Swift recruiting

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Swift Squad we are recruiting

57 views | 23 May. 2020


Hi everyone plz sub and like the stream it would mean the world

Swift recruiting

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SwiFt Recruiting

48 views | 16 Jan. 2011

Clips By SwiFt

Clips By SwiFt ExclusiVe

Made and Edited By Shawzy mG


Swift recruiting

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Swift Transportation Gave Me A Chance

46 410 views | 23 Feb. 2019

Swift Transportation gave

Swift Transportation gave me a chance. In this video we have a conversation with honey badger. Truck driving jobs opportunities and more related trucking!! Subscribe to honey badger 101


J.Manuel Charriez

I did 120,000 gross last year working local doing liquified Petroleum Gases such as butane propane pentane ppmix and other types of fuel like gasoline diesel etc. Ny, Nj, De, Pa, Ohio,Vermont, Virginia, WV and Md...

Ed 007

Insecure women in a man’s world wanting attention


I already see two reasons they hired you for Swift.?


Whoa! Look at those knockers! ?


Yo whats HoneyBadger ?. I want to team with here to Alaska


sexy mami

Baker gx Mayfield

Sexy ass light skin broad

Bobby whitti

Hey bro hook me up with honey! She is so beautiful ❤️?❤️?????,please!

Javon Lomax

I actually met her in person she’s real cool

Eugene Davis

That young lady is gorgeous

It’s no fear Dios es fiel!

Ella lo que está es buena e coño

0 0

Is Swift Transportation a good company to Drive for?

brad h

Of the trucking companies that train you to get your CDL, which ones have you do the driving test in a manual truck? As opposed to doing it in an automatic where you will have that restriction on your license?

Ron Branum

DAMN !!!!

Chris Dasher

She knows better she knows what she's doing smh

BamaCountryBoi Trucker Tv

I'm signing up for Swift wow!

Sam Hernandez

Congratulations Ms. Honey Badger, I just got accepted to swift also, also with a bad past, I start feb 2021

James Griffin

Hey can you give me a call got some questions about swift 2294608334

Robin Cavicante

I hope swift keep's her as long as she's a professional trucker without tearing up the trailer


I have 2 reckless driving by speeds in VA when I was in the Marines back in 2015 with jail time and an accident in 2016....I'm waiting for a swift school spot now. Trust me, swift does take ppl with records. This vid isn't lying about that.


Them Swangas.......

mgtow Legion

Yikes! There cant be too many women truckers that look that good. Wow

Barnie Ingram

Definitely sub on her channel..

Cox Freight

She hot, but I didn’t like her accent

Bob O

Why do busty

Herbert Gamble

Going to subscribe

Bobby whitti

Your hair is beautiful doll!

Ricky Harvey

She was charged with armed robbery in 2012 !!! I think she was trying to get on with brinks and loomis and they sent her to swift !!! Lol

Ronald Ross

All I can say is run hard and save every penny because it is your opportunity to make money. After a couple of years trucking will burn you out


Does she need team driver???


Wow does she wanna team up ?

Piccolo The Fit Trucker

Bro wtf

Lanny Flannery

iF YOU have acrimanal record Canada wont let you in.

Linell Tillman

When I worked for swift I was only getting 1800-2200 miles a week only.

Rhoods Kevin


Ace V

I love u... lol

Hand Solo

Hi guys does anybody knows where can I find an orthopedic surgeons to do my medical evaluation summary for my skills performance evaluation I have a intrastate CDL I need to get my interstate CDL now because I have one hand they want me to do a medical evaluation summary I’m in Orlando, Florida so if you know one let me know guys thank you!!

Kent Livingston

She a baddy

Dalis Troy

We can be a team, I just got my CDL A class. I need a trainer ??

J.Manuel Charriez

Awesome woman

Richie Rodriguez



Heavy Load coming through

Nature Boy

She pulls doubles

Bobby whitti

Oh you can assult me anytime ,baby

New Jersey- the super trucking rookie

I about to start with Swift. Thanks for the vids

English Financier

Those are a great pair.

Ricky Harvey

When she was dancing she must of slipped on the pole and hit her head to go in to trucking !!!!

John Jason

damn she's fine

Skyye W. Rempart

Omg she is Hot af

Bobby whitti

God bless you ? ❣️ God make so beautiful! Love to see does big twins you got the honey! Can I marrie you sweetie?

Angry Dergon

I wonder if they gave her the truck with the old suspension and routes with old bumpy roads, and a driver facing camera. typical of swift though

Rick Tompson

A lot of people tell the dispatchers the lies. They tell on UTube.
Kissing up to receive favoritism.
Are you a Mormon? The owner of the company Morri the Mormon. Has let his dispatchers know that other Mormons. Are to receive the highest allowable wages and cushiest accounts. Along with newer trucks.

RockemRocket Sandusky

Bringing the hotness to the channel. Good job bro.

The Asian Mai Show - Official Trucking Channel

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Put some hot sauce on it ?

Mr. DIYourself Channel

I’m about to start trucking ??

Cox Freight

Oh... a criminal ?

not from earth

Thumbnail bait.

Peter Northrup

There is no way..

Clint Lightbourne

Hmmm if Cardi B was a truck driver...it would be her but in a respectful way??

scarecrow Scarecrow


Erick Ljunior

Como se llama esa camionera?

NeverGiveUp NeverGiveIn

Shout out to L.A.!! Long Beach born and raised here.

Mortis Album

? wow shes beautiful... hope she stays safe on the road. What's her channel?

jay klark

That's it!! I'm joining Swift!! ??

R Hayndr

If Swift gave me a job, I would do my best to pay my dues, work and drive safe, and suceed.

Dub Wbc

She’s finest trucker I’ve eve seen

B-more BoneZ

Obviously SWIFT is upgrading their drivers to some GAD DWAAAM she fine as HELL!!!

Andrew Ale

Butterface y'all smoking crack I've seen better and had better.

Operation Life

New sub! Love the channel!! I am just in the beginning stages of my journey. Taking my CDL permit tests this week! Swift is giving me a shot as well!! Looking forward to hitting the road!

TexasBoy Easye

I’m making sure i don’t miss none of her videos. She has some great content ?

B Parker

Is she really a trucker or a paid actor lol

luis sanjuan

Be safe out there honey badger !

ty jackson

She is Beautiful..?

Paul H.

Walk's the lot at night!

Ronald Ross

Now that she is behind a semi she can assault people with a fully loaded 80,000 pounds vehicle


what part of L.A. YOU FROM COMPTON

d a n i e l


Chris Dasher

Swift will let anyone drive they will let a newborn baby drive

Charles Explorz

Lawd ha merci! Good goobly goobly she has nice teeth!

Hilbert Garza


Mark Bush

Did she say 33 cents per mile or 43 cents ?


Swift gives everybody a chance

Fifth Child82

Her channel is going to get alot of hits, views, and subscribers quick


Jerry Rocks

I'm speechless


She is gorgeous and she knows it. Hopefully her attitude is still energetic after a year or so experience.


I lived in Anchorage Alaska and worked for Carlile Transport driven from Anchorage to Fairbanks with a set of 40's double on the haul road drop it in Fairbanks and down to Prudhoe bay its a cool run you would love it and also Carlile and Lynden has run from Seattle to Alaska

James Cowan

I have worked for a couple different trucking companies and I actually started out with SWIFT back in 2005. As of recent I sat through a SWIFT orientation again, not because I was going to work for them again because I was happy where I was, but I was waiting for a buddy to arrive that works with SWIFT. One huge difference I have noticed with SWIFT is the are dead serious about safety nowadays. I won't mention what company I work for now but I do know SWIFT probably would run circles around them as far as safety and keeping up to date with new safety and DOT laws. I don't think it is the SWIFT it use to be at all. I think the have made serious improvements that many companies can't touch!!!

Jason Logan

This is got to be a situation where you go to the auction and find a 2000 and 17 Mercedes Benz that looks to clean but when you turn the ignition on there's water damage. There's no way she shouldn't be someone's trophy wife not doing anything but taking care of the kids and working out at 24 hour Fitness and flirting with guys until her husband gets home. She's in trucking because something's wrong. No disrespect to her but All that glitters isn't gold

Richard Sou

Yeah... I would....
It's great that such a beautiful woman is putting in work the right way! But dont forget to have fun too!!!

Total Public Exposure T.V. Channel

Do Swift know you was a crack baby

lonnie blackwell

It was be tough going thru life that pretty. Good luck with your trucking career, I wish you the best of luck.

The Asian Mai Show - Official Trucking Channel

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Cory Smalls

She is beautiful

Deon Johnson

I drove for swift in 2011 in a broken volvo that only moved at 52 miles per hour top speed and was neglected to go home for 90 days! Maybe it only happened to me but the fact that it happened is ugly, horrible and unjust.

J.Manuel Charriez

As a company driver


I love your show. Kudos to you for creating it!

Willie Davis

Dam she fine af

Edward Garcia

So beautiful mama

Smack DaDickus

How am I supposed to be respectful with tits like that?