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Robin D. G. Kelley - What is Racial Capitalism and Why Does It Matter?

54 567 views | 18 Nov. 2017

Talk by Robin D. G. Kelley

Talk by Robin D. G. Kelley on "What is Racial Capitalism and Why Does It Matter?" recorded November 7, 2017 at Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Sponsored by the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities.

O L Griffin

guns and tanks via ,, state-sanctioned police forces with qualified immunity aka the color of law/gov

Radical capitalist

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Radical Capitalist Episode 134: 1968 vs 2018 & Predictions for Future

669 views | 25 Jan. 2018

In this episode which

In this episode which broadcased on theBlaze Radio January 6, 2018, Yaron compares the state of the country in 1968 to 2018...and talks Foreign policy.

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Yaron Brook, Radical for Capitalism, discusses news, culture and politics from the principled perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Yaron is the executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute. He is the coauthor of the national best-seller Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government and Equal is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality. He speaks around the world on a variety of topics including the morality of capitalism, Ayn Rand and her philosophy, finance and economics, and the value of inequality.


subtitles: "the urine Brook show"

Hans Kloss

Mr Brook, what is the "judeo-christianism"? Jews and Christians have nothing to do with each other. Jewish authorities at the time of Jesus' sentenced him to death. He was the enemy of jewish establisment.

Jeff Olstad

LBJ withdrew from the presidential race because he did not believe he could beat Robert Kennedy. I believe he was correct on that point. The nomination had already been done when Robert Kennedy was assassinated. To this day, it stinks. However, we don't believe in conspiracy theories.

Charles Vane

I wish I worked as hard as Yaron. I’m going to make sure I do my best.

lord B

Yaron what do you think about copyright?

Radical capitalist

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Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher - Review (ft. Dumpster Flower)

15 579 views | 28 Jun. 2019

Radical Reviewer and

Radical Reviewer and Dumpster Flower review Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher.

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Adrian Dezendegui

Steven Universe is bourguise liberalism than think that genocidal fascism can be stopped with hugs by relatives of the ruling class. At least Star Vs finale had ended monarchies, Amphimbia might be better even if it might have a chosen one (or three narrative)
Aggretsuko would have been better if it didn't present tech serfdom by billionaires as a solution of regular capitalism, ie UBI


The marxist supernanny chapter seems reminiscent of Julius Evolas diagnosis:

"The prison in which Western man is confined is one of the worst ever to be devised because it does not have walls. It is not easy to get up again when there is nothing on which one can lean and push himself up."

Also of some of Jordan Petersons ideas but extended further than the individual/family, of course.

Friðrik Ólafsson

Listened to dumpster flowers finale as I was watching the sunset by the ocean and darned near brought tears to mi eyes

Antonious Autodidacticasaurus

three decades*

Heads Full Of Eyeballs

28:05 "capitalist realism is promoting short-term memory"

Okay, this one's just a pet peeve of mine, but: "short-term memory" is the name of the human mental faculty to store and manipulate a small number of immediately accessible pieces of information. It doesn't mean "the inability to remember things for a long time". Everyone has a short-term memory and a long-term memory.

Henry Crampton-Hays

12:30 other way around

test text

I’m sorry — this video has really, really butchered some important concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis (while smugly denouncing Zizek, ironically).

When making reviews like this, try to understand the source material better. Fisher is deeply influenced by both Zizek and Lacan.

ASMR Theory

Love how thorough this review is, subbed! Classic book too, the recent K-Punk collection of his unpublished writings is definitely worth it for anyone wanting to read further, and his unfinished acid communism project is being picked up and run with by a bunch of people (myself included in a small way!!)

Tiger Style

"CBS supports The Clash....

....not for revolution it's just for chash" ?

Fuck I love Crass.

Arachs kyuni

Crass helped to radicalize me. I'm only 27, but I'm just saying. Good on you!


Do they owe us a living?! Of course they do! Of course they do!


do settlers because i don't want to read it

Friso Dubach

Spinoza was Dutch and of Portugese origin. Not German actually. They produced many great philosophers but not all.

Nightmare Masterclass

I've been in kind of a pessimistic mood lately. This was a much needed pick me up. Thanks for making it.

Noam Bombski

The African American mainstream community is in desperate need of this book. I hope someone has or will make a video essay marketed to a black demographic.


Such a hypnotically cute doggo.

Thankyou for the excellent and detailed review. I'm currently researching the financial crash and its aftermath so am adding this book to the reading list.

A book you might find interesting is 'What Might Have Been' by Ernest Bramah. It's a 1907 dystopian speculative fiction novel about the Labour party winning a majority in Britain and then carrying out socialist reforms. This horrifies the upper classes who see traditional British values being destroyed, so hatch a plot to overthrow the democratically elected government and install a dictatorship. What is interesting about it, is that its written with the anti-democracy upper classes as the heroes, because the author was genuinely afraid of Labour getting power and inflicting socialism on the country. George Orwell found it a fascinating book because it showed how the upper classes saw themselves as the heroes when they embraced fascism to protect their class interests.

(I haven't read it myself yet, but have a copy on my to-read pile)


good video.. nice expression of a series of ideas

Sargon of ACAB

Honestly I found this book vague and mediocre. Glad you could take something out of it, but I don't think fisher is a good philosopher and writer.


who/what video was that at 10:50?


Spinoza was not a "German philosopher" ??????

Alexander Carey

Who is that at 10:54?

Kevin Goeltz

I just finished this book last night. It was phenomenal.

Shrek I

This is so much more hopeful than I thought it would be :)

Jon Zickermann

16:08 this is why I personally didn't like this book. It felt like he went on these boomer tirades on top of moral scolding at least twice too many times and one chapter seemed to me completely a boomer tirade.


A great one, thanks

Guilherme J

That corporate-speak video at 21:40, from where is it from?

Kay Lee

This terrifies me. We can make diamonds in a lab, but people won't buy them unless they're prices are prohibitively inflated. I can't imagine the solutions to the problem of perceived quality being palatable to people. Not when we genuinely can't understand that cheaper diamonds aren't less durable

Thomas Jackson

A tactic that might be worth considering: Circulate the meme that socialism is actually capitalism.

Xenath Cytrin

I used to work as a janitor at a mall, and there was one thing that stuck out to me as just rather silly.
see, durring the day we would be doing a bunch of upkeep, wiping down tables, mopping spills, cleaning bathrooms, all that. It was just a constant effort to just maintain everything, and unless you had more than the typical three people you really couldn't stop or you would start falling behind.

At some point before I was hired management decided that a checklist should be filled out every half hour, and you had to go around and check that everything was clean, check it off, and write down the time and your employee number.
What really irked me is that if anyone were to actually do this it would take like 5-10 minuites, and that would be every half hour. So you would be sacrificing actually cleaning for recording wether things were clean.

I knew why they made us do it, it was to cover their asses incase something happened, and so that they could get us in a catch 22 of us lying or us admiting to fault.
Absolutely everyone would take the checklist at the end of their shift and write in fake times and check off all the boxes. It was obvious that this was what was happening, the manager surely knew it, and im sure the workers knew that manager knew it.
The checklist was not even a means of deception, it wasn't something anyone was ever held acountable for, all it was was pointless busywork that everyone did for absolutely no reason, but I knew at the same time that this pointless busywork would, in the case that something happened, be a weapon used against me and people like me.


I have a compulsive need to point out that, after Trump, Francis Fukiyama seems to be heavily rethinking things and finally admitted he was wrong. And just recently he apparently retweeted Ben Burgis (or it might've been some other leftist, i think it was Ben tho). so he might be correcting course. hopefully. i mean its better late than never.

The One and Only Michael McCormick

I’m REEEEEALLY glad I stumbled across your channel.

Plutonium Nash


Kennith Beltan

Hey, "How Clean Is Your House?" was a great show! It fun to watch a dirty hovel get transformed into a gleamingly tidy domicile. You learn a lot of good cleaning tips along the way, meet interesting people, and what people often stuck in a rut get helped out of it. Not bad overall.

Otherwise great video. I found Fisher's book a very difficult read and spent most of the time say, "What the hell is he talking about?" The jargon was hard to work through, and his pop cultural references were mostly unknown to me. I really appreciate you guys doing this walk-through. I understood this a lot better. Philosophy usually doesn't make much sense to me, so having people that can translate it into more or less plain English really helps. I want to understand this stuff, but the raw material often goes over my head. Keep up the good work. It's intimidating to know how much is out there, but at least I'll have some sources that can translate it for me.

Alex Ramey

And now a year later, as I write this, we have the BLM protests as well as the protests born out from COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the capitalist world. Things are scary and uncertain right now, but there's hope. Now is the time to get to work.

Neat Cool

You're just gunna take down the whitey and set up gulags, 95% of you Commie types can't be trusted


Does anyone knows where the clip at the 25 min mark comes from?

Estelle Marx


Mr. Karden

“Gwen no fear has a good take on the vampire castle” no offense but I’ve seen her on Twitter, and she literally IS the vampire castle, so I seriously doubt that she does.


I think you got the "Real" and "Reality" mixed up. I think.

Uncle Grawlix

THANK YOU for the end part of that video. I lived through the "liberal" turn of neo-liberalismin the 90s, protested the GTO in '99, saw the U.S. lose its fucking mind after 9/11, and I am here to tell you that you are right about there being something different in the air. "I would say this is only capitalist appropriation if we let it be." I agree 110%.

Merit Griffin

I like how Teen vouge went from "OMG this celerity did what?" to "Fuck yeah anarchy!"

peter hooper

Slavoj Zizek is "left adjacent"? are you serious? You are an overly pretensive child


13:00 where is the clip from?

John Lenin

Another whiny fake Leftist too chickenshit to get into the street.

Mad Blender

Capitalist Realism is one of my favorite books ever, I’m so glad you guys reviewed it! You brought a lot of interesting points and the editing was really good. Great work guys!


To hold y'all over. Great discussion about the "death of rave" from Fisher, Kode9 and Lee Gamble. Ideas like the Hardcore Continuum and Hauntology are discussed.

Listen to CTM 2013 – Death Of Rave UK w/ Mark Fisher, Alex Williams, Steve Goodman, Lee Gamble & Lisa Blanning by CTM Festival on #SoundCloud

raphael simulacrum

I just bought the book and was reading it, thanks for the review, dude

Valium Sadfemme McGirlBoss

Thanks, I don't read good because I'm adhd bimbo

toto now

Excellent as always


You two are a breath of fresh air. I felt the exact same way when reading this. Although I agreed with the basic principals of the text, I kept stopping and thinking, "Damn Mark Fisher! Nice of you to condescend to explain this to us. Do you not WANT young people to listen to you?"


rip k-punk


The dialogue with Society Of The Spectacle is interesting imo because I believe Fisher and Debord are more or less talking about the same thing in different ways. Specially when Debord describes the production of the spectacle as being an end of itself and how it becomes the entire "meaning" of social life.

Jessica Metal

I could be wrong but that sounds like Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games doing the voice work at 9:40.
If so, that's hilarious that he's doing the voice work that critiques capitalism. lmao

Michael Beck

23:00 The Emperor's New Clothes is the name of the story. The Emperor Wears no Clothes is the book by Jack Herer about the many uses for hemp.


I see a lot of informal recourse to Adorno and Horkheimer's Dialectic of Enlightenment and Horkheimer's Eclipse of Reason in this work - specifically about the reification of reality and the way philosophy loses the ability to reflect on this predicament because it becomes commodified and pragmatised lest it be dismissed as frivolous and utopian. Though is replaced with methodology, and repeated ad nauseum. This results in a doubling of the world which leaves us only a fragment and hides the fact that its incomplete. This idea of fragmentation touched on by both Marx with his idea of superstructure and Debord with the Society of the Spectacle and Baudrillard's Simulation and Simulacra.

So I wanna have a discussion. I seem to agree with the content of Capitalist Realism, and I agree it's a good way to introduce people to these ideas in a context relevant to their own lives, but I wanna ask if this book was a revolutionary work or just novelty (no pun intented). My question is this—besides revisiting the question for the context of 2008 what's different in this work vs. those listed above or did this book also just transplant a methodology without critically revising and applying the inherited legacy? More simply what is Fischers unique contribution to these ideas already prevalent in leftist philosophy?

Polite Q

Try not only hearing dog whistles maybe. There's obviously more going on than just the dummies yelling USA USA USA. Americans sinking deeper into their thought enclaves and not speaking to each other is creating a very dangerous tension. Lunatic country.


Vegan IS substantial

It isn't enough, but it IS something.

You can be a vegan and not a communist, but to be a communist and NOT vegan then you are screwing your ambitions and deluding yourself.


"Cyberspacial Capital" Interesting. Thanks for introducing me to a new word and phrase.

John Lenin

Jesus Christ you fucking piece of shit. Don’t try to defend the Soviet Union (or Venezuela). They were no more Communist that the US is a Free Market Democracy. You’re just another Fake Leftist spouting the same tripe they all have for the past 70 years. And you’ve accomplished exactly nothing g in that time.

Vashti Malkuth

smooth leftist ASMR

Christopher Smith

Just got done taking the initiative, after having this book on my digital bookshelf for over 4 years, to read this book. I liked it for the most part. I think some things could have been expounded on, but I think it lays a simple but not simplistic understanding of Capital.

As for the video review, I found it informative. Did not know that this type of channel existed. Thanks Google algorithms as you are creating a gravedigger to undermine you're very capitalist and authoritarian existence!?


missed the premiere darn

Marc Loui Rivero

That was a really beautiful and hopeful near the end.

Matt Dursse

God I love this channel


Great video comrade! Let us break the spell together!

John Lenin

And all this is irrelevant now that the Fascists have taken over.


Anyone who has worked in a big box store or fulfillment centers knows @25:00 is happening under capitalism. Congratulations capital, you've become what you said you'd protect us.

I like the angle that mental disorder is a crack in capitalist realism. I struggled with behavioral disorders for all of my late teen and early adulthood. That's when I started studying the issue seriously, it led me to reasses my material relationships, especially with hyperpalatable foods and entertainment. I got exposed to literature that led to me becoming a leftist. Hearing the conclusions I arrived at repeated from an objective outside source really puts me at ease and makes me hopeful that others going through what I went through will find solace and get some control back into their hands.

Doing good work, friend.

crowbar honeybee

who starts talking at 14:45? I recognize their voice (and that video—I've definitely watched it before), but I can't put a name to it and it's torturous

John Lenin

All he does is define Capitalist Ideology and give it a different name. Decent for high school students.


The dog continues to be good

Liz Avendano

I love your shows

Cham Toreno

I appreciate the hopeful epilogue at the end. It makes me a little less depressed.

You Have A Good Point

I love your channel so much.

Dude Man

Wow. Thank you you guys. I have been anxious and depressed for pretty much a few years straight. This seriously gives me hope and also a new insight into my own mental state.

a b

Arab Spring was completly coopted by the USA doe


But isn't "left-tube" a great example of how revolutionary theory can be turned into cheap media that in the end are more distorting than educational?

Joel Harold

Came here via Vaush


End of history ? Hegel : hold my beer .


I find this video more compelling than your others, not because of the length though, thank you x

Polite Q

Meddling or not, there's no excuse for gulags and the like.
The trouble is, from the outside where I am watching people like you start your revolution, all I see is you trying to tear things down. What are you building?

Ben Taylor

Could somebody tell me the source of the clip at 26:00? I’d love to use it for a personal project.

Elijah Sexton

Privatized rationing should be the buzz word you take away from this presentation........Privatized rationing is the concept that will hush Steve Miller all night......privatized rationing.......thats facist


Capitalism? No thanks. I'll take freedom and prosperity instead.

Nabil M. Mukhlis

Basically we are fucked by capitalism from every concievable mean

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association

"Getting on a table is not enough to touch the gods. But even a kid can look down on Rome, if he has the courage to take the first step!"- Ad Astra, Hannibal Barca
Long live scientific socialism!


Do 'Communal Luxury' by Kristin Ross!

hopeless sunshine

that epilogue has given me the most hope i've felt since becoming aware of capitalist realism... good doggo and dumpster flower