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Path of Exile ► Pricing Rares vs. Benchmark Uniques

4 038 views | 22 Jun. 2016

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Links n Stuff

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Links n Stuff つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

►Path of Exile Builds - https://goo.gl/76VABt

►Path of Exile Guild - https://goo.gl/3L54Vd

► LiveStream - http://goo.gl/vMLWF5

►Twitter - https://twitter.com/lightygaming

►Homepage - http://www.lightygaming.com/

►Steam Group - http://goo.gl/LqdE2C


I don't get it, your videos are so good and yet so few views...

Janice Becker

best video ever to understand this more esoteric aspect of the game. Tx Lighty




nice - as always informative , cheers

Yaroslav Masalov

IMO it's far more useful not to price the shags you are wearing now, but not to miss those 5c-10c-20c-40c-1ex-gg-mirror items in those tons of vendor trash. The latter ones should be obvious, but I still wonder sometimes, how many exalts i missed during my first couple of playthroughs...

And due to divine prices drop so low one also should consider keeping stuff with gg set of mods even of trash tiers.


yo just a recommendation for your thumbnails, cause your info is top notch, try and make em a little more professional nerdy looking, cause they look like dank meme vids +1 dough


Hey, guys, how is it going, Kripparian here!



so I have been playing this game for awhile so I knew most of this, but these are the kind of videos people need to make because the info is actually very very useful. great video man keep it up


Good video, subscribed. I haven't played since last league, but keep the good video coming!

Sylvester Pedersen

man i never thought about that what you said in video man. thats brilliant


Are you still updating your survival guide?


Great stuff as always!

Hait malard

information is easy to understand, and presented in a quick manner.
Well done video

abraksas KayBee

your vids are almoste the only wants how don't just tell me new thing, but give me a new persektiv on thing, i thought, i knew already. in this case pricing items. thank you very much!


Which game is that at the end of your videos?

Poe unique prices

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Vincent Price's Christmas Special - SNL

2 028 312 views | 11 Oct. 2013

Vincent Price (Bill Hader)

Vincent Price (Bill Hader) is having a Christmas Special with an emotional James Dean (James Franco), the randy Liberace (Fred Armisen) and the hardy Katherine Hepburn (Kristen Wiig) who fights a raccoon. [Season 35, 2009]


Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM

Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live

Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv...

Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl

Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl

SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/

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Mateus Chaves

PQP ????

Kevin von Nord



If she walked from Connecticut to Burbank, then she took around 39 days to get there!


"I killed it I did" - Always gets me

Wack Y

Is it me, or does Kristen Wiigs impression kinda sound like Azula from ATLA?

Christian Medina

“This animals got some BITE in him!!”

Incognito At Unknown

Hillarious House of Frightenstein meets Christmas in the 50s.


Bill Hader is one of the best SNL members of recent past! Definitely recent to me, but I’m getting old! ?

c osullivan

All were just stupendous. (Plus, Liberace’s fabulosa pearly white front teeth caught the eye)
KW is incomparable.

Canuck Testers

James Franco was spot on! I thought Jim Carrey woulda made a great Vincent!

corinna bevier

i like how fred's way of fake playing piano is just waving his hands around


I learned how to box at Bryn Mawr, I did!

Wallabe Beetles

James Dean was actually Bi IRL.

neo anderson

Bill Hader and I guess John Mulaney Are geniuses These are the best skits ever from Saturday Night Live minus the stuff in the 70s that was so good but these are genius

Bogdan Pater

This, this is fantastic. Kristen Wiig is a legend


I've seen all the Vincent Price skits, and the whole time I swore it was James Adomian, because his Orson Wells sounded exactly like this Vincent Price.

Mr Green Jeans

This bit never makes the SNL christmas collection. Too many people too sensitive about their group identity.

Safia Mohammed

"Hiiiiii James" lol

Felicia Jenkins

I killed it I did?


I need more James Franco as James Dean, it's hilarious

Rebekah Holm

I despise trains too

Adel Strope


මෙහි කිසියම් ආකාරයක අන්‍යෝන්‍ය ආකර්ෂණයක් පැවතුනි නමුත් තත්වයන් විය

Painful but FUNNY!

for the starting picture they used the harry potter letter style!

Bash Nagata

James Franco is highly overrated. Rest is pretty funny.

Linda Rhiner

Annnnd Hepburn has rabies!

Rob Elliott

That comes off way more Paul Lynde than Liberace


Did it bother anyone else that at 0:30 the backround music didn't finish the sus4 to 1 chord?

Migdalia Pollard

Snl is so stupid and sick. Liborace was an amazing human being. Not fair

Michael McClure

This skit has more in common with SCTV than SNL.


PLEASE put subs on these.


James Franco's acting is cringe

Marcus Law

Kristen Wiig Playing all these classic Movie Stars is amazing. She NAILS it every time.


Brilliant - in a way reminds me of a sketch show we have in Belgium: "Het Peulengaleis" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIFLbbJVcZ8). Only, on that show they push the absurdity and spastic mannerisms even further - but I think these guys (Wiig, Armisen, Hader) could pull off something similar; they're brilliant :p.

John Barber

Aww, the little Santa hat on the raven.

Sara Knod

You're always hassling me! - We just met! ??????????

Sheri Soltes

And goodnight to youuuuuu



Warnock & Ossoff WON!!!

Fun fact, all the figures in the skit were LGB in real life. Price and Dean were bi, Liberace was gay and Hepburn was bi or lesbian. ??

Zane Murcha

Hey imagine if it was Rock Hudson with Liberace.

Andreí Torres

what was that?

Harrell Kerkhoff

They should have done one of these skits every week.

Dirk Diggler

James Dean looks a hell of a lot like that guy from The Interview.


Jeezy Creezy!

Sour Drop

Bill Hader's Vincent Price is like the practical goth friend who just wants everyone to stay in character during his murder-mystery roleplay birthday party.

Dayna Young

Why was the title written in the harry potter font? Lol

Uaine Diabhal

Kristen Wilg is fucking spectacular


Armisen’s Liberace puts me more in mind of Paul Lynde

Janet Lieb

N. I. C. H. O l. A. S....

Florida Boy. / California Man .

Merry ! Christmas ! Time ! 2020. ??⛄❄️☕????????????️

First Name Last Name

I wish SNL would return to the time where the skits were actually creative and funny. Now it is the same political rehash week after week. I have to believe the ratings are in the toilet.

silverloony1 1

I'd pay good money to see a movie about Vincent Price starring Bill Hader as the Merchant of Menace himself.

Özge Kâtip


i died at the asbestos commercial


I just noticed the "Harry Potter" font on the title. lol

morgan davidson

Liberace gives me roger from American dad vibes

a box of pasta

“Aaaand Hepburn has rabies!”


That Harry Potter rip off font from dafont tho.

Eduardo Corrochio

I still get a big laugh from this one, with each passing year. Although to be honest, Franco and Wiig own this sketch while the others are just mediocre in their impressions. Hader is way too nasal and high for Vincent (and lacking Price's cool charm), and Armisen's Liberace is terribly frantic and giggly ... he comes off as a lusty queen who just drank two cans of Red Bull-- without the famous pianist's calm, oily and solicitous demeanor.

Aaron Blagg

Vincent price's Christmas Special was in the Harry Potter font.

Marcelo Liberman De Loreto

The rabies LMAO

Painful but FUNNY!

"go to the package!...just go to the package!"
Liberace says will do!

DeanGirl 1995

James Franco did an amazing job playing James Dean in this and the movie he did about James Dean's life story if you haven't seen that yet watch it it's really good ???


Never lose hope in SNL, every era change...I think they'll never top the previous eras. They are doing that here.???

Davepool 6868

I like them in all colors except blue.

Tom Kochmann

Thr Raven has Christmas wreath on .Perfect.!

Wii Sports Matt

Meow meow meow mew mew dnsnchehsjiaofmrj


Liberace reminds me of Paul Lynde


Reminds me of Celebrity Jeopardy. With Vincent Price as Alex Trebek, and Liberace as the gay version of Sean Connery.


It seems like Franco is always playing someone named james

TheBlurst OfTimes

Bill with a moustache is doing things to me ?

Molina Long

2:01 Michael Landon reference in Saturday night live

Lolita Bridges

Gotta love James for playing James.

Sarum Rite

The best Hepbaurn impression


Everyone in this sketch is amazing, I mean I know that Bill, Kristen and Fred and Franco are great but even Abby Elliott who I don't like that much is uncanny as Marilyn Monroe, great stuff

V Wiggins

Woooow!!! Lol

Mandy Ingram



Kristen Wiig did a pretty good Katharine Hepburn impression.

m1kend 75

"I killed it, I did" lol


James Franco is actually better looking than James Dean was.

Dean Stephens

Why is everyone sleeping on the asbestos commercial?? That had me wheezing lol.


I love these Vincent Price skits so goddamn much


Liberace is more like Paul Lynd.

Lauren Reed

I love bill and Kristen so much!!

Paul D Martinez

I was born in 1956. Ain't that special!


3:18 WTH lol ?

Linda Rhiner

This is my brother George. Bring the candleabra to mother George.


LOL. That’s all I got ????

Allyson Carlton

Just because Kristen Wiig can imitate Katharine Hepburn's voice does not make it a good impression... I understand that these are all caricatures of the old stars, but I found hers to be so cringe. :/

Bobby Daugherty

Liberace seems more like Paul Lynde.

I’m trying my best

It’s cute that Bill was a PA on the James Dean biopic James Fraco did and now here they are in a sketch together with James playing Dean once more


This is how Barbara becomes the Cheetah in the new Wonder Woman movie.

OòOo ÖoO

I killed I did get me laughing every time

Vlad Vampirelord

That was funny...

Jeff Conner

And Hepburn has rabies. Classic!!

John Killion

Cats in empty apartments can't fill out those Nielson ratings books.

Dax Hallman

I was a cat in an empty apartment for a few years, but then the TV exploded. That is what brings me here... to TV Land on YouTube.

Glad to be here.


'this raccoon has some fight in it"


2:57 me in school

Alan Sitkiewicz

“Watch it”!!!!

Everything about this is hilarious.


Full court press ay Liberace?

Suzanna Weaver


මම කල්පනා කළා මට යමක් යැවිය යුතු කවුරුහරි සිටීද කියා මිතුරන් හෝ සබඳතා හෝ

Poe unique prices

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195 824 views | 20 May. 2018

Hey Guys and welcome to

Hey Guys and welcome to my “TOP 10 – MOST EXPENSIVE UNIQUE ITEMS IN POE HISTORY” Video.

A Special thanks to AhFack and his Friends for the detailed Informations provided in this Video.

AhFack’s YouTube Channel:


TOP 10 Voice Overlay:


Songs used:

Well, this are all bought tracks so I don’t get any Copyright Strikes. You won’t find them easily on the Web… Sorry!

It was a TON of work and I would greatly appreciate if you would LIKE the Video, tell me what you think about the Video and the Content itself in a Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to become a Part of the great Community!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/mbxtreme

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbxtreme

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbxtreme

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mbxtreme

Website: http://www.mbxtreme.com

Support: [email protected]


As honorable mention, could have spoken of Miror of kalandra AND Eternal orbs :D

Alexandr Tenevoy

Angler's plait and Demigods bullshit useless, than no one want buing that. You couldn't sell that for original cost.
Legacy facebreakers with top roll. This is awesome unique item.

Jeff Hall

Cool video dude!

Ahmad Raza

What about the Kripp's personal Demigod's Triumph Golden Wreath which is #1 Overall in Season 1?

Around 0:40 you see it.

Clay Boom

man im soooooooo nooob i'm broke atziri's shield yesterday fuuuuuuuck i'm play poe but in one year i dont know nothing about this game, so many things to learn, i think i will stop plaing this game after that.


Thanks for not putting Mjölner in your list,This weapon isn't as good as people claim.

Andrei Man

Nicely edited video :D


No Alt Art Atziri's Mirror ? :<

Ah Fack

Love it! Great vid as always. Very satisfying

Steven Pang

i only have a single legacy vintar , so poor so sad

⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

alt art atziri's mirror is worth 50k exalts+ yet somehow not on this list? theres <20 of them in existence.


Great video, but the annoucer voice is way too loud over your own volume.

Rugged The Trader

Waitaminute... Atziri's Reflection was worth how much? I had one in my standard stash just two months ago and sold it to a vendor because I thought it was worthless. T-T


This made me uncomfortable

Soni Thaiboy

windripper 15 Chaos

Everyday Zach

@3:22 oh hell naw.. this list is outdated.. 45ex for this in betrayal league and 50 in standard... idk where the hell you got your statistics from but it is wrooooooooooong.....

Dave Zosh

Thx for video:) didn't know that my atziris gloves are so expensive LOL:)


The fact that most items in the list are legacy versions, race prizes or otherwise unobtainable items by regular means kinda ruins the video for me. Of course pre-nerf and otherwise limited items are expensive as fuck, it doesn't take a genius to realize that. Might as well have made a "Top 10 Legacy Items".


1 passive voices = 3 mirrors


hell no, my most expensive item is RedBeak

James Parrow

watcher's eye is not the most expensive under the vid's ruleset being that iot is not considering max rolls, something like disc vit is a max roll so watchers eyes are super cheap


i can tell you most of the items on here aren't the most expensive, the prices differ alot so how can you be so sure e.g. the greatwolf talisman you can buy one for as little as 80ex


I haven't played this game in years but it's cool to see what items I still have and what's been nerfed.

Vladislav Shinkarenko

legacy caom with 1000 hp

SmallDick StoleYourGirl

kaoms is only 1000+ exalts because of price fixer/flipper

Maksymilian Reiter

a list of the most expensive alt-arts would be fun but i believe they would be hard to price


You speak so unclear it already seems like a skill to me :-) but nice content

Fri'Chickenisha PlaysMC

FUCk I sold my legacy kaoms heart for 1ex cause I didnt know it was a legacy


Awesome vid, as always quality content. Love it!

Emmanuel Galiano

Shavronne wrapping, kaom hearts, crown of eyes, atziri acuity, voll devotion, shavronne revelation, the taming, soul taker, mjolner and windripper maybe or skyforth. This is my prediction

Tsutomu per DK

mbXtreme do more top 10 in POE <3 love this format ^^


great video
simple, concise, good editing and very clear talking voice


Почему видео не называется Топ 10 самых дорогих легаси предметов?Пишу я на русском языке.
Translation. Why video is not called the Top 10 most expensive legacy items? I write in Russian.


"very rich person" on standard omegaLOL

Kort Hosen

Legacy Kaoms is worth 9-10 Mirrors(2457x - 2730x), Demigods Presence is 7-8 Mirrors (1911x - 2184x)

ODiN [s]

All that prices from leg itms aint real, dunno whrer u got that info ut u dnt trade anything at STD, max 350ex leg kaoms e.g. This wannabe pro players uploading fake info XD. The atziri mirror can be obtained by the bug of binding swap of inventory, you dnt need to have it at main slot when killing ubers. This kids how scammers and fake they are.


We made it well.


I have shiled mirror)))


R.i.P me i solid 1.5 month ago pn bestiary. Starforge 6l 500%dmg 7as 99life with 30% quality corrupted...

Alexandr Tenevoy

- I have Mirror of Kalandra!
- Pfff, I have Mirror of Reflection XD

SpongeBob Spread Love


John Bravo

Боже что автор курил когда цены придумывал половина дешёвый мусор


where alternative art uniqs?


hej mbextremeist

Dan Bushmaster

Atziri's Reflection 400 ex? Are you kidding? They start at 30 ex


double path of exile in title? use poe and path of exile for search overlap ;)

otherwise good vid, ahfack used me as a consult yeet

Simeon Uzunov

alt art at headhunter is more than 3000 ex...i saw it before 1 year i think


Why would you clickbait so hard by saying the most expensive items, then not put any of the actual most expensive items >_>

James Parrow

all legacy gear right like kaoms vinktars mjonnir etc...?

Machined Head

You should do a video on my most expensive unique items you can get in this day and age.


Was planning to make this, but welp, onto another idea ;)

Trauma 0077

Glad i quit poe like 3 years ago. Shame i never sold my original p shavs

mike rusk

#10 you should of put a Lightning to spell vinktars. Putting a Lightning to Attacks is kind of misleading :P

Learning Leader

atziri got it free and 10th flask 30 chaos..

Tomy Metalero

I love this kind of tops, keep it on!

edVu RL

Very clean and and satisfying video. Great job!

florian frueh

shit load of double legacy and race only i think...


I'd like to see an updated version of this.

Dan Ries

way too much shaky screen. holy CRAP!


Hahaha, i have the queen's sacrifice prophecy, but ive uninstalled the game to focus on my bachelor's degree :D
I never even knew the thing was valuable, and by the time i return, it will have been standardized.
the more you know

Robin Plagens

video-speed x0,75 is perfect xD


is the nowdays version of Kaom's Heart worth something?


2 abyss socket Shroud of the Lightless is currently 120ex; another cool and expensive legacy item.

Honest Reviews

Updated version please!!


Kripp's season one race ladder demi is probably the most expensive item


Isnt the Implicit of Eyes of the Greatwolf already doubled? Nice video still :-)


Damn it, I dropped both kaom's heart and shavronne's wrappings but they were nerfed and definitely only cost a couple exalts each back a couple leagues ago. Could've been soooo rich!!!


Wow now a Demigod's Presence it's 2600 ex or just 10 mirror's it's really cheap

Snork 10

why you talk so fast??


Yay I have a legacy windripper! :D


Try to speak a little bit faster , I managed to understand couple of words , you're slacking


The void does not drop Headhunters?

half life cat

pretty good vid, none of these uniques exist on the xbox version except for the headhunter though lol


And now we have voices


why is this a vid, pretty sure everyone knows

Tian Ling Qian Ye

I have Legacy shavronne with 6l and +1 max resist


Might aswell title this video "the silly prices std players come up with for legacy items in their shitty stale ass league".


Before you ask "WHY IS X Y Z NOT ON THE LIST?!" - This List does NOT contain: Alternate Arts, Foils, Corruptions or anything else that can change the basic Unique! Thanks :)

Jari Juntunen

I actually got one of legacy vinktar O_O


Give you 50c, you profit 35c.

Rock Fossil

Hi! I just got my first exalt ! What can I buy for it?!

Alno Highking

good video bro.

Kar 98k

Kaom give 1000 max hp ? Pffff

Nathaniel Mcgonigal

Do you believe the legacy biscos collar will eventually make it on this list in the future? :P

Mental Diarrhea

i did not know aziris reflection was that valuable. i had two of those but traded one in in the prophecy where you change 5 uniques for 1 -.-

tito lovely

hehe i own like 4 of these. never had a leg koams tho :(


dam ..you sound so different haha

Ryan Andri

i just hope the chaos or even regal orbs droped in the game.

Kenneth Rollins

When you listed cards, I wish you would have shown pictures of the cards. That would've been really good production value and valuable info. Good video still!

Hidayet Erdem Çay

skyforth ?

Emo Nerd

Is aziris golden buckler still worth anything? I have 2 on ps4 one of them has very high stats and is 3 linked 1 red 2 green.


WHo is this guy talking with no accent! Not fun! No charm!


When bestiary ends, farrul's fur would be waaaay higher than all of these.


very nice