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DADA Nexus Stock Analysis - JD.com’s High Growth Delivery Business

798 views | 25 Dec. 2020

Dada Nexus Stock

Dada Nexus Stock Analysis. Dada is JD.com’s (JD Stock) high growth delivery business resulting from the merger of JD Daojia and Dada Now. It competes with Alibaba (BABA Stock) and Meituan Dianping. This video analyzes Dada’s business, financials, industry growth, and more.

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Dada Investor Relations


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DISCLAIMER: This video is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial/investment advice. Seek out a registered advisor if you are looking for investment advice. The information that's expressed in this video may be incorrect and may no longer be relevant over time. Do your own research.

Things iwant

you have a really good yt channel bro, the break downs are indepth, thanks and keep up the great work


Thanks for the analysis. Any thoughts on YY?

Quentin de Viron

Thanks for your work.. NIO ev is super interesting topic ro cover..if capable of digging into to global network effect story.. so challenge yourself with it.. best. Quentin

Felipe Padua

I love your videos. Showing great information that very few places show. Keep up the excellent work!

Travis White - Personal Finance

Dude, please don’t stop posting. Your videos are incredible! I tried making a video of the style (a recent video about Amazon) and the work that goes into something like this is insane. Keep it up!

Nexus stock price

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DADA – Dada Nexus – Stock to Buy or Sell? – Ep.79

391 views | 14 Dec. 2020



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Nexus stock price

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Will Rocket Launchers Be Meta in Destiny 2?

78 962 views | 6 Feb. 2021

Will Rocket Launchers Be

Will Rocket Launchers Be Meta in Destiny 2?

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Book Mulch

Reality check: Eyes was swadownerfed dealing 50% less damage even with adaptive ordinance on


My question way doesn't the projectiles full infinitely for the death bringer

Space Facts Wax

Thank you for uploading. I had the opportunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I shared a pretty cool video of the trip to my page.


Grenade damage might be higher than you think. Fusions might also be better.

Back in D1, Fusion Grenades spam could keep up with Black Spindle in terms of DPS, this was because they were not effected by the boss' damage reduction like weapons were. This will depend on the boss in question and damage mechanics at play.

In addition Solar Grenades zone and dot damage do not stack. So if the enemy is already in a solar grenade, it will only take the impact and splash (which is a minority of a solar grenade's damage). So spamming these grenades won't yield a whole lot of extra damage.

So a Warlock In a well with Starfire protocol triggering both benevolent dawn and the Starfire perk might be able to out damage the solar grenade spam variant.

From what I remember, Dollars did about 25% more damage than Fusions against Kali. Except more than half your damage is lost if you spam the Solaris where nothing is lost spamming fusions. Also bosses can't move out of a stuck fusion grenade.

Astral Drago

So they’re buffing Eyes of Tomorrow even more? Oh God...

Walter Mercado



demo + sunbracers is actually nuts

Inventor Maniatic

1 izanagis shot does more damage to champions than a two tail fox rocket, the moment i realized it was shit was when i had to use two rockets.....to not even kill a single barrier champion


4:05 heh, rounding "ehroars".

Louis R

How can you go into strikes solo, cuz when I close me fireteam matchmaking is still on.

Greg Brown

Can they make sleeper stimulant good again too?

OG Fatalis

Optimal dps for Deathbringer:
Step 1: Fire and release in air
Step 2: While the orbs fall, use double slugs
Step 3: After detonation, repeat the process


Always been using rockets like 85% of time, but used them more for burst damage and addclear. The combo max blast radius, alloy casing ( not important for damage but makes so much more agile with a rocketlauncher. ) cluster and field prep is unmatched. And with 30 buff it will be even better. Takes out champions, clears out rooms, gives an extra punch on warmindcells. The field prep crouch jump reload is prob the fastest way to reload the launcher, and casing makes it so that the launcher can be fired before you are back on the ground for a next crouch reload. Something a Bad omens could never do,, that is why those suck. With reserves and finders I have plenty of reserves and charged with light makes the rockets still viable for what I need from them. My favorite heavy weapon type. The only thing.. sunsetting took my best launchers away. Sleepless and Osprey. So at the moment I walk around more with Xenophage. I did not have much luck with rolls on apex or something else. Happy that sleepless returns. Looking forward to this one tbh

Josh Kang

A huge tip for hunters, you can use bakris and an arc rocket. I like to freeze enemies, like champions and dodge w/ bakris then get that extra damage for rockets


Witherhoard plus dem rocket and arma/sunbreakers and the rocket charge with light mod


They won’t be due to the raid dmg rocket debfuf


Please no

RepaleoN Halo

Hope we can get all armor mods fast.. It sucks to miss out on something you cant get anymore

cher thao

I don’t know about u guys but I don’t think I have ever killed anything with cluster bomb ? even dregs ?.... they need to rework cluster bomb.... maybe even have it work a little different with different rocket rpm cuz all lg rocket are basically the same

Aaron Porter

RPM obviously doesn't matter with only 1 rocket per mag. we need more rockets!

Hungry Bird

Went with auto loading on seraph shotgun trench barrel and auto loading vorpal hmg on a hunter and was completely satisfied with the outcome with no time to explain and could wreck about anything .


rocket launcher archetypes still having 0 purpose really shows bungies "create first, fix years later" mentality


Who would of thought ? two tailed fox ? would be better than eyes of tomorrow ??

gabriel oi

Doesn't Tomorrow's Answer intrinsic Perk make it do more damage than other legendaries?


Its like tripod was supposed to be in the game and Bungie said f that, based on the fire rates and dps

John Alexander

Fuck rockets, they are unreliable AF & will get you killed in DPS phase.

Davion Segarra

So rocket launchers are still gonna be trash, unless they can do at least a fifth of a strike bosses health in one shot then they will never be

brett keegan

They will get more use but meta no, the anarchy and xenophage are so good and have tons more ammo. For rockets to become meta they all need at least two in the tube and more ammo without chasing the unicorn roll. Most sane people don’t want to grind endlessly for the 11 rocket unicorn roll so most of us will have 7 rockets and for the damage they do it’s kinda crappy and god forbid you miss a shot but with the other two I mentioned if you miss a shot no big deal

Jake Massa

You forgot about tomorrow's answer with clown cartridge. Surely that has to be better than any other legendary.


Thanks for this
Wait did you run lake of shadows multiple times just for this?
I know it's a short strike but dang


with 7 shots it's not enough no matter what butt they do

William Fong

this video helps my insomnia , thanks man.

John Smith

I have some proposals to Linear Fusion Rifles that I'd like to share in hopes of reaching bungies ears. Thank you for taking the time and reading my proposals

There are two changes I propose to change Linear Fusion Rifles (LFR). The first should take priority and the second a fantasy of mine I dont expect to ever see.

1). LFRs should be moved to green ammo immediately no questions asked. I've personally tested LFRs against cabal Greg and compared them to 90 and 140rpm snipers. DPS, initial, and total damage are too close for one weapon type to consume rare heavy ammo. It's outrageous no one has pointed this fact out to Bungie.

2). My wet dream is for bungie to rework LFRs to fire on trigger pull and to "reload" through a cool down animation (think of beam rifles from the halo franchise). This change is both a refreshing experience to the player and makes the LFRs viable in PVE and more importantly PVP. In PVE, LFRs are clunky to use and with moving targets with small hit boxes and enemies flinching you, it makes accurately landing precision shots a nightmare. In PVP, moving the archetype to green ammo will see more use which is the primary reason Arbalest has any use whatsoever. Fusion Rifles are to shotguns what LFRs should be to snipers. Obviously it's flinch and or its accuracy cone can and should be adjusted to make them fair againsts sniper rifles as well as the fire on trigger pull rework I've previously proposed as a change for LFRs.

Your Worst Enema

What about Tomorrow’s Answer with Clown Cart? I was hoping to see it in this

Mark Feltch

"15 20 25" theres 1 in the mag, unless you have clown or ambitious, why are these fire rates even there

Brad Hicks

The Argent Ordinance build using Eyes or Deathbringer might be shnasty. Or a demolitionist legendary with a Witherhoard as backup might be really good too.


That the thing boss, bungie doesn't think

LaLa LaLa

lets be honest they are only nerfing sword so we would farm other shit. Eventually they will nerf those. Rinse and repeat. fuck you bungo


Everyone would have to have field prep so the warlocks can use another exotic lol


HooseGow ... trash ... hot dismantled or used to upgrade something else trash.


WAIT !! Why the fuck!?! Does your Truth have 3 rockets????

Ikki Kurogane

Argent Ordnance is the lucent blade of rockets

Not a Person

In the words of a pinnacle, hey look it's ehroar


My code "Ehroar" is 30% off on GFuel through the 21st! Try out new flavors or stock up on your favs at http://gfuel.ly/2UaTSYi (link automatically applies my code)
Happy to be back and ready to get back to work! Are you ready for Season of the Chosen?


So, what about autoloading and swapping between something like nagi or succession? Good vid!


I think bungie officially stated that rockets doing less damage to bosses is a glitch

ItaChu 787

No lol


Swords will going to stay meta because they have more ammo

This Just in

I been playing around with an Apex Predator with Impact Casing, Ambitous Assassin, ALH. If you can fire fast enough With AA active you can fire off both rockets with a single charge of Godslayer Warheads being consumed. Combined with Blast Radius and you’ll always have Godslayer Warheads active.

Pocket F

Argent Ordnance!

How on earth can you talk about rockets without mentioning Lucent Blade for rocket launchers? This is literally Lucent Blade for rocket launchers.

It'll be a build staple next season, and it doesn't require much effort to put it in your build. Use whatever charged with light mod you were already using, then switch your Lucent Blade armor piece from arc to solar and pop in Argent Ordnance. It does cost 5 instead of 4 though.

BTW, it doesn't just buff damage, it also maxes your reload (or at least it feels like max, or it might be +50 or something)


Don't forget about Argent Ordnance charged with light mod for a tasty 20% buff.

Thor Might

Rocket launchers suck unless they dramatically increase the clip size and the ammo carry they're simply just not worth they use

Hungry Bird

I ll bet trench barrel shotguns get nerfed but I hope not

Clutch Destroyer

I still remember cluster bomb rockets was a insane meta ;o)

Cute Old Corpse

I hope deathbringer is meta I absolutely love it but it sucks?


What do you think about about clown cartridge? Got a tomorrow’s answer with impact casing, field prep and clown cartridge


i litteraly just got EoT so happy lol


deathbrnger is going to be so oop. im going to practice using it

Undead_Stun 115

Well they kinda have too since they are nerfing sword for no reason

Inventor Maniatic


anny the humanitarian

The channel "scrub" did a test with all the exotic RL versus taniks and to everyone's surprise, two tailed fox and deathbringer came out on top!


They should buff all heavy weapons to current sword level. On top of that swords are just better they are just fun. It's only weapon that lets you see from 3rd person and it's just fun to swing around with a sword. Rocket launchers are total oposite, they are very slow and clunky nothing about them feels good.

Casey Myers

Subzero Salvo I have, has ambitious assassin + Demonlionist I use all the time

Julian Lak

Apex predator with kill clip ambitious assassin could be decent. Kill clip would stack with argent ordinance or other buffs. Huge burst damage.

Mr Cobaltnite

If they want to see people use rockets again, we need to be able to have 2 in the chamber (for most, a few exotics would be a little broken if they had 2) and a slightly higher reserve count. Thats all thats needed.

Not (O)riginal (C)ontent

Rip eyes off tomorrow. Why bungie

Alexander Sperrazza

2 tailed Fox is underrated

Rknee Gordon

The children of Galahorn

RepaleoN Halo

It would be nice if they stopped designing bosses for high dps builds.. Its mostly very effective in raids or Gambit.. But if the activity becomes too hard unless you come up with insane builds then I think thats a problem.. The whole wipe mechanic is why i dont enjoy raids that much.. Immune bosses and then a damage phase on stationary target


I wish rocket launchers were just ported over from D1. And titan skating, and self res, you know what just port over the whole game because I’ll probably never play D2 until that happens

Some Man

Two-Tailed Fox meta baby!

Mutant Raze

Its nice to see a buff for them but it still wont matter in terms of dps and “add clear” isnt a viable reason to use a legendary rocket. Rockets are in a worse state now then GLs pre buff and they were given a 50% increase, making them meta when auto-reload was nerfed. Meanwhile the best rocket launcher in the game has a -50% boss damage reduction that just kills the weapon for any boss dps phase. And since eyes and other exotics are being balanced separately, its likely that eyes wont get above 10% buff which wont fix the main issue it has to start.

Raid exotics should be great ffs.

Atriox Japman

Velocity increases impact casings damage. Same concept with spikes on grenade launchers. Hence why mountain top was so op


I think it's clear that you have done more testing in this game than the devs


they wont since barricade and lunas arent a thing anymore. sadge.

The Se7end1p1ty

I recently got a Shining Sphere with ambitious assassin and auto-loading holster. I'll need to get at least two kills with it before any sort of boss DPS. Having two rockets upfront, then switching to a slug shotgun/cloudstrike between the automatic reloads like a good way of keeping up sustainable DPS. Will be great to try it out with next season. I'd recommend trying to grind for one if you still have time. Sadly, I didn't get impact casing and got a reload masterwork, but the perk combination seems to be substantial.


It's really hard to find heavy ammo while rocket launcher equipped

Casey Myers

If bungie wants swords used Less, then making Guillotine cost per attack the same as bolt caster 2.0 LoL

Pleasehug Doug

Have you tried Two Tailed Fox on hunter way of a thousand cuts using Sixth Coyote. Burn over time from rocket gives dodge energy and then reload w/ dodge.


Everytime I see EOT In a thumbnail I get upset I don't have it after so many completions of the raid and you need it for that seal


im usign armaentaerium to get two grenades for demo

J. S.

I hope they give 30% damage buff to each individual orb on the ShadowKeep exotic launcher. I love that thing, and really want to use it again.


Oh boy I can't wait for rockets to be meta for 2 seasons only for Bungie to nerf them due to their overwhelming increase in popularity back to uselessness.

The Public Potato

To bad eyes got nerfed very unesscesary bungie

Dallas Johnson

what is that chest armor?????? I love it and can't find it

Elijah Bergeron

Hey, rockets got a reserve buff this season, except for Wardcliff. Hope that changes. I also noticed that some reserve mods don't work, like LMG reserves. I put two on at once, and the reserve number didn't change.

Juwan 242

They need to buff the magazine for rockets ??‍♂️


One combo you missed with the rockets is the trials rocket with field prep and clown cartridge, it's like having a demolitionist on every shot because clown cartridge activates 100% of the time on that rocket


The buff, plus argent ordinance is going to make two tailed absolutely brutal. And i am here for it. I have been in love with two tailed since i picked up D2. (Joined in forsaken after a LOT of pressure from friends.)

Rouge Rowlet

eyes or death will most likely be meta as they are also decent ad clear


I think the rate of fire thing only makes sense if the rocket launcher has ambitious assassin or clown cartridge.


nope, not gonna be meta, 30% increase is not enough with the total reserve that are really low, no matter how they buff it, u cant even finish a raid boss with RL without glitching the rally banner at the start of the raid..or even shit happen

Christopher Jacobs


Card Antagonist


Epic Axolotl

So what I'm hearing is......sun bracers and a demolitionist rocket

Jorge Alexis Jaimes

I’m really happy that rocket launchers are getting buffed but I’m still upset with Bungie for the following:
1) they are sun setting weapons from season of dawn which means they are capping my pyroclastic flow rocket-launcher which is by far my favorite legendary rocket. Big sad. #sunsettingSucks.
2) Every season feels a lot like “Bungie tells you how they want you play” by “fixing” the sandbox and doing changes. Idk, like... partner up with someone or have a deep discussion of weapon balancing and ACTUALLY balance out the whole weaponry like in other games. (Ex: I think warzone NOW is pretty balanced without a REAL meta load out)
3) Ammo efficiency on rockets is really bad tbh. They should probably start addressing heavy ammo drop or increases reserves for a rocket launcher as well, if it’s not addressed already with the new artifact.
4) Bungie.... get a new director.... sorry, not sorry. It may not be his fault entirely, but let’s me honest, he’s the captain of the ship.

On the bright side : I managed to stock up on 2 new G-fuel flavors using Ehroar’s code!! :3

Thanks a bunch! Love your videos!


I imagine Impact casing works like Spike Grenades, where you want to drive down blast radius as much as possible.

But given the much smaller buff to damage, it will likely be much less a turn out for bonus damage.


Sunbracers + Demolitionist launchers now do 52% of pre-nerf impact damage for bosses by my math even after this "buff" since the added cooldown is basically long enough to restrict you from shooting more than two rockets with the perk active. I'm gonna have to sit this one out. All I wanted from this season was to replace my heretic for my sunbracers setup...

Jacob Hernandez

7:10 only days before the disaster

Julian Lak

Spike nades actually do something but impact casing does only 10%