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Addressing risk and uncertainty in long-term PPP contracts

312 views | 25 Jun. 2018

Alexander Galetovic

Alexander Galetovic (University of the Andes, Chile) presents at the ITF Private Investment in Infrastructure Conference held in Paris, France, on 22 June 2018.

Ppp to usd

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Will Another Stimulus Bill Crash The U.S. Dollar?

7 321 views | 15 Jan. 2021

Stimulus Update: $2000

Stimulus Update: $2000 second stimulus check. Is stimulus bad for the economy? Negative effects of stimulus? Here’s what the research says.

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Stimulus update

Stimulus check update

Is another stimulus bill good for the economy?

Should we have another stimulus bill?

Stimulus bill deficit

Stimulus bill inflation

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Sandro Velasquez

Let’s reflect
27 trillion debt and still giving away money
China ?? is about to own the USA ?? ??‍♂️

But then again money its just created out of thin air ?

Ali rahman

National debt is fake...federal reserve notes are in themselves debt instruments...how can you pay a debt with a debt? Was the FIAT INTEREST PAPER PRINTED ? NO ....ITS ABOUT SLAVERY....HJR 192 48 STAT 112...I HAVE NI FAITH IN THIS CORPORATE GOVDRNMENT ENITY DEFACTO. CEO PONTUS BIDEN. THIS U.S. CORPORation is bankrupt...the IMF DICTctes policy...MNUECHIN GOV. OF IMF REPRESENTS THE U.S.

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Linda Hanson

Why not put all the homeless in empty rentals and the government can pay the rent? That would be wiser than handing over all this stimulus money to the numerous weak fools here in the U.S.......

Steven Bosco

The greatest nation in demise. So very sad. I don’t recognize this nation since Beijing Biden was fraudulently elected!

Asma Abdul Cassandra

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Austin's Philosophy

You said 25 trillion but the debt clock says 27.6?

Chris Green

We've survived inflation many times in the past; now is not the time for too little stimulus.

Julie Cordova

My car just got totaled and I had to use emergency money to add to what I got from ins to get another decent car. My husband is off of work and is getting surgery that we just found out that we have to pay for, because our insurance changed and we have a 6,000 deductible, and he works for the number one pharmaceutical company in the US. We need the stimulus money to get out of this mess. He won’t be going back to work after 19 years there, he is retiring after surgery and we will be on SSI.

Lisa Gordon

Save the people God will give them the wisdom an strength to handle the rest save the people


stimulus checks is a threat to the US dollar but the billions upon billions spent on special interest by these politicians is immune to that i guess its a different kind of currency that’s separate from the current US dollar

Rogerarry Sheldon

these stimulus bills are money better spent than iraw and afganistan - when one considers that terrible decision, these bills really arent that expensive

Steven Bosco


Melissa Douthit

I agree with the leaking pool analogy. We need to stop the leak or we will eventually go bankrupt.

Robert Spencer

Biden’s bill has the same chance of passing as me going back to 1970

Kwanza Wagner

I'm worried.

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Impact yes crash no have to have money circulated. For the economy to sustain. If money spent on our soil we can rebound easily my opinion

Luke Hansen

Raising the national minimum wage to $15 will have disastrous effects. It will raise costs also other employers will have to raise skilled labor wages. Prices for everything will go up and economic activity will recede. Businesses will either go under or will hire less. Stupid

Dorothy Gomez

Do we have to pay back with are income tax?

Nancy Michelle

I feel like until the government says don't worry about paying us then the American people should have some income also only makes sense to me since we're paying them let us pay ourselves right right

Shawn Aww

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Jason Marchi

Stimulus is NOT debt! They money goes right back into the economy and keeps people from starving, going homeless, and giving up hope since MOST money is controlled by the uber wealthy. Stimulus money is not debt, it does not have to be paid back, it does not incur interest, it humanely keeps people alive, because humans are too stupid to invent something more humane than the “machine of money” to operated society, force people to work, and assert total control over people.

Creat Pree

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Morris Lance

Pretty sure that's the plan

Sav Did It

We’re doomed. Buy crypto.

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The repubs party spends trillions on tax breaks and drive us into recessions. Dems spend billions on people and economy thrives. It is no secret as to how have a thriving economy. Economists know how. Misinformation by the rich and big business that keeps trillions flowing into their pockets is why we keep flailing around.

Janet Moore

Wassup with all of these spamming comments??

Jose Hernandez

At this point I don’t give a shit what happens. All the lying and betrayal has me done with America.

G. McSweeny

Goodness you got lots of bots in the comments. This is why I have not been looking at the comments.

ladettea1qa anderson

The entire financial system is about to change. The FED Reserve is no longer allowed to print money. There is plenty of new asset backed money that can be injected into the system once the transition is completed. A fresh new start!

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Is social security people going to get the check 2021 people keeps telling me no not in 2021

Randy Mitchell

There is only 2 ways the US government gets a dollar - taking it from the people through taxation or printing it. Higher taxes dampen economic activity and the printing press route leads to a $20 loaf of bread.

I’m an old retired accountant and if there’s one thing I understand its basic math. The numbers are frightening.


Lol bitcoin is not a stimulus. Bitcoin is going to crash the economy what $5 was in 2011 is now worth $50,000 in 2021

Marjorie Plum

Thank U for this information. I appreciated it .


good job Max . It will ok to pay future tax to a govt. that has our back

Adam Khizar


Justins Walton

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How could the whole media establishment give Donald Trump responsiblity for an economy after being in office 4 months and giving him no credit for anything else. Because he didnt do anything else. 6 bankruptcies!!!!!!!! Trillions in tax breaks thats how.


Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise

Melissa Douthit

Always the best way to get the American economy back on track, is to let businesses open back up so people can start doing business again. The value of our economy is based on the goods and services we create in it. Money in itself has no value. It’s value is backed by what the people are producing.

J. C.

How are people that don't have anything to file 2020 taxes for supposed to get $600? Are all these new stimulus bills going to be based on 2019 and 2020 taxes alone? If so, how can anybody voting on these new bills say that they are helping those most in need?

Danielle Hoagland

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This is guy is totally worth the sub

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Rick G

No... but it is just the start of turning the dollar into funny money

Thomas Barrett

Crash the dollar, whats the dollar buy now a days?

James Ferguson

no we should be worried about the debt right now we should be worried about saving lives keep those people afloat

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The government sending billions to other countries us what's going to destroy us. $2k per American when it's our money to begin with, is a joke compared to what they're giving to other countries!

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Austin's Philosophy

Well, Max, you only failed to mention that the main reason that the US Dollar has any value at all is because the world trades with it more than any other currency.

When they stop doing that, it won't make any difference what the US does internally. Hyperinflation will be inevitable at that point.

So we are just one or two catalysts away from the world giving up on the Dollar......what will that catalyst be?


Thanks you max god blessed you


Just look at the price of gasoline and you will se that we don't even get the money, and already we are getting punish big time, not to talk about Supermarket prices, Carr parts and more please tell me if the people is wrong and the politicians are wright.

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The bots here are just infuriating

Sandra Rhodes

All the economics heads are pushing for more stimulus so we can spend to keep businesses afloat. The recession will be worse if we don't. And people on the street is way worse!

Terrie Dotson

American people need stimulus checks sap we didn't ask for this pandemic we didn't ask to lose our jobs we didn't ask for anything. Now we get to watch the world go into a hole. All I know is I know a lot of people that are living on the streets have no extra money don't even have a car to sleep in

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Inflation definition, a politician with a very fat checks for so many years, + all opportunities to make much more money, and regular people like you and me waiting like LAZARO for the crumbs of the table, wake up and call your local (Repre) and try to find how long is the rabbit hole.

Carol Stone

That's the democrats plan, to start the new world order, but don't lose heart God has a different plan.

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Ppp to usd

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3rd Stimulus Check Update: PPP 2 Loan & EIDL GRANT $1400 Timeline Today [2-3] PPP2 Giveaway

736 views | 3 Feb. 2021

#stimulus #stimuluschecks

#stimulus #stimuluschecks #EIDL

YES or NO on the new Bill? The NEW BILL is being proposed will hold a meeting today with President Joe Biden and contains $1000 checks plus EIDL and PPP. Let's see how that stacks against the President Biden's Bill.


$20 billion on child care

$20 billion on schools

$12 billion on SNAP

$160 billion on vaccine production and distribution

$132 billion on PUA unemployment $300 down from $400 through June 30 not Sept

$220 billion on 3rd Stimulus checks leaving out that $100 billion for middle to upper

Targeted stimulus checks $1000

$500 per adult dependent $500 per child dependent

No convicted inmates

$40k singles to $80k joint

Reduced checks $50k single $100k joint $75k or greater just left their money in the bank

$10 billion on EIDL Grants - targeted need $60 billion to cover every who applied

$40 billion on PPP – was in the discussion need $300 billion to cover all applicants

Bottom line – they do not want to support a $1.9 Trillion because they feel it is partisan and not at al related to COVID

$618 Billion is the total

I would say they are $300 billion short - just like what's going on with Gamestop and AMC from Wallstreetbets over Hedge Funds.

On this video we will update you on EIDL Timeline, PPP2 Timeline and PPP2 Errors. This is your daily news report, stimulus check update, second stimulus check update as of 1/31/2021. The SBA opens the PPP 2.0 portal! Congress passes the COVID-19 Relief Stimulus Package. It includes PPP funds and a Second Round PPP plus much more like easy forgiveness. SBA Portals are open! This video will discuss Kabbage and their role in PPP 2.0 Thank you for joining me, I am Edward Bilder.

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Tune in for PPP2 updates 2, issues and delays. Find out how banks are fighting glitches with the SBA.

PPP Round 1& 2 Apply Free Online through fintechs listed below.

https://www.bluevine.com/ 1st and 2nd Draw

BlueVine Application Checklist - BlueVine Application Checklist

https://www.lendio.com/ Portal is open and taking applications

https://www.kservicing.com/ppp-loan/ for Kabbage 2nd Draw

https://www.kabbage.com/ IS OUT - See the notification on their site for existing borrowers

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Giveaway announcement - the 10,000 views giveaway ends for this video on February 15, 2021.

If we do not reach the 10,000 views for this video, the giveaway will end without a winner. The comments will still be entered in to the 10,000th subscriber giveaway.

Ask Bilder is not a Certified public accountant or a licensed attorney. This content is brought to you from numerous sources off the Internet. Please consult with your CPA or licensed attorney that is closest to your business. The step by step tutorial was performed during Round 1 PPP and may not reflect the most up to date step by step processing. Please check with the lender during the application process to avoid mistakes.

Ernesto Lúa

Great Info!

Jesse Freeman

I received an e tran number from sba, does that mean my loan will be deposited soon?

Brenda Nixon

Thank you for the update!

Lisa Avery

No email yet but still waiting

Ron C

What's up Bilder. I believe the Dems are definitely going to push right through the Republicans for this bill. Also any updates on K-Servicing? Have been sending emails and calling, but no response ?. Thanks for the update ✊

James Wise

So I applied through blueacorn (not bluevine) and I haven’t received an approval email, all I received was “passed underwriting” email. Now, when I go onto caweb.SBA.gov to view my EIDL loan details, it shows that my PPP originated 2/1/21 but not dispersed yet. Do you know when I should be expecting my loan documents and disbursement from my lender?

Alejandro Jose Valero

Thanks again Edward. Politics just talk and talk. And people are waiting.......

Shirley Hopkins

Hello I’m new I like what you have to say so far...?

Maxwell Mark

Do you need assistance with the EIDL PPP and grant approval ???. If yes signify.

Jo Da

Buried under snow wow, where? Sorry.

Brenda W

I just applied for the 1st time for the PPP. Am I able to apply a second time for round 2? And would I need to wait til the money is spent from the 1st one I just applied for & I'm planning to ask for forgiveness, do I wait to receive it & spend it to ask for the forgiveness? Thank u for keeping us updated & answering questions.

James Got2GetIt

They are apart, and even further from the people that put them in office. I wish everyone blessings and strength to push thru this. Thanks for your videos and info.


I'm one lucky subscriber lol


Thank you much Bilder for sharing the impossible to our benefit. I earn below the Taxable Income threshold of  $13,440 and legally & am not required to file tax returns.  Now how do I prepare the EIDL & PPP qualifying paperwork?  Ideas of HOW if you please?

My direct email if needed;  [email protected]gmail.com ALSO; I NEVER received my $1250 OR EIDL, PPP from first Cares Act get-go. Thus merely gave up!! Was I wrong?

Sid Santillan

Hey bud thanks again for all your info and help. Maybe the next time you come back to Cali you let me know ? I got my PPP loan funded yesterday and also got that double funded into my bank fixed. It was an error on Biz2credit they deposits twice into lots of clients. I do have another question and it’s regarding the money I’m sole proprietor so all that loan money is to pay myself for salary. Do I have to pay myself once a week? Or once a month I mean are they going to look at my account and say something if I don’t take out the amount like I was actually receiving a paycheck? I don’t have to show them my account when I apply for forgiveness right since it’s a small. Please let me what you know about this or if anyone else knows about this. Thanks ?



Tink Partlow


Ulan Nola

Always informative videos! Thank you!