Wtc cryptocurrency

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Altcoin & Crypto News: End of ICOs? | $STRAT $WTC $EOS $NANO $TRX $OCN

377 views | 24 Jun. 2018

In today's episode of

In today's episode of Your Daily Crypto News, BitBoy is back at home with his regular equipment. Glad to be back! However, the markets aren't making me feel right at home. Another day of red. Surely to goodness we are getting near a bottom. In the news, are we going to see the end of ICOs soon? In altcoin news, we look at Stratis getting some publicity via a racecar, Waltonchain partnering with a fashion company, EOS takes the top of the new Chinese crypto rankings, the Nano Wallet is available for iOS, Tron gets accused of plagiarism, Odyssey Coin adds an exchange to their roadmap, & Akon looks to build Wakanda with Akoin.


Timestamps & Links

3:35 ICOs: https://coindrift.io/public-icos-ending/

4:35 Stratis: https://i.redd.it/mafacu81yr511.jpg

5:57 Waltonchain: https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN/waltonchain-reaches-strategic-partnership-with-fashionet-a6ae47726e7

7:04 EOS/China Rankings: https://bitcoinist.com/eos-bitcoin-china-updated-crypto-ratings/

8:21 Nano Wallet: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/nano-wallet-for-ios/id1373912752

9:18 Tron: https://bcfocus.com/altcoin/tron-trx-developers-plagiarised-code-from-other-crypto-projects-researchers-allege/16077/

10:52 Odyssey Coin: https://twitter.com/OdysseyOCN/status/1010591999165005824

Akon: https://www.bitmoneynews.com/news/rb-star-akon-to-build-real-life-wakanda-with-own-akoin-crypto/


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Wtc cryptocurrency

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Daily: Market Falls Asleep? Walton (WTC) caught red handed

18 935 views | 1 Mar. 2018

The markets over the

The markets over the past few weeks have been uninteresting - dare say - boring.

0:54 Market Analysis - ZzzzZZzz

1:29 Waltonchain (WTC) wins their own giveaway!

3:05 Undisclosed sources: SEC launches cryptocurrency probe

3:37 China's Police Expand Crypto Monitoring Overseas

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I own a Garden store it would be ridiculous if an employee here won any of our give a ways. This doesn't help them.

Jake Cryptokeeper

They fumbled during the China FUD in September as well by not being up front. It made me sell way to early. Origin Trail all day! @boxmining

Or Eagle

Walton chain for inventory control. Walton family, largest in USA retail. Is there a connection? Looks like there probably is. They are defrauding the industry; What makes you think they will not defraud you?


Hello and as always great video. Could you do a video about the IOTA vs MIT leaked mails pls? Would be very appreciated ;)


I’m not a WTC HODLer, but if their recent hi-jinx say anything it’s that they want to HODL more WTC too!

ernest simon D

waltconnect what ama gonna doo! i was hoping for a serious dump 5 dollar lol i would filled my pocket like crazy didnt happened

ᴇʟ ᴛᴏᴍᴏs

Walton Chain sounds a bit like.. country meets metal meets grunge band.

Gerardo Valerio

volume in this entry is wickedly super low. I had to crank it up to 90% to listen in.

william taylor

Bought that sweet and delicious dip, got WTC for under 20$.

Stephen Molyneux

WTC! Jesus! What embarrassments


like the new intro!

emini man

thats funny and pretty dumb on their part...


Not nearly as bad as Clinton Coin!


terrible event to a great project/team... it does not affect the overall image to me but.... well, a bit (lol) as a negative-funny fact against their image - let's say it strikes 10% of their image, that is just ridiculous and they should exclude their own staff from giveaways, that is a basic rule for non-virtual world and should be applied that as well.

Олег Доход

Hello. We need do make video about our project. Could you write your contact?

Alan Bruce

My concern with Walton has been that they have a cool project, but embellish their accomplishments, partnerships, and now.. this. They don’t need to. They should let their work and tech speak for itself.

Alien Hunter

Walter WTC should size operation. That shows unethical behavior. It’s over. No trust. Better find out on small things like this then bigger deal. Good bye Walter


We are looking forward to see a live stream with Qs and As. Best regards from Vienna


Way too short news vid imo!


this whole issue is blown out of proportion. One tweet about 2.14 wtc and somehow this enables organized fud to spread and affect price, seems like wtc has a target on its back

Cryptoxic Gaming

Michael, will you be covering Zclassic and Bitcoin Private? Zclassic crashed immediately after the fork

Cryptons ensemble

Michael, why is there no activity on Github for Vechain? Shouldn't there be lots of commits in preperation of mainnet and wallet release?? or are they doing it under another name ??

C Magnani

Nothing is happening?
Dec 1 btc $10700 marketcap 311billion
Jan 30 btc $10700 market cap 569billion
Feb 17 btc $10700 marketcap 495 billion
Today btc $10700 market cap 450billlion

At one point btc was 15k and total market cap was at 400 billion.

We are revisiting November slowly but surely. Lets face it the general public doesnt know any other coin besides Bitcoin. They can possibly recall xrp or eth from cnbc but most likely forgot and cant think of them off the top . If BTC get to 60% dominance we are looking at 15k and this is a big F you to media naysayser and in comes the FUD money and then alts surge a month later as money is pouring in and people find out about alts. Deja vu my friends. Brace yourselves mothafuckas


Leaving out the detail that this comp had 500 participants and over 214 real people won, including the admin on his personal account. Stupid error on the intern's part but you are being intentionally disingenuous @boxmining but those of us with the dirt on you know why ;)


love the new intro!

Blair Tremblay

It is a matter of broken trust, once questionable, always questionable!

Total Bullion

Walton is no different than 99% of the Youtube channels that do " Giveaway's " LOL.


Top update! Thanks Michael.

W. Roberts

SEC still not going after Jamie Dimon? But crypto ICO's because ... it's easier...?

Jesse Mcinnes

Hey Whats your email?

Bill Sanderson

Walton is scammers!!! Big joke! I bet many of these ICO's do the same thing...


Can you make review on Forty Seven ICO ? It would be great to hear your opinion on this project.


Thanks for listening to my comment about red background that was making me bullish. I'm feeling the blues now though. huehuehue


Walton = ?


Waltonchain, now using POT algorithm, Proof Of Trustlessness

Yavor Zlatanov

the Waltonchain thing was a complete joke, including the fact that they tried playing it off by saying one of their employees was the winner -- are you freaking kidding!?!? Employees are supposed to be excluded of eligibility for promotions and giveaways. Downright ridiculous. Glad I'm not holding bags of this token.

Steve Black

they showed their true colors, so anyone who invest after this has been warned.

Crypto Łowca

hej boxmining make Video on WABI !

Zoltán Németh

Hello! It is a good entry now :) You get a sale-price for some days.
Thanks for the good work Michael!
Cheers from Hungary!


I feel like Im reliving every day the past few weeks. Wake up marketcap is at 450 billion. Go to bed cap is at 450 again. Rinse and repeat.

Tommy Jonny

Please no music!


Not first scam that Walton was caught red handed!

Trading Zone

I had just bought WTC in my crypto experiment on my channel. Sucks to have something like this bring the price down, because it makes you question everything else that they do on the inside. Was is really a single dude that made the mistake? Or is that really the length that they are willing to go to in creating artificial posts and activity to gain traction? In both cases, they lost points in my view.

Brett crypto

hey Michael.. what's a good candle stick style graph to use? can't find any decent ones, i usually just use my exchange one or live coin watch, not liking them though. cheers in advance bud.

Popcorn Seller

Whats happening with Walton Twitter? In comments on their apologizing twit, someone with their account asked people to send eth in order to get eth. Clearly a scam. Do they even manage their account?

Mark Lindley

Too much egg sucking going on. Its like Suppo and the egg sucking clan.

Josh Fullmer

Yeah, the WTC shenanigans is unseeable (unfortunately for them) and I will always remember this when browsing for new investments. Good for @boxmining for blowing the whistle.

not my real name. screw googleplus

It's damning enough to bring into question the entire walton project if they lie about something so small. Big red flag. I'm never touching it.


What is up with that stupid clown music?


Disappointed that you're perpetuating the FUD.


The fact that the apology came from “the waltonchain team” speaks volumes. No one is accountable, apology should have come from the company president.

Qruns El

WTC is not alone, their are others doing the same thing. It's is almost normal practice now. The only difference is that WTC got caught. They couldn't even do wrong, right.


Makes Walton unworthy of trust and as money is about trust it will loose longterm

Dídac Mateu Martínez de valdivieso

If there's no principle there's no hope, Walton can die in a Fire.


Shame on company that would risk so much for so little gain. Greed has taken hold and they cant be trusted they cant even let a few coins go to their trusting holders without stealing them. I sold every single WTC I owned (large) and will never buy again.


That waltonchain tweet was a bad look. I can't help but think that there's other companies doing things like this though.


Just another reason to sell WTC and buy VEN, VEN has a much better future.

Crypto Collector

Shady of walton !!

Jeffrie Baer

WTC could have just said that they were sharing a post from the winner. hhhmmm?

Robin Hood

Anyone who believes walton is a guillable child that shouldn't be trading in the first place.

Wzi Eternal

Don't really think the giveaway is a big deal. 200+ people won, it was just a small good will Valentine's Day giveaway that the core team probably played no role in other than agreeing to funding, I do not understand why the person handling their twitter can't enter either, they are probably doing it for free just as the telegram and slack admins are. Retweet something and win 2 WTC ... it's a scam because one of the employees won and accidentally thanks the team from the wrong account, before anyone mentions why would they thank themselves and say keep up the good work to themselves? They are not a part of the core team of developers and do not control any of the coins or help with the actually back end of Walton obviously they handle a social media site. Emotional thinking is what leads to people being outraged here, think logically.


I feel bad for Mike, he put in so much of his time and effort for us boxnations researching, interviewing and visiting Walton. Making all these videos in parts and all of us pushing him to upload all the parts. Mike went above and beyond for Walton and for them to pull that shit? Fuck Walton i felt Mike just wasted all his time where he could of spent on another project.


It means I won’t trust Walton chain now. That’s for sure

Papa Bull

This is why I don't invest in Chinese projects (that also include NEO).
By the way WTC is known to use fake Twitter accounts to boost the project. It is kind of laughable.

RW Crypto

I agree...its a lame excuse. Usually contests exclude employees .It does make you wonder to what other extent they would defraud investors or mislead the community if they would do so in something so small


Hey Dude?? VEchain pay better right?


Nice new intro! :)


WTC FUD directly related to contest, not to actual product. Contest winnings was only worth $40ish. Not worth scamming to lose millions in market cap. I believe honest mistake

Joe McNicholas

The Waltonchain tweet removes any trust in this company

crypto Investor

Just goes to show that most of these crypto companies are scams. Employees should have been barred from the competition.


Really? You was shock about this crap? This topić is not worth to talk about.

charlie heggarty

OMG! ?Cant believe I won ! Thank you Walton team ! ❤️ keep doing the great work. ?????????

Shadow Man

Scam coin just like your bestie supoman aka scam boy


Walton is run by scammers!


That actually sounds legit to me

Alan Land

The SEC is Wall St's version of the fox guarding the hen house. Hopefully, they won't be given the opportunity to turn cryptos as crooked as Wall St has become.

Jonathan Frakes

My guess is that most of the winners on that list are Waltonchain employees and their close relatives.

Dave G

Hi Michael, unfortunately I think a move like that deals a perminant blow to the integrity of the team. Even if the tech and hardware are great as an investor you are at the mercy of the team and their decisions. Trust is paramount.

Stergios Mavroudis

The market is dead cause noone is interested in it. Look at Google analytics.

andreas ronald

Would u review qash ? Has been regulated in japan. Top 5 this year in term of marketcap is possible. Have all star team in it

Victor Larsson

Do not listen to the mainstream media and all negativity they broadcast about volatile nature of bitcoin. If you invest smartly in bitcoin you will definitely achieve financial independence. Do you have bitcoin? Do you know you can mine 0.1btc in five days or 1.5btc in two weeks ,if you want to do so then mr Nicholas Connor mining system will work best for you. The truth is very soon the price of bitcoin will sky rocket contact him through [email protected]gmail.com its working for me.

Stellar Cardano

Walton is a joke.

Crypto Granny

With so many cryptos out there, getting a hit in the trust category (publicly) is a tough one to overcome. But- so many newcomers flowing into the market, with some solid PR, it will soon be an old rumor, as we move on.


Walton is still a solid project.

Nur am Saufen

Nice intro ?

Bernard Macarius

Walton reputation is destroyed IMO. It is like someone who is caught lying saying they will never lie again! There is no turning back, it can not be undone. The technology will live on and someone will step into to fill their shoes and take over a market they worked hard to build. Unfortunate, however, better to see them for what they are now rather than later. Regarding all the news from the SEC and China. We MUST communicate that this is a self governing eco system that we are establishing and no central authority is recognized as legitimate. It is the global community and code that will dictate the terms and conditions as we have found it detrimental to our financial freedoms to leave it in the hands of politicians, governments and institutions. It is well known to all that the top 2% enjoy the efforts of the other 98%, and we are going to change that. If we do not draw a line now and defend it. All our efforts will be hijacked and be in the hands and under the control of those it was designed to eliminate! Maybe a thank you card digitally signed by the community stating "thanks but no thanks, we got this" should be created and publicly broadcast on the internet! The fact that in some ICO cases only accredited investors (wealthy) are permitted to participate and in other ICO everyone is not permitted to participate infuriates me. Claiming that these rules and laws were created to protect me is a huge lie! Where were they when I placed a bet on the 99 to 1, 3 legged horse at Churchill Downs or I bought 100 scratch off lottery tickets if you catch my meaning.....Better resist now as this is just the beginning of the push back from the top!


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Robert R

Just sold all my WTC assets, very disappointed, this shows their real face

Si Nipannan

Oh oh lost faith in WTC.. Bye bye.


Saying "from now on we can't rig our own giveaways" only AFTER they got caught... that is so shady.

Luis Valencia

That is completely dishonest. Especially for a silly “give away”. I know where I am not putting my money. Thanks for the report

Matthew Crace

Cheaper WTC for me! As far as I'm concerned that tweet got me a 20% discount!


Walton is a scam. Pretty obvious from their announcement of being in negotiations with China mobile. What BS


I think waltonchain are telling the truth, easy mistake to make when you are using multiple social media accounts, although they should run the competition again and exclude employees from entering.

Alan Land

Why is a Walton employee even eligible for a contest? That should be a no-brainer.

James Magick

Walton Chain Coin rebranded to Walton Scam Coin


Dude what happened to your left arm. It’s gone

I Finn

March will be a huge turning point for the market. I see BTC 12-13K in next 5-7 days.


Thanks a million mate, Your take on Refereum (RFR)

Wtc cryptocurrency

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Trading Cryptocurrency : DASH Hit Target! WTC Hit All Targets! Crypto Technical Analysis

603 views | 1 Apr. 2019

In this video I take a

In this video I take a look DASH and WTC in retrospect of our trade set ups. I also show where we may be going next. Crypto News!

Brad Fisher

This was just one among many great setups in March! Want to join Mitch's Patreon? You will receive Trade Setups, Mobile Alerts for Trade Setups, VideoBlogs, Educational Clips, and Patron-only Thursday Night Pre-games. Join here! https://www.patreon.com/LordRay


Thank you for the update Mitch. I love this channel! ?????


Top analysis available. Great stuff.

Arthur Beeswax

sick gains love it thanks for keeping us in the loop

Mitch Ray

If you enjoyed this look at a couple hot altcoins, please leave a comment below! Thanks, everyone!

Bl4ck Crypto


Francisco bandarra

Top, thank you Mitch :)


Thanks for the update ? this is DJ BARRIOS you know I been here since video ONE respecting the TA


Fkn love DASH! Great vid Mitch

Matt Shaffer

Thanks Mitch dash was a beautiful trade set up .

Zachary Schneider

Excellent point about how swing trading part-time can still be a profitable hobby and doesn't require full-time attention to achieve success. The static videos have been great. Keep them coming, Mitch!

Bryan Holm

Another day, another target hit. #kangz


Not kangz, Kappa—April fools

liudas boguzas

hey, thanks for good video. What is the best moment now to enter into Dash? Wait two weeks?