Pink market

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OTC Pink Tier

526 views | 7 Sep. 2016

OTC Pink Tier- Today I

OTC Pink Tier- Today I finish that series with a few points and then move on to the OTC Pink tier of quotation.The OTCQB application fee is $2,500, and the annual fee is $10,000.

Once on the OTCQB, a company may be removed if, at any time, it fails to meet the eligibility and continued quotation requirements subject to a 30-day notice and opportunity to cure. Also, OTC Markets Group may remove the company’s securities from trading on OTCQB immediately and at any time, without notice, if OTC Markets Group, upon its sole and absolute discretion, believes the continued inclusion of the company’s securities would impair the reputation or integrity of OTC Markets Group or be detrimental to the interests of investors.

In addition, OTC Markets can temporarily suspend trading on the OTCQB pending investigation or further due diligence review.

A company may voluntarily withdraw from the OTCQB with 24 hours’ notice.

Now moving on to the OTC Pink level of quotation

The OTC Pink, which includes the highest-risk, highly speculative securities, is further divided into three tiers: Current Information, Limited Information and No Information, based on the level of disclosure and public information made available by the company either through the SEC or posted on OTC Markets. There are no qualitative standards beyond disclosure for OTC Pink companies, which include companies in all stages of development as well as shell and blank check entities.

Companies with Current Information status on OTC Markets include both companies that are subject to and current in their SEC Exchange Act reporting requirements and companies that file current information on OTC Markets in accordance with their Alternative Reporting Standards.

Companies with Limited Information status on OTC Markets are delineated by a “yield” sign and post some financial and basic information on the company on the OTC Markets website, but either do not report to the SEC or do not include enough information to satisfy the Current Information requirements.

Companies with No Information status on OTC Markets are delineated by a “stop” sign and do not provide any current or updated reliable public disclosure.

Companies with a Caveat Emptor designation on OTC Markets are delineated with a skull and crossbones sign. These companies have raised concerns such as improper or misleading disclosures, spam campaigns, questionable stock promotion, investigation of fraudulent or other criminal activity, regulatory suspensions or disruptive corporate actions. #LawCast

Pink market

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The ONLY Time to Trade Pink Sheet Stocks

1 808 views | 13 May. 2019

The ONLY time you can

The ONLY time you can trade Pink Sheet stocks!

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2oDOo9S







Trade War




Penny Stock Picks by the Peter Leeds Team:



stocks are getting crushed /got my shipment of silver today and cash sidelined for the blood in the streets and buying up my china man goods and stockpiling im getting them off 25 percent to 50 percent and you ask how well trumps tariff adds 25 percent so most retailers will add 25 percent more on top . pile up 3 years worth hombres its going to be nasty at china -mart its like chess predict your opponents next move

Yellow Bench

Excellent answer!


Hello Peter. Stop by Michigan for a few shawamas my Man. Lol. It's great to see you again. Hope to meet you in person bud. Hope and praying for you to get better dear sir. Best regards.. Moe




Pink sheets should only be used for day trading and the occasional swing. I agree though. If you want to trade pennies trade the higher tiers of otc or look at nasdaq stocks under a dollar. Follow your plan, support and resistance are key

Steven L

Great video!

Zhanki _


Adriane Reeder


Justin Sanders

Peter, what were your thoughts on Yangaroo’s latest earnings? I thought it was great to see the $.01 EPS for the year, but I guess investors are waiting to see better earnings growth. What do you think a fair valuation would be for a company like YOO?

HurryCrane Annie


HurryCrane Annie

have you seen stocks today? and gold and crypto are spiking up


Thank you Peter. I recently bought an OTC of LVMH ($LVMUY). They’re based in France, and I'm in the U.S.A. so it was my only choice.

Fernando P

Bought lvmuy and I’m freaking out ! I thought I was buying a regular stock and it charged me a fee and it says otc pink. Is this even safe?!

Pink market

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Have Your Voice Heard On The Firearms Safety Consultation

1 640 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Only one week left to

Only one week left to submit your response to the Firearms Safety Consultation, this is your chance to have your voice heard on the future of UK gun laws.



BASC Guidance


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Ryan McLaughlin

initial grant application WIP & filled out the consultation. I'm in N.I and this will likely spill down to legislation here also (even though we can have handguns, we need a FAC for an air rifle - nuts!).

Dave Derrick

Like we were listened to over lever release rifles. I've filled it in, but I think they've made a decision & are going to tell us it after the forms have been completed.

Dave Martin

All done ?

sgt Holden

Is their one about Scotland getting the air gun licence away


Thanks for the reminder. I've done my duty and submitted my response to the consultation.

James Nell

Done it now. Thanks for the reminder.

Tobias Johnson

Done it, it's simply wrong that the anti-gun party voice is more often listen to than ours. I really hope people will educate themselves it's a travesty that people cannot enjoy their hobby just because of political disagreements.


Here are the links you will need:
BASC Guidance


Under their proposals anyone who collects military ww1/ww2 and modern ammunition casings as a hobby would find themselves a criminal in the eyes of the law, you need to get this out to the militaria collecting community as well. They don't want guns painted pink is because they want to sell them for profit, its the same for any gun surrendered for destruction.

Karl Fisher

Done ?


Wouldn't want them getting in the hands of criminals, am i right?

sgt Holden

How the f do I do it I mean where do I go I went to old one and I could do nothing online


Done ?


Any reason lots of comments are missing?

Richard Dixon

This is the same as saying that all Automatic cars should be banned because they often have a faster 0 - 100 mph time than most people can manage with a manual even tough the speed limit is 70 !, or that all Red cars should be banned because "Everyone knows Red One's Go Faster ! " . In extremis it's the equivalent of Judge Deaths (2000 AD Comic book character) edict that "All Life is a Crime" because it's the Living that commit crimes ! . Once again it's Govt's attempt to be Seen as being Pro Active as opposed to being Reactive . It's a pity their response to this wretched pandemic hadn't been as "Pro active" as perhaps it should have been . After all the planning for Sar's & Mer's threats , Swine flu & Bird flu , and all the COBRA planning for these potential threats . When it came to a very similar type of threat that Is CV19 , What Went Wrong ? or did they just spend too much time debating how to disadvantage the tax paying Law abiding & Legal Gun Owners of this country just to make themselves appear more electable come election time . I could go on !! .

Andrew Claxton

Done it ?


Thanks for the reminder! 2 more in now, for what it's worth.

Kyle Ash

Does this apply to us airsofters haha

mike young

The SAS have pink land rovers I wonder are they mature enough to drive them


Done ?

Senna 1993

Ban all guns.

sgt Holden

Love your vids

Jay R

I gave it a shot. Hopefully it counts.

Raymond vaulks

Callum why don't you join the police Firearm unit, It's nice to hear some sense.

Ezra Leon

me and the boys operating at the FMJ range

Dave Martin

You only have too hand in the barrel bolt and receiver that's the only restricted parts?

Mahrufur Rahman

Done. I strongly disagreed with all the questions.

Dan Truscott

At end of the consultation form there is a question about discrimination. It might be worth reminding them over regulating, asking for two established referees and increasing cost by demanding extra security and increased licencing etc. Actually discriminates again those are not wealthy and well connected. The current firearms regulation has served to make shooting the preserve of wealthy middle to upper class men. Additional regulations are only likely to make the shooting sports less diverse.


If you guys have a mars or lever release paint it pink, paint it purple do whatever make it look stupid add glitter, stickers or anything, make it look stupid as long as you know that your not gonna get in trouble for it otherwise do something that's very petty with your rifle as well as your not going to get in trouble

Doggo _

Hi Callum

I cant wait for the livestream on thursday!

Dan Truscott

Could we have a paint it pink gallery (Tony Hart style for those old enough to remember that!) and perhaps an award for the most fabulous one?

Tom Soki

Might I suggest you make a ‘template’ for us, then more people will do it and the responses will be better. Especially since the questions are obviously designed to trick you and force you’re hand.

With BASC’s lack of action recently, you taking a larger role in the pro-gun scene would be helpful for us all


Just submitted 2 with the wife, Thanks for the heads up ?