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Shoe Poster Design from SCRATCH

5 813 views | 31 Jan. 2020

We're making an awesome

We're making an awesome Shoe Poster Design in just 5 minutes (roughly)!

My Assets are from Adobe Stock ► First Month FREE: https://bit.ly/AdobeStockTrial

Tools Used ► Adobe CC : https://bit.ly/AdobeCCLink

The Process


In 5 Minute Designs, I figure the design out as I go. I'll explain my thoughts and reasons behind the decisions I make from Concept to the Final Result.

Today's design involves coming up with a design concept that shows off the high friction aspect of a brand new running shoe. We will use Photoshop's Liquify Filter to make a unique shoe graphic. Then we'll create a layout for our poster. We'll go into Blender to make some custom 3D Letters, and we'll finish things off with a quick Logo Design and Photoshop Mockup!

Work Request



Critique Request


[email protected]

Instagram: @thebrandonshepherd

Twitter: @bransshep

(Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.)

P e n g u i n W e i n e r .

Found you through reddit, nice going.


Loving your videos man :)

mj resi

Nice kontan bro ?.

Les Patience

As always, amazing job! ?

love maria

What tool did you use to lift the shoe up at 0:30? BTW i'm learning a lot from your amazing videos! ❤


Overall great idea and execution, the only thing I'm not in love with is the shape and shading of the "goo" and feel like that part could be refined a bit more. But for a quick exercise like this, it rocks!

Yasir Javed

Best YouTube channel. ❤️
but i have one request if possible show your every step proper tools how you using. From where you selecting in toolbar. Thanks a lot


looks pretty dope but you need some 3d effect on the sticky rubber of the shoe cause it looks like it only sticks on the right side of the soul


I think it would have been better if the sticky part of the goo came from the word grip stuck to the shoe that way you still have the full look of what the shoe looks like. I just think that it makes the shoe not as appealing to look at the way you made it gooey.


In this time of my life where I want a career change, you are inspiring me to become one, despite not being very good at drawing or having any design notions. But I'm getting there. Thanks. Keep it up.

Brandon Shepherd

What's your favorite type of exercise? I'm not a huge runner, but I love Rock Climbing!

Josh Chamberlain



Found you through reddit as well. As a fellow graphic designer your videos are inspiring! Looking forward to watching more videos from you


i wish the effect under the shoe was detailed

Dimitrios Papaioannou

Amazing job!! I love all your videos, dude!! I work in the same style with you and this helped me a lot!! Thanks for sharing! ??

Liquify assets

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How To Make a Liquify Tool In Clip Studio Paint

1 096 views | 28 Dec. 2020


#liquifytool #clipstudiopaint #tutorial

I bought a Clip Studio Paint brush pack from Cubebrush by JFrans. (link below) The pack included a very nice liquify brush. I made some small changes to the brush settings to suit my preference.

If you do not wish to pay a couple of dollars for the brush pack, you can probably make one your own by following the settings I showed you. I haven't tried it, but I think a hard round brush should be okay. However, if it doesn't, you should try using different brushes.

Though the brush is not a full fledge liquify tool as it is just a brush, it nevertheless is very useful when it comes to making small changes in your paintings. It is the closest thing that you can get as far as "liquifying" in Clip Studio Paint.

So enjoy liquifying while waiting for Clip Studio Paint to include the tool in their future updates.

Brush Pack - https://cubebrush.co/jfrandraws?product_id=rg7uw




Music Tracks:

"Roa - Lights" is under a Free To Use on YouTube license

Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://bit.ly/b-lights-roa

"Flanzen - Help" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)

Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/jN6_GRxE9Hg

Dimas Nugroho

Tysm (。-人-。)

Junyumie Art

On mine, it only blurs the image?

MarQos MarQos

Wow thanks.


Thanks for using my music!

FRee Willl

Helped me a. Lot:)


I need the photoshop liquifier for clip studio so bad?, thx for your instruction


hmm , even though i have a clipstudio license i use krita because of liquify brush

Liquify assets

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The 4 Programs I Use to Make Games: Free and Open Source Software

446 567 views | 21 Mar. 2019

New video, The 7 Programs

New video, The 7 Programs I Use to make Games: https://youtu.be/eRtArIvrsI0

Pigdev's video: https://youtu.be/BJX9g_buJV4

Get our game creation courses: https://gdquest.mavenseed.com/

The programs presented in the video:

- Godot https://godotengine.org/

- Krita https://krita.org/

- Blender https://www.blender.org/

- Emacs https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ and Spacemacs https://www.spacemacs.org/

Discord ► https://discord.gg/87NNb3Z

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/nathangdquest

This video is licensed under the CC-By 4.0 license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

You can attribute it to "GDQuest and contributors - https://www.gdquest.com/"

sumit kumar

I dont have Opengl 3.3 supported pc..so i cant use blender 2.8 series..

should i stick with 2.79 series...?????

Jaykant Bhaau

Where to get the photo of game engine


I’m confused, do you use unity on linux or do you use emacs on windows? Is there a way to use files between linux and windows?

Gork Skoal

My condolences on using vim and emacs.


I eat butter


how the hell do people draw so good on pc with a mouse i can barely keep a pencil straight ahha


Thanks man this really helps I wanna make a game or movie


my tools:
vs code


Doom emacs is nice as well

Tarik S

Can I use krita to make a little map for my game

Lefa Mashiyane


Игорь Жигулин

VIM is my life

saman DTS

Nee Anirudh Anne tane...

lamberto ciubano

Everything has make ,and we are also create by God ??❤

bojo Natada

Are these viruses

Neil Roy

Some nice selections. I like Notepad++ for my text editor personally. It seems to handle the programming languages I like perfectly with multiple tabs and the text I was working on stays on it even if I don't save it before I close it, which is nice. All round excellent choice. I also like to mention a category you didn't mention and that is AUDIO. I like to use AUDACITY for editing audio and sometimes SFXR for generating sound effects. All free of course.

Playful HW

Godoy sucks. Unity’s way better


I never touched anything like it, but just for fun i installed Blender and followed a simple tutorial on how to make a donut.. and i am starting to fall in love with the whole concept..

Richard WILSON

I been uninstalling all my software (some purchase, some cracked ?) from my computer and going full Open Source / freeware software:

Office Pack = LibreOffice
3D Modeling = Blender
2D Animation = Blender / Krita
Vector Graphics = Inkscape
Page Layout = Scribus
Image Manipulation - Painting = Gimp / Krita
Video Editing = DaVinci Resolve / OpenShot / ShotCut / Kdenlive
Audio = Audacity
Video Player = VLC
Screen Capture /Streaming = OBS
Audio Player = AIMP / WinAmp
DAW - Music Mixing = LMMS / SoundBridge / MIXX
Web Browser = Firefox / Chrome


Best content!!


Who would've known that you don't need to pay for amazing software?


3:05 emacs

Prakash Singh

Buildbox3 is the best

cranius RO2

6:52 I'm interested

Thomas A Mathew

Thank You for this, I've subscribed to the channel.....I am an aspiring game developer.....Do I only need Blender and Godot? - Blender is for creating 3D characters and Godot is for the engine or only Godot is necessary? Can we create new 3D characters in Godot or do I have to learn Blender first and then Godot?...Please reply........Thank You


Unity is not opensource.

Piyush Smetacek

I like gdeveloper

Thiago Mendes

Thnks man!! Awesome show!


What if you want to be able to publish your games to consoles?

Mizlabeled TV

13:03 = me after watching this video.... you're welcome :3


blender isnt industry standard maya is



julian zander carinan

what is that app

Dude Slick

You do know that as of v2.80 Blender has dropped the game engine, right? Just an fyi.

Giulio Trimarco

Simply good stuff.

Salva T

I can't even draw a red pixel in other than using draw.rect (1, 1, width/2, height/2, rgb(255,0,0)). I've always wanted to make games, but I gave up the idea of ​​making a game a long time ago.


Does these apps have a specific Windows processer to run on ???

Jason King

Godot is probably going to become the Blender of game engines

Jaden Wong

waht os r u using

Franc Net

Russia see you ;)

Shanker Sankhala

Tri ma ki

Alan Echegoyen

Do all of these apps also work for chrome


But what about pixel art? Is there any program you could recommend?
And making music (for games)

ميزو ميزو

I liked to support the developer by publishing his game the game for free and it is worth downloading


A pepe

This looks good, om trying to get started in gaming design amd I think i need to Inhance in my art skills


Business Opportunity in Ruvol

I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that I believe is guaranteed to be as challenging and exciting as CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.”

It is my hope that one day Ruvol may surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It is for this very reason that the great Bobby Fischer introduced his so-called “Fischer Random Chess,” where the starting position of the pieces is “randomized” to make the memorization of openings impracticable. Fortunately, it is also for this reason that I invented Ruvol where “every game” has been calculated to be a challenging one to play.


I detailed everything in my YouTube video. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcqth0m3-R0


It is worthwhile to note that the people who play chess will be the same people who will play Ruvol. In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. Even just a small percentage of these 800 million is good enough to earn big money from Ruvol either as an ONLINE GAME BUSINESS or as a PHYSICAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTOR.

You may contact me at: [email protected]gmail.com.

Thanks and God bless!

The Ruvol Inventor


Nice video bro, I can't draw nor have the money to hire an artist... Is there any character generator softwares? Like RPG Maker has a character generator which comes with the game engine but is there any software that can do that? Thanks. & What game engine would you recommend to create a 2d Turn Based RPG Game? Thanks.

Tabitha Grier

thanks to you making this video I'm going to make a game and it's really really weird it's called sunic it's available on game jolt please try it available on a couple of weeks coming soon


dudee u just made my day !!!! love this video .. this is all i wanted at this point of time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan Page

Create a Survival Game in Javascript with Phaser 3

Alexandre Marcondes

krita is the best (i like to paint)

Arjun P



Go watch Pigdev's video! https://youtu.be/BJX9g_buJV4

The 4 programs I use work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and are:
1. For digital painting and image editing, Krita ➡ https://krita.org/
2. For 3d but more importantly video editing, and all tutorials on the channel, Blender 3d ➡ https://www.blender.org/
3. My general text editor, code editor, and project management tool is Emacs, with the Spacemacs distribution ➡ https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ and http://spacemacs.org/
4. My favorite 2d and 3d game engine is Godot ➡ https://godotengine.org/ (Godot presentation: https://youtu.be/qVl3BYY6zaQ )

mathieu voets

Thanks for the video this is the beginning of my story to start making games and i will definitely try this out thanks for explaining all of this stuff

S master

hey i want to play a game but it is in ccn files formet,can you tell me which program should i use to play the game,please(this is 3D game)

Alexander Martinez

For video edit you can use kdenlive if opensource free


i really want to make game called Dead man i wanted the game to have gta 5 graphic like the protagonist in game to be an bad ass criminal and good man in the same time and the game starts cutscene shows how you moving to the biggest city shows how you are getting in apartman but when Jack Stars(protagonist) open the door he saw two man bullying or assaulting another man on couch with punches and kicks jack punches one man and stabs another then jack say hello? to the bullied man he say Hello thank you (jack has 19years) the bullied man saying i'm boss one of the biggest gangs in the city Sebron gang(his name is Josh Ron) jack said can i get in the gang josh say you sure we need to see your abilites then jack pulls a gun out of his hostler and shoot at something that is far after that josh say ok you can come in the gang then they met other man of sebron gang then a later and the game starts 1.mission jack meets william(other gang member) at the top of the biggest tower and tell jack WE HAVE A REAL PROBLEM JACK, jack asks what is it and william say I SAW WITH SNIPER WHEN I WAS LOOKING FOR BIRDS TO KILL(cause he is bird hunter) I SAW 2BASTARDS LOOKING AT JOSH WHEN HE WAS DRIVING Jack asks who were they and william say THEY WERE BILLOTI AND THEY ARE OUT BIGGEST RIVALS jack say and what do you want me to do? william say SEE WHAT THEY'RE PLANNING jack asks one of them hello misters #@#@#@#$^ i will not spoil anymore cause that game is acutally creating me and 37 of my friends were creating probably the game would be like 30$ in dinars 2983dinars(cause im macedonian) it will be for ps4 xbox PC and vr it will be on steam and others but we just start making everyone have jobs this you heard was part of scenario and text it will take a LONGG TIMEEE maybe 9years idk we will see a goodbye from me to you see you other time


fun fact: Emacs has a built in therapist/doctor


Sadly I didn't have the time to get blender 2.80 ;-;

Deepa Gopal Gaitonde

Is gimp better than krita


I tried Emacs, and it's a mixed bag with me.
It's a great operating system, but it's really missing a good text editor.

Get The Game

I love to craete a pirates game with higj quality ...but...mm...?

Doctor Whomst! 64

I'm working on a game on clickteam. And when I finish an image on krita, i cant import my image into clickteam because the file is a krita file. Is there a way to solve this?

Diego Matos

sou um brasileiro mas se teu video me ajudou de mas obrigado sou teu inscrito valeu!

Thamizharasu T

Can you guys recommend a pc for making games?

David Weeks

I used emacs for a very long time, but have recently (last couple of years) picked up atom. I'll have a look at spacemacs, though I've lost my touch with vim practices twenty years ago.

Christopher Murphy

i skipped thrue it and it sounded like he said "In this video... More balls.... Silent cameras"


100% real

Chandra kala Adhikari

what is nice game engine for 2 gb ram pc. please help me.

Cooler Games

I bought construct 3 a couple of month ago, it was good, I loved to place objects and edited already made templates, but construct 3 didn't work anymore, I moved to unreal engine because it's the most better game development software, but I do miss construct 3, I'm prepared to make games


Is blender for free?

Paulo Filho


Superstudent Academy

sorry.. im new to these things. what is the different between unity and blender? what categories of functions do they belong?


What operating system are you using?

GameDev MGHector

yes yes krita

Its fucking bullshit.?

M.D 디야

I dream to make a game ..But after watching all this, I Feel like Destination is still far away, Lol I didnt even start!

Bren the Wizard

Vim master race


I wonder what Godot 4.0 is going to be like. The way they're talking is that it's perhaps going to be a breakthrough for the open source program, especially with Vulken.

h h

i like paint.net and aseprite for textures, tho krita for more realistic textures

Mr. HyperXyzify!




Dijion Reed

Thanks bro me and my mama on New year's we're going to try to create a game I might give you a discount for free

gerald cook


james Tolliver

As a vim user, i cant forgive this emacs treachery

Retnomer roblox

Unity is crazy

Arun Kumar .s

I love this kids coding concept by WhiteHat Jr--and thought it would be great for your Kid! - Get an exclusive FREE Trial Class using my unique link: https://code.whitehatjr.com/trial/register?ref=ARU18671651&share_type=studentReferral&source=whatsapp

gon dev

I use unity on linux

Paweł S

Free speach, doesn't exist. There are alway words you cannot say.

Undertale212 Gaming

You know what I’ll just go back to playing games not making games I give up



Bandaru Yogesh Kumar

Can blender work on 4gb ram laptop with integrated Intel graphics

José Daniel Salinas

Thanks 4 info

Superstudent Academy

can I run blender in i5 2nd gen 8 gb ram?

Best technology

plz make a cours of 2d game with VS

Khaled saifullah

i want to make a game how can i make

Frank Simmons

After effects and the Affinity suite are all that's keeping me on windows, and insurgency, and PUBG, and farcry 5, and directX ?

Jeong-hun Sin

Krista's problem is its bad scaling on high-DPI Windows, and lack of the ability to manually scale the font size of each UI element.


? thanks exactly what I was looking for



Jonathan Garcia

Hi, thank you so much for the video. Do you options for sound effects and music?