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Lex and Mike portal sing

55 475 views | 11 Sep. 2018


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Mike lex

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Skylanders Speed Drawing Challenge Part 1: TORTURED PARENTS draw ENIGMA, FLING KONG & FLIP WRECK !!

34 902 500 views | 11 Apr. 2015

Welcome to a new series

Welcome to a new series that we hope you love! SKYLANDERS SPEED DRAWING CHALLENGE! It's where we pick a few Skylanders to draw within a certain amount of time and YOU, yes YOU, get to vote in the comments section to tell us who wins each round! :)

Mom & Dad drew some Wave 5 Skylanders Trap Team Characters!

Flip Wreck, Fling Kong & Enigma. They started off with a 1 minute timer and then increased it to 1 minute and 30 seconds for the last two Skylanders!


Flip Wreck: Mom or Dad?

Fling Kong: Mom or Dad?

Enigma: Mom or Dad?

Next Up in this series will be Mike and Lex! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this!

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►Trouble Makers In Walmart! Easter Skylanders Finds + Lexi's New Bike & Amiibos?: http://youtu.be/1rsCLe-1MzY

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►Legendary Bushwhack Skylander Trap Team Hunting #14: http://youtu.be/W01duSd-khI

►Crazy Gameplay of Nitro Head Rush with Mom & Dad: http://youtu.be/elCdmrC0f8I


► Skylanders Trap Team Skystones Blind Boxes Opening: http://youtu.be/QsiHBhL4pPk

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►Most epic coloring book! Crayola Color Alive w/ Skylanders Trap Team Comes to Life w/ App: http://youtu.be/k6dhbLAiuY0

►The Christmas Snake Traps Surprise: http://youtu.be/LNtkrOPvOI8

►Kaos Christmas Jingle Bells Style Song: http://youtu.be/0sPrKDgHbE0

►LIGHT Element Frozen Fever Rap Song: http://youtu.be/kPOCN37AGf8

Skylander Girl Lexi, Skylander Boy Mike and Lightcore Chase!

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Austin deHoog

I Subscribe to your channel I watched it for years I love it

Titan Aaron

1 sky mom won

Livia Paulet


Mirian Ramos

Dad won

Abel Lopez

Can you make another video

Lorenzo Mirata


Livia Paulet


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Farzana Nazim


Eli Urango

Fgteev Mommy stinks like mayonnaise and cheese I vote for fgteev

Allison Phumsorn

It was Lexi's idea

Boo Bear

Enigma FGTEEV Mum Flip Kong & Flip Wreck FGTEEV Dud

Gloria Sandoval


Jullissia ortiz

Big fan of fgteev

michelle mosely

Dad won so much

Linz H

sky dad 1

William Miranda

Sky Mom

Ralph Lumictin

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Lil Raj



Mom you won 3

David Mcswain

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Farzana Nazim

Dad wnis

MarlB TV


Linz H

sky dad 2

Sydney J

you should ground them

Afton_Family 1915

i think mom won all

Mika Yasay

This has comment not the rest of the channels


Dad won 123

Jaxie Unicorn

Mom is the winner of the first round

Austin deHoog

I think all the drawings winner is dads

predator gamer

Etchy TV daddy when the first

Marcus Chandler

Fgteev won

Adrainne d WBA’s


Titan Aaron

For lex and mike

dashon davis


Livia Paulet


Danielle Winkworth

mum wins

Sohini Nath

I. Choose. Duddy

Reign Andrea Llaneta

Skylander mommy



Shakirah Cameron

The mom win the Dad is a

Afton_Family 1915

or i think dad won some

Gemecia Atkins


Rosie Milligan

dang its weird how time can make tears

Nepali Bible Study

Daddy win

Sydney J

i think sky mom won

William On The Go

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Cindy Pierre-blount


Xiuping Yang

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Akram Maher

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Farzana Nazim

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Nicolle Harmon

1. dads win 2. dads win

Aditri’s Creativity

They changed a lot they were so cring

Lisa Bullock

Guys subscribe to get them out of that rope?

MarlB TV

Lexi songI hate my birthday is the worst year ever felt like him and I want to describe Mike video in his tik Tok only mum and son in case I really love them so I love you you too can IPTV are you are the best I love you I love you so much I love you videos I love you bye bye girl I need to go back to Philippines TV and lokesh your YouTube channel either ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????❤️


ahhhh the old days

Eli Urango

Movie stinks like cheese



Titan Aaron

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Eleen Najemm


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Da quan Jamison

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Titan Aaron

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Gemecia Atkins


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Dad you won 12

Dzakkiya Manha

Sky mom win because
is not so bad and cool bye

Amy Boyd

dad won the 1st round dad won the 2nd

Tyron Willis

sky dad

Haydar Alhaydari


Gemecia Atkins


Ralph Lumictin

Fgteev duddy i'm so sorry fgteev mommy wins

Indira Purai

I am zaria but it says indira. I like dad's sory mom

David Alexander

Doody one both

Afton_Family 1915

draw pikachu plsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison Phumsorn

Dad won!

Ramis Khan

This is it where it all started for me watching fgteev

Lego Jack

Any one else confused why the parents got tied up

Titan Aaron

5 minutes

Jullissia ortiz

I vote dad fgteev


Dad won

predator gamer

Actually TV Danny

Danielle Winkworth

mom wins 100000 ?❤️?❤️

ناصر بن فهد

Fgteev Duddy


I’m just watching this cuz I luv ur channels and ur the person who inspired me to make YouTube vids and for the nostalgia

Mike lex

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Charles Isbell and Michael Littman: Machine Learning and Education | Lex Fridman Podcast #148

97 181 views | 26 Dec. 2020

Charles Isbell is the Dean

Charles Isbell is the Dean of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Michael Littman is a computer scientist at Brown University. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:

- Athletic Greens: https://athleticgreens.com/lex and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil

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- Cash App: https://cash.app/ and use code LexPodcast to get $10


Charles's Twitter: https://twitter.com/isbellHFh

Charles's Website: https://www.cc.gatech.edu/~isbell/

Michael's Twitter: https://twitter.com/mlittmancs

Michael's Website: https://www.littmania.com/

Michael's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mlittman


Podcast website: https://lexfridman.com/podcast

Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2lwqZIr

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2nEwCF8

RSS: https://lexfridman.com/feed/podcast/

Full episodes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAXtmErZgOdP_8GztsuKi9nrraNbKKp4

Clips playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAXtmErZgOeciFP3CBCIEElOJeitOr41


0:00 - Introduction

2:27 - Is machine learning just statistics?

6:49 - NeurIPS vs ICML

9:05 - Data is more important than algorithm

14:49 - The role of hardship in education

23:33 - How Charles and Michael met

28:05 - Key to success: never be satisfied

31:23 - Bell Labs

42:50 - Teaching machine learning

53:01 - Westworld and Ex Machina

1:01:00 - Simulation

1:07:49 - The college experience in the times of COVID

1:36:27 - Advice for young people

1:43:19 - How to learn to program

1:54:43 - Friendship


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- Twitter: https://twitter.com/lexfridman

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lexfridman

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Danny Phillips

Sam harris vs de Grasse Tyson


a George Hotz v. Elon Musk debate on Diver Monitoring and pretty much everything else would be one freaking awesome spectacle! lol

Eric Li

If you have taken their course, you will understand why I clicked the video first thing in the morning

Stephen Cline

Flirting with science.


How out of toufh can you be when you think adults are returning to college because they aren't seeking a new career path and instead want the college experience. Dude should step back and understand how little he knows and work on his listening skills. He is so confident in his stances that he doesn't realize he has totally missed the mark. It must be nice to think you're always right, oh wait it's actually annoying af to everyone around you. It's good he doesn't care about other people's opinions or he might actually discover he's a bit of a blowhard.

Tony Bowen

This was so good. I love the three person format. One of my fav episodes of yours.

Ian Liu

Just completed the machine learning course they discussed and can confirm: you hate it till you love it!

iNkbl0t3 tAtfAce

Broo.... loving that suit. I need to find me a damn good tailor.

Pia Ann

This was great??

Oudarjya Sen

There you go :- "The following is a conversation with Satinder Singh"

shaba naa

the universe is seen by the eyes of children when it is born from the pain that creation involves and the eyes, getting used to the light, create the first images; seeing a computer screen has no sense of pain; but we are so weak that we feel the most contrary senses to which mother nature gave us at the moment of birth. Are we purity or are we simulation?


They are amazing! So entertaining.


they're like sitcom pals

Philip McBride

Somehow the best podcast yet. Might be the two guests / moderation type thingy, or maybe it's just the unique combination, or or maybe that friendship.


That is a wonderful conversation and it felt like I was hanging out with friends.

Dhruv Metha

I'm micheal, wow.. this was super interesting


I love their friendship

Hélder Almeida

Lex, you doing amazing job. Thank so much for everything you doing to help us understand the world and universe a bit better.

Gregg Henwood

thank you for sharing this video. I have been studying programming for just a couple of years now. I am doing this privately as I work fulltime and don't have the money for community college . In addition when I did visit the local community college about enrolling in the computer science course the head of the department actually said to the group of us inquiring about the course that very few of us would be able to successfully navigate this field. I felt like there must be something wrong with the course like this road will lead the students off a cliff. I have had problems learning in traditions settings in the past so that resonated with failure for me and I am not willing to fail at this. Fortunately I am well introverted so long study sessions taking place in my private space is something I enjoy. My goal is to work with Machine Learning and Virtual Reality just not sure in what way yet. I appreciate the positive and insightful voices of Charles and Michael its so good to know there are people like them in the game!
I agree we will move into more immersive virtual environments for all kinds of reasons and that we should not be afraid of AI as it is really about how we choose to use it so we need to be worried about ourselves :) . I appreciate hearing the discussion about the difference between struggle and suffering. I struggle with figuring out what my JS syntax should be for solving coding challenges. This is not suffering its more similar to playing a video game where I am not easily able to overcome the boss at the end of a level. My path to becoming an effective programmer isn't about it being easy its that I am connected to technology and have been since I was a child its just that I am starting to figure out more about what I enjoy doing and expressing my vision for the future. In short that is a version of the star trek universe where human beings don't need to deal with money anymore only developing skills in areas that really are of interest. If you are interested in coding I suggest starting at freecodecamp.org and you can search CS50 on YouTube. Harvard University has been kind enough to post their computer science course online, some really excellent lectures there plus you can play with the cat if you want :)

Malay Hazarika

I want a friendship like this :')

Lacey Sarinana

The volatile cost daily pray because block relevantly employ unto a plucky deadline. penitent, succinct beam

Daniel Burke

Great guests, great interview. Highly recommend the OMSCS lectures if you enjoy their banter and want to learn machine learning

Chad Whisnant

Auburn University was actually named, Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API) from 1899 until 1960. But people always referred to it simply as "Auburn," or "Auburn College." This is because it is located in Auburn, Alabama. It has always been the same school. I get why people call Georgia Tech what they call it. It differentiates it from UGA, and the name is easier on the tongue than "Georgia Institute of Technology."


"I wonder if Kubrick was like this, actually." - Kubrick had Arthur C. Clarke to do a lot of the intellectual legwork.

Tristen Gerhardt

Appreciate you.


literally every single person is copying joe rogan we as humans love to just copy copy copy

John Carl DeMay

Wake up. Neo

Zach Hayes

This podcast would have worked a lot better with them as separate guests.


Hey Lex, how likely is it that you could help in finding funding for a good invention (generating energy) ?

Bullshit Vendor

you should scrap the boom mics and go for lavalier mics

Alexander Papadopoulos

@Lex. You might be perfect guy to interview Richard David James aka Aphex twin. think about it

Nicolas Oliveira

a debate between jordan peterson and yuval harari would be cool

Israel Julian


Nive Yoga

I would totally watch a sitcom staring these three gentlemen ?

Temple of Doom

First season of Westworld was amazing. Better than Ex Machina and I liked that movie.

George Bisson

Lex, just posting this here. Maybe something you haven’t considered, but likely have.

It could be that universes are as common as the hair on our heads, as numerous, with different laws, different physics. ASI may become the absolute master of the physics of our reality, but the physics of another universe may revert it back to just another being that has to wonder how the hell could that work.

It could be that becoming the supreme being in this universe is still microscopically small.


Pleasure sensory overload

High Twelve

As an older +35 person who has a Master's and has looked into PhD programs, I find it odd that most academics look down upon online PhD programs. Especially, when it comes to using that PhD to get a teaching gig. It seems like receiving a respected research degree should lean more towards online programs, but that is not the case. Working toward a PhD as an adult with a job and family seems impossible in-person. But, that sacrifice is what some academics value, almost like a good ole boy club made up of a diverse group. Thoughts?

LordPotassium TheGodKing

Love the two person podcast. It allows for more development in the conversion.


22:00 building tomorrow the night before; there's nothing wrong with watiing until the last minute. The secret is knowing when the last minute is.

Brandon Tyler Centeno

Lex here's an idea, how about someone like Erik Weinstein with a psychedelic philosopher like Alex Grey or Dennis Mckenna.

Tapio Mäkinen

I'd like to see Sabine Hossenfelder in your show.

Lumen Library


Jhovahn Gibbs

Lex is the post yt Rogan

michael smith

The simplicity in the unprofessional of the camera and sound makes me trust your content more. It just natural.

Stephen Huntsman

These are awesome just seeing how organic the conversation and relationship with all the quirks included between the two, i like the stand in the background and moderate approach, very genuine but the 1 on 1 Lex fridman ft. guest gets to so much more of the character and core beliefs. I think the moderation is great for returned guests, because then you are familiar with all parties, and allow to the topic to expand either way who am i but this is awesome

Juan Loayza

Georgia Tech University! Hahaha. It does get under my skin as well. It is Georgia Institute of Technology.


I absolutely love this interview and the people in it.

Juan Loayza

HAHAHA it is true! We students do not love the approach right away ... and even immediately after!

Benjamin Ylvisaker

Re Charles' riff on "x equals y"... that's why "=" should be pronounced "IS ASSIGNED" in most programming languages. That's how I taught it in intro programming. Helps smooth over one early hurdle.


Amazing people, very interesting to watch and listen. :)

Blue Miles


Kenneth Olsen

What a delightful fucking great episode! I love the humor between your guests <3

Ervin Kahorere

This was beautiful.
Thank you

Mikael Jacobsson

Classroom based education is boring and ineffective.

Trevor Colgan

I’m new to Lex. But I have to say... he is a SENSATIONAL intervIewer. He brings so much out of his guests by engaging their intellects and making the feel comfortable

Andrew B

Wait... I need more info about the online masters program they mentioned.


This kind of friendship is the kind of friendship many of us only have as kids.


As an Iowa State grad I'm very happy that Charles likes Iowa State more than Iowa!

Nicolas Prieur

Lex! Cash app don’t work in France!


Lex's "What the fuck is going on around me right now?" face slays me.


I liked how there was no ads but I wish there was bro

Lucas Arbues

this guy looks like the wii sports character that always beats you

Goncalo Carvalho

This was a very interesting conversation, totally unexpectedly i could not stop listening and 2h went in a few perceived minutes from my frame of reference ?


what about bringing back to life death writers or even characters from books using AI to have a debate.
I'd like to see Schopenhauer and Borges. More a conversation than a debate though.

Mar H



this is the best podcast you have done, I would have never been exposed to 2 great thinkers that realize the need for other people in order to complete ideas,


Lex, about the "simulation" narratives, an interesting question came to me:
I read some articles about the Schisma, i.e. Constantine created practically the first virtual = rule-based world, and it became a Theocracy. He did this with his definition of the Trinity, that no one can understand, and everyone has to accept by decrete. The Byzantine world did not accept this, and kept their narratives centered about a "natural" hierarchy and relationship of god, humans, and matter.
Did you think about this, do you think that the basic theology of a society has a strong impact on its general position on the "simulation" narrative?


Lex, If you haven't already done so, I think you've got a great clip starting around 15:00 minute mark when you ask about the necessity of suffering in the learning process. It certainly resonated with me. Cheers.


Listened to the first 25min, feels like you need to be in the know with US academia inside jokes & jargon, zero effort to make themselves undertood by a wider audience, gave up.

KL 2021

Totally agree with Professor Isbell about Data, Program and all those Machine Learning algorithms. I am right now actively doing AI/ML course and I am thrilled to hear what these professors have to say. Thank You Lex.

Tanya Poulin

I love how Charles often draws the conversation back to accessibility and privilege <3


This is like sitting in McDonald's at 8am listening to two old guys debating whether the Walmart opened in '82 or '83.

Resurrected Cylon

Lex, did you watch Battlestar Galactica? What are your thoughts on the centurions, hybrids and cylons?


1:49:50 what’s the answer to this?

Raphi Stein

Michael must be related to Jon Lovitz

Richard Yim

As a 4th year undergrad this episode felt like a fun office hours meeting.


From the introduction of Lex Fridman I like the video.

David Donadze

I can't believe i am not Subscribed to this channel.

liam regan

Wow what a captivating conversation. No idea how two hours just flew by! :)


I like how these guys half like each other but fully respect each others minds.


Good craic.


Their ML course is excellent, but be prepared to have the life sucked out of you while you take it (and yet enjoy the experience, kind of like being seduced by a vampire ...)

Kyle Hustead

Lex is bringing some serious value to the table with this podcast. He is absolutely crushing it! My new favorite podcast.

Not Safe For Ears

When you realize you’re the dumbest person in this room.... but you can’t leave despite your ignorance lol

Žarko Asen

Isbell is excellent! Both are!

Victor A

Great chat guys. This doubled my IQ lol

Ay Ay

Bill gaede as a guest please


Gabor Mate and Jordan Peterson.

David Good

I wish I could love someone the same way Charles and Michael love each other.

Lex Fridman

Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast.
0:00 - Introduction & sponsor mentions:
- Athletic Greens: https://athleticgreens.com/lex and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil
- Eight Sleep: https://www.eightsleep.com/lex and use code LEX to get special savings
- MasterClass: https://masterclass.com/lex to get 2 for price of 1
- Cash App: https://cash.app/ and use code LexPodcast to get $10
2:27 - Is machine learning just statistics?
6:49 - NeurIPS vs ICML
9:05 - Data is more important than algorithm
14:49 - The role of hardship in education
23:33 - How Charles and Michael met
28:05 - Key to success: never be satisfied
31:23 - Bell Labs
42:50 - Teaching machine learning
53:01 - Westworld and Ex Machina
1:01:00 - Simulation
1:07:49 - The college experience in the times of COVID
1:36:27 - Advice for young people
1:43:19 - How to learn to program
1:54:43 - Friendship


Charles Isbell is a gift.

Aisenyi Malisa

5:15 "With great power comes great power" LMAO. So many quotable moments in this!

Daniele K.

Use symmetry for your layouts. The rule of 3ds, etc etc... that's what humans like.


"...I'm gonna edit that part out." Lex has learned a lot from his comedian friends haha or he's just funny. Perfect timing, great delivery, great ep!

Reddy Kiran

Thank you

Kwanele Sakhile Vilakati

I would like to see Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos debate.


So NOT a waste of time Lex. Kudos