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Funny Signs: Smile

5 171 views | 16 Oct. 2020

[Some material may be

[Some material may be considered unsuitable for younger viewers]

We get smiles aplenty with this batch of Funny Signs.

Tantrums: 4 Barfs: 1 Crotch-kicks: 5 Falls: 4

Characters: Sam, Mike, Mary, Zira, Kitty, Maya, Scotty, Wally, Harvey, Beulah, Abby, Rhonda, Dave, RoboSoft 3, Lucifer, Lucretia and God.

Signs from: blogspot.com, imgflip.com, thechive.com, eventbrite.com, rd.com, pinterest.com, facebook.com, craftingwithmychis.com, etsy.com, imgur.com, countrymarketplaces.com, nextstepenglish.com, kiwireport.com, indianexpress.com, supermoms.info, awesomelyamazing.com, alamy.com, baynews9.com, sunnyskyz.com, buzzfeed.com, tripadvisor.com, reckontalk.com, foxnews.com, wanderwisdom.com, roadtrafficsigns.com and teamjimmyjoe.com.

Made using Wondershare Filmora, Corel PaintShop Pro 2018, Audacity and Balabolka.


No copyright infringement intended. (Fair Use)

DISCLAIMER: No rude or hateful comments will be accepted.

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Thanks for watching!

Marlon McLeod

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Fahad Ali

Brother Essa! May Allah Grant you success Ameen!!!!!

Btw please come and help out with the project below.

?Words of the Scholars?

A Very Moving and Emotional Khutbah about Abu Bakr AsSiddeq, May Allah Be Please with him, ameen. ?
By Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saleh AlUthaymeen, may Allah Have Mercy on him, ameen. ?

This Friday Sermon is extremely emotional and teaches us so many tenets of our religion and methodology, taught by one of the greatest and most knowledgeable scholars of our times, may Allah Have Mercy on him, ameen.
The Sheikh, May Allah Have Mercy upon him, delivers an extremely powerful and moving sermon on the BEST person, after the Prophets, from all of mankind. He talks about how he lived, his character, his struggles, his strength, his relationship with the Prophet SAW and what we can learn from him. Learn from it and then teach your families and friends.
This sermon will also teach you who Sheikh Mohammad bin Saleh AlUthaymeen was, so that you can learn the Salafi methodology from those deserving of teaching it, the senior scholars.
The Sheikh through his words and actions in the second half of the sermon also teaches us what we should do, how we should feel, and how we should act in light of the oppression many Muslims are facing in China, Burma, India, and other places around the world.
Due to the extreme benefit of this sermon, and just how powerful it, we are also attaching optional questions to accompany it, to help you focus on important issues raised and taught by the Sheikh, and to allow for deeper understanding.
May Allah Allow us to continue to translate the works of the scholars (we have two other sermons by the Sheikh that will be in the editing stage soon inshAllah) so that you can learn who the mountains of AhlusSunnah are, and appreciate how Allah Blesses the people of knowledge in their lives and teachings ameen.

Please make duaa for us, ask Allah to Make us sincere, to Allow us to benefit the ummah and most importantly, to gain Allah’s Pleasure through our actions. ?

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? Topics covered in the talk:

?Who was Abu Bakr? And who were the Companions?

? What was his relationship with the Prophet ﷺ? What right did you have to succeed the Prophet ﷺ and what are the proofs for this?

? What were the sacrifice that he made in his life, for Islam? What were the effects of his dawah and what were the instances when he stood out from all of the other companions?

? What do we say about those who insult the companions and what threat are they under, if they do not change their way?

? The guidance and example the Sheikh gives in how we should feel, think and actions we should be doing for our brothers and sisters suffering around the world.

?Words Of the Scholars.?

Link to English audio translation:

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I found this $500 RADIOACTIVE road sign Magnet Fishing *I COULD HAVE DIED*

736 views | 12 Jun. 2020

On this weeks episode I

On this weeks episode I discover a road sign from the 1930s. The sign contains uranium glass which is radioactive. I've had the sign appraised between $400-$600. My local news paper also ran a story on my find and you can see that at then link below.










promocode: SURFINGUSA10




For more content follow my SOCIAL MEDIA at:



Tik Tok- themichiganmagnetman


Music: For Love

Musician: Jef

Music: That Day

Musician: Jef



100% Waterproof Winter Gloves for outdoor cold weather Double Coated Windproof


GINEE Static Climbing Rope 100 ft 16mm


All other Gear Available at WWW.BRUTEMAGNETICS.COM

1200lb double sided magnet

1500lb single sided magnet


First Catch!

? Content. Verdict: BIG ? ...shared ?

Croatia adventurer

Good catch! ??

Fish magnet man

Great video!

The Michigan Magnet Man

https://m.imgur.com/a/aGSSMDm here is a picture of the original bridge!

Steve Turner

Awesome shit man. Shouted you out on my Twitter.

The Kinzler Bros

catching up on videos.

Ohio Outdoors Weekly

How long did it take you to get your sign posted on brute magnetics website

Danny Hepler

So where's the link to the article

D.S Magnet Fishing

oh my god that sign was awesome.....is awesome,, wow... way to go man.... thats wat its all about.. history right there...

Matthew A

Those glowing rocks are awesome!!


Is it safe? You didn't get sick from it or anything, right?


Now that is cool. You just need a picture of the old bridge now. Not sure who would have one, maybe the Watrousville historical society.

Magnetic Mysteries

That's awesome man! love the video, that is a sweet looking sign. Keep it up!

The Kinzler Bros

that sign is amazing dude seriously old and awesome as heck, a wall hanger for sure.

65 157 views | days ago