Value of c

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Find the value of c that completes the square

5 700 views | 7 Jun. 2012

? Learn how to find the

? Learn how to find the value c that completes the square in a quadratic expression. A quadratic expression is an expression whose highest exponent in the variable(s) is 2. It is of the form ax^2 + bx + c where a, b, and c are constants. The value c that we create is what will turn our quadratic expression into a perfect square trinomial. A perfect square trinomial is an expression that can be expressed in the form (x + a)^2.

Given a quadratic expression, ax^2 + bx + c, the value of c that completes the square in the quadratic expression is given by c = (b/2)^2.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. I really needed it for my Summer Math! :)

vikka m

Thanks! Your videos are extremely helpful. I had a poor foundation in math, which hurts me presently, so 45 mins. of math in the classroom isn't long enough to teach me the lesson that's being presented that day. Watching these videos on YT helps so much, especially when I'm not distracted by outside disturbances. Again, thank you.

Brian McLogan

sweet happy to help you out!


This was so helpful! Thanks for posting :)

ayanna dickerson

i am so happy that i found this video! i missed a day of school and was sooooo lost!

Brian McLogan

your very welcome, I had similar problems growing up. Let me know how else I may help you

Brian McLogan

your very welcome, happy to help you out. Let me know How I may help you in the future

Value of c

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Example- find values of c that make function continuous

53 112 views | 17 Oct. 2014

In this video we work an

In this video we work an example in which we're given a function of x involving the constant c. We have to figure out what value of c will make the function continuous for all values of x.

Carlton Stuurman

Thank you for making this painless

Andre Taylor


Jon Homer Del Mundo

aight i gotta make sure i mention your name in my graduation speech. thanks

Brenden Draper

What value(s) of the constant c makes the function
f(x) =  c2 ? x2 if x < 2
          2(x + c) if x  2
continuous on R? 

Please assist ???

Danny !

you make sense to me. thank you!!


Thank you for never explaining why polynomial functions are always continuous at 0

Jack Lara

Wouldn't it be -2c^2? at 3:43...



Abdullah Eshaq

Thank you!

Value of c

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Year 12 Maths - Finding the value of c

13 views | 26 Jan. 2021

How to use an initial

How to use an initial condition to be able to find the value of a constant of integration for a particular case.