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No Knead Bread | Bread Recipe | The New York Times

3 286 652 views | 29 Dec. 2006

Mark Bittman, a.k.a. The

Mark Bittman, a.k.a. The Minimalist, and Jim Lahey, the owner of Sullivan Street Bakery, share a recipe on how to make no-knead bread where the secret is letting the time do the work.

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No Knead Bread | Mark Bittman Recipe | The New York Times


Lydia Vicente

Luv this!


What kind of pot did he use ?

Expert b

Welcome everyone who came here after watching the Bread Expert video

Golf Pro

I never knew 6 year old's could be trusted with such hot Dutch ovens, it must be the American 'flour power'. Jokes aside, the guy is amazing! I might quit sourdough now, life will be simpler.

Seva Anderson

do we bake this bread under 500 F all the time, during whole baking process? Its not clear to me, poor English :) Thank you


Is anyone else here bc of corona

bree tart

Jim Lahey is number one!???


The bread expert from Epicurious' Price Points!

Stefania Pedrosi

How many grams does a cup correspond to?

Roger Dellerba

That's fantastic! Could I ask you for the baker's % for this please?


Made this for the first time. I did do the 2 hour ferment before baking. Turned out great. I think that 2 hours makes for a better product.

Rhona Cunningham

Thank you!!!

Chris Hickman

Rip the head Baker. He will forever be a drunk trailer park supervisor in heaven

Iain Wallington

So does this bread only get one rise ( proofing) then it's baked ?

coco silk

I love this method! I think it's a conspiracy that an ancient method like this was kept secret so we would all buy our bread instead. I followed exactly as the video said, without the extra 2 hour proof that was apparently omitted in this video, and the bread seemed pretty good but not quite as chewy as I like - I like when you have to tear at it with your teeth. The next time I made it, I left it out for 18 hours, then put it in the fridge and another 18 hours or so passed before I got around to baking it. It turned out even better! Much better texture. But I am curious how much more it would rise with an extra 2 hour proof before baking because I haven't been doing that. Not sure if I left it too long the second time but 18 hours out, then 18 hours in the fridge was much better than just 12 hours at room temperature for sure! I also pop a bit of homemade lard into the bottom of my pot (and even over the top of the loaf), and add some extra salt right before baking, and OMG, mouthwateringly good! I don't think I will ever buy bread again. Thanks Jim! You are a legend!

Eugenia Perevalova

Can I just bake it on the hot pizza stone? I don't really want to buy the cast iron.

Update Name

I disliked this video for one reason. When you share recipe it should be exactly what you are saying. I can see oil in the daw ....which he didn’t mention....... yellow color of bread doesn’t come from fermentation ......it can be some amount of semolina or something else....


Where do you get Wheat bran?

Tyler Cooper

Like if you’re here because of the Epicurious bread video

Axis Of Energy

Let the water sit or the chlorine kills the yeast

Jeanette Gonzalez

Thank you!

seeking the truth

9f you use 40g yeast, it takes only 1 hour

Marc Despins

NYT now has the recipe behind a pay wall.

George Rellas

Jenny Jones' gets the same exact result in 3 hrs, not 12 and her recipe and online video here is 5 years older than this one. Look for 'Jenny Can Cook' - excellent, short recipes, no b.s.


I respect him.
By the 3.11 earthquake in 2011, more than 10,000 people died in Miyagi prefecture where I live.
He made a donation for us.
Thank you, Mr. Lahey.

luba drahosz

This is the bread Jack makes all of the time. And actually it can ferment for a few days in the refrigerator.

This is a channel about nothing

check out mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgTi0a4f2Co&t=276s

Nicholas Noffsinger

I will never knead a dill dough again.

Renata Kapinaj

Look very good!

Боря Дюпон

This guy started it all and changed everything. I'll always be grateful to him for sharing his technique. It's a game changer

Dari DeJesus

ghgjhgbghgvtygvfthfghgbfghyfbgh bmjghu[ofpghujngvjv hg


RIP Mr Lahey. Trailer goes on

Paul Harris

I wish everyone would quit saying that he invented this method. Been around for many, many years.

Jenn Crockett

Here from the quarantine

דורית מזרחי

Hello from Israel.
Beautiful bread. Can l make it with dark flour? Or Spelled flour?

luc van hecke

SALT together with yeast? Salt kills yeast, must be mixed into when nearly all flour is mixed, as late as possible..

Боря Дюпон

This is what started it all and I can't thank you enough, it changed my life. See, bread is a key element in my everyday life and this really makes a huge difference

Joe DiMarra

After you fold it, what if you don't wait for he 2 3 hours, just an hour? What could happen?


I make bread every day. I am so going to try this.
Found the article,


ItsAMeme Mario

A: What kind of bread would you like?
B:No knead.

B:(waits for eternity)

Katerina Agathocleous Papadopoulou

Do you leave it for 12 hours on the counter or in the fridge

miss M

What if you want a slighly more filling bread. I find white bread makes me full for about half an houre while more rye like bread last hours..


This has been around for centuries.

Ian Miller

just took mine out the oven and looks amazing.

Jens Davidsen

Yeah... evidently I'm dumber than a 4yr old because I had a catastrophe of a "loaf" - we're talking zero oven spring resulting in a finished product that was less than 2 inches tall... stupifyingly flat...tasted fine but just ludicrous...it was supposed to be my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

My dough seemed vastly stickier than this video after the initial rise (16hr). There was no...and I mean NO chance of working it into anything resembling this video when I took it out of the bowl after initial rise without adding a ludicrous amount of flour which I feared would give me a brick-dense loaf...I dunno...


Ok- anyone know where to get the Wheat bran thats added on the top and bottom can’t find it anywhere!! Unless it’s like under my nose somewhere!!

Victoria Lukasiewicz

do you let it rise in the towel again?

JL McHardie

Amazing recipe with amazing results. I have been using this for years and highly recommend it. Thank you Mark and Jim!

Garrett Allen

Am I the only one who appreciates the sound of an actual camera shutter snapping away in the background? Throwback, baby!

Janina *

Can I use a Pyrex dish with a lid to bake the bread in ?


The amount of flour and water is the same in grams, is that definitely right? Coz I read that the ratio should be 5:3. Is it different this time because the dough goes to the fridge overnight?

Marylou Kormann

I eliminate the last rise and this loaf turns out perfect.

Zach Victor

At the very end, Mark Bittman jokes about "stealing the recipe." 4:41 JIM LAHEY "Make sure everyone — everyone — has access to it." MARK BITTMAN: "We'll do that." JIM: "That's the goal." Jim Lahey — what a soul, what a mensch. He wasn't trying to make more money for himself or a better name for his bakery, which at the time was already well renowned. He wanted people to have access — that everyone could have good bread for themselves. Making food for people can be a spiritual practice. Bread fit for a king's table, which anyone can make, and for pennies — to possess this knowledge and share it freely with the world is a lesson in love and generosity. I doubt anyone imagined how this recipe would spread. The impact has been extraordinary. Jim's small act of kindness was like the little bit yeast sprinkled into the flour: given time, transformative. Think of all the meals, all the tables! This is the way of the prophet-baker, love arising from love.


But can he make a liquor ball sandwich

Steve Blane

“I am the liquor”


This recipe is very different than in his book.


I made this bread today and it is amazing -- better than any bakery bread I've ever enjoyed. Oh and by the way, this is the first loaf of bread I've ever baked.


Dont put your salt on top of your instant yeast, put on separate sides of the flour then mix.


515 burnt it. Dammit

Helen Lengel

Wondering what size Dutch Oven is best for baking this bread? Many say 5.5 qt, but I've also seen 3-4 qt.


Take a page out of Alton Brown's handbook for baking No Knead Breads.

Hydration determines the size and quantity of large holes in the final product:

1. "Sticky" dough is around 75-78% hydration. To get that number, take the total amount of Water, by weight, and divide by the total amount of Flour, by weight. Grams or ounces -- does't matter as long as you use the same unit for each in the equation. For 1 Baguette loaf, I use 117 grams of Water and 150 grams of Flour. 117/150=78% 1/8 tsp Yeast, and 1/2 tsp Salt -- that's all it takes!

Develop the Gluten Network:

2. After mixing the ingredients, do 4 Stretch and Folds, each at 20 minute intervals, before allowing to rise for 8-18 hours at 70-75F. Each S&F is along the 4 quadrants of the dough ball. See YouTube "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8Rf2LBgmsc" for instructions (a BEAUTIFUL video). For simplicity, do the mixing and S&F's in a plastic bowl with a tight sealing lid using a clean, latex glove on one hand. Rinse the left-over dough pieces off the glove after the mixing and each S&F.

A successful Rise for Flavor Development:

3. Rising temperature is VERY important. The dough must be around 70-75F for a successful rise in the 8-18 hours. Too hot, and the yeast is used up too quickly. Use the Bakers' Equation to get the dough around that temperature. In essence, I add Water that has been chilled to about 65F (I use the water straight from the dispenser of my fridge) to room temperature Flour. That gets my dough to around 70-75F.


4. Rise in the oven -- To regulate rising temperature (if your kitchen is hot, like mine), place the dough (in the sealed plastic bowl) on the bottom rack. Place a half sheet baking pan with around 10-12 ice cubes in it on the top rack. (You've made an Old Time Ice Box!) Dump the melted ice cube water, and place more ice cubes in the sheet every 2 or 3 hours. If your kitchen is cold, you may not need this chilling method.


Critical last Rise and Baking:

5. After shaping the dough, do not allow to rise too long. A brief rise of around 40-50 minutes is fine. A longer rise will cause the final product to be FLAT. The dough WILL rise in the oven, so don't push it with a long, final rise.

5. The loaf shape is a matter of personal preference. I like French Baguettes, so in a 450F oven, I place a small cast iron skillet on the bottom rack while the oven preheats. Just before putting the dough in, I place 3-4 Ice Cubes in it. This creates the exact amount of steam for the initial "push" and "crustiness" of the final product, while allowing the dough to finish baking in a dry oven. The bread is done in about 20-25 minutes.



Flour, Salt, Water, and Yeast. That's all it takes to make Heaven!

Brook Parsons

Preferably-use high protein (13.5-14.7% protein) flour, not- AP All Purpose (even though it will work, unbleached all purpose 11-12% protein). I wish I knew why there are so many bad copies of this calling for 450F, etc. just follow this recipe. Use SAF yeast instant, doesn't need blooming in water.

Cocina Francia cocinafrancia com

Thank you very much for this amazing video! Just one question: I can't see clearly what kind of yeast he is using, chemical yeast or fresh dehydrated yeast? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.
Kind regards, Rose


Anyone try some whole wheat?

Marie Ch

Can anyone tell me the quantity of the ingredients he uses in grams please?

Eugene Chen

Wow!! It has been 13 years for this video. Time flies.


Been using this technique with sprouted wheat flour and worked great. My sister drastically speeds up the rises by simply placing it on top of a warm oven. That extra warmth makes the yeast go wild. The bread turns out identically, in 1/10th the time. Thanks Jim.

beth manitsky

didn't work for me... sadness..

Ruben Esparza

Does anyone have a problem with the bread sticking to the bottom of the pot?

Ali Husayn

My bread didn’t look like the one on the video? Do you need to cover the dough once mixed?

Kristine Narum

Can this recipe be used for baguettes?


No need to knead with no knead.
Best crumb and best crust I have come across.
I have two Dutch ovens and make two loaves at a time.
Thanks Jim.

Joy Gay

Is this video missing a second rising? After the ball has been shaped, dusted and covered with a towel is there a resting period before putting in oven?


Doubled the recipe and baked one loaf this evening. I was very satisfied with the result, very satisfied! The crust is so crunchy and chewy, perfectly the way I like it. Oh my!


No 2nd rise?

Keith Dinant

Does anyone know the weight of the all-purpose that Jim is using in this recipe? 3 cups? On-line references tell me that 1 cup of King Arthur all-purpose flour is 4.25 ounces. However when I weigh 1 cup of K.A. all-purpose flour I get about 5.1 ounces. I just need to know the weight of the flour in this recipe. It makes a difference.

Raulduke duke

1:54...is that oil in the bowl i see!!!??? and ghey didnt mention it? blasphemy



Benjamin Chua

Is the 12 hours fermentation process at room temperature or in the fridge? Looking for an answer urgently! Thanks!

Allen Reinecke

Been using the 3-hour rise version for white flour, wholewheat and cinnamon raisin bread, but just tried the original recipe with white flour and added folding every half hour for the first 2 hours of the rise. To-date the bread has been dense and tight crumb. With this recipe, the large bowl was full the next morning (more than 3 times the usual size) and the dough very airy. Once cooked it was awesome! Going to add more folding in the 2-hour proving stage next

Cindy Strother


Raw Oyster

No! Not the gluten!!!

Jennifer V

Did not work for me. I will keep trying but this was so upsetting. Btw, I bake a lot. I make my 8 person family all our breads and desserts. From sandwich bread to dinner bread to breakfast breads to custom cakes and desserts and everything in between. We do not buy bread from the store or any desserts. So disappointed this didn’t work :(. It also stuck to my dutch oven and I can’t get out. Soaked, scrubbed with a Brillo pad, now soaking with a dryer sheet. Ugh ??‍♀️

Mila Rolicz

Just bought an enamelled cast iron dutch oven. Can I preheat it empty in the oven to 500 degrees? The instructions say you should never heat it empty, but I am assuming they mean when it's on a stove top. Am hoping it can be preheated in the oven.

Beckie Kureshi

Can this recipe be doubled to make a larger bread ?

Qurida Pearson


Iain Wallington

Hi there it's currently 630 am in the UK I have my dough made at 740 am it will be at the 18 hour point I've watched the video clearly it's abbreviated but I get most of the process.
Can someone who knows the original recipe/ process explain the final steps to me. Is it plop dough from my bowl fold a few times to shape then do a final proof seem side down for 2 hours before baking seem side up ? Also please clarify oven temp and method/timings thanks hopefully someone can assist me thanks.

Laura Moy

And this bread tastes great!!!


The recipe, for those who don't want to watch 5 minutes of video:

3 cups flour
1/4 tsp instant yeast
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup water

Mix, do not knead!
Rise 12 hours (very flexible, he rose 19 hours)
Fold to roundish shape, place seam-side down on floured cloth, flour top as well and fold cloth over it
Comments below suggest resting between 20 mins and 2 hours after this step; this was not mentioned in the video
Place into pre-heated ("BLAZING hot!") cast iron dutch oven, cover with lid, place into oven at 500 degrees (or "even 515")
Bake 30 minutes with lid + 15-20 minutes without lid

Should be nice and brown on top. Let cool before slicing, if you have that kind of self-control.

Mauro J. Bonazzi

The only bad thing i can say about this is... PLEASE USE GRAMS.


Do I use this for pizza too?

Susanna Miano

I've seen you don't cut the bread on the top before baking in the oven ....

William King

Could you make a large batch of this, refrigerate it after the rise and use it to make fresh bread every day for the rest of the week?

Dari DeJesus

p[[]l,...lkjhgfdswertyuik, vcxsawertyjklpoiuytrewqadfsgfdrtyhgfrtyhbvccvbzxcdsa qwertyuiop[]hnuygbhytfvhgvbhgvbjhjhgfhgfghgfdtrsdftrdfgtrdfghjkl
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df GB hff v cv bbv

My kids are doing this bread. Simple and delicious! Thanks


I keep returning to this bread and sharing this video with friends that also want to give it a try. The most difficult part seems to be to get the right cast iron pot. Love love love it. Thank you Jim and Mark for sharing this with the world.

Peter Place

Too expensive,

Blessed Tks GOD

O4/12/20. I’m here. From Brazil. ???❤️


i have made several of them since i discovered this video。 I added some nuts and raisins。 Worked very well。 Delicious! Thanks for sharing!


Jim Lahey: The sh*t abyss!

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Karen Olvera

It does not work for the NYT magazine, it will keep showing the ads.


it's not working now how i can do it now pls replie!

meet charola

Thanks a lot bro !!

G M Rasel

thanks a ton

Digna Paola

Thank you!!! El mejor tip que me han dado!

keith wisdom

thanks saved $

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This U.S. Election Could Be the Most Secure Yet. Here’s Why. | 2020 Elections

209 124 views | 19 Oct. 2020

With early voting

With early voting underway, states are working to reassure voters that their ballots will be counted as cast. Our video shows how states’ responses to Russian hacking and the coronavirus crisis have helped make the election more secure than ever.

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Huge lie

Daniel Gonzalez

True patriots. Admitted there were some issues, acknowledged those issues, and came together to fight and tackle those issues.

Jeff Guarino

They should use secure encrypted internet voting. You can print out your own ballot choice. If you trust online banking why not online voting. Get rid of all these voting machines.

hypatia of Alexandria

watermarks...... you are going down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSGiepYfMy0

Jim King

voting machines secure, is this a comedy skit?


Would the New York Times say "the Chinese" or would they say "the Chinese government" ? They shouldn't be generalizing or simplifying by saying "the Russians." It puts an automatic negative image in my head of "Russians" including those living here in America. Just like Trump shouldn't be saying "the Chinese virus."

Jeff Guarino

When they start saying "2020 could be the most secure election ever", it means it is totally hacked to the point even Dominion doesn't know where the hack is in it's software. The hack might only turn on for Nov 3 , or even just 1 hour on Nov3 and everything looks normal otherwise.

Folfie Lukather

then why are ballots being thrown in the trash


NYT story on the facts of voting machine integrity. https://youtu.be/w8eujrTyRRE


Lmaooooo I'm telling ya trump needs to do a lawsuit on dominion

Dany O

We are very happy that you follow the expectations of Kung Fu Panda to select leaders. Thank you for your help from multinational companies and the media. In the future, welcome to the world of Kung Fu Panda!

Heidi Ho

Unbelievable that so many treasonous trump cult followers are posting SO MUCH LIES!


This seems like the complete opposite of a secure election.

Frank G

Well it turns out the fraud is all over that the election is more likely to be frauded by democrats.

Reg Rock

Hahahaha haha, how’d that go?

Keith Mc

In Canada we have a paper ballot with the candidates and party affiliation and a circle by each name.

You put an X in the circle next to the name of the candidate of your choice. You fold the ballot and deposit it in a box. No computers. We've done it this way for a 150 years. It works.

Peanut Butter

This didn’t age well.

The Machine

Funny how the past 4 years has been nothing but how outside influence altered our elections. But as soon as a little good news happens in favor of Democrats, elections are the safest ever. LOL Apparently the Trump admin has done a bang up job keeping outside influence out.

Pilot Dawn

Amazing accomplishment to go from openly doubted to "most secrue". January 2020, the CEOs of the three companies that produce over 80 percent of voting machines in the U.S. – Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic – were grilled by members of Congress over the question of security at the ballot box. No one was so certain at that time. THEN in the midst of a pandemic, people locked down, all the same machines in place, it MIRACULOUSLY transforms into ULTIMATE SECURITY. Some claim to believe, but they also don't want to make sure with a recount, so we know how confident they are...no more than the rest of us. FAKE CLAIM.

Mr Magoo

New York Times says we are better off. This newspaper is a Dem rag. Making sense yet sheeple?!

Mark Daniel Louwe

this reminds me of my dream to have a paper backup of the binaries of my files in my computer because paper seems to survive longer than hard drives and ssd.

Nick Hanlon

But counting paper ballots takes time and money? It's O.K., it's only a federal election....

Kassie Bracken

Hello - I am Kassie Bracken. My colleague Alex Eaton and I produced this video looking at the recent history of our voting systems, and why some experts think this could be the most secure election yet when it comes to technology. It's also a journey showing how paper has come full circle in the past 20 years. Remember the chads in 2000 (if not, you'll learn more about them here)? Well, they set off a chain of events that still resonate in our security today. Voting technology is one important aspect of how we vote — please watch the other episodes in our series "Stressed Election" where we cover the impact of voting laws, voting by mail and the effect of disinformation on our elections.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

4:39 thank you for showing this so much, i wanted an explanation for that

Hank Acham


David Paul

The first step was to get you to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

xp xp

Everybody knows whats happening by now, New York Times say something different in 2018!


So you took a deeply flawed hanging chad method and instead of just going with a "Scantron" method, you threw the whole mess into impenetrable computer code that no one has access to or can decipher and voila! The most secure election in history!


No open source code, no deal. Why? Because this is an election not Grand Theft Auto (Wait! Maybe it is Grand Theft!)

Get. Off. The. Russian. Bullqrap!

It's not about external Russians! Never has been. It's about INTERNAL democrats stealing the election. Evidence abounds. Stop the lies!

Charles Yongoyar

Trump Rigged in 2016...

Ian Corley

Texan here, I'm glad my county got the electronic one with a paper trail.


Yeah, most secure by the Democrats. The fact that so many Republican Pollwatchers were not allowed to review the mail in ballots is enough evidence for me to believe something fishy was going on. And don't say that didn't happen b/c there's plenty of video that proves otherwise.

Robert Hesse

How fricken secure is the voting process in an election when 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan? There isn't anything secure about that. I see no reason to vote anymore, just let the dead vote.


Having paper ballots is one way to secure integrity. But what you missed was that 4 states didnt make it necessary to validate signatures on mail in ballots. Anyone can send in a ballot with a fake signature. Also, the dominion voting machines were connected to the internet, another reason why our voting system is vulnerable. After investigating the data from the machines, the information was being sent to canada and then returned to america. A lot can happen and access to machines and hard drives can dramtically reduce security.

The ODog Show


Anthony Keegan

There's something that's been bothering me..

In Georgia, The population is right around 4 million (390k)

Biden votes- 2,472,002
Trump votes-2,457,880
Jo Jorgensen -62,056

Now... I'm no rocket scientist but something is not adding up.

Stephen Koenig

To anyone on either side who believes this was the most secure election ever.....I've got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn if you're interested.

Ryan Libasia

1:56 that keyboard though

Maika Tupua

Yeah right!! It was NYT that accused about Russian Hack...yet nothing was proved. What about now??

Tom Lovelight

Here is same media,s opinion in 2018 https://youtu.be/w8eujrTyRRE

Minority Thinker

lol. what a joke video. made for kindergarten, if you think the machine and server is not vulnerable.

Angela Baiers

What a bunch of Malarkey!! Who is here after 2020 Mail in ballot & fraud election? President Trump won.

Angela Baiers

Paper trails needed. Main in ballots are the least secure way to vote & always has been historically. Plus Russia & China election interference right? Vote in person every election!!!!

Rilmi Situ

Whoa, hol up. This election is that what americans call the most secured? ?

Amelia McDonald



We all have an Electronic Stock Markets, Now we need Bio Metrics with Combined Paper Slip that would solve all this type of $HIT, It's time for systems that can link voters to their Iris and Thumb Print, linked to their ID's and Paper Slips that are given back to the voters. Plus the ability for the voter to check their votes after the election to verify that their vote remains the same. If fraud is shown later, that can push for better systems , and of course something can be done about it... All our Democracies are at stake. This type of device was written into a series of Novels called Eco Guards 3E's in 1986-89.


Is there something wrong with using a Scantron, "fill in the bubble" type of ballot? Secure, fast, simple, minimal open source code for simply reading and tabulating the ballots. Why are we needlessly complicating a completely simple task?

Oh yeah. Elections must be stolen. That's the reason.

Cringar the Destroyer

We aren't a democracy you fools.

Scott Clemens

There is a winning formula for winning Presidential elections in America: Just have your brother brother become a governor of Florida or of a governor of a Swing state. eg. Florida or Wisconsin. This was the winning formula used by George W Bush and Governor Jeb Bush for the American presidential elections of the year 2000 fought between Al Gore (Democrat) and George W Bush (Junior). Next ask your brother if he knows any presidential part workers (Republican or Democrat) or ask an election official of that state to steal some ballot boxes. In Florida right after the presidential elections, about 20 Republican party workers stole some ballot boxes of minority areas , so that their votes do not get count. All at once, you are the winnier of all the electoral votes in Florida. Florida electoral votes may not matter in every election. But in the year 2000, winning the electoral votes of Florida was enough to tilt the scales in favor of President George W. Bush (Junior) to winn the presidential elections of the year 2000, a little legally. Hee was the winner nevr the less. Because Al Gore did not sue the election officials, his wife Tipper Gore decided to divorce Al Gore. They waited till the kids were out of college before filing for divorce. .

Maris Memes


SgK 405

This is bull crap, there’s never been a time when things could be more suspect. Wake up!

Gandhi the Great

So in 2016 there was a vast Russian conspiracy because they lost but in 2020 it was the most secure ever because they won?

And they wonder why we don’t trust them. This isn’t media it’s propaganda


Can’t wait to come back to this video and laugh at y’alls lies.

Gandhi the Great

Had Democrat poll watchers been illegally forced out of rural vote counting centers and then Trump got historic voter turn out in those counties the media would rightfully call voter fraud

But the Democrats do it in the big cities and the call this “the most secure election in American history.” Such hypocrites

Dennis Elliott

Man are you people at Dominion in for a biggggg surprise...

Maria Cabezas

Secure...hahahhahaha dominion vote 4 b1den....

Fr4ud detected...


hahaha, we all see. most secure lol

J Scott Upton

So it turns out that this election is setting records for corruption. 10,000 votes in Nevada from people who don't live there. People voting twice in Pennsylvania. An Arizona woman lost her mother a few weeks ago (before the election started) BUT the dead mother VOTED in the Arizona election. Military absentee ballots found in a DITCH. Republican poll watchers BARRED from entering the ballot count area. And the list goes on and on and on.


I have not met anyone decentived to vote due to Russia.


LOLOL, you have millions of MAILED in votes with NO SIGNATURE, NO POSTMARK and claim its the most secure election? LOLOLOL


When Democrats lose = ELECTION IS ILLEGITIAMTE, When Democrats win = ALL CLEAR, 100% SECURE!


THIS JUST IN: Political violence and intimidation are A-okay and a great way to "secure" an election. President Trump decides he's going to do a little security work of his own.

Stanley T

Cold take.

Also how was that “one of the most successful intelligence operations in modern history” if, as claimed in the video, they didn’t find any evidence?


2016 - *russia actually gains access to our voting network
Trump: “seems legit”

2020 - the most secure election in us history
Trump: “ F R A U D “

Test Dong


David Brown

It doesn't do any good if mail in paper ballots that can be sold to others... I also doesn't help when people counting votes lockout observers and cover windows with cardboard.... This election feels more unstable than 2000... By Nov 6th 2020 the major media is pushing no fraud accured while reports and admissions are coming to light...

Joshua 4050

This didn’t age well at all

Anthony A

Propaganda at its finest!!!!!

Chuck Ruckus


D Koch

When you want to commit fraud and make it hard to prove who is to blame do not use paper ballots or ID cards or in person voting or allow people to monitor the votes being counted. We all know this is true but you have gotten away with so much.


Yeah ok

Daniel Gonzalez

It's so astonishing how many people have differing opinions on this election and it's outcome.

Kevin Talent

Yes they problem with mail in voting is anybody just mail more then one. Some folk have gotten 2 or 3 ballots

Bryan Carpio

What I'm really looking to know - because of the accusations about election 2020, is how people's identities get verified. Here in the Philippines, we have a voter's ID with your name & picture printed that you present to the officers when you vote. We vote with machines like that with paper trail, we mark our votes with pen & the machine reads and counts. After counting it spits out a receipt telling us if it counted our votes right. That receipt then is dropped in a box because you cant carry it home cause it might get used to buy votes. Before you exit, you put your signature &/or fingerprint in a list with your name and picture on to prove that you already voted so no one else could use your name to vote. The software is proprietary but gets checked by the different political parties & NGOs. I'm asking this cause I've seen a video that says Democrats don't want to require IDs when voting because it is antipoor & racist bacause Blacks are poor people(I think that assumption IS racist). But the Blacks that were interviewed don't have a problem with having to get IDs, they already have one. I don't know if that vids claim that Dems don't like voters ID is true though.

Mark C

Elizabeth Warren and others have been concerned about this for years, the left has been screaming Russian collusion for years and now there's no chance of election fraud? Foreign voting machines have been used to sway elections for years and now this is the most secure election in history? Give me a break!


This is not going to age well

Baloney KerRy

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Maria Cabezas

secure ??? Really ??


Johan Johansson


Safest election? Don’t think so


But, the mail-in paper ballots are then susceptible to manipulation by those who enter and compile the raw data. This the video neglected to mention.

Kayla D

I think it’s ridiculous that a side is totally lying and it’s took four years to all shut out... media interviewing and like saving face.. wtf the world am I living in.. I think the whole point is to have the American public confused..

Ethan O. McBride

Just voted here in Travis county! I enjoyed the voting machine but I had no idea Dana made it herself!

John Tatum

This was from the New York Times...no wonder it is so wrong...this was the most unsecure election...the DNC is Russia.

teresa fillinger

This election was rigged.

Brent Warren

"Could be or could not be" .... you guys sound like my union

Irma Herrera


So it depends on if they can get enough Fraudulent ballots to steal the election.

GMan_ Trader

Meanwhile... https://youtu.be/tPmw0PnrvBM
You can hack a voting machine with a cell phone right now. No need for the noise NYT.

Johan Johansson

Yeah, the safest ever...if you are a Democrat

Jeff Sanders

Trump got more votes in 2020 than 2016 but I guess he got those votes legitimately this time since there’s no mention of a vast Russian conspiracy by the media this time

The media are such hypocrites it’s actually laughable

Darth Padre

Came here forbthe lolz.

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Phillip Bainbridge

Pure conjecture.

Mike Collins

Thats not what the news was saying a year ago.


Most secure in history? You’re title is laughable ??. Secured for the democratic win, maybe...