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Quinn Slobodian - Neo-liberal Globalism and the Backlash from Within

4 230 views | 17 Jun. 2019

Ein Vortrag von Quinn

Ein Vortrag von Quinn Slobodian im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe "Ökonomie jenseits der schwäbischen Hausfrau" am 13.06.2019 in der Hellen Panke Berlin.

Brave New Europe


Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomie


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thanks for this presentation. I learned a lot.

Jerais Dolf

Great presentation, thank you.

Dick Hamilton

I wish you wouldn't screw up the terminology even more than it is by using the concept 'left libertarianism' in the way you do here. There's a long tradition of left libertarianism in Europe, arising within a decade of the french revolution from egalitarian (left) anarchism, and firmly on the far left (les libertaires). as libertarian socialists, its proponents had to reintroduce the qualifier 'left' to distinguish themselves from american (right) libertarianism after the capture in US of the label 'libertarian' in the 1940s. left libertarians are socialist, not some weird twist of Hayek's horror of markets for all and every circumstance.


It seems crazy to me that I was ever attracted to these ideas and intellectuals, but they can be very eloquent, charming, and persuasive.


Very interesting presentation. People (in general) have a problem with defining any problem except in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, left/right, capitalist/socialist etc.. Brexit and Trump have convinced quite a few people, in my experience, that it will actually help reduce globalization, that it's a move away from capitalism, that it will be better for the ecosystem(!). Most people have no idea: there are liberal neoliberals, and there are right-wing neoliberals. Most people think that if Brexit is bad, the EU must be good. Or if the EU represents neoliberalist globalism, then Brexit must be a step in the right direction.They're just warring families with different ideas of how to protect the mythical "free market".

Silly Putty

Please help . I’m hopeless . The water is at a rolling boil now , we’re cooked and China is not ready to stabilize the global economy. . The fed is captured by zombie ideas . Inflating financial markets allowing for mass export of capital . Triggering hyperinflation when us debt is sold off and the dollar crashes due the reserve currency moving toward the yuan backed by gold?? Away from the dollar as global reserve currency. Am I unnecessarily distressed over macro economic concerns .

Victor Lalana

Propaganda is entrench in youtube algorithm. After seeing mind boggling truth, the algorithm tries to re educate you.

Quinn currency

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David Marsh and Brian Quinn on Scottish currency - BBC World News 17 Feb 2014

305 views | 18 Feb. 2014

David Marsh, Chairman,

David Marsh, Chairman, OMFIF and Brian Quinn, former deputy governor, Bank of England speaking on Scottish currency - BBC World News 17 Feb 2014.

Quinn currency

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Ruairi Quinn | Austerity Debate | Opposition (4/6)

1 751 views | 30 Jul. 2018

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Thursday 31st May 2018.

The Motion: This House Believes That Austerity Has Been Europe's Worst Policy of The Century.

Ruairi Quinn continues the case for the opposition, as the fourth speaker of six in the debate.

Motion Carried.

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Frank Doherty

Ruairi was part of a Irish government which IMPLEMENTED austerity. Here he speaks against the policy. OxfordUnion much like the rest of the brit establishment knows how to pick em lol