks for sharing your experience. What's the diameter of PVC pipe?

Doug Estes

73 de kd5ilg

Scott Mitseff

Great Video! KJ7AVQ

Dennis Martinez

awesome thanks and 73's KM4VTO

jamie B

Should have used lmr 400 coax

Donald Shields

you on ur way on 73 D0n k1 emw in maine

Amos Iron Wolf

Hello from Southwest Texas. I spent four years at Ft. Wainwright. Lived on 6th Street in quarters. Awesome to see Birch Hill in the background in your video. I consider Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Bragg as my Army homes. I miss Fairbanks and the interior of AK. I had this antenna tucked away and thought it wasn't working well from past tests. Then I got to thinking that when I tested it before the listening radios were too close and getting desensitized. Turned out that was it. The antenna was working too well. I took it back outside tonight with a Wouxun 5 watt. Hung the antenna in a tree and hit our repeater lima charlie. Strong signal report back from another club member. Just this past weekend we put up a roof mounted discone and I was thinking I'd like a lower mounted dual band or maybe a GMRS antenna as a second for other radios. (I have both ham and GMRS license). Now I'm torn between keeping the N9TAX rollup as field antenna or slip it into some PVC like you did and use it on the house as a second antenna or maybe as either a GMRS repeater or for 2M/70CM crossband repeat using my TYT TH-UV8000E. Enjoy AK (if you are still there) and 73. K2WLF/WQZW588.

James Hart

In point of fact you did the right thing, putting your antenna into some PVC pipe. Don't forget you will need a 12 volt desktop power supply. Good looking rig. KI7BSL from Cheyenne Wyoming wishing you 73s.

Jojo Cunanan

Great job! Keep making videos, 73! KM6EHD

Marky Shaw

That's great man. What a nifty little jumper. Wish it was a little cheaper! But definitely saves from some holes being drilled in the wall. I'm literally using the tiny little SMA wire that came with the RTL-SDR jammed in my window hooked up to a pair of rabbit ears. Looking forward to getting one of these one day so I can hook it up to a better antenna along with the Baofeng. Nice little setup man. Thanks for the video!

Ethan Corsbie

Are you still in Alaska, and if so what part, I was stationed in Ketchikan and Kodiak from 2011-2015

Croat Outdoors

Dude your window is opening towards the outside? Wtf...Using vhf and uhf you should use thicker feeder cables, like RG213. Check the Coax loss calculator for your specific cable. (google). I have the 9tax slimjim too. Aint quite satisfied, using my ft817 on vhf and uhf, it shows pretty bad SWR readings.


i subscribed.. please return the favour sub to me... i like the slim jim antenna cool.....

Edward Vignati

Thank you for your service! Eddie kj4fgi


will this cable handle 65 watts? i know it rated for 60 watt vhf i wanna know if i use a kenwood TM-281 65 watt radio 2 meter ham...will i be ok
as its just 5 watts over the max handle power.....

Tim Odell

Helpful video! Thanks 73 de K6TjO

m holman

Nice, thanks for sharing this. These 2 meter radios are popular out in the bush. I'm using a kenwood tm281 in a big truck.. Anyway I'm getting the baofeng and this antenna seems killer... We'll still be here for you when you come back Haha ?

Rob Marks

What do you call the stand that you have your radio sitting on?

Tom Melville

Hi Dave- I did 6 years active duty w the Army as a 25B. I've been a ham for a long time. Nice video, I needed info on that passthru and that's just what I need. Thanks!


stay safe,nice video,thanks for your service. What type of cable did you use?

Neal Hamilton

What stand is that you're using to hold the radio on the desk?