What is a transfer agent

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Player agents - How much they earn and how they use Transfermarkt - TRANSFER WINDOW

4 341 views | 1 Aug. 2020

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Producer Jordy Hubers of Bernotai Productions did a documentary about player agents and their daily work. The report focuses on how agents use our site Transfermarkt.com in their daily business. How does a deadline day work from an agent’s perspective, how much do the main figures like Mino Raiola earn, and how much does an average agent earn?

These are all things that Hubers explains in his interesting “Transfer Window” documentary.

Produced and credits by Jordy Hubers (https://www.bernotai.com)

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B 24

As a aspiring agent this is amazing.

Knotti 5

Very interesting documentary ? nice work guys ?⚽️?

Hutnik German Football

this channel gets better by the day

majikworx Tv

1:08 Saya setuju banget saran dari 1IDFORALL hoki365, main judi online itu cari uang sampingan saja, jangan terlalu fokus menang banyak dulu. Soalnya pengalaman teman saya main di MISAPOKER juga kek gitu, kalau sudah menang sedikit ya WDin saja. Karena masih ada hari esok lagi, tidak disangka ternyata kalau di kumpulin lumayan banyak juga.
Ini tempat teman saya main ?????????.????


Transfermarkt doesn't seem that accurate to me..


Good and interesting documentary ??


Strange what’s going on the football market. Crazy Agent Business. transparent and informative documentation

Aluk Tamut

I always enjoyed watching premier league, but didnt knew the story behind it, a complex trasfer market???

User Hit Stick

Really enjoyed this. Great work guys.

Alex A

Thank you for this helpful video

Mexa_ Por excelencia

Great informative video. Greetings from mexico.

Thomas Lintz

Nice one ;)

What is a transfer agent

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SICA- Sharin Is Carin Annaa

nyc video, help in concept clarity :)

What is a transfer agent

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