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How To Watch Amazon Prime on Oculus Quest 2 | Prime Video VR

816 views | 6 Jan. 2021

How to watch Amazon Prime

How to watch Amazon Prime on Oculus Quest 2 using The Prime Video VR app. In this video, I'll show you how to install the Prime Video VR app within your Oculus Quest so you can watch Amazon Prime in VR.

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This video tutorial will show you step by step how to find the Prime Video VR app and discuss how to watch Amazon movies on Oculus Quest and how to watch Amazon TV shows on Oculus Quest.

Unfortunately, the Prime Video VR app won't let me record inside the app due to copyright restrictions, but the overall experience is really good as well as the theater room and features it offers.


Your channel is has a lot of original content, and things that interest me, I will subscribe and with your help I will learn more

Tan Yu Ting

Thanks for your sharing!!

limani sinan10

I just followed your method and I was able to watch amazon prime. Thanks for the help

Valentina _1401

Ufff this is really nice and very useful for me... i love Amazon Prime!!!


I haven’t got a computer .can it also send u link for code to sighing in to your phone.??

Aleksandar Komatina

Really amazing, thank you for share

Casa Verde

Very nice, I’m saving to buy a Quest 2.
I have a question tho:
With a Quest, when you watch a vr video on youtube, do you have a full vr experience, like 3D effect and 360* view? Or it’s just like watching from a flat screen?

lina billa

thank you for this video about How To Watch Amazon Prime on Oculus Quest 2 , i have tried this method and it is working perfectly

Miguel Acevedo

que buen tutorial me ayudo mucho con mi VR para poder ver Amazon Prime esta super bueno todo.

rekha chouhan

waoo awosome video supar

Oculus amazon

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Amazon's HUGE Plans Will CHANGE VR

223 096 views | 29 Jan. 2020

Hello and welcome to the

Hello and welcome to the Vr newsday! your number one resource for the entire weeks worth of VR news!

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Today I will Cover:

Half Life Alyx AMA



Amazon's big plans in VR:


Atari hotel:


Varjo growth:


New Samsung Headset: https://www.roadtovr.com/new-samsung-vr-headset-design-surfaces-recent-patents/

Lynx headset:



I think what needs to happen is, instead of sending frames to the headset, there should be "Scenes" sent
Dual spherical images with pixel depth and angles, and baked lighting etc..
Or a simple point cloud.

This way, even with dropped packets/updates you can still move around in the scene.
The headset itself could have simple dedicated graphics chips that just render these scenes.
This would require much more graphics processing power on the remote side, however, if there is latency, it wouldn't affect the UX too much.
Latency would present itself as stopped time that you could still move around.


Boneworx looks terrible, it's ok, I don't have to buy or play it. The gameplay looks good though and it's in first person, like almost all vr games should be. I really hate to see soooo many 3rd person games still coming out that are NOT vr-friendly. I hope the trend changes soon.

Dan H.

Sorry, but second guessing the methods Valve use to playtest and develop games is just arrogant. We are talking about the single best ever developer when it comes to playtesting. This is coming from a UI/UX designer who is also a software developer who has been spending a lot of time analysing Valves playtesting methods and their results. They know what they are doing when it comes to playtesting.

Enzo Bergström



I will be mad if they put somthing new just got me a odyssey+

Opossum Lover

Streamed content would be awesome if it could work well

OG_Skullkid 13

How about their huge plan to pay back all the people they bent over and completely gouge wallet raped for the oculus?

Jordan Michael

4 minutes in. When does he start talking about Amazon????

Manny L

As soon as you said “teleporting”, i typed the comment, and stopped the video.


I am so weird. I love the channel and somehow hate the coffee intro


Bitch don't joke with me I will fuking find you and I will fuking kick you also love for vids


Join my discord for good times
Patreon link:Join

Mundane Astronaut

Chrona got me fucked up I can’t get an oculus quest kinda mad

iBlaidd XBL

I’m thinking about getting the oculus quest? I really like it because it’s portable and I travel quite a bit and am already carrying my Xbox.

Should I? I’ve tried the Vive Pro (Arizona Sunshine) and loved it, and how much worse is the quest?




Hey my thumbstick's faulty too. Getting it replaced Wednesday

Samy51 -

I'm from the future and the half life alyx gameplay decisions worked out ok. I still want jumping.. any kind of jumping.

Apollo Dene

I dont understand anything of what your saying...
Im so outta touch lol

Funk Kyno

Zero Twosday

Chris C

I'll wait here for the 5G brain cancer cases to show up first


Is there no way for a crossfire-like solution? The hardware on the headset calculated movement and physics to remove input lag, while the cloud server handles the rest of the graphics calculations? I subscribed to GeForce now as a test and the latency is around the same as a PS4 connected to a TV that isn't on Game Mode. My Idea is to have the cloud service render and send over the first 30-50 frames (depending on internet speed) while your hardware completes the rest of the frames and also things like FXAA and other graphics enhancements. This will significantly reduce input lag, dips in internet speed will have reduced interruptions on playability and you can also gain high-end PC like experience.


Really disliking these headlines. Click on headline, get 10 mins of other news, no indication of when the thing in the headline is being talked about. I don't got time for this.


all those decisions, from no jumping, no arms and no dualwielding improved the game a lot tbh. i don't know why you're bashing the playtesters here.


This is srsly an underrated chanel big time-

andy hartman

Cloud PC is awsome. I use shadow for vr and love it. Not latency or lag that I can see

matthew s

the trick to VR being USED in REALITY - oculus product MANAGEMENT like Google Chromebooks in education, the same story.
2015, Managing Chromebooks with the Google Admin Console https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_vLX1BvV4A
connect 6 --- skip >> 15m 20s
Oculus for Business: Scalable, Professional, Reliable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRi-JPQBc-c


Streamed cloud gaming is cancer... Definitely don't want it for VR..
If it's a concept that even remotely resembles OnLive or Stadia, it needs to die.... immediately..

aubrey jennings

I would gladly give up my body for the sake of VR coming into existence of being better in general.


you forgot Nvidia GeForce Now
its the 1ST game streaming service with a free membership
I'm a beta tester and the beta is and was just as good as the full release
and I'm happy.

and yes you can play games at 60FPS and HIGHEST settings
and its a perfect streaming service


7:19 looks like a fly

Shadow Dark Heart

talks about streaming services having triple-digit latency yet here im am using a shadow pc with only 15 ms

Leonardo SA

I actually prefer VR to be played on my computer and i don't like standalone VR headsets, i really don't want to be hostage of a company service and at mercy of their decisions

Joshua Monk

"Google stadia" for game streaming sucks yes but look and "nvidia geforce now" it is game streaming done right.

Chuck's Stuff


Zman Gamer

The thumbnail was using a valve index XD


Intro Starts
Me: Looks at coffee, Smiles, Sip


wtf was that fever dream of a video where the dude was a fekin canoe?

Sir Perry

Heres the problem with Boneworks..
The VR is just a narrative devise. Its not a core mechanic. You can literally make a pancake screen to get a similar experiance.
Whith Half-Life Alyx, you DO NEED a headset to run it, play it, and enjoy it.


Please just dont use the same gameplay clip twice or even more than that. PLEASE


the headcrab thing was a joke :P

Yeshua Yee Yee

Yo you ever tried GeForce now? Shits free and runs like a god on shit box computers


i dont want cloud streamed headsets all it takes is for your isp to decide to throttle you and you have a shitty quality headset

VR & AR dev.Studio

... I can't imagine Skyrim VR without jumping out of the castle! Physics a bug??! wacky...

God of Lovers

I think they were trying to make a pun with the "reporting it as a bug" thing.

matthew s

feb 2020 A Quick Look through Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuhBsyBvMeY
2019, Chi Xu (nreal Technology Ltd.): Bring Mixed Reality Closer To Reality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtyOntv1UOU

search https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ces+nreal

King David

Okay, but can you put a bucket on a headcrab, then put something heavy on the bucket so the headcrab can't move?

Aiko Nguyen

everytime the intro plays, I feel like peeing


Oops, I thought this was posted 10 minutes ago, not 10 months ago


the only thing I fear is not being able to experience the future of VR


Reporting a bucket moving on a crab as a "bug" is a joke! Literally. And the creator of the video
has very much missed it lol

Fletcher Wilson

I wanna see a FIFA Esports tournamant

Blivid Void

Dude he deserves way many more subscribers.

Red Jack

"AR/VR"... So... XR.


That boneworks gameplay in the background makes me want to die

Genma Saotome

Air fry crunchy things... it will be crunchy. McNuggets is soft and mushy in the microwave... but air fryer... much better.


I'm glad you said that about cloud gaming it's the future and only way to have something like the oasis work

Youtube Vanced

Change VR.... just like they are changing space flight.


New Headsets!!!! always good to hear that


who the hell thought a fly head design is a goo idea. that's creepy af.
but also ihope samsung comes up with new headsets. they have the displays and power to make awesome stuff


"it will still move around, this has been regarded as a bug" is supposed to be a joke, cuz the headcrab is like a bug.


1:36 Yeah, well y’all’s Need Jesus ! And apparently so do the Testers.


I still won't prepurchase Alyx, I will buy when others say it's good.


Head crab bug get it


nvidia geforce now tho

Droid 16 Beta

Stadia is horrible, but Geforce Now is fine. Sadly it is way less popular than Stadia and Stadia is buying exclusive deals


Dude, the bug was a joke. Because it is actually physically an insect.


Where do I get that sexy mug


I'm VERY sceptical of game streaming services.... It's never been good and I don't think that it'll change for a looong time, let's wait and see


Question: what is the best way to save and earn money to get a headset? (Im saving for the quest)

Braeden Duffner



Streaming, to completely replace a good PC on the cheap, is a ridiculous pipe dream... Streaming to make your already powerful PC, MORE powerful, might potentially be really good.


Amazon Basics: Phone Virtual Reality Headset


Does any remember Amazon AWS? started a few years ago cloud base PC for what ever you needed.


booo, no jumping? wtf is that about? to who ever told valve this, you are a idiot.

matthew s

2019, Tilt Five's Jeri Ellsworth on Lessons From CastAR and Accepting VC Funding
2013, Cast AR 3D augmented-reality glasses interview w/ Jeri Ellsworth | Maker Faire 2013 | Engadget


9ms frametime + 9ms network delay isn't going to be great

matthew s

4m 30s,,, amazon edge 5G --- 5G will not he here for years possibly years and years
5G, still need's the infrastructure the Google Stadia is struggling with today,,
so,, it dosent matter how FAST the cell network is for 5G, if the infrastructure is slow, you have a slow system
..... a chain is as strong as it's Weakest Link .....

Isiah Davis

I don't want to stream interactive content

matthew s

4m 30s IF amazon are putting EDGE computing into peoples homes this could be quite an innovation
since it would move much of the cloud computing into peoples homes, and maybe allow alexa to listen
but go no further than the EDGE computer in the house,, only sending the computer recognised words... to the cloud.


btw, Varjo is finnish and means "Shadow"

Mark Vincent Cocjin

Streaming was always a disaster simply because input and feedback increases as games get better. It is infinitely scaling and outpacing the bandwidth available today.

You know videocards? There has never been a time where videocards have too much power for the latest most demanding games. It's always a case of games demanding too much from hardware and it was a conscious decision by developers to future proof their games.

Human interface only gets more demanding over time. You think that human senses are a finite amount of data bandwidth requirement? Think again.

Keahi Bailey

Every video I've seen has made me feel like buying my quest wasnt a good idea....

Sid Boi

What’s your dream vr headset? (Make your own design) (not something that exists yet)


We start at the start again! graphics down, low fps, super expensive hardwares.... here we go again.


Yeah really - I don't want to (need to) jump. Because I don't want to puke after 15 min in-game.


I only clicked because I saw an index with an amazon logo on....

Keldwik Chaldain

Amazon is likely talking about single digit latency one-way, not two-way plus compute. Most likely that means that a game would have to be able to handle input lag on the order of 17-24ms (5ms one-way, 7ms of compute time for a frame at 144 fps, 5ms the other way, plus a few ms because data will never line up with vblanks), which means that I expect streamed VR is still a decent ways off with that sort of game, since current latency standard for VR is on the order of 7-14ms (7ms for frame compute, 0-7ms for vblank).
If Amazon is talking about two way though, then that's incredibly impressive and I'd love to see a demo.


wish amazon and facebook cared about healthcare as much as they did vr. They could probably really help out and innovate that shit...innovate it by like...making it affordable


What I really want half life alyx to be is a base for a new gmod, tf2, portal, and cs

Adam Pack

completely agree- frozen burritos forever!

Ronnie 147

When is the lynx headset releasing?


Lol my birthday is Tuesday guess I’ll have a video to watch that day


I like Star VR One.


last video with comrade coffee maker:(

matthew s

-- this is ANDROID like Oculis GO & Quest,, what happaned to it?
CES 2015 Interview: ODG Consumer Smart Glasses - Android glasses with augmented reality
search https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Osterhout+Design+Group+

Thomas Kiesel

I like the video.
Samsung odyssey, 360 kinetic


If they do like fb did with the oculous i dont think it will go well


I play Google Stadia on my Oculus Quest in a free Chromium Version with a PS4 Dual Shock Controler and it looks AWESOME and is fully playable WITHOUT any input lag. Now its your turn .....

Modesto Noriz

This boneworks gameplay... It hurts.

Oculus amazon

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Oculus Rift S Unboxing & VR Gaming!

64 684 views | 20 Dec. 2019

Unboxing, setup, and

Unboxing, setup, and gameplay using the new Oculus Rift S VR Headset! This video is sponsored by Oculus!

Oculus Rift S: https://ocul.us/2MWjdlK

- on Amazon: https://geni.us/EiGOsT

- The Climb VR: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/866068943510454/?locale=en_GB

- DiRT Rally 2.0 VR: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2143422815706213/?locale=en_GB

- Asgard's Wrath VR: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1180401875303371/?locale=en_GB

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- Ultrawide Monitor on Amazon: http://geni.us/6NlT

- Keyboard on Amazon: https://geni.us/xAIlkCw

- Mouse Charging Dock: https://geni.us/dBEIjOL

- Mouse on Amazon: https://geni.us/N3Vi

- Mouse Mat on Amazon: https://geni.us/BQuxa

- Headset on Amazon: http://geni.us/6e8jt

- Headset Stand on Amazon: https://geni.us/0Ikvig

- Stream Deck on Amazon: http://geni.us/jX7Wl

- Desks on Amazon: http://geni.us/8tkb

- Chair: http://geni.us/yB56 (Use Code: TechBlock at Checkout)

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? Music Credit ?

- https://www.youtube.com/NoCopyrightSounds

- https://www.youtube.com/user/MonstercatMedia

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA/

♪ Wanderlust - Nomyn

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q66WFX4eeVw

♪ Funk City - Reatch

Link: https://youtu.be/J5JZNdb50B8

♪ LiQWYD - When I'm gone

Link: https://youtu.be/oWI38iJhz8M

TechBlock is a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme

#OculusRiftS #VR #OculusPartner

Ahmed Aziz

As written on your t shirt
Unfortunately oculus rift s is not having any rgb ???no r❤️g?b????


Why you wearing leggings bro ?


Anyone know if the rift s replacement cables will work for the original oculus since they don't sell those cables anymore?

J m

Getting mine today! Never played VR before, might get overwhelming lol

Cole Nagin

I have the pc powerful enough to run it but not the space


Lietuvis Tu ?


when the headset is $400 and your broke ass cant get it:

Gaia Drazer

Does OCULUS even sell the LOCKING KNOB accessory only?

This locking mechanism breaks so easily, and i have to buy the entire headstrap again for 84$ in my country

androcles x

Careful you don’t fall out the window

the pro IG

Ive been looking for a vr headset, i think i made my choice

That Blessed Mama Bear

Check out Raorix TV on youtube for VR gameplay!


Valve Index > Oculus Rift S

If youre going to use a Index you will never use again a Oculus product... :D

Black Masta

i have a question , does it require phone inside the VR headset ?
or the "phone " is already installed in that VR ?



I've used 612GB in the past month unlimited


No ones gunna acknowledge the murder weapon on the side of the desk

As It Is

'Sponsored by Oculus.' Biased?

TyChelle Williams

logic homicide


What if i dont have 2 by 2m play area? What if i only have like 1 by 2m?
Cant i play Vr then?

ganesh krish

trinity and beyond

Oz Bar-Hen

What about the quest???

Mr. Mortakai

Lol who has a limit on internet anymore I got unlimited


im getting rift s soon i cant wait to play blade and sorcery and vr chat

BreadBoi BTW

He do be kinda flexing on us doe

Toplife Gaming

I am scared of that knife lol

Luke Baker

Can you disconnect the cable at the headset? I'm looking to run the wires through my floor to the main level of my house. Without having to wrap the cable and leave the headset hanging on the wall, it would be nice to tuck the cable up and pull it down when I want to play. I'm hoping it disconnects from the headset. Can you confirm?

Ibrahim Rampurawala

Is Oculus Rift S supported on Laptop with Radeon 540 Graphics

Siren Call

so you are short sighted and you can still see very clear?
i am a short sighted and this is my only concern about the vr headset. i would really appreciate it if you help me. very great review


of course everytime i want to get one it out of stock

Oliver Walsh

Nice twat knife.

It’s called that because if you own one everyone thinks you’re a silly twat.

GLOOP drift

Lol who tf uses intel


20gb cap? where do you live?!


Откуда у него столько денег))

Pepe international news • 12 years ago

12:04 bruh what’s your right arm doing

Gamer Girlkeyli

Uhm I don’t have a pc

John Smith

here is the fix you need
Come play in north America

mr beast

youy have the same knife as me but mine broke:(

Epic Game3

Is this working on windows 10 pro??
Please tell


Buying one, coming in 5 days :P


The reason your not finding a setting to change which side the steering wheel is on is because the devs based the cars of of real cars and 99% of cars on the planet have the steering wheel on the left side.

Kyle P Game

I rlly want a rift s :/ but I can’t bc I have no pc. But great video!!

Hugo Stiglitz

Do u have to always have the cord attached while playing?


The Oculus Rift S is my first VR headset. I am not disappointed at all. This guardian problem can be annoying, sometimes when I go play VR I have to re-do the entire guardian area and it's a bit annoying. Also, when playing some games, the audio just dies and it sounds like some small electricity problems within the speakers and that got me worried a bit, but it happens extremely rarely, only happened like 2 times since I bought it way back in December. It only happened in Boneworks.

There's also a small problem regarding SteamVR, and it may have to do with the fact that Steam recognizes the second-gen controllers as the old-gen ones. The controllers stop moving around and I can only point with them, but I cannot move them around at all and I have to take my headset off and go on my computer and manually re-calibrate the controllers which does take a little bit of time and interrupts my game session. The lenses can also get dirty very easily and I find myself taking my headset off every now and then to rub the lenses. The headset itself also likes to move out of place when I move my head very fast around, but that's my own problem because I also have a small head, for others this may not be a problem at all.

However, overall, it's a good headset. The build quality isn't very good, but I've dealt with it. It's not bad, but not the best, it's in the middle - it's okay. The audio quality is actually very good and I haven't had any problems other than those 2 times when the audio died, but it came back when I restarted SteamVR. The visual quality is incredible. It's immersive and it's just great. However, because the screen has an 80hz display, it will look quite weird, as I'm mostly a PC gamer and I have a 144hz monitor, so I'm not really used to 80hz, but then, that's my own problem. People who own an 80hz monitor or one with even 60 or 75hz, this may not be a problem at all, in fact it may look better in VR than on their headsets.

Ethan Bridglal

It is Dec...... why now trying....

The Apple Army

It should work on my PC I have same specs as that pc except I have a 2060 Super not 2080ti


Give me like 2 days and i'll be in VR


nice karambit ;)

FastZebra Zoom

Just got one of these and what a buzz kill. The controllers are buggy and don't track well. If you think you can install the software on a drive other than your C: drive, get ready for a nightmare. You better know how to make room on your C: drive, or hand typing lines of instructions to make that work. Oculus apparently can't tackle the rocket science of allowing you to install on any drive you choose, and they put the burden on you to figure that out. Every piece of software you've ever installed since forever always allows you to choose your install directory and path. Not Oculus. You've been warned.

My rig exceeds the minimum requirements and has all the latest drivers, but that didn't guarantee a smooth experience right out of the box. You have to be a little tech savvy and have extreme patience. As it stands, I'm doing the dance with their tech support. It's not helping. I had to let them ass rape my computer because they want detailed logs of every conceivable environment parameter. So get ready for that too. It's essentially a forensic level diagnostic of your computer. And yet "after reviewing your logs, we suggest you please update your video driver". Face in palms sobbing. They don't know what they're doing. I'm sure when I get this thing working in 2035 it'll be amazing.

Siekky vR

played vrchat since it was release But dont have Oculus rift s cant wait to Touch oculus ?

David Cole

Just picked up one as well. Pretty big difference with the original Rift. As far as Visual Quality. Less Screen Door effect.

Osvaldas Paslauskas

I just found this channel and this dude has been to Lithuania probably the least known country and there’s a VR cafes there now wow my country is decent after all


Ok you conviced me ill buy 1.



Mobile God YT

how can we trust a non-biased opinion in a sponsored video

Vytenis Stravinskas

hi im from Lithuania :)


ORDERED MY RIFT S TODAY! So damn happy! It was fucking hard to get ahold of this shit! $399 Best Buy 5/5/20


mine comes in on monday


Sorry had to leave the video as soon as I realized he isn’t in the USA

Omar Nassar

can you run this headset on rog strix laptop?


If you haven't found to record vr gameplay use obs and download oculus mirror. And capture that in obs ;) thank me later also captures both eyes not just the left

vijay anand



VR will be huge in in the next 2 - 5 years, no question about it.


Do I need any type of sensors for it like Oculus Rift has and do I get it included with Rift S or it needs to be bought extra


if you have the money buy the index knuckles

Pot Kid

try roblox


Can i use my laptop for this cuz it has a mini display port

Bradley Koonce


Adam Schultz

When did Youtube unboxings become a flex-fest where people show off the items they convinced companies to hand out to them?

Texas Dragon

Not left with a useless headset?........ C1 headset cable. Oculus can go F*** itself. Oculus has already shown its willingness to toss its users down the S*** hole. At this point your not investing into a system that's going to last but instead you are only buying an overpriced subscription and if you're not willing to jump on the next Oculus product you will be left with unsupported equipment that you can't keep up and running because no one makes the parts and Oculus is giving us the finger once again. Save your money and buy your VR equipment from a company that gives a sh**!


Im glad you enjoyed your Rift S. Though the Quest is very popular, the S provides better visual fidelity.

Premo _

Why did you not just get the quest


The knife soo dangerous and cool

April Grace Cruz


Don’t read my profile picture

I get jealous because I can’t play VRChat with it


But does it have RGB? ?


watching this to get hyped for mine that's yet to arrive....ahhh can't wait

XriiS _

too bad this is gonna be outta stock for the next 32852572 years


This video is sponsored by Oculus!
Oculus Rift S: https://ocul.us/2MWjdlK
- on Amazon: https://geni.us/EiGOsT

Shaun Salaam-Owens


David m

Estas forrao coño??


Mine arrives in the mail today. Super excited! I have never tried VR in my life before.

Chaos Factor

Just ordered a rift s my very first vr head set. Won’t have it for 2 weeks tho


The Rift S is the best VR headset!


I wish i had one ?


There is VR cafe in Lithuania? I didn't even know that and i live in lithuania!




What was that blue flashing light about towards the end of the rock climbing game?


does it have a build in mic?


I got mine today! I'm so happy!!


12:38 It's not a setting. You need to be driving a left-handed car. You can find these in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 1 & 2 as well as Dirt Rally.

Chang Siah Lim

wait is that a cs go knife

Tim Eash

Limited to only 200 gigs a month? Where, why?? That's disturbing! But I'm looking into the Rift S, so I will continue with the video.


man i want an oculus rift s so friggin bad...

Hot Stuff!

I would go for a valve index because i have a good pc, but it is way too expensive for me. Saw this review and might buy one


It's because the game is american


Is gtx 745 ok for oculus rift s?


This channel is so underrated

Nikki Williams

which pc do you have?


Steering wheels belong on the left. ‘Merica

Robocop Hacks

I like the display of the setup that he gave in the video but the clear bias and failure to point out any flaw got really annoying after a while. I get when you are sponsored a product you have to promote it but this is a bit too much obvious positive bias.

Gaming Toast

I was thinking of getting this headset and I was like how about I get a ryzen 9 processor that should work.