Reddit evolution

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Reddit Logo Evolution ! ?

1 295 views | 18 Mar. 2019

"The front page of the

"The front page of the internet" Reddit logo evolution

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Mrs. Duckalot



The right eye is slightly off



Poly Steve's husband and boyfriend

The red isn't in red anymore ?

Reddit evolution

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Reddit Website: Evolution Since 2005

521 views | 21 Dec. 2018

See the evolution of the

See the evolution of the Reddit website from 2005 until today. Thanks to the Wayback Machine.


so 2018 is where it looked good?

Chase Fromm

it went to garbage in 2018

Reddit evolution

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The Dark History of Reddit

504 972 views | 28 May. 2018

While Reddit may seem to

While Reddit may seem to be pretty peaceful today (for the most part) we can't forget its incredibly dark past that led to what we have today.

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Bunta Fujiwara

r/FDS and r/MGTOW is kinda cringe


I thought Reddit was always peaceful since it became popular but dam


Salmon run music!? Yewsssssssss


I agree with most of this but fat shaming should be more commonplace.

Mason Champagne



Imagine using the buzzword incel unironically


I hate reddit. I get down voted then banned for commenting a fact. A scientific fact! People can't handle the truth? What a dumb system.

Michael's Fan.

im really curious about these sites but too scared to look them up ;3;



Sam James

I don’t use reddit but I remember being shown a picture of someone’s severed hand in a bucket, and a video of a guy being hit with an anti-tank missile, among other things that I don’t want to repeat. The hell is wrong with people?


The splatoon reddit gave me a wholesome reward for my art!

Hellish Cyberdemon

Wait.... why is the reddit R/gunsforsale... bad???? im really confused... i can go into any shop in america fill out 4473 and a background check and get a gun 3 days later so why is that subreddit bad?

Marcella Jecha

I wouldn't be suprised if ttw was into this


Hold up, you're a guy who places humans as animals.

Therefore you don't know what's even wrong with the most unfunny sites.

You should just dig harder to find harder evidence.

Plebby Pleb

Can somebody help me, I don’t know how to report a community on reddit and I found a pedo community that I want gone immediately

Random Internet User

The fact that they admire Elliot rodger made me question if the subreddit was legit or just a bunch of dark jokes. Considering the stuff they say sounds so absurd that it's hard to believe, and there's a pretty big youtuber called "Mumkey jones" that sarcastically called Elliot a supreme gentleman (as a way to mock Elliot) and a lot of his fans also "admire" Elliot rodger as a joke, made me wonder if it's all legit or all the post there are people sarcastically agreeing with incels logic in order to mock them


I always wondered how the red bobble on him reminded me of reddit.
Must explain why!

baba boouey

A poison


This dude on jack off confessions said he was 23 and said he was addicted to this girl online that was 8 year younger than him. Do the math guys like holy shit.

A Person

Lol I don’t see how dark net markets and shoplifting are anyway in the same ball park, let alone worse than the incels, pedophiles, and peeping toms. Buying some drugs or stealing from your local mall isn’t going to traumatize someone for the rest of their life...


i fucking hate reddit. i wanna bomb whoever created it and have them die a slow and horrible death. ill shove my dick in their mouth making them choke slowly while they are ties up to the wall

baba boouey

Violence against women is ok on reddit because the people who make those posts are dumbed down beyond belief and have 90% inbred genetics so they can't function at all cause there grandma and grandpa are brother and sister hey step bro 1!!1! ;D fucking retards


reddit is still one of my favorite website\app


r/ramen is the only good sub

Normie here

What's wrong there? @11:11?


Incels aren't bad. They clean the internet from thots.
Also r/dwarffortress is very nice.

Vibe Maker

I use reddit,I don't think it's bad but the things you showed in this video made me disappointed to use it.

K. Yagi

Does reddit ban accounts subscribed to subreddits it bans? If not that seems like it could be a helpful measure, keeping that content from immediately spreading to existing subs / regrouping in new ones.

killerpie darts

legit had to stop watching this due to your voice and the way you are speaking. way too much dude chill tf out that's like nails on a chalkboard

Joshuacarre youtube

When it would be good if authorities used reddit to track the creeps and law breakers

Tales from the Deep

I literally never heard of the term incels but now that I did ......... I’m disturbed greatly especially the incest stuff ??

baba boouey

Rape and sociopaths arent common at all says the sociopath

Kevin Z Deist [Videos Only]

Reddit Is Run By The Illuminati That Supports Satan And Hitler.
Change My Mind...
If You Can...
Reddit Supports Satanism And Anti-theism Which Is EXTREMELY EVIL!!!!!! AND RACIST!!!!


Last time, I was kicked out a flightsim subreddit because I allegedly talked about “Piracy” in it. BTW it’s r/flightsim and don’t go in there.


Guide to stay away from risky things in Reddit.

1. Watch this video.

2. Subscribe to subreddits like r/awwwwww and r/Books

3. your set.


Are there other sites similar to Reddit?

Moe Farmer

And now r/thedonald


back then subreddit bans were a big deal and mostly deserving, nowadays they ban... r/bigchungus.... yeah

Lone Fox7438

I have been on Reddit for so long,it's honestly filled with censorship since it's a business now and some of the people who use are literally Insane i've ssen a lot of disturbing posts,and most of them are misogyny and misandry as well...


I stumbled across the plushophile subreddit on accident.

Youtube Commenter

Free speech? Remember that time Xbox banned a guy for speaking Racial Slurs and then later Xbox said that it's not Government Funded? YEAH. SO SHUT UP ABOUT FREE SPEECH ON PLACES THAT DON'T CONDONE IT.

Ghostcool 05

Hahaha with all of this someone have to make a subreddit based on this and other deep parts of Reddit (r/deepintoreddit) (I based this from the r/deepintoyoutube subreddit) it would be the perfect subreddit of how dark Reddit can be...

Fandom Central

Reddit 50/50 is actually one of my favorite games to play with my friends at school. We usually end up getting the worse end of the 50/50, but it was always fun to do

Bunta Fujiwara

I feel ashamed for going on r/initiald now

Layne Krusz

12:57 Because shoplifting isn't as bad of a crime as murder. I don't advocate shoplifting, just saying how someone would think that.

Kaiser Frost

Cut to 2020. Reddit is still full of trashy subs, and the site bans the joke ones instead.

Home Guy

I'll dare to say it...

Reddit went to [S] Cascade.

Mo Ghrá Liam Neeson

I actually really like Reddit. I like to read a lot of topics I'm interested in and read experiences on there. It always gives me a good read.

Lord Grim

Common sense does not exist on the Internet.


but then r/watern****'s was quarantined, and I know it sounds bad, but it's actually a pretty chill place.
Just reminding you to be hydrated through memes.


There are even several subreddits dedicated to porn and sexual fanfics of Reddit’s mascot, Snoo
Dear god

Colonel Aaron Douglas Hanson Daniels

Toxicity. Racism. Antivaxx. Neurotypicals. Facetiosity. Hypocrisy. Self-Righteousness (SR). Ruthless. Fascism/Nazism. Sexism



Topman Squad

If you think all this is bad, just remember that reddit bullied a 10 yr old child because he said minecraft is dead and Keanu Reeves isn't a legend.

James Kelly

Honestly Reddit is an awesome place if you aren’t stupid with it


0:00 Commen sense. Something redditors don’t have.

Lori Chenoweth


Daniel Hance


Jeremy Carriere

Lol ur right but ur avatar is fucking stupid

baba boouey

Most of us here on reddit are like minded inbreds stunned developmental growth so we are narcissistic to make our dumbasses feel better

Jill Hopkins

Do you had to forget r/CarlHProgramming?

Matthew the Shinx

No wonder Indonesia bans reddit

Nosebleed de Groselha

As a woman who turned 18 just a year ago, I feel so horrible knowing shit like those two first subreddits were actually something that existed and that the website owners allowed to grow. I imagine my friends having their photos leaked into something like that, and no one doing anything about it. So gross, Jesus Christ.

baba boouey

We did not gas inbreds they are still here and they use reddit all day

Yeet Haw

I remember getting muted on a subreddit for 3 days because I replied to a mod in the comments

bob builder

Is there a sub-reddit about bestialty? I was expecting to hear that

Lives At home247

2 years later and this is still true

Redditer are actually sending death threats to a kid that likes fornite, one said “I’m going to put home down like the animal that he is”, do you know what makes it worse? THE KID WAS IN A WHEEL CHAIR

Johnny’s Bricks

Thx for the Shibe!

The Slippery Noodle

Man, I’ve been into some weird shit and written some morally ambiguous stuff in the past. But I can proudly say I’ve never been into anything as fucked up as r/jailbait.


Never and I say NEVER ask a serious question on a related subreddit..

Minerva Jael

Hey. Reddit has been suggested to install. Yes there's lots of communities to choos from. Hello also to you. I like your voice over. Just cool. Hello from Philippines.

dinomo X

I was on Reddit and I shared my art and theories, people like them, but I post a meme in "r/HildaTheSeries" of the main character with a scary face edit, people are terrified of it, so I delete the post, and made a post where am sorry, but some just thought the curse post was okay

Phantom 1

Why is r/GenderCritical still up? They spread hate too.


Wait till you find out r/fluffycommunity


I did a pose of killer Bean after seeing the r/beatingwahmen2 banned.


I have the weird feeling this is some salmon run music for some weird reason.


R/Incels was one of the funniest subreddits I had ever seen. Some of the stuff they said on it was so bad, so misguided, so vitriolic and so genuine it was too funny to ever take seriously.
On a serious note though, the subreddit wasn't as bad as Rpg Monger was making it out to be. It was toxic, yeah, but name me any subreddit that doesn't have a large vocal group of toxic members. The subreddit existed solely as an outlet for them to vent; none of those pillocks ever left that subreddit to harass anyone outside of r/Incels.

Thot Slayer69

Reddit has some good subreddits, to bad the majority of users are incels :/

Ol' Whippersnapper

Aren't all sides of reddit the dark sides?

Space Gacha



Where is r/bruhfunny?

Cryptid Liker

Honestly, your avatar looks kinda like Snoo, Reddit's mascot.


Yo why did you did you tell me about fifty fifty I’m scared to go on it now

Adán Castillo

"You thought that a group of men advocating for the rape of minors and mass murder was bad? CHECK THIS PEOPLE STEALING STUFF FROM WALMART!"

Liam Jennings

Eh, deepfakes arent too bad as long as you arent using it for porn, its actually pretty funny. r/sfwdeepfakes is an example of this. But yeah, still creepy

Herald Landom

No one will talk bout the salmon run music...? Only me? Ok...

Natalie Holley

Hold on. A sexual photo was taken of a teacher and posted WITHOUT HER CONSENT and SHE'S THE ONE WHO GOT FIRED FOR IT?!

kla c o v

I am pissed the banned r/legoyoda


Dear God, does this guy have a speech impediment? He talks in a really annoying way.

Derpy Boi

Reddit has caused problems, especially for kids. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. That’s right, FORTNITE AND MINECRAFT. Minecraft redditors have sent death threats to kids who play fortnite. It used to be the other way around. Reddit is terrible and quite frankly I’m tired of it and I think it’s worse than tik tok.

sailor fox 45

common sense something no one on 4 chan has


if you want the man with the jar then here it is https://1man1jar.org/ 1 word EW

Kiyopawn Kaibusu

I can't take the word incel seriously, I'm sorry.

Fucc 12

Only ok subreddit that you mentioned is r/shoplifting I dont use reddit so I wasnt in that sub reddit but atleast its not full of misogynists and rapists and racists

baba boouey

Imagine not wanting someone to vote cause the way we are all born a retard at their finest


Never seen so many dumb people in a forum thinking they are some type of special cupcake, no one seems capable of humbling them, immature conversations they claim to be "deep". Just horrible.


"I highly recommend you pause this video to absorb to how disturbing it is"
Don't forget to subscribe to these subs, to keep up!

Kevin Z Deist [Videos Only]

They STILL Support Racism.

A Blob Of Slime

once i found a subreddit dedicated to drawings of nude women.
there was a "no mentioning if the character is underage" rule.

Pat G

So someone link these things for me, I feel something not right.

Reddit blows up, takes over from Digg.
U/maxwellhill, jizzlane, a very early if not start up user.
Site has heaps of dodgy pedo type subs that posted just slightly underage girls looking older or dressed to look sexual, I think this was a subtle way of influencing people's beliefs about age of consent, sexuality of teens etc, and then slowly push the boundaries of age etc, I mean we have seen media and such slowly influence and change social opinions on many things, for better and worse over decades.
Original creator seems to have strong morals and beliefs.
Original creator from MIT or worked with MIT?
Maxwell, Epstein donated to, and had many high up connections to people and projects at MIT.
Maxwell and co running tech and political intelligence blackmail honeypot.
Original creator arrested and suicides.
Other Reddit bosses seen with Maxwell in real life.
U/maxwellhill posting about lowering age of consent etc, lots of political commentary, very one sided etc