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50 134 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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just kidding

I wish more of the makeup would be brought to my stores like urs!...??????????

Heather Miller

I would love to go to a Dollar Tree like this one!!

Ceci’s Coupon Buzz

Great finds. showing support. hope you follow back. Love dollartee. ?

La Vie d'un Artisan

love your DT...TFS

M Martinez

Ok. I go to 5 different dollar trees. A d there no where as nice as the ones you go too. I don’t mind the longer time you spend in the crafter area

Coffee IsMyJam

Guuuurl, I had just left my dollar tree when u posted. I promise u, we don't be getting none of the goodies your stores do. Lol. The Ioni lashes tho, they are life.

Margaret Lee

Ok that’s it I’m moving there! Get a room ready! ?

Cynthia Carlson

I always love your videos!! You have awesome Dollar Trees!

Miss Destiny

I love the stickers and craft aisle

White Wolf

My favorite moment is when she says "okay."

Audrey Phillips

Lol I’m watching your video and my boyfriend was like she has a very calming voice ? I said yeah that’s why I like watching her lol

Samantha Peck

Out of curiosity, how many dollar trees do you go to in a week? ♡

Denise Conaway

Those stickers are just soo good, love a good look at those stickers. ??? x

Laury Shattock

Love that you spent some time in the craft area!

Childlike Faith

I hope to find them farbic roses for to make bows

katie king

Thanks I appreciate you spending that time on the stickers, my store has very little

Xaira Camacho

3 bowls for a buck, not bad at all.

Tip Tig


Diva*3 *

TFS, I hope I can find the tie dye kits!

Theresa BLOUNT


Makeupswatch Fan

Nice video ? thanks for sharing ??

sarah kelly

So relaxing..lol to the calm advert half way thru because I was thinking " I couldn't feel calmer atm I'm watching this video"!!!!

Isabel Argueta

I love with all those cute stickers ? I love ❤️ nice stickers and I have so many of them. I also like the red roses bandana and the purse ? for my little one

Deborah Erickson

Do you buy any items

pink butterfly


Kathy Clarke

I love your Dollar TreecShop with Me videos. You're so much fun.


I look forward to your trips to the $ STORE.


Girl I wish my dollar tree had all those new things. I have to travel to far to find all those new stuff. Thanks for sharing. Sending you and Po Bear blessings.

Kimberly Luther

Love the pastel food containers they hold up amazing! Three in a pack for a dollar! Such a steal! Finally found the setting spray after going a town over but have yet to see the other makeup. My store did have the wet n wild blushes a few months ago

Roxann Hutchinson

I have yet to find a dollar tree that has all the stuff that you show me it’s bad

Kim Fuentes

I don't know about anyone else but I am so tired of the trucks for every single holiday. Christmas was bad enough but now they have them for every single holiday. I don't want to see anymore of them, over used worn out. Just my opinion.

Sheila West

I got the peel and stick tiles for my dollhouse!

Monica Ingram

Stickers! Wow.

Dorothy Johnson

I say omg agn. You r fantastic whatever time of day u r. Love your easy lovin voice. Soooothin! Thnx.

Sandra Zloch

What state are you in? I have no DT like this near me.


Really, u went thru all those stickers.....4 is a plenty ? Just a stroll thru would have been fine ?

Sara Kay

I’m so glad someone else goes to the dollar tree as often as I do.

Dimples Cotton

Thanks for The Walk Through ??

Pineda's Adventures

Wishing I could go to that dollar tree lol.

Karen White

Nice things?

ambre osorio

I believe you can go online and order stuff to shop to your store but maybe they are only the DT brand.


I want to come to your Dollar Tree, California Dollar Tree has nicer stickers....California here I come! Lol.
I hope this week, if not, by next week my Dollar Tree has all the stickers you showed us... I seen ?‍♀️? a lot of them that I like ?❤❣

Thanks for sharing! ❣❣

It's A Deal

Sticket heaven??

Shonda Pryor

I ❤️ to watch the spring goodies especially the crafts with the cross's ?️? sticker's

Ortencia Zarco

Gurrrl ,,i love the stickers ???

Michelle m

Im so jelly of your make up selection...we cant seem to get it together in my area. Some storws will get one item another yet another piece. But never will one store have all the items at the same time. Anyways, thanks for the video! I always look forward to them.

Sanrio Girly

Your dollar tree has an great craft section. Mine doesnt offer much. I like the wooden trucks. Thanks for the video!!

Angelia Clary

That store is so clean well stocked and organized! Tyfs ❤️???

Jenny Li

Love all your DT walk throughs. Didn’t know you’re in Riverside county. Your local DT stores are fully stocked. Compared to what we have here in some of the Los Angeles area, nothing. I did come across talking to a DT employee, he said Rancho Cucamonga is the largest DT store in SoCal. For vast selections, go to stores in Whittier and Pico Rivera. For some of you LA folks looking for more selections and your local DTs don’t have what she posted here, go check out Whittier and Pico Rivera.
Thank you again for your awesome walk throughs.

Karen Boring

Your store has a very nice craft area. I was told one of ours was getting a new craft section. It was so pitiful what they added.

Debbie Canada

Awesome walk through ?? Thank You for sharing your time with us and showing all the new Dollar Tree items ????

Jodie Diciccio

I wish my dollar tree stores were half as big, clean and offered nearly as much as yours do ?

D Rob

Your Dollar Tree is EVERYTHING ? I have been patiently waiting for our stores to get the stamp sets??‍♀️ EVERYTHING else in your video we have??‍♀️ The DELAY is killing me? Thanks for a wonderful tour??❣️

Faith Schorer

I love the craft stuff. I would get a bunch of craft stuff n make memorial stuff for people.

Rose Goddard

You must have a big dollar tree store there


Love the stickers! Dollar Tree always has the cutest stickers, and cute craft stuff in general.

Carol Johnson

Hi PNF❤?❤?


I love those stickers. I use them for my garden journal.

Carol Gursky

Love your videos.....love the little puppy dog❤❤❤❤?

Kaitlyn Sampson

LOVED seeing all the Easter stuff, but not really into all the stickers unless my kid wants some lol ?

Julie Plourde

I like your channel but toooo much time with stickers a lot of videos

Margaret Lee

Yeah forget Craft stores. DT kills it with stickers. They can be used on just about project you think of!

Stacey Lace

I've used that little eyelash curler. It's not bad but you have to be careful cause it has a tendency to pinch a bit

Stephanie Graham

I love when she starts organizing everything! I feel her! I’m the same way! That Dollar tree is like sticker heaven! You might cry if you saw my local Dollar tree store... JEALOUS! ? love your videos!

Dadirai Tsopo

Really enjoyed this....could you please do some kitchenware videos at dollar tree?


Im excited for the easter ? items!!!?

A Piece of April

Where are you located. My local dollar tree stores look nothing like this

Charlene O'Neill

Awesome video girl

Chelsey Hammons

Girl you showed all of them dang stickers! Lol ??‍♀️

Ally Jefferson

Where is THIS DOLLAR Tree located???? I live in the High desert and it is NEVER stocked like this!!!!!

chenai johnson

Hey we haven’t heard from SNF (Son N Flawed) in a long time. Tell him to holla at us lol.

Margie Wallace

Love her but too much time in stickers

Carmen Esemplare

I love walkthroughs you get to see a lot of things. ?TY

M Holland

That was good Dollar Tree! Thanks for the share! ?

Maggie B

Well PNF, soon ii will be March where we start daylight savings time! Happy Spring! ??????? tfs

princess art design

I have so many great I ideas thank u

Lori Johnson

I wish our Dollar Tree had all these products. We have 2 and you can't find the wood signs, plaques or wood products at all, no stickers of any kind. Mostly cleaning products, hair products, dishes and snacks.


I wonder how well the tie dye works

Ms Pylypciow

Just when you are being careful.... bam everything falls.....? Thanks for sharing !

Memere V Memere V

Wow, that DT has a lot of nice stuff. Thank you for sharing

alli oakley


Rubberducky 171

Where I live there’s a dollarama closer to me but I still take the extra walk to the Dollar Tree because they somehow have a nicer variety of makeup, nail polish, and hair accessories

Sarah Gabriel

Still haven’t seen those wooden trucks, crosses or churches at my DT or all those stickers I’ll sure be looking for them


Wow! What city are you in? I've never seen a Dollar Tree that large and varied. Ours in the DC area are sad and messy.


Ok where is this store? Because my local 3 dollar tree stores aren't as stocked up as this one ☹


Thanks for touching everything in the dollar tree so I don’t have to. ?

Tasha Lipps

Loved the stickers!

Yvette Arnold


Debbie Valentine

I’m coming to Murietta soon. Where is this store at?

Linda Uribe

So many stickers ? lol

Angel Cat Life

Love seeing the stickers and crafts form America, I'm from the UK so it's really interesting to see how much variety you have! ????

Cheap & Thrifty Mom

I am LOVING the stickers lately ??? Tfs!

Charnell Scott


Shanice Shopping Saga

That sticker sections does look like Michaels

Susan H

Your Dollar Tree is huge compared to mine, that’s why we don’t get the stuff that you get because they don’t have nowhere to put it.

Reatha McCubbins

Not only are your finds INTERESTING.... But are also VERY PRETTY!! ???

tilias orr

Your voice laugh and motion makes me feel calm❤️❤️

Reeta Harrison

Looks like my DT In Chino

V. Mishra's art

Excellent work

Joy Shupe

I love it when you straighten things ip

New dollor

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NEW Dollar Tree Shop w/me 2/12~NEW @ Dollar Tree Walkthrough 2/12/21~Beyond Belief $1 Hidden Gems!

8 528 views | 10 Feb. 2021

new dollar tree shop w/me

new dollar tree shop w/me 2/12. dollar tree walkthrough 2/12/21. beyond belief $1 hidden gems. dollar tree 2/12. couponing for a cause dollar tree. couponing for a cause. dollar store walkthrough 2/12. dt wt 2/12. dollar tree walkthrough. dollar tree shop with me 2/12. dollar tree shop with me 2-12. dollar tree come w/me 2-12. queen of the 99. dollar tree store walkthrough. dollar tree new stock. rebecca stu & the crew. sway to the99. dollar tree hard candy. whats new at the dollar tree 2021. dollar tree. makeup. Let's Do It on a Dime and see some Sensational Finds that are new at the Dollar Tree this week. Only in my dreams did I think I would find such a Massive Dollar Tree. I know a lot of these items are going to sell out fast so be sure to stop by your local Dollar Tree if you are looking for them! Don’t forget to hit that notification for an amazing Dollar Tree Haul! I hope you enjoy this video and remember if you like these videos please subscribe like and hit the bell so you can receive notifications when I upload new videos. One of my favorite DT haulers is Chic on the cheap! Shout out Sway to the 99. Pretty and Flawed. Shout out to Jennifer Mowan. Reis World. Sandras Hauls and Pookies Views. Thanks for watching.

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[email protected] or [email protected]

Friend Mail: Attn Mel/Richard Breunig Foundation/P.O. Box 1673 Westminster CA 92684

0:00 - Intro

1:13 - New Dollar Tree Shop with me 2/10

7:43 - Sensational Finds Dollar Tree

10:26 - Dollar Tree Walkthrough 2/10

15:50 - Whats new at Dollar Tree

27:28 - Outro





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Adventures by A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu

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Tanya Embly

Congrats to the winner. I am in my dollar tree 5-6 days a week. Never know what comes in lol. The one dollar tree is so close I can walk if I want but I intend to buy and buy so I need my SUV. Lol. As always you are amazing

Elaine Mccall

Hi Mel ?, I don't get to go very often now because my mother and I both have underlying health issues The numbers are high here in Florida for the covid virus.?? We usually go out to Doctors appointments and to the grocery store and if there's time I'll go to the DT. So right now I would say I go once a month. I usually look at seasonal first because it's in the front of the store. Then I look at Crafters square and cosmetics and food and necessity items. ?? TFS ? Blessings from Florida ?????? HUGS. Thanks for all you do Mel.?.

Tiffany Estrada

I go two to three times a week. I always go to the makeup section first.


Usually I just go to DT once a week/every other week. Occasionally, if we have a vaca, I'll go twice. Usually I go to the seasonal decor first just because it's right there up front in most of mine.

Marcella Bolio

I go to DT about once a week. Seasonal decor is my first stop.

House of How To

I go a couple times a week and I always start at the front of the store and go isle by isle

Elizabeth W

I go to dt 3- 4 times a week. Usually I go to beauty first and then toys and crafts. We had a bunch of the oh k masks, but we didn't have the leg mask

Danielle Mccarver

I can never find the flower nor the hard candy items in my dollar tree. I'm so upset. I looked at every one in my area

Crafty Beginnings

New to your channel. Love the DT, I shop about 1 every two weeks when I have the funds. My first stop is the craft section. Tfs and thanks for the opportunity.

Deb Wagner

Congrats to the latest winner ??? my first stop is the seasonal section & then to makeup, I usually check out the food and snack aisle next, I try to go to the DT at least once a week. great haul & TYFS ?

Heather Hutson

At least once a week, make up and seasonal are my go to sections

Eshica Showell

I usually go to Dollar Tree once a week, usually in the afternoons when I am on my lunch break. I usually head to the snack aisle first to see what goodies are in stock.

Lawanda Hairston

I go once a week and go to the craft section but I love to browse the whole store to find new items.

CaveIt Crafting by Karina

Great new finds.. I go once or twice a week and go straight to the new season decor ??

Joanne Schoonjans

I was told that all the face masks at the dollar stores r bad for our face?

wow pow22

I try to go to Dollar Tree everytime I pass by ? There's just always something that I need/want and I usually go straight to the storage section or makeup section because the selection is amazing!!

Rhonda Owen

Congratulations to the winner, enjoy ?
When I did go to the dt I would go twice a month and just get my buggy and check out every aisle, ? and hope I didn't forget the main thing I went to get.?‍♀️

Abbey Lee

I have a dollar tree right beside where I work. I go almost everyday either before or after work. If I've had a long night at work I go in there when I get off in the morning to relax me and cheer me up ? I normally go to the makeup first then crafts. I live in a small town so our dollar tree isn't the best and we don't get the good makeup like y'all do so I love watching what you get.

Jess Tartar

First stop is definitely seasonal and I go to the DT maybe twice a month.


I use to go weekly to my DT. But since our lives have changed dramatically, I only go to DT maybe once a month to 2 times. I've only been once this entire year 2021. I recently went to get cleaning products which is my first thing I head to in DT. I absolutely LOVE cleaning products, it's weird I get it but the deal is great. I also love the organization bins they have. I also go to the books and baby items. I get the basics like baby powder,bottles and binkys for my daughter there. DT is my go to for holidays for little rewards for my kids. ???

Tina Ramos

I love the dollar tree store you find nice stuff i wish I can find the stuff you find

Gloria Magana

Hi Mel,congrats to the winner!I used to go at least weekly , now probably monthly ?. You always point out the good deals,inspiring me to go more often . Thanks always for your generosity , and pleasant personality ?. Blessings back at you and everyone ?

Mileny reyes

I try to go one time in a month ..
First thing I go check is the makeup area but they never have a lot of makeup..
Love your video. God bless you .

Connie Mae72

I go to dollar twice a week. My favorite section is the craft and book section.

Clara King

I shop at least once a month at DT. I don't have a car or I would go more often. I always check the beaty section first. Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

Alice Thomas

I need to go shopping with you. Gosh! Your DT fully stocked. Wow! Unbelievable. All DT should be fully stocked like yours. You do a great job & take your time showing everything. Keep it up girl. Looking forward to what you show new @ DT. Stay safe & God bless!

Banessa Corona

I go like twice a month and the makeup... I wish i could go more often

Rasha Chatman

I go to dollar tree once a week.

Angela Scallionmills

I go to DT as often as I'm around one first place I love going is make up but never find what others haul but will keep trying

Heather Cundiff

I go to the Dollar Tree at least twice a week and I always head to the make up section first.

Katrina Woodley

I go to mine 1-2x a week and I only travel to go a dollar tree in the towns surrounding me on weekends, if weather permits or I don't already have plans. I have only found one wishlist item at mine. I go straight to holiday/ seasonal stuff. I don't buy make up, hygiene or food/ drink from dollar tree but I like to look at everything else. We only have one dollar tree in the city I live in

Amy Toney

I go to Dollar Tree about 3 times a week. I have my route I take every time in the store ?. I first go to the seasonal items then the candle/craft aisle. I save the makeup section for last hoping I find the good makeup as my ta daa moment

Jeanne McKinney

AMAZING giveaway! I shop at DT as often as possible, but have to watch my spending. I usually go at least once a week, sometimes twice a week if I have something on my wishlist I couldn't find before. I always start my shopping at the beginning of the store which is the seasonal section at my stores. I should start at makeup also, but I think I'm afraid of missing something if I start anywhere other than the front of the store. Then I go up and down every aisle, every time. TFS! Great walkthrough!




I try to go atleast once a week or every other week and go to makeup ? and crafts ?section.???

Maria Lopez

I go to my DT once a week sometimes once every 2weeks just depends, I go straight to the makeup, and then to the toy section. Great walkthrough?

Diana Pranivong

I can barely find any more Hard Candy makeup. So far I've only found the bronzer and setting spray which I grabbed the last one. California DT stores get all the best items. ☹ I go to DT 2-4 times a week. I sometimes go to the DT on my lunch break at work and actually tell my boss I'm taking a little longer lunch byeeeeee lol. I skim through seasonal aisle 1st bc its usually at the front and then crafter's square, makeup and then stationary.?

Terri's Thrifty Finds

Once a week I visit the DT and always head to the Crafters Square and gift section.


I don’t go as often as I use to. I like to go to their art and craft section first. TFS!

Freidda Price

Love it

Samantha Franco

I am embarrassed to admit I go at least three times a week ? but I love getting new things!!!


I go to.the DT once a week before work

Lacey Dunaway

I wish I could find all the hard candy products , I always hit the makeup section ? I got once a week cause my husband's wallet couldn't handle more then that lol . he says it's not the dollar tree its the $50 tree cause everytime I go I spend $50 lol ?

Margaret Spillyard

I go 2 to 3 times a week. And my favorite place to go 1st is the crafts, then makeup.

Lady Shadow

I usually go to Dollar Tree 3x a week. First to the seasonal home decor section, second makeup and third the crafters square. Thank you.

Debbie Havis

I go once a week, I usually check out the seasonal section first.

Lisa N

I go once a week. I go in and turn right and walk down ever aisle.

Butter Fly chick

I shop 1 time per week. I go straight to the makeup area lol !!!thank you much love

Ashley Jaramillo

I go to DT a couple times a month it depends! I do go a little crazy so I try to limit myself ?

Brianna Lee

I like to go to dollar tree once a week and my go to section is hair and make up

Karen White

Great Items?



Natalie Garcia

I literally shop at DT 4 times a week. I go to the makeup section or to the crafts i just love DT so much and it’s also so affordable!!!!

Amie Norris

I"ve been making jewelry for over 10 yrs and I LOVE THE BEADING BOOK!!! I will be looking for the beading book. I always use books like that for inspiration.

John Angry Spirit

Ooh there's a 2$ coupon for the maybelline mascara

Lani Higgins

Hola! I’m a postmates delivery driver so sometimes when I don’t have a order I stop by D.T. To kill time & check out new inventory. I shop maybe about 5x’s a week lol. I love It there, I usually start in the very front section of each store & work my way down each aisle. Peace & love, -Lani

Leslie A R

My normal to shop at DT is 2 to 3 times, there is 2 in my area and they get trucks on different days. I usually head to the Crafter’s Square first, then the makeup but also depends on what I see hauled for the week and what I need to be on the look out for. Love your videos, love what you do for all and TY for being you...Happy Heart Day..❤️?

Melanie McGuire

I go to DT at least once a week but sometimes I may go 2 or 3 times. My favorite section is craft's, hair and makeup. We moved recently and now I have a small DT a half mile away ?. Your stores stock is absolutely amazing.

Nidia Aviles

I try to visit dollar tree to 2 or three times a week I always start at the beginning of the store and walk up and down each and every aisle find hidden treasures in the smallest place

Jessica Anaya

Great finds. I go to Dt twice a week to different locations. As I walk in, I start to my right hand side and work my way aisle by aisle you never now what you’ll find. ??

Mama Brown

I go to DT about once a week sometimes more! I typically go to health/beauty to hunt for name brand items but I have to scan the whole store every time before I leave ?

Melody Romero

I absolutely go straight to the makeup section love finding great deals there for makeup that's my go to spot lol I usually go on the weekends so I usually head out the DT 4 to 5 times a month love it there ❤️

Belinda Bennett

I go to the hand soap area. I like the selection of hand soap at my Dollar Tree. I do makeup and mugs too. I am starting to go a little more now. I was going two to three times a week before the pandemic. I'm going now once a week sometimes two. As time goes on I will go more.

Jessica P

I go to DT at least once a week but if I had more near I would go every day. I go through all the isles from right to left usually.

Holley Gray

I go to dollar tree 2 to 3 times a week I always go to seasonal holiday section first

Pa Yong

I go to the DT almost everyday and will go straight to the makeup section

Tropycalstorm Riches

I check the seasonal first, then head to the candle section and crafts. IG: sorayarich

Ashley Bartee

So I’m a dollar tree fanatic and have been for years! I would go ever day if I could but go about 2x a week. My go to section is always seasonal but front but I love the items near the check out too! Always find secret jems there!

Couponing For A Cause


❤️FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/shecoupons4charity?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=db3wqf4h1n34



lori sabbagh

Loved the walk through!! So many amazing new items!! TFS!! I go the DT at least 2 to 3 times a week. I usually start at the makeup aisle and then the crafting aisle. Thank you for this great giveaway!! You are so kind and so generous!! God bless~

JL Matthews

Great Dollar Tree shop with me!!! I go to the Dollar tree on my day off which is Thursday...and I start on the right with all the holiday items..


About 4 times a week I live in a small town so the Dollar tree is really close by my house but I'm a sucker for the holiday section then the beauty

Martha Perez

I go twice a week , craft section , makeup

Amy M

I go to DT once or twice a month. I like to check out the books first. Thanks for sharing:)

Kelly Jean

To the Dollar tree and go three times a week .. addicted to the Dollar tree

Carolyn Denison

I got to between 5 and 7 DT'S a week. The first section I go to is seasonal.

Whitney La

I used to go to dollar tree once or twice a week because I liked looking for new stuff in the bath, beauty, craft, and storage section. It is always super cool to find name-brand items every so often! Now I try to limit it to once every other week.

ms sunsets

I would love to go to dollar tree at least once a week but it usually ends up once or twice a month. I go straight to the makeup too lol

Crystal Kime

I shop at Dollartree twice a week. I go to the holiday section first.

Pam Jam

Omg, I go to dollar tree 5 days a week to everyday! I wish my dollar tree had all the makeup your do. I go to skincare/ makeup isle, always on the hunt for bath bombs. I have watch slot of your videos and I just want to tell you ,you are so wonderful and giving(especially to children) God bless you!☺

Nunya King

4 times a week and the first section l ll go to is the art and crafts

Mary Sherrill

Unfortunately I only make it to DT once a week. Iam just like you,straight to the make-up section ?


I try reallllllllly hard to go to the Dollar Tree only once or twice a week LOL!! I have to limit myself because I end up spending atleast $100 every single visit!! The makeup section is ALWAYS my first stop, although I have to say that the makeup area could NEVER live up to your D.T's. Mine always lacks the awesome name brand products that you always find!! LOL!!??? Love you girlfriend!!

Unicorn Rainbow Star

I go 2-3 times a month. I love the seasonal section. Beauty, stationery and party are my favorite as well.

Susan Jacob

Used to go twice a week.. but with covid, I have reduced my visits. Funnily I would run straight to the books followed by crafters square.

Salma Nixon

I have a busier schedule now so I go around 1 time a week. I also go straight to the makeup and self care items !! ????

Donna Shaffery

I love all the new finds at DT. I dont have a car at this time so unfortunately I do not get to the DT as much as I would like. I too always go straight to the make up section. Thank u Mel for all u do. U and your husband are true angels to so many. ?

Sanjana Bellamkonda

I go to DT once a month and go straight to the makeup section.

Kindlady W.

I am tea loving the dollar tree stores with their new items.

Maria Aurora Ramirez

Wow, just wow, your dollar tree does not mess around! They have some amazing stuff! My go to section is the party section and then the beauty section. I usually go one to two times a week on a good week.

Jennifer Settles

My first stop is always the seasonal decor. I love home decor! I go once a week on Sunday when I pick up my groceries for the week. I would go everyday if I could! Watching your videos helps me out with the DT addiction lol. I can see everything without always having to drive there.

Teresa Tello

Congrats winner!! Really try to limit myself and go to dt every other week but I like to take my time when I go and go down every single row in the store starting with whatever is in front lol

Stacey P

Love you videos and coupon savings! I shop at Dollar Tree about twice a month. I usually start with the make up and mask section;) And I am always on the lookout for name brand items.

Ginger Hughes

I go to home decor section and I go to dollar tree about 2 to 3 times a week

Michelle Stolp


Jody Unrue

I'm at the DT at least twice a week sometimes just to get out of the house, lol. My fav section is the stationary <3


I try to go at least once a week , I first check out cleaning and organizing sections, second is makeup since I'm starting to wear makeup . [email protected]gmail.com

Veronica Guedea

I shop once a month because I only get paid once a month. The first department I shop in is make up and crafting departments.
The items you selected in this giveaway are so beautiful and would love to win them.
Thank you so much for sharing your purchases with us. You are such a good hearted person, thank you for being you. God bless you and your family. I love watching your videos and hauls. ?❤?

pamela hooper

I go 1 or 2 times a week and never looked for the new stuff till I started watching your videos. Thanks!!

Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:31 überraschend

New dollor

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Family Dollar Deal You Can Do Now | Glitch & New 5/25 corrected

2 062 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Family Dollar Deal You Can

Family Dollar Deal You Can Do Now | Plus a Glitch & New 5/25 corrected

#glitch #5off25

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Want to contact me? [email protected]

Redonna Welcome

Thank you Mary!

At Home With Jenn

My Purex!!!!! I need to get the app head to family dollar just for the soap!

Thanks, Mary !!!!????

Melissa Kiely

I wish I had the febreze digital but I did it last week. I am going to but go for the purex and homeline plates. I may just buy the febreze full price. I like the scents.

My Palomita Husky

Yassss i would love this deal ack thank you so much ????????

Alaunda Gilmore

I’m going to do that exact deal today! ? Thank You !?? ❤️

Susan Neumon

Great more savings. Thanks

Jojo Smith

I was told I could not use paper with digital at family dollar

Oralia Sanchez

Thank you! I did it yesterday and it worked. I decided to give it another try today and it didn't work anymore?

Rebecca Mills

Hey I used to work at family dollar and I know back then he could come off before the 5 off 25 that's one reason I never paper coupon there have u done this with paper and paid less than 20??

Kim Gregory

I have a question. Can I stack the smart spin coupons? I have 2 $2 OFF NEXT PURCHASE..
Also can I stack the 3 off 15 home decor with the 5 off 25?

Noonie Baby

Thanks Mary this is a great deaI I will be doing this deal Saturday.

Frisco Girl

I don't have the nivea coupon. how can I get it? if I scan in store will it give option like Walgreens does to pull coupon? I haven't been clipping coupons because they are different from Dollar General and that is where I usually shop. We have a new Dollar Tree/Family Dollar store that just opened so I thought I would try your deal this Saturday.

Norma Lowman

That’s a great deal on the crest. Ty as always for helping us. Bravo ??????

Kim Gregory

I think I'm gonna do a gain/purex deal on Saturday .. I'm not a huge fan of family dollar because I seem to always get screwed But I currently have some good digitals I want to use..(Sorry for my language).
I love Dollar General and I'm starting to love CVS as well...
You are very helpful.. I've learned so much from you.. Thanks for all your hard work.. Thanks for making things easier for me. Lol!!!
Couponing is alot of work!!

Linda Howard

Dallas is in mary house?thanks for the sweet deal.

Cheryl Lauscher

If you use Check Out 51 you can get $2 back on the Purex.

Demetria Brantley

Loving the deals. ????

tina Edwards Tina Edwards

So are you only paying for 1 of the cans of febreeze instead of 2

Cheryl Lauscher

Great deal at Family Dollar! I’ll be doing that one! Thanks Mary!