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Jeff Gundlach Says "Investors Will Learn The Hard Way"

48 194 views | 7 Sep. 2020

Jeff Gundlach, aka "the

Jeff Gundlach, aka "the Bond King", is one of the most well respected investors in the fixed income market.

In a recent Jeff Gundlach interview, the interviewer kept talking over him, so we decided to cut it up and piece together some of the interesting points he made throughout the video.

Jeff Gundlach often provides his insight on both the stock and bond market, and frequently appears in interviews on mainstream financial news stations, as well as smaller media outlets.

Jeffery Gundlach is also known as the founder and CEO of his successful hedge fund, doubleline capital. Outside of traditional media, Jeff Gundlach is often very outspoken on twitter, where he often discusses the stock market, bond market, gold / commodities, and global macro trends.

"The Bond Kings - Bill Gross & Jeffrey Gundlach": https://amzn.to/3jWsuYK

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Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something using these link at not additional cost to you, full disclosure. We use these funds to help provide excellent content on the channel, thank you!

DISCLAIMER: The videos and content on this channel are for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on our channel constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by "Finance Fix" or any third party to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

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Jeffrey Kirk

We financed 15 years I own my home.medium home prices in covington va 85000 I make 83k at papermill.take away move to the allegheny highlands or shanadoah valley of va and leave the citys or yankee land and enjoy life


Credit for a car isn't necessarily bad, if you need it to drive to work where you make more than enough to pay off the loan. Credit cards build up credit for the little guy. I buy food on my credit card all the time and then pay it off, because I get rewards and it improves my credit score. However credit cards APR are usually exorbiant and should be illegal, in fact 29% APR used to be illegal and is still illegal in the majority of countries in the world. Our system is corrupt and I don't recommend using credit cards for everything, but if you know how to play the financial system than credit cards are a great tool. Jeffrey Gundlach is a very smart guy, I just disagree with him on a few of these things.

Mark A

We have a president that is broke and goes in more debt and encourages people to go in more debt. Then file bankruptcy. That’s our leadership.
God help us

Andrew H

But where do you get this ''saved money''? Can I buy it?


Buy everything you want, then go bankrupt


I made myself a millionaire 3 times. I lost it twice. listen to Bogle, Gundlach, Graham, Buffett, and many more. the first two times around I had days where I was making $60 to $80,000 a day. my sell strategy was lacking and I kept thinking about tax consequences. if you speculate like I did hot shot, read "reminiscences of a stock operator". then select among the many books listed on bob brinker's website. the Graham & Dodd book was written by Buffett's mentor.

Timothy Kosnoff

He is a super smart guy. But he is tortured. He has known the truth for a very long time but he can't say it because he and his firm are part of the carousel. He wants to shout it from the roof-tops but he can't. So it comes out little by little because he knows it is all about to crash but he is not free to say so plainly. I feel sorry for him. I prefer guys with guts like Peter Schiff who stands and delivers and has taken the heat for it. Stand up for what you believe or shut up.

Retro 89

The scary part is Gundlach thinks we had an “okay” economy coming into this year...weird

Mike Kron

He's 100% correct. Truth is tough to hear sometimes & it takes plenty of discipline to live within your means

Jorge Gomez

Why would people save if the FED is destroying money value? It’s not people’s fault, but it’s entirely FED’s fault.

Shailesh Parikh

It is sad that western economies are based on CONSUMPTION. Look at eastern cultures [china, india and many more] even poorest of the poor make sincere effort and save [and succed] . It will be a rude awakening when it hits the fan. Sadly, our fearless leaders are not helping anyway. Lastly, soon enough we will be THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.

Alex G

As long as the dollar stays strong as a reserve currency, the US economy can keep on borrowing and growing because 70% is consumer based. However, many policy makers are begging for more money printing, more MMT (fiscal deficits) and a weak dollar to prop up the minimal secondary exports, instead of applying policies preserving the dollar status and increasing productivity/efficiency. This is a recipe for disaster.

Andy Bowman

My advice.....Live within your means !

Devang Baheti

Why is everyone good-looking in this video?

Brandi Adolph

I’m quite satisfied with the positive results and colossal profits I earn whilst investing with the aid of the trading services of my investment manager Mr. Nigel Phineas, he manages my capital so well and cuts down losses

Gary Duell

30 year mortages make lots of sense for seniors, don't they, if they can get 2.5% rates?

Peaceful Sunsets

He missed the entire rally. Bond guys are the worst.

Jonah Hex

Love Jeff Gundlach, everything he says is so true. Very smart man who understands the 'real' financial system and how it works, he doesn't follow the crowd and drink the cool aid.

Kevin Roche

I can tell there are some people that really get turned off by the topic of finance. Some people are just not interested to learn. And then they wonder why life is hard to get by even with a good job. Well, that's because doing well financially has to do with mostly developing good habits with your money and very little about earning it.


Idk about that ?‍♂️. All I know is im making tons of money off the fed supporting the markets and im about to make even more off Peloton today

John Baugh

I’m middle aged and what I tell younger workers is to pay off your student loans first. I don’t care how low the interest is. Get rid of that debt. Second, don’t buy a house unless it’s a 15 year mortgage. If you can’t comfortably pay the monthly bill. Don’t buy it. It’s okay to get a loan for your first car out of school, if your car is an absolute clunker, but never again buy a car on credit. And never ever carry credit card debt. Pay your monthly balance in total. Don’t have more than one credit card. I used to mainly use cash, but with cash back on credit cards, and the fact many places are now asking for exact change, it’s not as practical advice.


Take it from this financial coach: If you love your family and want to leave a proper legacy for your kids, get your act together and get away from debt and overspending. Ramsey's Financial Peace University can help with that. He gives steps to aggressively get rid of debt. Results are way less stress, a proper emergency fund, paying cash for your next car, saving more for retirement, earlier retirement and being able to give more. Doesn't that sound better? Get off the hampster wheel of the America's screwed up mindset. Whoever does this is always so glad they did!

Brian K

Not everyone is born into wealth or have parent who know the way...the hard way is the road most traveled in a consumer society.


The limit of debt is only limited by how many numbers you can put into a computer.

Bob Cat

In 2018 he projected 10 year treasury to yield 6% in 2020


The real problem is there is no way to save without having your purchasing power of that money decline. #buyBitcoin it’s a monetary policy they can’t change. If you want to save.

Christoph Kral

He's right. I never take on debt for living. Debt is made for investing in self used real estate, an own business or a good education.

Moose Bme

For the last few years; debt has been easier and encouraged while saving is mocked, punished and wiped out!
Too many people, are blinded by ego, emotion, etc., refuse to look in the mirror, take personal and financial responsibility and in doing so, have been robbing everyone's future!
Everything is a mystery, with near-sighted, impulsive ignorance to the cycles of cause and effect.
See also: "Educated" idiots encouraging other "educated" idiots, to be bigger "educated" idiots, with more: Garbage, lectures, exuese, attitudes... "IT'S GOOD HUH!? JUST A FEW MORE YEARS... !"


Every generation gets a lesson at some point.

jimmy HVY

you think people are silly for borrowing $300,000 to buy a car ? SO , how silly have our Banks become , that there willing to lend $300,000 to someone to buy a Car ?

Tomy Shaw

Most people don't want to learn about financial literature, they want fun and to consume. Entrepreneurs/investors want to learn about money. It's just how people are wired.

Jim Kraft

I would rather watch the interview of the presenter than random videos that have no relevance....

John Bailey

A huge pile of debt can increase spending in the present, but wouldn't it be at the expense of future spending.

Finance Fix

What do you think about Jeff Gundlach's opinion?


A whole lot of talking but he ain’t really say sh*t.

Jeff gundlach twitter

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Mohamed El-Erian on January jobs report: It was a disappointing report, the economy has no momentum

32 445 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Queens' College, Cambridge

Queens' College, Cambridge University President and Allianz Chief Economic Adviser Mohamed El-Erian joins Yahoo Finance's Myles Udland and Julie Hyman to discuss the January 2021 jobs report, the need for stimulus. El-Erian also discussed the concerns with retail trading after the Gamestop short squeeze.

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Dan Ziffle

Give people money to be traders...unlimited jobs there...everyone has an animal spirit...we are all animals

Greg Harris

Where are the alleged job creators, the 1%-ers? They've been handed free money for over a decade now and this is the best they can do?!! Time to start taxing the 1% at 90% again and start investing and building back America better!

Vk Travel log

The economy is never coming back in terms of full employment when AI and robotics start to take over. We need production to come back and not more money printing!

Mark Masters

Of course no momentum the government destroyed the economy last year.

Charles VIncent

El-Erian fucking sucks at every turn

rRobert Smith

Many people are now interested in shorting the bond market.

William Andrews

Liberal politicians are still giving $Billions to foreign politicians, $Billions to Federal employees to "study" black holes, "explore" Venus, and play with toy cars on Mars, $Trillions for things that have absolutely no practical value!!


We get it dude. You're short and missed the rally. Some of the strongest earnings out of FAANG that we've seen in many quarters, but there's no momentum... alright bud. Keep trying to manipulate prices down. I'll buy the dip everytime.

Daniel Purdy

Mohammed calls the market a bubble but cheers on trillions more in stimulus creating more of a bubble.

Money printing doesn’t work. Stop supporting zombie companies


This guy loves his Patagonia vest

jeremy pearson

Let’s just keep throwing money at the problem. When that fails, go to plan B. There is a plan B right?

Japan Hieu

Yeah,I’m a living testimony of Hackerfucce on telegram trading platform,his strategies are obviously the best I’ve come across.l invested $2500 and he made a profit of $25000 for me just in 7days. Thanks you the best

Joshua Burns

It's still hanging on and probably going up but its hanging on by a string

William Andrews

The Liberal elite try to make us believe that there are not any conspiracies, but then they want to put normal people in jail for "collusion."

Samuel Rocha

The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would-be investors often undermine and most often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the paths of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mr. Ahire Vijay is an expert Trader without flaws, the very best of his kind. [email protected] com : w h a t s a p p + 1 5 8 5 6 6 6 1 3 3 1


We don't need the economy, we have the money printer and lots of QE.

Justin Miller

Either pass stimulus checks for Americans earning up to $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples, and ideally pass $2000 checks not $1400 checks, or the country may go into a death spiral.

Dan Ziffle

Everyone knows leverage is the onpy eay to make monet..for not only hedgies but now average peeps


Who cares about the economy. I wish capitol can be attacked again, so we have another rally. tell us more about the next stimulus..

Trading With Will

Stimulus is to teach dependency ie dependency on a nanny state next will be UBI etc

Anna Brockman

i was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Stacey Lawrence.

Dan Ziffle

All those SLV shares bought are still being held ..beware

Stephanie Graphie

No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government For Income,

No 2: As An Individual Look For Different Self Income Not Only Waiting on Monthly Wages,

No 3: Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital.

It's 100% Good To Have Different Ways To Gain Income

Because Government have failed us so therefore let's try and survive

invicto TV 37R

AMC Monday Let's buy it All AMC Monday Let's buy it All AMC Monday Let's buy it All AMC Monday Let's buy it

Japan Hieu

Yeah,I’m a living testimony of Hackerfucce on telegram trading platform,his strategies are obviously the best I’ve come across.l invested $2500 and he made a profit of $25000 for me just in 7days. Thanks you the best

Isaac Erickson

When El-Erian is bearish, go all in. Worked in March...

hedge hog

Bad numbers = bullish.
Good numbers = less but still bullish......

John A

Idiots. $2000 after many months of nothing is fsr from enough.

Joyce Koch

Wonder how the market will respond to a shooting war in the Pacific when China
starts an invasion of Taiwan.

Dave Fawcett

I literally never him say anything positive. He’s such a doom monger
If we’d have listened to him last year, we’d have missed out on lots of gains when the markets rose


Wait, when he was mentioning the market accident was he talking about the Gamestop incident? Does this mean that r/wsb nearly broke the whole market?

Dan Ziffle

How does covid use tue cash..its a virus

Ann Brown

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infrastructure and manufacture creates wealth. go back to basics.

Rita L

Those who are worried know enough, those who don't know enough are not worried.

Anthony Ballog

The pdt rule is a communist rule. This needs to be abolished. The number 1 rule of stock is don't lose money. Not being able to buy and sell freely is communist. T+2 into T+0. Level the playing rules for retailers.

William Andrews

Firemen, doctors, nurses - and many others - work so hard and even risk their lives!! There are not enough firemen to put out the fires, not enough nurses, but our politicians pay millions of people to be unemployed - so unfair!!

Liberty Springs

We might need to start thinking about different jobs for people rather than keep expecting life to return to "normal"

Dan Ziffle

100 Trillion needed print more now..I need money for dog e coin

Dan Ziffle

Just wait until paper gold and silver blow up...paladium...went up 5x when that happened...just waiting now

izuki moti

The broad rhythm outstandingly watch because breakfast distinctly fade since a interesting hospital. stupid, nutty larch

Chandru Angadi

My trading mentor,hackerfucce on telegram runs an investment platform like that...l paid in €2500 just last week through it’s not the first time,and a got a paid profit of €25000,it’s been an amazing experience

Dan Ziffle

Mohamed....you bet?



Gregory Thomas

Nice. Guy shows up in a fleece vest. So hip and millennial.

jean montaigne

Still no book deal... Give up

Mike MakesRight

I agree!

Dave Schmarder

This is the 55th Super Bowl that I've missed.

Justin Miller

It is critical to give the middle and poor working class a cash infusion as we have the vaccine rollout so that they will resume normal levels of consumer spending rather than permanently shift away from luxuries like dining out or going to bars.

rRobert Smith

I would pay good money for El-Erian book list!


Why is Mohamed El-Efrain still being brought on shows which discuss the stock market. He has been so consistently wrong about the market that he is either lying to try and get people to sell stocks so his company can buy at lower prices or he is completely incompetent. Either way he should never be brought back on any of these shows and should probably be fired/blacklisted from ever working in any financial services job again.

Jose Portillo

Last week “market accident “ was no accident. He confuses reddit (amc, gme, etc) with apple, tesla, facebook reporting earnings on the same day. What followed was a two day sell-off (Thursday and Friday). Remember you were only allow to sell but not to buy.

Jeff gundlach twitter

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Billionaire Wants Jack Dorsey Out of Twitter

15 167 views | 3 Mar. 2020


Elliott Management/Billionaire Paul Singer have reportedly taken a stake in Twitter, and are pushing for Jack Dorsey to be removed as CEO. This is BS. Elliott Management doesn't even use Twitter, and they are completely ignoring the progress Jack has made since returning to Twitter in late 2015. In this video I break down the metrics justifying Dorsey's success and my argument for why he should remain on as CEO. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!! https://www.patreon.com/hyperchange

LINK - CNBC says Elliott Management wants Dorsey out: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/28/elliot-managements-paul-singer-seeks-to-replace-twitter-ceo-jack-dorsey-source-says.html

LINK - Twitter on HyperCharts: https://hypercharts.co/twtr

HyperChange Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperChangeTV

HyperChange Instagram: http://instagram.com/Hyperchange

HyperChange Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HyperChange/

Music by Marko: https://soundcloud.com/markothedon & Fritz Carlton: https://soundcloud.com/fritzcarlton

Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence. As of 03/03/2020 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Arcimoto (FUV), Snap (SNAP) and long Maker & Bitcoin.

Fonzie M.

#hyperchange you need to watch this its about Jack Dorsey after watching this I think you will change your mind

Adam Mackey Smith

Listeing to him on Rogan, it was apparent Jack is not deeply involved in Twitter. He couldn't answer basic questions about policy. Compare that with Elon that can get deep in the weeds on any topic.


Lol it was also BS when they merged Cabellos into Dicks, but Jack has no chance. Shouldn't have sold your majority bruh

Aleksey Soldatenkov

Yes, buy Twitter. Their recommendation algorithm is a delicate gem, and Dorsey is second most thoughtful ceo! Singer should go blow Zuck. If an activist investor is defined as someone who makes their intent public. Then you're my favorite, because of philosophical alignment.


F' Jack he won't ban Nazis


Lmao “it’s a low hanging fruit to unlock value ? it’s like bro NO ?!” Gali is a breathing emoji with big knowledge ??

Nandakumar Sundararajan

I have been bullish about Twitter for a while and thanks for making my thesis stronger. How do we oppose Elliot being a shareholder?


I stand with Jack

Edward D.

He seems like the Republican George Soros

Nikola Tesla

Can this happen to Elon?

America the Beautiful

Hot sauce recipes? Explain yourself Gali...

Vincent Freeman

That Republican donor will turn Twitter into the new fox news.


Twitter is a mess. Dorsey has no idea what his underlings are doing.


WTF. With all the amazing news on TESLA, the stock should be at least above $900.
WHY IS THE STOCK PRICE FROZEN AROUND $750???????????????????????


Paul Singer, a zio-billionaire that outsources tech jobs to Israel... Can we have some more please? ?

The Truth



Good hopefully he turns it into a free speech platform.
I know you're on the left, so you are fine with people in the right being censored. Others are NOT.

x asroma

I like Jack but So much censorship in Twitter that I don’t use it anymore.

John Doe

Take example from Marques Brownlee, he never speaks about stocks and politics (that's boring) he only speaks about tech and that's awesome. You make too many videos about stocks, if we need stocks coverage we can go to bloomberg.com. Talk about tech and innovations in tech mate.

dog bone

censorship must end - get rid of jack - thank you paul singer


Twitter will be made obsolete by decentralized solutions with no censorship. Nothing special about it besides it being what everyone already happens to use.


Big fan of the service and highly reliable internet is about to spread to every village on earth when starlink goes live.

pete lara

Really can't wait to hear what you have to say about Nikola Motors

Two Left Shoes

Dorsey should be in jail for lying to congress.

Ben Crandall

“I think they’re gonna ruin twitter”

.... um good.


Anything Paul, The Vulture, Singer is involved with is pretty sure to be destructive to humanity.

rick dees

How does twitter make money? What is their product that is claimed to exist? Data mining?

James Hoffman

To understand the issue of Twitter censorship, watch Tim Pool on Joe Rogan.

Richard Frost

Jack needs to go - if this is the only way to even up a heavily left biased platform it is a breath of fresh air in my view.

cristian verzelloni

Mr. Dorsey is pushing an agenda.. he is doing it mostly by implementing censorship in all those are not aligned with the view he is pushing. And if you look at what Mr. Zuckenberg did, it was the same, until some presidential candidate claimed they would have been going for big tech money.. then he "switched party" (quid pro quo?).. and then, even Soros said facebook should have been taken away from Zuckenberg (talking of activism)... I am sorry, but you are wrong. I am removing my subscription to your channel. Good luck for everything. Ohh, btw, youtube is doing even worse.. but I assume for you is no big deal.. God bless the US of A, may God always protect the First Amendment!

John Doe

Take example from Marques Brownlee, he never speaks about stocks and politics (that's boring) he only speaks about tech and that's awesome. You make too many videos about stocks, if we need stocks coverage we can go to bloomberg.com. Talk about tech and innovations in tech mate.


That’s exactly why Ikea and Aldi are not publicly traded.

Z zz

Jack: Goes to Africa
Jack: Sees what’s up
Jack: It’s lit fam

Jan Bruun Andersen

Twitter is dead for me because of their censorship.

Robot Police

This is more bigger & important than your little paycheck Investments or self-loathing interest mate sorry not sorry Jack needs to Pack it up!!??????

Norm DePlume

Jack may suck, but he's WAY better than any conservative being in charge. Republicans have Facebook for their BS. (and Zuckerberg wants to let them lie)

Stefan Wais

i think in this case you are quite far from the truth - dorsey made a critical strategic mistake with twitter in trying to make money like facebook
twitter should - instead of putting on more and more commercial space - charge the influencers per follower because that service is worth big money
and every commercial user would pay up for the direct salespanel, espacialy big companies...

imho twtr would be at 150 - 300 today if they got that years ago

Ghalil Kibran

just watched Jack Dorseys talk at Stanford which was so inspirational. Such a deep thinker.


Sorry buddy but you're a hypocrite you don't want Ben some billionaire From Invest and changes Twitter but you Want to buy into the company and lobby to keep Jack. One more thing Jack Dorsey band all political advertising. that is bad for Twitter and also it's bad for American democracy somebody like J*** o** off can just banned or interfere in a democratic elections

Mario Taddeo

Being an advocate of capitalism on twitter is considered hate speech & will get your account suspended

James Hoffman

Twitter’s anti-conservative censorship isn’t the reason for Twitter’s stagnation. Good for Singer.

Arth Denton

Twitter practices extreme censorship. A change is needed if the government does not step in and enforces the First Amendment on these giant social media.
To their credit, I believe Twitter invented 'shadow banning'.

The Truth

I’m amazed how Dorsey has not monetized Don the CON’s tweets. Trump uses Twitter as his FREE media platform because Dorsey hasn’t had the BALLS to charge him. I don’t get it

Victor M.

Twitter is shit and I will never use it.

Mathew Philip

Well said Gali! Ready to jump on the Twitter bandwagon too. I love using Twitter too. Information you get on Twitter you can't get anywhere else!

Matt Allred

2 questions you should answer. Have you ever spent any money on twitter? Have you ever had anyone spend their money for you on Twitter? And why? Or why not? That would be a better video.


Woha, awesome, thank you!

creator generator

Here's a take on it. Social media platforms are where 'the message' is not so easily controlled. The wealthy want the public message controlled; it's a matter of 'their' survival (rabbit hole). What better way than to pressure those currently in charge, leverage them, discredit them, make claims etc... all for control of 'the message'. The fear is talk will turn into organized action (i.e. Greta Thunburg). YouTube has already been turned into that gateway with threats of legislation to make them responsible for the content so they could be sued or closed down. The wealthy can't sue every individual channel; it's like grasping at sand. Hence the guilty until proven innocent process @ YT of demonetizing & 'strikes'. Try fighting that!

This is a 1000yr old technique. It created the class system.

Eddie Kessler

Singer should keep his nose out of it. he is a shareholder, not on the board. great show gali.


Jack is fine censoring, so in the long run he deserves bad things

Duong Le son

Nice Tee bro!

Lounge lizard

There is also the possibility that Elliot Management is correct. Trump hitting White House spurred usage "bigly". Activism on both sides drives up usage. I guess numbers in politically unstable areas (U.S., U.K.) would help to determine how much of the Twitter traffic is temporary and how much will stick.

Charles N

Disagree. Go watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Tim Pool.

John Doe

Take example from Marques Brownlee, he never speaks about stocks and politics (that's boring) he only speaks about tech and that's awesome. You make too many videos about stocks, if we need stocks coverage we can go to bloomberg.com. Talk about tech and innovations in tech mate.


Correlation doesn't always imply causation. At the same time Jack became CEO, Donald Trump also got elected. I think Twitter's growth has a lot more to do with the fact that Trump is on the platform, he brings a lot of attention and traffic to the platform. Trump made it an unofficial public utility. Twitter has not been innovative as a company to warranty the type of growth you are trying to give Jack the credit for.

Deleted Account

I think Jack Dorsey is great, I love twitter, screw Paul Singer

Green gold

I'm not a fan of Twitter or Jack your following is on YouTube in my opinion.

Ricardo Campelo de Magalhães

Twitter is a garbage SJW site.
An investor aligned with Free Speech is badly needed. Now!

aussie al

Wow Gali.... way to go..... flexing your popularity mussels. Hope your message is heard by the right people


I... don't like twitter. I don't use twitter. I'm glad someone likes it, but it just isn't for me at all. But I'm an old guy. It isn't something I understand and probably never will be.

I especially got turned off by the MLB, NBA, NFL, all contractually obligating their players to have and use official twitter accounts to interact with their fans. I consider that fake, disingenuous.


Twitter is the ONLY social media I use(I don't count YouTube) Twitter is the go to place for up to the SECOND breaking news. Business wise, I am not an investor in Twitter as the growth doesn't seem to be there anymore

I'm holding Tesla, Alibaba, iQiyi and taking gambles on Change Healthcare and Nio

One of my favorite new investing apps is called M1 Finance. M1 Finance combines the automation of a robo-advisor like Acorns with the customization and control of a full-service online brokerage, and the service is entirely FREE for individual investors. I like to think of it as a combination of both Robinhood and Acorns. If I had to choose only one app to use to invest in the stock market, I would definitely pick M1 Finance. (They also allow you to open a ROTH IRA!)

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Lounge lizard

I prefer smart, ethical CEOs. It's something I need to see in any long term investment, but it definitely doesn't guarantee success.


I guess we all forgot about $TSLA and Steve Job's Ghost getting banned due to the shorts attacking him. Yet they stay on the platform


Lol, will Twitter stock go down if Trump loses the elections?

Mario Taddeo

I hate twitter
Such a despicable platform that censors free speech
Their TOS is discriminatory contradictory and changes on a whim - depending on which left wing communist in tern sees your opinion as “hate speech”

Good riddance twitter
I am a much better person not using the platform

Dan Frederiksen

prime engine of a company is very important so removing the defining individual could be a poor decision. But his homosexuality and associated sjw hysteria has made his judgment poor although twitter policy seems to have improved a couple years back. It used to be that telling the truth about homosexuality would get you banned, now the truth is far more allowed. I would like to see them ban trump though.

Lokesh Rangaswamy

Anyone concerned with censorship, should not stand with Jack. His left leaning biases are very apparent in his censorship.

Z zz

Boi lemme see that Hot Sauce Recipe

Jeet Sg

U R left wing guy?


Not just this business but for years wall street has been driven by 'what hav you done for me this quarter' attitude. Keeping long term investment at bay for many companies. For young tech companies, investing and reinvesting but short sighted investors just want cash out of it (like forcing Twitter or Tesla to start aggressive stock buyback programs). Yea, I have seen it in oil industry, banking, and other industries where I was in IT, but got familiar to the host industry. Glad to be retired, just hate to see short sighted outsiders trying to push decisions without understanding the entire situation.

The Truth

Nice to be a Billionaire huh? When you can spend your time surveying the landscape, figuring out what company you’re going to squeeze the Piss out of next. And correction for you. It’s not “activist” investor, it’s VULTURE investor

John Doe

Take example from Marques Brownlee, he never speaks about stocks and politics (that's boring) he only speaks about tech and that's awesome. You make too many videos about stocks, if we need stocks coverage we can go to bloomberg.com. Talk about tech and innovations in tech mate, that's why most of us are watching youre channel. Nobody gives a fok about your stocks and your financial advices.

Katia Anya Teleri

Galloway, lol.


Twitter is wonderful for the small investor. They have a chance of getting the information directly from companies and management professional analysts. I think Jack Dorsey has done a great job because he wants to make twitter a better place to communicate and not focus on just making money in the short run. This will likely make twitter more valuable in the long run as a strong brand. Focusing on the short run profitability like wall street usually does is likely to destroy it. I will sell my twitter shares if Jack Dorsey is not the CEO.

Tim Kennedy

Twitter isn't for everybody it's an ideological echo chamber that banishes anyone who disagrees. The activist investor just wants to make it a fair playing field so everyone will feel welcome.

Real Name

Dorsey actually is a moron. He gives leftists blue checkmarks, and censors people on the right. I hate Dorsey and would love to see him removed.


Jack Dorsey doesn’t live in reality.

Jeet Sg

Just to complete 100 comments

Nolan Abell

Watch Jack Dorsey and Tim Pool on Joe Rohan podcast to understand why Twitter is censored too much. I disagree, Jack Dorsey is too censored. He needs to support free speech.

Ty Shibley

I've never cared for twitter as a company and honestly I've just been watching how its been changing its TOS and acting on that same TOS and just going off of that document and the culture that I've seen of the company I could not in good conscience support it as a company.
On the other hand I would eagerly support Tesla where it to fit into my investment strategy because I have seen a strong culture of innovation and never settling on a standard while also having a product that I actually believe in.
I just don't see the two companies in the same light.

Tomé Boaventura

I have no sympathy for a platform that deals with heavy censorship of everything to the right of Lenin.


Totally agree! Jack is a super smart dude that can code and run two companies. Also, one of the few in silicon Valley that truly understands the value of Bitcoin.

Maurice Milles Mansa

Bring back Alex Jones and Min Farrakhan


I couldn't disagree with you more. They need someone else to help run twitter. Twitter is censorsing/kicking conservatives off Twitter for stupid reasons while liberals can call for murder and other BS

Simon B

please do a video on square / sq

Vishnu Prasad

I think if person has enough money to buy more than 50% stock
He knows thing or two about making money and how to run business

Larry tesla spacex boring Lawrence

byd selling electric buses in california, why tesla no sell electric bus?

Florin Bora

Gali, can you run a campaign to get Elon Musk on the board of directors for Twitter?


Gali, please explain, how can you love a product that systematecally censors, or bans those that dare investigate facts? This one example is just one, of many. Do you condone censorship?In the face of a Global Pandemic, Dorsey moving to Africa, is crystal clear as to why. https://jonsnewplace.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/what-are-the-odds-a-timeline-of-facts-linking-covid-19-hiv-wuhans-secret-bio-lab/

Tyler Chartr

Man, I hate Twitter. But you make me want to defend Jack. He does seem well thought out as seen on JRE

Carstanua Robinson

Elon should buy Twitter and keep jack on board as ceo, Twitter is the new yellow pages and white pages, it gives users to talk to anyone, government officials and billionaires.?

Dave Hickey

How about this... https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/12/03/tucker_carlson_how_paul_singer_hedge_funds_are_destroying_rural_america.html
Maybe Singer will kill Twitter this time. He' is bad news, and I don't like Twitter due to their bullying censorship.

Alex B.

They want more control and censorship before the 2020 elections, that’s all. Or they question Dorsey’s mental state after he said that BMW is the best engineered car. Either way, don’t invest.

Pouya Vafaeian

Awesome, I love your raw honesty, calling out decision makers bs, keep up the good work!

Maurice Milles Mansa

Jack Dorsey SUCKS

Joseph Morgese

Information control is a very important issue to "some"


If i saw Jack IRL, I’d punch him in the face & tell him he was “back home, seeing top punches first”

sequi- tur

Twitter is a dumpster fire and a CIA communist tool.

Christopher Wright

Do you have any plans on doing a video on Square? I would be interested see your analysis on Square as a company and as an investment. Thanks.