Working for citigroup

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Standing Out in Competitive Industries ? Day at Citibank & How to Network

28 319 views | 19 Dec. 2017

hey guys! Yesterday I was

hey guys! Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go to a standing out in competitive industries event ay Citibank London in Canary Wharf. I learned how to network and get contacts through it, how to get a job in Canary Wharf, such as how to become an accountant or investment banker, as well as other STEM careers like engineering with Jaguar Land Rover, Shell and SKY. I hope you enjoy and learn something (as I did!). x

Thank you to Inspiring Futures for hosting the event (for free yasss!). I would definitely recommend checking out the amazing events they set up around the UK to help young people gain experience and figure out what they want to do with their lives! ;) x


Hi my name is Jade and welcome to UnJaded Jade! I post every Wednesday abut varying topics I truly care about, from self confidence and veganism, to academic help and motivation ?


How old are you? - 17

What camera do you use? - Canon 750D

When did you start your channel? - 17th Feb 2017

P.S i love u. so much. thank you for finding me and for being here and for gifting me your time. you are so loved.


How do you find out about these events? Through school or through personal research?

Elena D

Networking is and having contacts with people of different fields is so important, but I am extremely annoyed by the immense networking system of Austria. Everything works over knowing people and having contacts to important persons here - and mostly in a completely unfair way. For example, sometimes a person gets a job JUST for knowing the boss of the company or knowing/having worked with other people that are important enough for the hiring company, although someone else would be a lot more qualified for the actual job. Sorry for this rant, I just had to get this out there :D Amazing and very informative video as always, Jade!

Tosca Esmé

Aniyah is the type of friend everybody needs in their life ?? haha

Shalomee Moreshwar

Always love your videos and you? You're my inspiration Jade!?❄? Love you so so so so much! ?

Mash Potatoe

I live around Canary Wharf!!! I might see you!

neeta rane

Eyy...jade the great.love you

Chloe Williams

hey jade, i would love for you to explain how the day was in terms of the banking/accounting side as thats what im hoping my profession will be! thank you x


I love how real your channel is... I literally come here for a breath of fresh air x


Thank you so much for the information!


Omg Chloe i used to dance with her thats crazyyy?


Can you make a video on how to make a good CV and tips for personal statement :)

Rhianna Haye

can you please do an updated version of what stationary you recommend for school/sixth form/revising ☺️

sally omer

This was me when I tried getting to my interview ??? I’m lucky I got their early or else I would have been late

Sana Naz

Hi jade!! Do a motivational video on how to stay motivated in failure and like while being tired in the winter!!

Daisy Coombs

Love ya Jade! Just hope you’re conscious of the ethical issues surrounding The City™ in general x


Love you jadeeee!!!

Madhuri Raghavan

Awesome vid ❤


Yasss canary wharfff my areaaa! ❤️ love your channel !! Xx

bethany Larenee

Hhaahh jade your my age and live not far from me be my friend pls

Dhaqan Mo

This seems so much like my work experience at Deloitte?especially the network lunch?

molly gabrielle

Cool vid ??

Rhea Shah

Love your videos! You are such an inspiration ❤❤❤

Hannah Barnard

Love the video!
Please could you do a video on how to have an outstanding CV... xx


Hey Jade! I just wanted to say, you inspire me to be a better person. Ilysm. Thank you for existing❤


since watching your channel, i have experienced a great improvement in my grades, my motivation and my overall happiness. Your positive attitude has changed me in the best way possible and I want to thank you for that. Keep doing what you do, you are amazing

Brandon Esser

i'll turn gay for that guy at the end hands down

It's Rumi

Ahhh I’m so proud of you as usual!
Btw where in the uk r u from?

Felicity Clarke

Yesss totally needed this coz I wanna be a vet and finding places to do work experience is SO HARD everyone is booked up!! Gonna have just a morning of spam emailing tomorrow lololol (also applied to the cambridge shadowing experience thing and got rejected rip they had so many applicants ☹️)

Chao Lesley

Hi! I am wondering whether you would like to share some skills you learned during the CV and Recruitment sections you mentioned in this video? Thank you!!

Jocelyn Ip

Love love love your videos, you're an inspiration to me Jade !!! I just wanted to ask how do you manage your time wisely, I have a lot to study for over this Chrismas Break and I am kind of getting a bit stressed about it, I was just wondering if you have any tips on staying focused and getting things done in limited time ?? Thank youuuuu love you girl !! ??




i’m currently studying law at university and networking is a huge part of the career process, so this was really insightful!! thank you for sharing your experience ?

mary h

Great as always ??? Your videos are incredibly inspiring and motivating ✨?

Michelle Moreno

I know this is random, but where did you buy your light blue watch?

Mia Rose Phillips

I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

Rhianna Haye

came from snapchat ❤️❤️


ewwwww bankers r ruining the world

G Gilmore

Honestly, you are so diligent and motivated... tbh I cannot relate since I am not. You're such an inspiration and I love your videos so much. I, also, have difficult curly hair as well so (while I know this is not the point of your videos) I love watching your videos for hairstyle inspiration :) I guess that's all, have a great week & have a great Christmas.

Simar Sehgal

PLEASE READ I direct messaged you on snapchat and instagram when you said put a story that you are very nervous for the interviews :- All the veryyy best jade for your interviews jade!! I wish you all the good luck in the world!!! And wish whatever is best for you happens in your life!!! I wish you live a life muchh better than you dreamed off!! Well you already are a Dream girl for me and thousands of people!!! I really wish I could be like you!! But i am really really worse! I make goals but no action nothing is giving me happiness or satisfaction i just feel empty! I hate myself! Anyway you are the best YouTuber everr!! U just didn't reach 100k subscribers but u actually affected the lives of a hundred thousand people in the besttt wayy possible!! It's because of you that i and many thousands of people are still hoping to live their dreamss!! Cuz of your motivation your positivity!!
I myself can't thank you enough for working hard, for putting soo muchh time and effort to motivate me and make me positive!! THANKK YOUU SOOO MUCHHH JADEEE!!! You deserve all the happiness and luck in the world!! And i wish you live muchh more better life than even you dreamed of!! Cuz u deserve it!! And don't worry your interview will goo not JUSTT good but THEE BESTT!!❤️❤️❤️❤️??

Bano S

You go girl x

Serina T

Yes gal, love you x


This is just what #i need!

Alice Maya

Loved this vid! I was in Canary Wharf the same day donating blood, would have been amazingggg if I saw you! Love as always?x

Hadeel Hadeel


Antonios Vasilellis Neto

Damn, I thought I recognised you there - was really wondering where on Earth I knew you from, but now I know. I think I was in your mini group thing where we introduced ourselves and talked about grades and stuff at the start! I was one of two Year 12's in our group. I heard you didn't get into Oxford, sorry to hear, but I'm sure wherever you are going to will be lucky to have you! :)
Note: You can see the side of my face on the left side of the screen at 3:03 talking to this one guy

Hussain Hirani

The guy at the end is stunning ?????

Adina Neagu

Niiiiice, Jade !

Fatima Almustapha

Amazing video ??

Charli Conway

Amazing video! You're such an inspiration and I'd love to be like you?

Shannon Foster

Thanks for Being Awesome and making another amazing video gal! I'm so proud of all that you've achieved on this channel ? love, Northern Irish one xxx❤


You've made me want to apply for Oxbridge - Thank you Jade! <3

Moza Pramesty

loved this video jade, thanks for always being so inspiring!! also you look SO gorgeous as per usual ❤️ btw, i know you dont do english lit anymore but since you got an A in AS i was wondering if you could maybe do a video on how to revise for a level english lit? would be much appreciated. love you!! x


I am a banking and finance major, minor in accounting ? why u dont want to be a bank major?




Hi Jade! I was wandering if you could make a video on how to summarise your work properly. I'm finding it very difficult to memorize some of my work beacuse it's too long and can't even summarise it. Thank you?

Bruh Moment

the last guy turned me on abit

Natalja Wells

I had to skip to the end to see the guy everyone was on about

Lebron Stan

Hi jade nice video!did you ever have tuition throughout GCSE ?

Tariqul Islam

please give me city bank email address

Eleanor Daniels

Wow this looks like such a cool event! It sounds like you’ve learned a lot too ???? thank you for sharing your experience Jade ⭐️ hope you’ve had a fabulous day today girl! ?✨?

Priscilla Ose

Events like these are really valuable. Love networking

Katy Bafford

Omg Jade this video was so useful as I want to go into investment banking so it was amazing this video thank you so much! Xx

Mia Rose Phillips

Oh my gosh you replied?❤️❤️ thank you so much❤️??

rebekah rosa

Hey Jade! I just noticed that you're wearing a Hamsa and I was wondering if you're Jewish? I barely ever see Jewish youtubers so just thought it was cool if you were! Xx

Mia Rose Phillips

Xxx Also just wanted to congratulate you for reaching 100k subscribers...... I also might be considering making YouTube videos myself...... maybe you could do a video on tips to help start a YouTube channel ;) xxxxxx

Lily May

No way my dad works there

Brandon Boyer


Anjali Jha

Did you find a place for prom though?

Fran H

It sounds so cool but I'm not interested in business so

Working for citigroup

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Citi: Women in Sales & Trading

94 015 views | 24 Feb. 2014

Consider a career in Sales

Consider a career in Sales & Trading at Citi. Learn more about us by visiting us at www.careers.citi.com.

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Khusaini Ahmad

How to rewards on ctedits money be citi

the Winston family


Tim L

Great to see all these people from different backgrounds get into this industry, not easy. Also brilliant to see more women here too ??

Yasir Ali

Thank You

Kewl Khid

I want to see the male version of the video. The one with men stating how they expect it to be a bunch of women talking about reality TV & how cold it is.

Yasir Ali

please similar awesome very work sir participation citi customer services


Citi: give it a shot, come work for us we want you

Me: applies for citi

Citi: lol next


0:38 deal done

Yasir Ali

Thank you


computers are taking all of their jobs

Sangdin Hatzaw

How can I become as a trader in this kind of company

Marion Ntiru

This is a great recruiting tool. Wish there had been a bit more diversity in the women profiled.

Mr Ichi

Thank you very much for your helpful shares!

Edward Njuguna

Thanks Citibank. This is owe-some.

Felipe Mendoza

All are employed


I miss my times in sales and trading


"smartest people they've seen"..... I had the opposite experience, probably why I wasn't filmed, I am not used for propaganda purposes


my poor English~ The video posted in 2014. I just want to know at present whether S&T still is attractive as they used to be.Some experts say AI will change everything

Mariska Morse

Love this video!! Such good energy and very informative. Thank you Citi.

Irene Wesley

I'm Glad to have seen this video but i will always advise all traders to ensure they know the basics about trading before injecting funds or better still have a good mentor to guide them through


oh please.. they are sales people and liquidity providers... they arent traders... put them on the prop desk and then talk


bien que se muestre a la mujer así.

Pete M

anyone know what the song playing in the background is? it's really good!