Wwe battleground 2018

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Who will challenge Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground?

961 837 views | 23 Jun. 2016

Find out who the No. 1

Find out who the No. 1 contender is for Dean Ambrose's WWE Championship at WWE Battleground.

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Ken Zo

We want AJ, not Ambrose, not Reigns, AJ !

Aldrin Marcus Alcruz

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns-WWE World Heavyweight Championchip Triple Threat Match:WWE Battleground

Kurt Wagner

I'm not a bad guy , I'm not the good guy , I'm ThJOHN CENA



Roger J. Perez Abreu

I can't wait to see Roman Reigns tearing thoose two guys...


bem q vcs podiam postar as lutas inteiras ne não qusta nada

Aciobanitei Cezar

They made me look strong, but then I got high!

JohnTube hd

why roman has been suspend

Aarnav Putta

Dean Ambrose even retained his title at battleground


I'm not sure if dean n Roman r friends anymore. I Guess not

Sameer Ahmed

hriday Ambrose will hold it and try will win the title


Well Done Dean!

Sam Lester

I may sound stupid but I want reigns to win and don't give me hate it's just my opinion

samir sidawi

dean just simply the best love u dean



Waleed Abolifa

In Battleground

The Dudley Boyz Vs The Usos Vs The Lucha Dragons
Vs The Club Vs Enzo & Cass Vs The Vaudevillains Vs The Wyatt Family Vs The New Day
In The First Ever Fatal-8 Way Tag Team Ladder Match For The Tag Team Title
Breezango Vs The Golden Truth
Apollo Crews Vs Sheamus
John Cena Vs AJ Styles
Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler
Book It Shane

Tyler Bennett

The Dude vs The Man Vs The Guy

Gjilan 06

Where is brock lesnar????



none of your business

That belt looks sooooo good on him

Dean#Unstable#Ambrose #######

Roman is a ........IDK

Liza Fernandez

Anyone expecting a triple threat at Battleground


I want the shield back ....


Superman Kush

Natsume Masaki aka PinkRanger76

Man, the tone of the video gave me chills. ?? I love it!

Zombie Brains Zombie


steve nash

roman sucks

Thysi Laurens

go Dean lunitic ambros

A Ahmed

Come on reigns you are they guy come on I believe in you

Sask RuffRiders

Please don't bring back the world heavyweight title. Have the us and ic title matches defended on raw / smackdown as your main titles. Keep the WWE title roaming on both shows with the champion showing up OCCASIONALLY on both shows. I enjoyed when brock was the champ and showed up once in awhile because it was a big deal when the champ showed up. AND you've already had the WHC twice before gunning em (one as the WCW championship and the other as the smackdown title).

Saksham Aggarwal

Dean as world champ was awesome.. he should get another reign again

Harsh ayush

Ambrose is the best in the world

Jayachandran yuvarajan

love dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins and Roman reigns

John Logo

roman roman roman roman roman roman ???

Corrosive The third

Read discripstion


Ambrose should have been champion long time ago... But finally he is now

Edward Musa

let's see what dean can do as champion. for once the wwe listened to its fans. huge ambrose fan all through

Chosen of the Most High

Reigns shouldn't even be in this match. this just shows what a joke the wwe's wellness policy really is.

Waleed Abolifa

No #1 Contender Tournament For The US Title
(Which The Winner Will Face Rusev For The US Title At Battleground)
A 16-Man Battle Royal For The No #1 Contender For The IC Title
(Which The Winner Will Face The Miz For The IC Title At Battleground
A Fatal-5 Way
For The No #1 Contender For The Women's Title
(Dana Brooke Vs Natalya Vs Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch Vs Paige)
"The Winner Will Face Charlotte For The Women's Title At Battleground"



عبير رولنز


Adrian Robles

I live in las vegas

lil Kavaabu

#roman reings win the title



Shahin Gamer

Miss u Dean Ambrose

Yi Jie

Roman Just Need To Do Something About The Pedigree Since His Nose Is Biggest Among Them .

danny kennedy

wwe basically just confirmed reigns returning before summerslam probably not a heel still


Who is dean Ambrose


lol i thought it was gonna be a handicap match

M.Sannan Sannan

roman reigns will win the wwe world heavyweight championship at battleground

Jack L

i am not the Bad guy. i am not the good guy . i am The Suspended Guy. believe that

Oswaldo Betancourt

At 2:16,I love that slow motion and a good soundtrack


Why do kids love Roman so much? They also love resorting to cursing to seem cool and mature, but they seem immature and annoying.

عزوز الشريف

romanreigns winner


One thing for sure, whoever challenge the title Dean's asylum never lose XD Let's go Ambrose!!!

Rosemary Grayer

Dean ambrose is the best

Elsen Ceferli

Roman reigns > seth rollins


I think Triple Threat in the Ambrose Asylium Steel Cage can be a good idea

Clash of Timo

Roman reings .



Quiet Gamer

So glad they're FINALLY giving Ambrose the push he's deserved.

Ahmad Nakdali

I like Roman and dean

Chosen 1

Brock lesnar lol

Denise Felix



Personally I like Dean Ambrose as champ better then Reigns or Rollins. With him it gives things more of an unpredictable edge.


Ставьте лайк русские!!!

Fam0us. Beckyyy

Why did Roman reigns got suspended ?

Fat Rotessa

Roman reigns has been drafted to..................TOTAL DIVAS

Giraffe Lord

0:39 woah they actually kept the boos in

Nasir Saed

roman riegns is not a good guy,he is not a bad guy,he is just a suspended guy

blank luvs clix

Roman will Take on Dean. Brock will. AJ will. Triple H will. And John Cena.



you8megoodboy2 -Unknown Content coming soon!

Um is Roman going to be you know in the match? Because he is drunk.

Shiba Mahananda


Cameron Allen

Make reigns job to Heath Slater at battleground baaayybaay!


Дин Эмброс, твоя команда самая лучшая!

rakesh dhulia

triple threat match roman reigns vs dean ambrose vs Seth Rollins

RyZe Alex

Mann voll geil

Katie Ng

Dean does deserve the championship

Lui Tusani

boring vid

Emaad Shaikh

Ambrose ????

Ferid Ehmedov

ooo may gut wtf by dean ambrose double dirts didis roman and seth ooo no no no

Lovemore Ncube


Fatal_ Attraction

Roman is suspended ..so is he gonna come in battleground or after battleground

No Username

If Roman Reigns wins I will not watch WWE anymore

Dodgy Doge

Imagine if this all happens and dean becomes a babyface like seth. But Roman and Seth become a tag team.

Nick Bow-Stewart

I don't care who wins I like them all!

Andrew Mendoza

bring the shield together

XMFL Games

summerslam john Cena gets a tittle shot aj vs Cena vs dean I call it

Ed Nunes

I will take that title away from Dean Ambrose and once again become WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Job Gaoshubelwe

seth will win

Ayu Jesica

Why can't they just say "all members of the shield reunite together tonight!" ?

Waleed Abolifa

Book It Shane

Dave Lol

I suggest Roman vs Seth vs Dean in an Asylum match!

Asimiyu Adeniyi

ROLLINS casht the money in the bank to so i dont know why he is so mad

Javier Estrada

Suspended for 30 days, PED'S.... It does make sense, have you guys notice, that he got Bigger in a Really short time.... Go to the WWE Network, and see how Weak he was then, compare to now.... But I think that's Best for Business, to have Roman sit out for a bit, he Really Never Actually was a MainEvent SuperStar....


Reigns is gonna sit at home and be in the Main Event at Battleground!!

Jean Marcos

spoilers in 20 minutes

Ruoke Avel




Wwe battleground 2018

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WWE Battleground 2014 Highlights

3 911 views | 5 Aug. 2020

Song: The One Who Laughs

Song: The One Who Laughs Last by Downplay

Tre Williams

John cena greatest of all time a goat

Wwe battleground 2018

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Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns Battleground 2016 Highlights

942 186 views | 13 Jul. 2018

Yohan Jared Castillo Ibarra

12 vs 19 the shield

Aditya Sai

One of the best edited videos I have ever seen. The background music is awesome. Have watched it over a 100 times. Looking forward for more of your videos ????

The Viktor

WA Highlights video :)

noureddine ali rahmani

song pleas

Aliannie Thaurille

Reigns won when he was pinning Seth so I don't get it to slow ref

Nehemias Ochoa Reyes

Que bacán video

yaman pro 77

Ben türk


The SHILD vuelve???

Marvin Lassegue

I thought they were suppose to be a team for life.

Joao Pedro Da Costa Silva

Roman best force 2:48

Fear _cjsocool

This all happend BC of dumb Seth FAM


Music name

adam adebayo

I miss the sheild

mert karadagh

2020 watch like?✌?

Alexis Pichisaca

Que hermosa cancion

Anuj Tirwa

2016 ke saare specials dekha hain maine really

Lukaku El Kapo



The double powerbomb to roman reigns was heartbreaking

Elizabeth Serrano0ñ

We love you roman

ixXYeikerxX YT25

Primero seth traiciona a the shield ahora la segunda es dean ya parasaron dos veces DOS VECES y si the shield regresa el siguiente en traicionarlos sería Román weno... IMPERIO ROMANO WACHOO

Diana Carrion


tu gfa en 4


Gamer Sagar

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose is my fevorite Seth Rollins worst now then and forever

Zack Frost


learn with deven

Before this match there was one more match in nxt in which these three competed and roman winned it

Abishwar Gurung

It should have been the main event of wrestlemania..

Nelson C.

Forever wewe

Luis Hermilo Olmos

Yo pien so que puedo ser com romá mi primo ama a dean bros y mi otro primo seht nos tra siono en fut?????????????

shawaiz shahid

You can not get it right but you can check your email

jennifer yearwood

Oh she was a great moneymaker who's loves it but WW is nothing without me sorry meant to say EFMWW sorry E

Goku Black

what's this song called can someone please tell me ??

Hema Tolani


Ninja plays

Roman Reigns returned yaaa

Miguel Hernandez

I hate it seeing the brothers fight with anger at eachother?

Bryan Bryan


Rothman Pineda

Buena música


Covid-19, 2020 is the worst year.

jennifer yearwood

THE shield is the best but they are nothing without Ambrose all the same with WWE

Arvin Otoukesh

Regins was domaint most of the match he should have won


Dean wrestling better than sloppy mox

Joao Pedro Da Costa Silva

Dean the best Champion!!!!

Joce Cano

Como se llama la banda que canta la canción?

Yohan Jared Castillo Ibarra

Cool music

Gamer Sagar

Dean is real life fighter and winner


This match will be apart of history

3luisa 4life

I wanted Rollins to win bro


Like por the shield ??

Joshua Calhoun

Make YouTube own 50 percent of wwe and Vince McMahon own 50 percent of youtube so dean can come back

Gamer Sagar

Dean Ambrose is golden boy of Shane McMahon believe that

Just Raiten

What is music please

gato pro :V

Alguien sabe como se llama la canción no se inglés me valen verga los ingleses soy español

WWE AMV - Nicola


The Prince

El mejor equipo de wwe ❤

Matias Roda

if this fight had been the main event of wrestlemania 33 underside reings vs undertaker it would have been one of the best main events in all history

Alicia Rosales

creía que iba a ganar Seth rollins?

Adam Leslie

Let’s be honest no one expected Ambrose to walk out with the dub

Pankaj Gulati

They will be again

Francisco Conforme

Lol 3:00

Steven Muñoz

Cómo se llama la canción

Nelson C.

Forever wwe


2:03 is sooooooo clean


With this song, this video is awesome + Fantastic

The Prince

El mejor equipo ❤


who is the woman in blue dress? 2:16

016_ Vitão3



one of the best matchs in wwe history

maria de los angeles moreno matinez

Porque se traicionaron

Andrelys Cedeno

como se llama la cancion por favor?


This is the best wwe video I've ever seened
I cried

juegos extremos gamer

dale like si le gusta the sield




Кто поет песню Diamonds?

The Prince

Como se llama la canción

Goku Black


Aliannie Thaurille

All the pain went to reigns and then Stephanie says reigns lost it for raw hate you Dean I am coming to take you out ?

Dylan Crimmins

Following their entire main roster careers. It's truly unbelievable. They went from a little stable helping cm punk, to the hounds of justice running rampant over everyone to correct the "injustices". And then to have Rollins splinter the entire group, but reigns and Ambrose always stuck close. And the authority screwing over Ambrose for Rollins to win mitb and then rollins screwing over reigns to steal the wwe championship. Then for the authority to help Rollins to keep that title for most of 2015 to get an knee injury and reigns and Ambrose having to fight each other for the title, which reigns won, then sheamus cashing in mitb on him and reigns being screwed over for months by triple h and league of nations+ McMahon's. And then reigns losing the title to triple h in the royal rumble weeks after winning it from sheamus, for reigns to win the title at wrestlemania 32 and then reigns feud with styles while Ambrose fought for nothing, and rollins returning to attack reigns. With rollins beating reigns again for the wwe title at mitb where Ambrose had earlier won the mitb briefcase to cash in on rollins immediately after. And ambrose finally showing hes the best in the shield here, months later on raw reigns and Rollins were getting on the same page and Ambrose switching to raw in 2017 and re aligning with rollins, and reigns to join them both later. And then ambrose got a tricep injury. And roman and seth went their separate ways again, and Ambrose coming back to help Rollins, then the 2 helping reigns later to all reunite again, and then reigns being rediagnosed with leukemia, and the same night Ambrose turning on Rollins, and rekindled their feud, and reigns coming back and the trio reuniting again and forgiving Ambrose, only for ambrose to leave months later and Rollins and reigns separated since. Their story together is one of the best examples of long term storytelling in wwe, in my opinion the best storied trio in wwe history. I dont think anyone thought upon their debut at survivor series 2012 that this is how far they would come. Shield forever, believe that

J Compass

2016 was the last good really good year for the WWE

Rujal Dh


TarRascA 78 YT

00:18 te pasaste con los sillasos

00:43 traidor de [email protected]

00:57 pecho frío el Román

1:09 re duro

1:15 maricaaa

1:24 bola de carne

1:30 ?

1:44 dean ambros: esa no me la Vi venir

1:58 porque querés caer de pie Rollins

2:03 uno a la vez!!!!

2:10 en la mesa del otro lado se ve el sombrero de JBL :v

2:26 pense que era todos contra todos

2:49 pero este Dean ambros es re duro xd

3:09 ¿que no te dolió? :V

3:24 porque no están contentos hijos del demonio

3:32 porque venian 30 personas XD

Te Ise reir un poco almenos :v

emilio ferazzoli

The shield era mi equipo favorito

Gladys Garcia


Diego martines

Kike si es la mejor rivalidad

Tariq Umar

SO EPIC¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Fajardo Mato

Como se llama la cancion esta buenaso

yaman pro 77

Ben türk

David Torres

Name of song?

Conner Baumann

❤️ The shield von WWE

A l e x.

Lastima que al día de hoy Dean Ambrose y Román Reings están retirados, y Seth Rollins ya no es el mismo de antes. :,(

Kaylee Boodhoo

I feel bad for roman reigns

The Josep López

Román ringns es el mejor que todos ❤️

Luke Bickerdyke

Leave a like if you still listen to it in 2020

Hema Tolani


Francisco Conforme

Músic diamonds

HOMAR casas

Música gay

Oficial ELJota

Back ambrosee

Diego martines

La mejor pelea y rivalidad desde que vio wwe como el 2016 el mejor surverseries del 2016 y el mejor Royal rumbel del 2020

Jacopo borghi

The best wwe match ever

The Prince

Se viene el nuevo the shield pero de mujeres ya son padres los 3 ❤

Imperial Apache2

I love this match but I also hate seeing my favorite team broken into peices


What....abmrose wins, i thought roman or seth