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YouTube Crypto Purge Is Back | Daily News Roundup Cryptoknowmics

104 views | 17 Jan. 2020

Cryptoknowmics is the

Cryptoknowmics is the one-stop solution for the latest and breaking crypto news. Do subscribe to us for the latest and updated crypto updates. Cryptoknowmics publish breaking crypto videos from all around the world. You can find the daily news roundup, world blockchain summit interview videos from our website. Do contact us to find the details about cryptocurrency events 2020.

Cryptoknowmics News Headlines for 17th January, 2020

1. Uzbekistan's NAPM All Set To Build National Mining Pool


On Thursday, Uzbekistan’s National Agency for Project Management (NAPM) announced its 2020 plans to regulate crypto trading and the blockchain technologies implementation. The country has also planned to start a licensed cryptocurrency exchange, which would allow miners to sell the coins they have created.

2. PBOC Has Completed Its Digital Currency Test; Launching Soon


The People’s Bank of China could well be on its way to finally launch its cryptocurrency. Reports suggest that the research, development and testing period are successfully concluded and the distribution will start soon in the institutions and banks.

3. Kadena Launches Public Blockchain


Cryptocurrency startup Kadena has launched its public blockchain, which will act as a platform to establish the connection between public and private chains of Cosmos and Kadena. The blockchain is aimed at establishing hassle-free contact between private and public blockchain with the help of high end customized language Pact and application layer.

4. IEOs Regulations Released; ICOs banned by SC Malaysia


Securities Commission Malaysia has laid out guidelines for initial exchange offerings, which would now be the only medium for digital token offerings. The regulatory body has put an outright ban on initial coin offerings.

5. Bithumb Files A Legal Case With The NTS to Nullify Its $70M Tax


South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has filed a case with the Tax Tribunal against the National Tax Service for the disannulment of nearly $70 million tax. The exchange’s foreign customers were hit with a withholding tax of $69.3 million toward the end of 2019.

6. YouTube Crypto Purge Is Back


Youtube’s crypto purge is far from over. Days after the video-sharing platform admitted its mistake and restored the cryptocurrency-related videos back on the platform, another user has complained that he received a strike during his last video stream.

7. Bitcoin Looks set For Another Price Rally


Bitcoin was trading at around $8,863.37 at the time of writing and experienced a fall from $8.800 mark. The buyers have maintained an upper hand in the market. BTC needs to maintain the support position at $8,600 to start another uptrend up to $8,800 and above.

8. Price Analysis of TRX/USD


Tron was able to surge over the horizontal hurdle at $0.0163957 on 14th January and since then the altcoin has managed to see a price uptrend. TRX was trading at $0.017599 at press time having seen a surge of more than 6% in the past 24 hours.’

9. Price Analysis of XMR/USD


Monero managed to break past the key resistance of $57.11 and has managed to trade above the $66 mark. If the privacy coin manages to move over the $67.02 mark then the altcoin might register a rally above $80.

Only Headlines

Bitcoin Cash Developers Have their First-Ever Meeting


Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme To Be Investigated By Thai Officials


Toyota Leasing Becomes The First Company To Issue Debt Through Blockchain


Top Crypto Gainers of the Day

Tachyon Protocol 95.04%

TCOIN 59.12%

FUTURAX 58.68%

Vectorspace AI 54.56%

LiquidApps 52.88%

Top Crypto Losers of the Day


BitGuild PLAT -55.72%

InternationalCryptoX -42.97%

Acute Angle Cloud -28.35%

Peerplays -26.89%

nilesh pandey

It is tremendous effort by you cryptokmowmics,thanks you so much for this

Anis Khan

Thank you for the valuable information.iam very interested with this one.

Jonna Love the snow


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Iconomi DAA Platform Release - Price Analysis

2 139 views | 5 Oct. 2017

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Iconomi reached a milestone , executing their promises and roadmap which isn't something usual in the crypto space, they didn't just promised something for marketing purposes they actually executed in a professional manner with valuable people in DAA group.


Iconomi news

Iconomi DAA

Iconomi crypto

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/scrembooo

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Patrick's Bushcraft?

what American Exchange to use?

Margaret Fournier


Omar Touzani

Very solid project. Iconomi is a time ticking bomb. Invest and forget about it for few years.

Олег Мельник

Icn its a shit coin...

Flora Danes

Hey scrembo!I love your videos coz you are very cute :)


Iconomi is legal to trade in the U.S.A


Plz share latest analysis. Price went further down from 0.000377 to 0.000070 and went up again to 0.0004.


That chart showing the various stages of a crypto token is definitely a valuable piece of information to share, much thanks.

Scrembo Paul

In the following video we have market analysis for Iconomi and information around DAA Platform release, it's not a financial advise nor a prediction that you should consider blindly, please do your research before making any investments and assume the risks involved. Thank you

Menno Pietersen

Thanks for the nice video, great analysis.
I see ICN as one of the most undervalued in crypto.
I am one of the 12 new DAA Manager on the ICONOMI platform, check mine out: https://carus-ar.com

Farhan Shahid

Plz share latest analysis

Damir Toth

Can someone clarify usage of ICN tokens, holding long btw?

Sea Rae

Are the DAA's a purchasing of a particular package of diversified cryptos/tokens given an allocated %age to each that have been chosen by the Managers of DAA's? Sort of like the bundle of stocks found in a 401K? I'm fairly new to crypto's but somewhat familiar with stocks and I find myself getting lost in translation sometimes.

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ETHORSE ICO Review! The World's First Dapp to Bet on the Price of Cryptocurrencies! HORSE

1 862 views | 22 Dec. 2017


I did this


I did this review due to the sheer amount of people asking about it on Twitter after I mentioned it on one of my news vids. Find out what Ethorse is, what it does and what I thought of it in my review video!

Just after I filmed the video I found their media bounty campaign on Bitcoin Talk Forum. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2609699.0

Ethorse. The World's first DAPP to bet on the price of Cryptocurrencies.


I was not paid or sponsored to do this video, this is my own opinion and as I am not a financial adviser, this video should not be taken as financial advice. Always invest at your own risk and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Donations are very much appreciated if you like my content and want to support my channel.



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So if I win on Ethorse, I am gambling (according to U.K law) and my winnings are tax-free?


Sold Out in 7 minutes, this will be the next big shit :-)


To say that it's nothing new is silly. I suggest you revisit one of the most successful and earliest operational ICOs//Dapps - Etheroll
This is essentially decentralized crypto futures (of sorts) on Ethereum blockchain/smart contracts from what I gather. Etheroll still hasn't done any advertising and I don't recall them doing any for ICO either.

Heather Wilcox

i tried to get into ethorse ico and it was sold out before day 1 ....wth was that?


So who got rekt?


Great, in-depth review. Subscribed. What are your favorite ICO's for 2018?


Very good Review! Thank you, Subscribed!