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How to install an in-wall volume control | Crutchfield

20 556 views | 16 Sep. 2019

In-wall volume controls

In-wall volume controls are a convenient way to turn the volume up or down in your room. Installing one of these is straightforward, but requires a bit of planning.

Shop for in-wall volume controls: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc27Z/g_15230/In-wall-Volume-Controls.html?tp=2971

Our expert Norm will walk you through a typical in-wall volume control installation in this video. The best way to do this is before the sheetrock goes up, after your electrician has nailed up the outlet rough-in boxes.

Step 1: Install a low-voltage rough-in box. These are similar to the outlet boxes, but with a large opening in the back for pulling through the power and signal wires.

Step 2: After the sheetrock crew puts up the gypsum board, you connect the wires to the Phoenix blocks and install the volume control itself.

Norm has been an installer for many years, and is a member of our A/V Design team at Crutchfield. He'll give you his tips and tricks along the way so you can install one of these successfully in your room.

Crutchfield A/V system design: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc27Z/About/DIY.aspx

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That screw head went straight through that sheet rock 5:35

Adam Alexander

Very informative, thanks

Enrique Fausto

How do you wire a left , right and center speaker into one volume control? Or does the center speaker just goes straight o receiver?
(Same receiver is also used for another zone) Thanks

Gursh Budwal

Hi Norm. Thanks for the video. VERY well done.
I now get the in wall volume control part.
But, What do we do with the wires (green, white, red and black) at the amp?
I bought a house with pre-run wires & holes in the ceiling for speakers about 10 years ago.
I FINALLY want to get things up and running with SONOS as my main music player.
Thoughts please?


Can someone please explain to me how Wattage ties into VU controls? Are the controls rated to support a maximum wattage of speakers downstream? Isnt a VU control just a big variable resistor, there must be ratings for them.... if I have a 15amp speakers on the left aide of a stereo VU control and a 400w speaker on the right, would the volume control work in the same way for both of them? Does it work the same for 70v volume controls? Any replies here I’d appreciate

Mike Elia

Very informative!!!

Lee Kelley

Hello Norm, thanks for the info. Too bad I didn't watch this a week ago. I already have the wiring in the wall and it's been spray foamed in so I can't easily change it. I wired 2 12 gauge speaker wires from the connector on the wall at the amp to the first speaker with the plan to use the speakers in and out to then pass the signal to the speakers at the back of the room. 4 4 ohm speakers with two on each channel my question now is what do I need to do to add an inline volume control to the front speakers without cutting into the volume for the back speakers. Obviously you might be telling me I have to change my plans and that's ok I just need the best info then I'll figure out how to implement it. Thanks

Ehab Khalil

what brand/make is the in wall volume control in your video?

Juan Ortega

Excellent video!! Thank you so much!!!!

Legrand speakers

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ISE 2018: Legrand Highlights Nuvo Complete Line of Outdoor and New Series Two Landscape Speakers

674 views | 13 Feb. 2018

ISE 2018: Legrand

ISE 2018: Legrand Highlights Nuvo Complete Line of Outdoor and New Series Two Landscape Speakers

Legrand speakers

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How to install in-ceiling speakers

102 571 views | 28 Apr. 2018

Showing how to install a

Showing how to install a speaker into a drywalled ceiling.

In this case we are using a speaker of type JBL LS328C.

Mr. McCheesit

I have a question in my house I have speakers that have been there when it was built but we can’t find out how to use them

Anyone know how I could turn them on


Is there anything to cover the speakers from the top? To prevent it from being damaged by mouses. :) I presume I gonna need to build something to cover them + the wiring...


would it not have been easier to cut the hole out from above?


How do you run the wire through the ceiling!?


Would like to see a wire fished through the wall and also how you measured exactly how to get the speakers in right place. This usually is a two man job. One in attic, other marking the location below, and then they have to check for studs before drilling.


What amp do you use to power those speakers? Is this for your home movie theater?

Video Rangers

Any idea why my speakers sound like they are popping ?

hadnt o

Sucks that you didn’t show us what to do with the wire. Only reason I clicked


Why did you add the extra wood if you didn’t secure the speaker to it?

Technical Bhamma

How it activates

Andrew Miller

These speakers require power supply nothing mentioned about that. It really sucks.

Paul Wanders

What kind of speakers are those?


Is your attic a plenum (air-handling) space?

Ram Raj Yadav

Nice Connection sir

Adam Thomas

What do you do with the wiring?

Raphael Ferreira

Thank you for the video. But, you kind of cheated there... :-) How did you know the exact location to start cutting the ceiling from the bottom, and also, from the top?

Peter Pan

It works for audio system can I plugged my tv or works through Bluetooth ?

Rene G

Thanks ?

C Jahmal

When most of us install ceiling speakers there wont be an attic on the other side.