What is lite coin

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What is Litecoin

289 027 views | 28 Jul. 2014

What is

What is Litecoin?



Video - Noah Harrison (hfn64)

Voice - Stephanie Murphy

The Higher Space

any difference between litecoin and dash ??

Digital Beat Music

so fucking nice Litecoin video

Donkey Coin

-Watch out for the scam! at the beginning all is well, and after without reason and without possibilities of contacting them, they cut your account, no matter the accumulated amount.
-Attention à l’arnaque ! au début tout va bien, et après sans raison et sans possibilités de les contacters, ils coupent votre compte, peu importe le montant cumulé.
-¡Cuidado con la estafa! al principio todo está bien, y después sin razón y sin posibilidad de contactarlos, cortan su cuenta, sin importar el monto acumulado.

Avon Barksdale

Would u still but lite coins??

Peter L.

Nice video. Keep it on guys and let's make the world aware of the potential of Litecoin!

nelson lobo

Nice video. Keep it on guys and let's make the world aware of the potential of Litecoin!


Lit coin

Os He

all time highs! when will it be 1/4th the value of Bitcoin?


That's great. I downloaded the litecoin wallet I had to shut my computer down now I can't get the damn thing to start again, there is no icon saying "Litecoin" that will start the application.. WTF? now I have a transfer from an online wallet to my PC based wallet in limbo.
Jesus christ. I should have stuck with web based less hassle and more reliable.


and now 8 years later.
Where can i pay with Litecoin ?

luis diaz

in my opinion dvk47 litecoin should not be involved or compared to other cryptoriv currency litecoin is litecoin simple statitics from tiofilin opinion

karen1987 petrosyan

Why did you block my page? Dear friends, be careful, they will block your page after a while

Maxiel Reyes

When Ur going to pay?

Sean Channel



Wait how is this possible if there are always 84 milion litecoin on the market then how can you add to the number by fransfering euros/dollars to litecoin?

Lola SissyHeartnurohnesissy

hello would u still recommend 2 buy litecoins?


If there is only a set, unchanging amount of LiteCoin in circulation, wouldn't more and more users create inflation? Am I missing something?


What's the difference between lite coins and bitcoins?

Jay Dee

Litecoin is the MOST undervalued crypto. It should be trading at 1/4 of the price of Bitcoin as it has 4x the coins as BTC. In addition Litecoin has transaction times that are 4 times faster than Bitcoin and the fees with Litecoin are in the pennies compared to BTC. To me, Litecoin should be currently valued between $3,500 to $4,000 USD. It’s a 10x upside with little to no downside.

العلم الحقيقي _ Real science

How to Deposit $100 in the Litecoin Wallet on my computer

Franklyn [Crypto]

What is Litecoin? Video released.

Christian Meier

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Mamank Coin

free legit sir?


Now on Litecoin.com.au 

jordan young

If only I watched this when it was uploaded. Love litecoin

Yopi Yopi

Mengapa vidio ini ada di website penipu

Thiago Figueiredo

great video Litecoin :)



Nartan Nss

is lite coin in India??


where can i buy litecoin from with a credit card or paypal or swiss e-banking?

Robert Pearson

84 million in circulation, how many have been mined as of 12/17/16?

Ahmed Aliev