Litecoin all time high

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Litcoin Price | All Time High In 2019

73 views | 26 Nov. 2019

Daily technical analysis

Daily technical analysis of Bitcoin price chart.

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Litcoin price, which traded at $30 on Jan. 1, ended the first litecoin ltc quarter at $61, representing a 100 percent gain. That was LTC’s best first-quarter performance litecoin price prediction on record, all time high in 2019 as reported on March 31.

More importantly, the cryptocurrency eked crypto out stellar gains in the first three months of this year despite the flat action in litecoin summit 2019, the leading cryptocurrency.

Essentially, LTC broke into a bull market well before crypto confirmed a bearish-to-bullish trend litecoin new all time high in 2019 change with a big move above key resistance at $4,236 on April 2. Prices went on to hit highs above $140 in June before falling back to $80 earlier litecoin news this month.

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Litecoin all time high

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2 612 views | 4 Feb. 2021

Does Litecoin have the

Does Litecoin have the ability to smash through previous all time highs and rocket to $1000?

In this video I conduct litecoin chart analysis and make litecoin predictions 2021 comparing with both ethereum and bitcoin crypto currency charts. Litecoin update today discusses how to prepare and make the most out of the current crypto market.

Litecoin is digital silver and currently way undervalued. $1000 litecoin is just around the corner!

litecoin update today

litecoin analysis

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Mo Sufian

What do you think about 0x ZRX

Melvin Gaston

Going to buy some Litecoin soon

Mo Z

thank you??‍♀️

TineE'azy AbuvALL

I appreciate it brotha I’m new to this and put $1100 in litecoin. I subscribed btw?

AlphaOmega Baltazar

Poor audio

Gino Anthony

Bought $200 worth of litecoin this morning !

ali baba

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Albert smit

litecoin is the weakest in the top 20

black swan

Wake up sleeping giant

Steven Lopez


Frost YT

buy Hold

Martinho Paour

lettss goooooo

Ryan U

Appreciate the content on Litecoin! Keep it coming brother. Always look forward to your videos.

Frost YT

Pump I bought $447

Michael De Salvia

Last month i did the big mistake to buy Litecoin at the high price...I really hope that what you are saying is true! Cause I'm having big losses ?

mike redlark

Turn up your volume!

Peter Anthony


Johnny Deep

All time high was 408

Johnny Deep

People are so stupid buying Doge coin
Like trading Gold for Dirt...Distractions to steal your Btc Eth Ltc.

Litecoin all time high

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14 145 views | 17 Jun. 2019

What does the path look

What does the path look like for Litecoin to reach $375? How about Litecoin at $1,000. What kind of LTC pullbacks and consolidation might happen along the way? In this litecoin video, we discuss the possibilities.

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Patrick Kang

would love to see ltc 160-170 by mid July then a huge correction before going back to 300+

Troy X

Litecoin is having a small drop and big gain moment guys.
Best time to buying in and accumulating more litecoin,
Big up trend move soon,
Litecoin will surprising us $175 in few days

Lo K

wait aprox 1 year after Facebook coin is exposed to mainstream...BOOM.
Lots of people will talk crypto..but the best prices are already long gone...but market will grow anyways, now is the time to buy

5 years ago is the time to buy, 3 years from now is the time to buy.

The only thing is...the longer you wait with buying, the less portfolio you will end up for the saem amount of $ as time goes by...


I think Charlie Lee is going with Justin Sun to meet Warren Buffett

Mike Adams

it could be front run so be careful

R James

Yep! Expecting further uptrend in run up to the August ŁTC reward halving ..?...?‍♂️

Interesting news from Eric Brown and Aliant payments below. What could it be?

Aliant Payments @AliantPayment · Jun 14 Aliant has made a considerable contribution to @LTCFoundation for something big, which we are excited to announce soon. Stay tuned!


We are all early adopters, the majority of people don't even know what cryptocurrency is yet. Hang on tight for the big move.


buy the fucking dips

john locklear

Just no. But I do like your video ?

cute bib

Bought 50 Litecoins today, Litecoin go,Litecoin will headed to $180 soon

mr sandeep

Why ltc why not btc?
Btc is great,what ltc do nothing, same use case I prefer btc that's it.

Frank Sr.

LTC&BTC Army!!! Accumulate!!! and HODL!!! God Bless Dan&Sarah!!! Thank you for all the work you do for the Crypto Community!!!

Frogger 251

1/10 value of a BTC

Timo H




Play games LTC for FREE LTC



Use Brave Browser bro.

Lazarus Uchenna

I am praying for it to even get to 1000 because I have not made any money on crypto. I lost thousands last year. Well, I am hoping for the best this time


Ltc to $80

Savage Keyboard

I am a believer now. Lol your psychic powers (TA skills) are very impressive.

Crypto Capital Venture

Litecoin Dominance & Liquidity @ 00:30
$375 @ 2:15
Litecoin Momentum @ 3:50
Litecoin Pullbacks @ 4:50

Andreas Panayi

Been watching for over a year, love your videos man keep it up bro

All I Talk Is Tech

Let the views sink in with a title like that ?
Love the videos


Now this price pullback are you still thinking will happen before the halving and then increase after?


God bless for?


I thought ATH for LTC was around $420

scott benzing

60,000,000 million Litecoins are dormant. 2,225,000 are active. After the halving only 21,000,000 LTC will be left to mine. 50 LTC will be mind every 10min. S2F at $65 at that moment, what will price be in 12 years??? Think about BTC


LTC to zero; BTC and XRP will swallow up these no purpose coins. It’s coming. Reposition early.

Fredic Vanessa Kate

I'm grateful for the refer on youtube, [email protected] ,com. He helped me solve my financial issues, Thanks for the 5btc


If Litecoin reaches ATH it won't just tickle it for a bit, it will go balls deep and destroy it without any lube.

Chris in FPV

Not last Dec dude, Dec before that was ATH.

B ALex

No danger to LTC after libra ?

Andrei Costea

You before every video. If I can direct even a small herd to buy the coins I hold it is a win at the end of the day. Stop creating fantasies man and go once in your life against the wind. When btc was ~3500 you were like do not buy, wait 2500. Now, when it won't hit the targets you set for the herd buy all the way. Start youtubing something else.


Disgusting scammer

Alex M

Jesus the bullshit this guy is on about.

Brooke F

Litecoins ath was higher than $375


Stop the cringy intro!


do you think LTC will make a move before BTC?

Dj Marky Rush

I would love to see litecoin back to all time highs

Addicted2 Crypto

I'm expecting litecoin to pull back prior to the halvening

Phillip Collette

It is Litecoin’s time this year and next year to have the time that Bitcoin had in 2016/2017. Which is really saying something.

Jazeapokergod A

Hodling and accumulating as ever...thanks alot Dan.

CryptoNana 4LTC

Exciting times! #LTC⚡️??


Great video! I think you are right about your analysis. Keep the good work going!

Angel Rodriguez Paginas WEB & SEO

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Roberto Sullivano

Look at LTC daily volume
as a percent of total units...

?????????? ....

it’s being held down through
high-frequency trading ? ✨

it would be outperforming BTC,
if the Exchanges weren’t so afraid
of it, (while “holding the back door”
... for the OTC Whales ? .... ).


Why are you buying heavy now and not 6 months ago when it was 20£

Sam Nasr

I agree with you. LTC is a solid coin , showing world wide acceptance & not to mention the halving coming up in August is yet another catalyst to this fire. Early adopters (us) always get rewarded handsomely. Accumulate LTC & buy the dips ????

Cleaning with Davis LLC

What a what if channel ??

Frogger 251

$2500 LTC coming. I will be buying my house with that.


I am long LTC and think we can go much higher but I also think there can be some challenges ahead like the up coming facebook coin which I think will fail long term. In the short term however I think it may cause many coins to including LTC pull back because that coin will be used as a payment method and is being backed by some big players. I think for folks with a long term outlook pullbacks caused by this can be a good thing


Cheers for LTC update.

Timewind dniwemiT

The main difference between now,and 2017 December, woul be the fact that everyone was talking about crypto and tons of new money was introduced to the game every single day. I think this was a key element that fueled crazy gains back then. Unless history will repeat itself, I dont see litecoin going anywhere close to 1k.


375.00$ BOY I HOPE SOOO!!!!

Mike J Anthony

The fact that LTC is trading daily over $130 tells me we are going to blow through $375, no problem. During the last bull cycle, LTC was hard pressed to hit $100 since it had never before, coming from $4. If it traded regularly at $4 then hit $375 that same year, a 93x, then it will hit at least $1000 from regularly trading above $100 now, which is only a 10x from here. Starting from the bottom of around $25, a 93x this time around would take LTC to $2325. I now think that's reasonable. Back in early 2017, someone on youtube predicted $300 (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhDImAzfvrQ) at a time when LTC had not hit $50 yet. I thought that was unreasonable but, he was right too, and now I know $375 is a hop, skip, and a jump from being surpassed easily this time. You might think that $2325 is unreasonable now, but just think how $300 was once an unreasonable price only 2 years ago...until it happened!

Yasam Farooq

Buy DGB, its faster and more ahead of bitcoin, litecoin in terms of tech yet its been around just as long