Tencent market cap in usd

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Tencent Stock Analysis - Investing in China

3 669 views | 17 Jun. 2020

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Alright let’s keep this China train rolling along as we are in the search for a handful of Chinese companies to invest in. Last episode we looked at Alibaba and today we are going to look into their biggest rival, Tencent.

And today I’m going to do a full analysis of Tencent.

Now i’ll focus on the company in this video, but if you want more of an overview of investing in China, my video about investing in China is the place to start.

Like Alibaba, Tencent is a tech giant based in China.

Tencent is the worlds largest video game company, one of the largest social media companies and one of the largest venture capital and investment companies in the world.

Tencent are involved in hundreds of different areas and they are a strong player in all these places. For example,

Music - Tencent Music Entertainment has 120 million paying subscribers… which is about the same as Spotify.

Gaming - think Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty. and the rise of eSports.

Social media - WeChat, with 1 billion users.

Banking, insurance, movie production, virtual reality, ride sharing, real estate, space technology,

They really have their fingers in every pie. It is truly a mega conglomerate.

Its hard to think of a company to compare it to that you might be familiar with.

I guess its part Facebook, part Google, part Tesla, part EA sports.

But with great diversification comes the problem whether they can actually manage all these different areas?

Wechat and gaming are the most important parts of the business.

WeChat offers mobile banking, stock trading and even buying movie tickets.

It integrates with Didi (which is the Uber of China) so you can order a taxi on the app.

And many companies are selling directly through WeChat.

Tencent is at the heart of the Esports revolution. It’s not just the massive growth in people player their games, but its actually the growth in viewers watching people play the games.

In 2017 the total viewers of esports reached 335 million people, to a predicted 2021 557 million.

And as popularity grows and awareness grows, so does the revenue.

These stats clearly show the rapid growth in esports, and even in the USA, where most people would think that traditional sports are more popular, well Esports is second only to the NFL, and it beats Baseball, Basketball and hockey.

Tencent is capitalising on a new generation of sport fans.


Because WeChat is a monopoly in the Chinese market, critics are quick to point out any anti competitive behaviour. Also the company has been described as not an innovator, rather a bully, using it’s money to control it’s markets.

Like Alibaba in the previous video, I don’t see many issues with Tencent and so far I really am impressed.

But if I am impressed, I bet thousands of investors are impressed as well, so let’s see if they are financially strong and the company is not over hyped.

Now there are the three key areas to the health of a business.

Do they have too much debt?

Is the company growing?

Is the company well managed?

Now we want to see a company pass all three of these areas. But unfortunately it is a bit of an art, but I have general rules about each criteria.

I developed my criteria from the legendary investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman.

Well like Alibaba, Tencent is a strong company but the current share price is just too high. But I would happily be an investor if the price was to get to $277 HKD.

So to summarise everything,

Tencent is a great company and is performing really well. I think they are a little aggressive with their current ratio, but it isn’t a big red flag.

The current price is too high, but a 30% fall in the markets is possible, but for such a strong company, it is unlikely.

I’m definitely adding Tencent to my list of companies that I will be watching.

They are the dominant social media player in China,

They are in the box seat of the future of eSports.

China is a huge market

They are investing in the future

Many different revenue streams.

And their finances are solid.

Now, Chinese companies do not have the most trustworthy reputation regarding financial reporting. So, i’m not going to go out and pay any more than what I think fair value is including a good margin of safety.

But I will be pouncing if the companies financials are still solid in the future and the price reaches my first buy in price.

Until then, I’ll keep looking for investment opportunities in China, I now have 2 Chinese companies that I like. Maybe I will find some more.

Hit subscribe if enjoy my analyses and see you in the next video.

Santiago Aguado Russo

Your estimates are way too conservative

Ali Sinah

awesome video man, what du u think about TME stocks? I mean big names like BAILLIE GIFFORD & CO and CANADA PENSION PLAN INVESTMENT BOARD, recently bought shares. I want take a position too, but i am not sure, cuz of the internet there in China and cuz the app is really cheap, i mean its not like Spotify 10$/month. So i was wondering, what are ur thoughts about TME?

Ed Moyse

Où est la discothèque?

Gen Z Investing

Great video
Tencent is a company I was anyways interested in because they own epic games and fortnite is growing like crazy
But I don’t think it’s for me just yet
Great video

Papi Roisterous

Thanks for the insight Kevin! My inky question, when researching Tencent, there is Tencent Music (TME) and Tencent (TCEHY). Exactly which of the two are you referring to? Thanks a million sir!

Ксения Николаева

Very informative video! Thanks for your work! I really like your channel! ))

The Next Level

Your analysis is amazing Andrew. I love it. Can I invite you as a guest at my channel or FB live, I will love to recommend on viewers to watch your videos


I really want your channel to grow! Top draw stuff!

Nicholas Lim

Your videos are terrific. Complicated analysis made easy to understand. I've not seen anyone else articulate all the important points succinctly; most rather prefer to sensationalize it. I hope your effort towards this channel pays off and for more people to recognize your top quality work.

Mark Stucker

Just found you, subscribed and rang the bell.Love your analysis. Please keep the China videos coming. My two biggest holdings of the 60 I own are Alibaba and Tencent. Others I own include JD, TAL, EDU, and the KWEB ETF gives me plenty of Pinduoduo and Meituan Dianping and Bilibili. Would love for you to do videos on any of these leading Chinese companies. Thanks

Narcos Zay

great video bro

Ti Mi

Discount rate at 20-30% is just crazy.. You are way off

Michael Pescatore

it wont fall 30%... im long.

Michael Kwan

Great video! Do one on Baidu, the other BAT stock


How about Pinduoduo? will it be a potential E-commerce platform that shines just as good as Alibaba?

Trading With CJ

Always hear about these from Financial Freedom channel, & there karaoke platform etc, seems like theres nice potential with this


you cannot never buy tencent. It will never go below 277 hk dollar


Im with digital nomad girl on this one. First time hearing about Tencent! Very intriguing

5 Minutes or Less : Essential Finance

Very interesting subject, keep the China videos coming :)


Possible might go up to 700 us dollars

Stock Investment Analysis

Awesome video and very well done! I love all the detail and data you provide. That growth is impressive, and I like their revenue diversification. It would be great if it hit your buy price, but it has a bit of a dip to go before it gets there. I will be watching it too!

Martha Reyes

Hi good morning, on other sector. What do you think of OKTA and Zscaler? I really value your videos

Alex Egilman

Great vid and helpful analysis. Would love to see a similar vid on JD!

kids uncut

Another great stock analysis and report card.

Digital Nomad Girl

Wow never heard of Tencent. Loving this China series!

Keith Harleyk

Tencent censorship no go

Justin Nothling

great vid!

Ashton Smith

Analyse approfondie. Très intéressant!

Tencent market cap in usd

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4 267 views | 19 Mar. 2018

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Great video Brandon ! I was wondering where can you buy these Chinese stocks if I am currently located in Canada? Thanks :)

Will Armstrong

Haha I’m actually posting a video on Alibaba later this week! Analysts are against it, but I think it will continue to do well. I also hold Tencent. All 3 are great picks!


Well done, Bij! Love to you from Asia.. watching and learning tons.. beaming with pride from Naga Cam Sur , Philippines! ?????❤️

Kinan Barhoum

very nice analysis , good job man

Canine 7

Do you have any views on the Chinese Netflix iq

Josue Medina

BABA is the largest position in my portfolio, I believe that it has plenty of room to grow. Recently opened a position in IQ as well which is working out as of now.

Mattias Rasmusson

This was nice Brandon. Keep up the good work. Please continue to do casestudys on companies. Request like Softbank corp, Naspers and BYD. Best regards

Happy Teej

GREAT VIDEO BRANDON! you have a natural demeanor in front of the camera and an engaging delivery...AND i hope you're correct about TCEHY, it's the largest holding in my IRA at 24%..LOL..anyway Brandon go(o)d health and prosperity to you bruh
...keep on pushin straight ahead! walksoftly and breatheezy

Felix Frost

And as I’m watching this video my gay brother made you one of his top picks to subscribe to.

Positive Investing

I own both Tencent and Alibaba and it's my favorite stock currently. BIDU isn't one I'm interested in holding. Great video!

Canine 7

Any updated views on baidu

Shahzad Ahmed

Great time now to invest in these top chinese stocks there down 40%.

Roy Bakker

Where can you buy Tencent (TCEHY) as a Dutch citizen?

Angel investor

your video is very good I get the feeling you will go far on YouTube I will be keep an eye on your channel

Brandon Beavis Investing

Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway!!! Thank you everyone for participating & best of luck in the next one!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the video :) Feel free to drop a LIKE & COMMENT.


Great video! Tencent and Alibaba are the best!

Michael Schaloum

Good video on great companies Brandon. How about smaller Chinese companies with maybe more growth potential such as NTES, YY, MOMO, and BZUN?

Kinan Barhoum

great way of analysing , good job man


BAT stocks? Bats.....Coronavirus.....China.......Short?

Tencent market cap in usd

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1 742 views | 4 Jun. 2020

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I would love it it would be true that VET is locked to BITCOINs movement . But .. It seems we are only going down with BITCOIN... But VET is not rising with it.. Wich is a new and strange development.... Why is that?.... Anyone?

antoni sirin

can vet reach to 2$ in 2021 ??

Mr. World Free

Remember back in May, 2010 Bitcoin was .008 A year later in March of 2011, Bitcoin shot up to $134.00 dollars and then settled at around $12.00 buy the end of 2011. Anything is possible.

mack one

That vid made so much sense. That blockchain company Lisk has the highest commits in the crypto space on GitHub. You should check them out satoshiboomin.


Is this one worth holding. Thinking about rolling some BTC in hopes for greater potential gain. Does this have a shot?

David Sam

Don’t worry all those friends will come back after you make those millions

Mr. 0

Great video ? love the content . I believe vechain will be worth trillions long term 10-15 years, I hope everyone knows a trillion dollars MC is $18 vechain.

End of Time

I think it's Very much possible, 1trillion market cap doesn't mean 1trillion have been invested in vet, it just means there are more holders than sellers and that itself creates value

zion ze

Amazon copied vechain

Satoshi Boomin

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If Vechain goes to $1 I will retire at 22 lol.


Crypto will be a multi trillion dollar industry in the future so why not vechain?

Mr. World Free

I need to see $10.00 before I can retire anything is possible.

Spanish Bull

If Jeff Bezos started Amazon inside a garage room why VET couldn’t reach trillion dollars MC?


There are something like 400 NDA on vet. Check out the late crypto trends videos, he passed recently but his videos have a ton of good info

Bigg E XRP /Cryptobrotha

Vechain is a sleeping giant. You say next Xrp? I agree!!! My exit point is 25cents


Another project in China that is not talked about is THEKEY tky. Idv AI. There tied into PBOC and the government. I believe they are the identity verification system for the digital yuan