Tesla mobile service

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Tesla Mobile Service - Good or Bad?

250 views | 8 Jan. 2021

In this video, I go over

In this video, I go over my experience with Tesla's mobile service in Iowa.

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Kathy Runyan

Can you do a video on charging your Tesla not at home, ie super chargers or the chargers at HyVee and the likes. Ive noticed there seems to be a lack of chargers in Iowa and this is a big concern for me and if we purchase an EV.

Eric Viele

Good deal. I really like your videos. Straight to the point and always topics I’m interested in.


What are those two black dots with a connecting line on your head rest? Haven’t seen those in other videos.

Doug Frith

Sounds like Tesla is striving to get better... all good!

Tesla mobile service

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Mobile Service for Tesla Model Y!

721 views | 1 Aug. 2020

First experience with

First experience with getting mobile service for my Model Y! How long getting an appointment took, how long the service appointment was, and how they fixed my mirror and trim issues!

Intro/Outro song - Bye Now - Choof

Choof Spotify:


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Internet Expert

Imagine if Ford or Chevy came to the house and worked on their cars?

Gregory Hill

I’ve enjoyed your Tesla journey thus far. Ordered the gray long range AWD with the white interior yesterday. Perhaps I missed it.. what thumb drive hardware did you choose for the sentry cameras? I will try to add your referral code after I figure out how to input it.


Thanks for the vid! Where did you get your carbon fiber dash cover from?

Tesla mobile service

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Ride along with Tesla Mobile Service and fix some electric cars

37 840 views | 12 Jun. 2019

Electric cars require

Electric cars require less maintenance than combustion vehicles, but when you need your tires rotated or your filters changed, who ya gonna call? Well, you'd actually just use the Tesla Mobile Service app. Read more on Tesla's Mobile Service - http://roadshow.co/m2xpe2

On my ride-along, I witnessed fixes ranging from a Model 3 getting a simple tire rotation at a private residence to an airbag and power steering recall service on a Tesla Model S in the parking lot of a motel.

Written and Presented by Antuan Goodwin

Produced by Marc Ganley

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Tesla Service has treated me like GOLD. Also had their Mobile Service twice and it was fantastic both times. Also gave me an opportunity to chit chat and learn more cuz the techs were pretty cool people. So happy.

License To Drive

This past Friday the Ranger came and repaired my Model X. 10 minutes and he was done!


just had my first experience with mobile service today and it was excellent. Really cool that they offer this.

Papabless Papabless

What I want to know is, is their mobile service van also a tesla model? ??‍♀️

Aro Alothman

I have problem in my tesla modelS high voltage battery . Its not charge to full . I send many email to tesla in usa . No reply

sadman hoque

I remember reading about one guy having a tough time cause Tesla refused to send mobile repair cause his warranty ended and the nearest service station was in another city.


I think they chose a Model S because it's a Tesla.

Beverly Taylor-Mack

Is Tesla Mobile Service available in Jacksonville, FL?

Jay Chu

Build quality issues and endless rattles ??‍♂️

Gostandinos Theodossiou

What you be surprise how much maintenance these vehicles need and when your warranty runs out your screwed you better have money to folk out .


Why not just take it to your local shop for maintenance like rotating your tires.

Jake Eames

I do maintenance/refrigeration at a seafood plant in Juneau Alaska. That service vehicle would be perfect. Asking the boss now

The Rainmaker

Illegal immigrants have been offering this service for a while now and its always been frowned upon to take a car apart on the street. In most places with a HOA, you'd get a letter about maintaining the quality of the neighborhood, etc etc. Yet somehow people are all happy to see someone with a Tesla logo come and do the same thing.


As someone whose been working on cars for 10+ years, dang these look easy, and an easy job too if youre mobile. Looks like mobile = basic maintanence, small jobs. Shop = underside and serious electrical work.

Chris Townsend

Everyone has the right to work on their own cars!!!! You are not gonna stop us!! Ever!!!

Tesla Our Future

my model3 got scratched on front bumper, does mobile service do body repair?

Saul Juarez

i wonder how much these mobile techs make?


Never used with my model x....but is a lovely service

Christopher D

The future looks cool. I'm doing the work now to put myself into a Tesla Model 3 or S. Fingers crossed!


How the hell did they rotate those tires?


What do they do if it rains?

Rick James

who wouldnt want to drive around with mr. peanutbutter man

John Smith

Is this an ad for Tesla? You should mention how long it takes to get parts for a tesla repair usually, and how costly it can be. No way this video approaches any sort of journalistic standards. Put an ad disclaimer will ya?


This is a wonderful perk of owning a Tesla. I prefer it to taking it in to a dealer


Why stealership not doing like this

keanu Romero

I requested a oil change and they never came. Horrible service

George Gil

Working on a car on the street is illegal




Get to drive a Tesla for repairs? Cool!


Looks like a cool job.

Dieter Rust

I wonder how long until tesla swap out their ford transits for an own brand EV van


The dealer that I purchased my Lexus from has a similar service. They can send out a technician and do simple maintenance things (oil change, filter changes, tire rotations) at my location of choice. For more intensive or serious repairs, they can flatbed a Lexus loaner to me, flatbed my car to the dealer, and flatbed it back to me for exchange when it is done. The only drawback is the need to schedule an appointment quite in advance.

D.J. Banack

They also don't like to talk about the fact that EVs aren't paying at the pump , which pays for road maintenance , paving, re-paving, bridge repair, etc etc etc.... Which is theft from other drivers whom are paying for the road/gas/diesel tax... also EVs aren't as " environmentally friendly " as Tesla/Elon is claiming : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-06-11/saving-the-planet-with-electric-cars-means-strangling-this-desert?utm_campaign=news&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews

Michael Watt

I've had a Model 3 for just over a year. I've had 2 mobile service calls - first for the frunk actuator - it took him 20 minutes to fix in my driveway. The second call was for the glovebox latch bc it would sometimes open on its own. Mobile service fixed it in 20 minutes. The process of setting up appts was painless and the wait time was only a couple of days. These are very minor issues and the experience made me feel better about the brand. They are building cars to last - not ones that need repairs to be a profit center. Any other minor issues or bugs are either fixed with OTA updates or by resetting the cars computer. I love not having to waste my time going to a garage, get a ride there, go without my car for a day or two, etc. Mobile service seems so much more sensible.

antonio volpe

if only my ludicrous rear motors would have lasted more than 6k miles


Would have liked some interaction with the tech about his thoughts



Christopher Horton

Nice video. Would love to see more like this. I love Tesla mobile service


So why don't they just use the Nissan Ev Van for full electric.

Wild Flower

I loved this video. Wish it was longer. Thank you.

Gordon Freeman

What if it rains?

TRY to HELP you

I have experienced this. Warranty repairs at my house. Went well overall. Sometimes they have to go out to get parts and return.


Do mobile service technician work 3-4-3-4 like production associates and what’s starting wage, benefits?

Jameel Ja

Why don't they use a model X as the service vehicle?


What I find interesting is that I was told that I could not get a floor jack under a Tesla.


Tesla needs to start producing vans. It seems to be a pretty large market portion.


LOVE THIS, i was at work doing carts (i work as a courtesy clerk) one day, saw a tesla mobile service car come to our store, my problem was that my car wasnt receiving the newest software update when its already been out for everyone else, i asked the guy can u push out the latest software update to my model 3? He said sure, he got out his laptop, entered my vin, sent it to my car, next thing i know within an hour, the update i had requested, had been pushed to my car ready to be installed


I heard horror stories about its battery life in colder climates

Parag Jain

What's even the need of disliking this video... I mean just why ??

Nikola Tesla

this model makes so much sense


Really cool video.

I guess this is ok for a person who likes to work outside and in nice weather.

I suspect that this would not be ok or doable if it rains, snows or is otherwise cold.

Considering that there are little to no moving parts, this would not be a problem.

But I am surprised that the road side tech was able to get a floor jack under the car to rotate the tires. I was told by a Tesla employees that you can't get a floor jack under the car because they can not support the weight. I see so many Tesla's on the side of the road with flat tires waiting for a flatbed.