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Wan Xiang KO Transformers MP44 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Review

48 998 views | 17 Jul. 2020

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SRM Maximus

What about the paint chiping?
Does the white and yellow paint chips just like the OG one?

Jeffrey Vargas Arauz

Where can I find one?

Ernie Vega

??????.... I'll definitely buy a ko version... Because I HAVE THE REAL MP_44 already. The paint job on the official is unbelievable!! NOT for cheap FANS!!


I got mine today but it had no instructions or batteries, can someone tell me which ones they use?

Doctor Brown

Another nice review bro. I definitely like the paint job on the official better. Great seeing them side by side. On a side note, what in the haberdashery is going on in the front seat of roller? Carly and Spike are over there gettin busy live on camera. Good thing this aint a kid's channel. Tell them to get a room. Jeeeeez..

Jovy Rivera

Just preordered this, but I kinda wished that the eyes are painted. It doesn't make sense since there was no light piping

Dameon Valentine

I love it but the only issue I have with my copy is that the chest wont tab together to stay closed

Wan Shah

No more worries of paint chipping and no knees problems. Awesome review and great figure

Gio J

Woulda looked better with light blue eyes, he just has that dead look


In case people are not aware, some of the audio recordings on the KO are in Chinese Mandarin.... they are not in the original MP-44.

William Zhang

That bigass backpack is killing me. #backpacklivematters


I see the one on the link provided looks nothing like this is that normal?

Nguyễn Mạnh Hà

Just bought this guy just to show Hasbro up!

Chris Gould

Not sure if you noticed, but that backpack wasn't transformed properly. The bit you untabbed to installed the batteries should remain so and clip into the top to cover that big unsightly gap. You may have done it on purpose, but just thought I'd mention it.

Aussie Metal Garage

900 bux for the official - takara and scalpers and co - can get well and truly fucked

The Joker

Paint the eyes yourself! There is one screw!!!!

Finnick Rinzler

$500 dollars? Lol

Steve Smith

Excellent video Ben but I have to be honest. I hate this mold official or otherwise. I believe in my own opinion mind you that MP-10 was a far better figure. And a better representation of Optimus Prime all around. Yes its Cartoon accurate but to me thats all it has going for it.


Got mine today, and it's a good one, minimal issues! Glad I went for it instead of TE01. Misaligned panel on the arm. All the rest working. Ab crunch, knees... guess I was lucky

Hobbies North

Hello Ben, is that a production sample you are reviewing?
I also agree with what you said, that this KO-44 is a great replacement for TE-01 which I still love, but wish had a little more articulation. IMO, that KO-44 looks great. Now I'm really tempted to get one.

Before you fuck me ,I

would like to have a downsized one to fit CHUG


Waist hinge!!

Pesky Angel

I just got this in the mail today and I was wondering about the differences. I am very happy with my purchase. It's great for the price. On another note, You got me in a good way at 10:55 "It is a real mission" I never heard of that expression before and i love it ! is that your saying or is that a regional thing?

Aaron Watts

When does this release???

Abigail Ham

Does this version have opening doors? Because Ive seen a couple videos of this figure and none of them show opening dooors

Kohn Futner

I am always amused when you guys buy the official and then the ko also.


has the knees ratchet joint stopped working, I heard on someone's KO they don't work at all.

Joar Villeza

then tell the legit manufacturers to lower their prices

Breno Ferreira Ferreira

I normally don't buy KO's but I opened an exception for MP-36 (bought the IT version) and I'm going to do the same for MP-44 (I'm buying the Wan Xiang) they are going to be substitution pieces until I can actually spend 650USD on the official two, when I do that these KO's are going to be alt mode figures. Thanks for the review Ben I was really looking forward for it.


They don't even have a final price on this except deposit.

Dexter 0799

Thanks for the comparison review. There are a couple of additional problems with the tolerance I am seeing. It looks like there is a gap that is showing the white abdomen more on the KO. The Takara appears to be able to lock the grill in place flush while not exposing the white hinge in the waist. The second minor flaw is that the KO head looks slightly more narrow than the Takara. I might pass on this KO copy. Thanks again Ben for the video.


Why did you pull the head off completely? Does it not have the same slide block thing like the original?


Don’t know if I should get this? Or wait for the eventual next one to come out

Talia al Ghul

I;'d rather purchase the KO version. The official version's knees are scary, given that figure costs the same amount of money as a gaming console or manolo blahnik heels.

Maximus Games

I really want one, but may just make the sacrifice and get the real one...i"m torn

Jeremy Landis

It didn't look like he was able to hold his ion blaster securely in your video and you didn't really cover that in the video. I've seen other reviews where the reviewer had problems getting him to hold his ion blaster properly. Can you confirm if this is an issue or not?

Patrick Gancarczyk

Can some explain to me why the Wei Jiang MpM-04 Optimus Prime figure just suddenly disappeared? ShowZStore had it one day and I checked the next day and it was gone, and completely vanished off eBay


I hate KO's personally but I want to buy this as me sticking my middle finger to Takara for making such a shitty over priced product.

Muhammad Fazli

Pryty cool

Rohan Clancy

The matrix has no gold!

Blu Freddy 35

THEY GET SOLD OUT SO FAST REEEEEEEE PS(I dont have enough yet for it soooooooooo ima just grind for money in rl) WAIT If it goes out of stock i can just Pre order Im dumb

Raz iel

Where was the insignia in the box I don't see it?

Frank Tavares

I'm all in! I love Prime, but $450????!!! Takara is taking advantage of the public's sentimental value towards this great autobot hero! Smh.

Norman Beaulieu

I wonder when some one from Shapways will come out with something for MP-10’s trailer for this guy

Ben C

Hey I ordered this guy quite a while ago from the website you linked and I have yet to get him how long does it usually take

Kevim Cho

Wait can someone answer this, it seems like this KO has additional voice clips, is that true?

Ernie Vega

I gotta say the ONLY disappointment I have with the official n the ko aswell... Is the fact that they didn't give prime a battle damaged chest piece to go with his abdomen n face... O well?




How did you get your shoulder emblem out? Struggling with mine haha

Aqua Mosquito

How did you get yours so early? Is it coming out soon?

MR TEN E.S.T 2020

Anyone know were to order this from UK buyer thanks

Ran Amores

hmm.. i hope wei jiang is cooking something.. or is this weijiang sub company?

John Evans

UPDATE 2020Oct23: Well...I finally got it on 10/13. Love this beefy McBeast so far!! Hate the axe, but it's way more versatile than the MP10 axe just because it can go on either side (while MP10 is limited to the right hand exclusively). Still don't think it looks good, though, because it doesn't. (Side Note: That PDF on TFW2005 by God Orion is a godsend!!)

The shoulder panel and Autobot symbol...this still doesn't bother me in the sense that most of the MP10 KOs did the exact same thing. Should these folks have left it smooth & blank for a sticker? Absosmurfinlutely. Does it bother me? Not really. That said, I have no intention of puttin' it in. 44 can't rock that like 10 did. 44 can't even rock it like 22 or 31 (Ultra/Delta Magnus) did.

The small end of the blast effect parts looks like it suffers for having to be the LED light switch, it looks a little lopsided. I'm pretty sure that's why it doesn't fit as well as it should.

The problem with the vehicle mode (and the robot mode lower legs) seems to be that those already suspect tolerances are made even worse with the KO being unpainted. Oh, and I agree, this transformation is a nightmare. I've found it a lot worse than MP36. This is gonna be a thing where I'll have to pull up transformation videos in the future (since this didn't include instructions), as I don't plan on transforming it often...just like my IT01. ???

And finally, I still hope a Voyager sized KO of this is made. You hear that, KuBianBao!? Get off your candy asses and make it happen already!! Simplify the transformation some if you must, but make it happen!! (Meanwhile, these folks need to get on the ball with a KO of MP49 Black Convoy already...)

Katie Persons

The shoulder in vehicle mode looks like a distracting off red color compared to the rest of the cab.

Ova Chambers

It looks so stressful that mp 44 takara or China rip off, actually that K.O looks better than mp 44 i bet it cost the 300 bucks less than the original, anyways I decided to buy transform element or magic square, they look so G-onie and more fun to transform and the pivots and articulations are better, thanks ben to show me where to spend vital money . I mean if im going to buy some MP , I’ll not on mp 44 takara

Side Swipe

You just photozapped both o to the same page, right? Good for quick reference when I don’t have 2.5 metric hours to spend. ?


I find it funny how the KOs are more willing to stick in relevant English voice lines than Takara for far less. (possibly Japanese, too, assuming that's what the KO is speaking in) You'd think Takara would want to throw that in for what they're charging for the official Masterpiece figures.

I'd prefer painted eyes, but unpainted eyes for the final battle head do kind of work... if you want to represent the very moment of Prime's death. Morbid, but it's an option.

Noble Young

Ben was that still a test shot version? Or ?

Sean Sundeck

The item in your link does not look anything like the one you show casing.

Copper Leung

color of eye is different?

Mauricio Calligaris

Theo correct name os way Jiang.

Scubamatics D

For a KO figure this looks awesome normally I don’t collect KO figures since I like having the official but I think I might change my mind the official prime is just way too expensive I may be able to get nemesis but I’d be fine with a KO in my collection I’ll just have to wait on it for now

Cat mandu

Dunno if this only true with the authentic and not the KO, but under the Autobot logo in truck mode, behind the panel there's a tiny square tab that clicks the panel flush with the cab. If you get it tabbed in the fuel tank will line up and stay tabbed in place as well.

Also not as important, but for the panels on the outsides of the forearms; if you swing them out 180 degrees so the panel is resting against the hands, and then rotate the panel and the hand together, you won't encounter any resistance. The hinge can crack if you keep popping it into place.


Prime shouldn’t be shiny. It was a big mistake on Takara to paint it that way. Swing and a huge miss. The flat look looks better on the lower imo. More realistic.

Ernie Vega

The eyes make him look Dead!!! C'mon ?


Since I don't actually have room to put a trailer anyway I think I might pick this up to go with my MS prime.

Shaofei Jiang

no blue eyes. no deal...

Ipeed Freely

It will be cool if you can display/video of Mp44, KO Mp44, Mp10, Magic Square Op and Te 01 Op together. "Til all are one" takes a new meaning. Haha

The Morning Shorts

It looks to be a pretty good KO. Glad people are liking it. But I think if I where to get the MP-44 I would just shell out the $400 rather then the $100 for this. In a way I feel like this is over priced for what it is ultimately but that's just me

Raúl Maillé

The engineering for the transformation is awesome, but man it really looked complicated, that figure is to transform it once and leave it in that mode.

Mr Ch33seHed

Ive noticed a pattern with the new line of MPs where back kibble is present and seems to be the norm. Especially compared to older MPs. I get most figures wont be posed with their back forward but transforming them and seeing the back kibble is unpleasant ?


His grill seems high and that white joint almost bulges out?

Cedrick Rozon

Ugh that transformation... just feels like a shellformer... MP10 will remain my main Optimus display piece even with the reasonable price of this piece

Noob Gamer

The battle damage below chest area is removable? ?


Just checking, the matrix it comes with does not have the gold chrome right?


Head has no lights in it, nor the space. This was confirmed on the.
The head also comes off using the sliding block, so no need to rip the head off its ball peg. Finally, the same issue is occurring in the back knee joint. Still can't wait for Showz to start shipping!

Edit: Head apparently is stuck to the block unless you unscrew it, then you can shave two small pegs to get it to work properly. Also, looks like they sent their best here. Quality will vary. Be warned!

Check this review: Wan Xiang MP-44 Convoy. Try to ignore the intro hahahaa, I'm still excited, but the reviewer got a shitty quality figure

Eric Ochoa

Being not painted might have its advantages like no paint chipping!


I know there's already been decent KOs of MP Beast Wars Dinobot and Megatron, but I'm still impressed this turned out as well as it did. If you have the patience and confidence to completely take apart the head, it looks to me like the eyes are their own piece. You could probably slide them out and give them a dab of bright blue paint.

Aaron Mauer

Too bad the eyes are dead on the ko

Gustavo Bohn

This or op leader?

Etienne Beaudoin

I had orginally ordered a TE OP leader, and was very excited for it. After watching some more clips of the cartoon however, i feel like the colours of the TE aren't as accurate as those of mp 44. So this video has convinced me to pre order myself this KO! I just hope i can get a full refund on my transform element prime!


Any ideas where I can get a white outline sticker from ?

dio benitez

So mines, right out of the box, the knees (supposedly "improved") dont bend at ALL now n i dont wnna force or break it. Theres a short vid on show store z snipping off the blue tabs behind the knees wit pliers. Did u have to do any such modifications for urs? Cuz im hopin somethin is jus mis transformed n will correct itself when i go back n forth. Please tell me if im missin something here... thanx.

Raz iel

Does it come with that symbol or bought separately?

Marc Perrier

I have a Jinbao Devastator that's in delivery limbo right now. Kind of frustrating. ?


Got my deposit for this guy on Showz. Now I just hope that Wei jiang being taken out won't affect this guy

N a r b a r i o N

MP44 toy version please !
With the chrome is very very good.


I need this in my life......

Existentialism Tyrant

Looks good and won’t have to miss my mortgage payment. Thanks Ben!!!!

Raimy Mohamad

God the transformation. Still, I really want this.


Robot mode is nice, truck mode is ugly

iswear wxp

What equipment or camera did you use to shoot the video? Thank you


Says can’t ship

Denis Hiza

What is the final price?


I dream of a day when I will have a man cave and display cabinets with the entire G1 line of Transformers KO or real.

I love that show, the toys were so awesome in the 80s and Transformers The Movie is in my eyes the only transformers movie bar Bumblebee.

Isaac Spells

Tbh, I'd remove the voice box of the KO ^^ can anyone confirm the price of this??

David WhatsThatAbout

Good thing I waited and didn’t shell out 500 dollars like the other mooks

Logan Belleque

Wan Xiang? Sounds like a KO of Wei Jeing Lol imagine a 3rd party company having a third party company


is this a decent version or maybe another company may attempt a build your opinion ben

Ben C

BRUH minw broke at the hinge where the side of the truck flips out


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