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Ledger Nano X Unboxing, Setting Up, Reinstalling Seed Phrases, Add ETH and Deposit EWT Tutorial

542 views | 14 Nov. 2020

Did you just buy a Ledger

Did you just buy a Ledger Nano X? Do you want to know how to install the ledger nano x software? Do you want to know how to transfer crypto to your ledger nano x? Setup ledger manager? This video is your ledger nano x tutorial walkthrough. It will show you a ledger nano x unboxing and will show you how to put crypto onto your ledger nano x. In this video I put ETH and EWT onto my ledger nano x. How to put EWT onto your ledger nano x is pretty difficult so I walk you through how to do it and share my screen for you to follow along step b step! Ledger hardware wallets aren't the most intuitive and I haven't seen a complete walkthrough tutorial that also included a screenshare for the ledger hardware wallet, so I decided to make one!

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Chung Tie

I lost 7000$ to fake hackers until one of my friends recommended this best hackers to me I got the best working software that generate 6btc weekly thanks to @adrianlomahackr on telegram ?????

Derrick Wade

What happens if I lose my ledger hardware wallet or it gets destroyed? Do I lose all my crypto then?

Chung Tie

I lost 7000$ to fake hackers until one of my friends recommended this best hackers to me I got the best working software that generate 6btc weekly thanks to @adrianlomahackr on telegram ?????

Ledger wallet ethereum

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How to Set Up the Ledger Nano X + Add Bitcoin & Ethereum Addresses

1 571 views | 3 Dec. 2019

This video shows you how

This video shows you how to set up a Ledger Nano X, and furthermore how to add new accounts. Link to Ledger’s website to buy a Nano X: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-nano-x?r=7ba0

Kevin Bees

THANK YOU! You resolved plenty of confusion for me with this detailed and clear video. I really appreciate it.

jamie bury

do you know how to add a legacy address on the ledger nano x? some exchange wont allow me to withdraw to segwit or native segwit?

Ledger wallet ethereum

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628 views | 19 Jan. 2021


THETA IN AN ETHEREUM WALLET ON LEDGER NANO S? In this video I attemp to clear up the confusion about the ETHEREUM app on the ledger and THETA.

For more videos on THETA check out my 'All Things THETA' playlist below:


To make a donation to support my efforts,

you can send donations to my THETA Wallet


eyal o

Do u think.theta will be 88$ by end of this year ? And 1000$ in 3 years ?

Ana D

Your videos are always so helpful in understanding the technical side of crypto and THETA. Really appreciate your content!

Paul Mac Giolla Caoine

I'm guessing by moving your THETA onto the ledger nano you cannot stake?

Floris Boeije

Do you need to be running online (edge node online) to earn tfuel. Or can you earn it also offline?

Honest Dan

thanks, do you have a vid on how to setup nano s all the way through to transferring to and from the device?


I live in ny and this was the easiest way for me to store theta on nano x currently

Maureen McClements

Thankyou TeddyB. Finally I understand it.


work with nano x also ??

Into Oblivion


Chris Root

Is this the same with theta fuel?


Great job. Very helpful. Thank you! However, if one stores Theta on the Ledger Nano S, but Ledger Live does not yet allow one to SEE the Theta stored there (because LL does not yet support that token), how does one move it off or transact with it when needed?


have you moved any off of your nano s? Just curious, I have a couple hundred on there now and just wondering if moving off will be simple whenever the time comes to do so

Juan Sebastián Landy

Great video. Do you know if is possible to send ETH directly to my THETA wallet? Or should I first transform ETH to THETA ? Thanks for your help.