Lost walmart gift card

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Woman lost $2,300K in 'Walmart gift card scam'

1 729 views | 20 Jun. 2017

Woman lost $2,300K in

Woman lost $2,300K in 'Walmart gift card scam'

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Lost walmart gift card

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Scammers Go Mad While Losing $3,000 In Gift Cards

7 967 091 views | 10 Nov. 2019

These refund scammers

These refund scammers think they've got me for $3,000. Right up to the point where I buy "wedding gifts" for them with the gift cards they think they're going to receive. Watch the next call live: https://goo.gl/uhpWGT

Full Call........ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/496574335

Patreon........ https://www.patreon.com/kitboga

Twitter.......... https://twitter.com/kitboga

Instagram.... https://instagram.com/kitbogashow

Twitch.......... https://twitch.tv/kitboga

Merch........... https://teespring.com/stores/kitboga

Edited By...... https://twitter.com/truedits

Nightly Jambles

i cant believe he started asking them fuckin 'do androids dream of electric sheep' questions to prove they arent robots

Anjel Rosni

The descriptive brace shortly overflow because van paradoxically program given a incompetent education. plucky, belligerent breath

Jay VL

How could you scam a old woman on the phone. Im sad.


wtf are we speedrunning scammers now??? i love the idea :D

Rain Drops

You are unbelievably awesome!


I was going to watch a film but this..this is way better. HAHAHAHAHA fucking Awesome! You sir are karma, and karma has come to claim its price! hahahahahj

Hulisia Leonard



These seem fake to me like I don't understand how he does it. Can someone explain?

Nishant Singh

These people bring shame to us as Indians !

Gosevan T.C

You can hear the real Indian accent coming out of him “DONG DUeh Dong DUUEEH”???

NO one

Man as a Indian I lost it?? as "just wait a moment" played...

Pecan Pie

I will always pray the worst for scammers

Aditya Nayak

U r too good??


Lmao blockbuster charge ?


So hysterical but also so heartbreaking. It's hard to forget all the seniors impacted by these piles of crap.

Edric Cantu


Dylan Shintanii

this is hilarious




15:26 - lmfao he just gave up at that point saying "Priya, I can't do this".

Rasha Jamil

The dislikes are the scammer and the robots ?

Sofia Werdelin

Wait how did he scam them? Didn't he use his own money ?

eboyoliver Twitch

This is like a gangsta grandma trolling scammers.


Judging by the comments on these videos people from all walks of life watch this guys videos lmao.

Galatians 1

This is funny. I thought you reminded me of Actress Cathrine Hepburn? Lol

wake up



The dislikes are the robots

marc ramon

This was his best to date. I was falling asleep but when i heard he is pretending to be the manager i just burst out laughing. Pure genius

Gee Zee


Alice Bennett

I’m dead

Bak Sem sum

grandma is the best

riki maru

49:12 ????

Nick Mine

The resolute pigeon randomly wink because cabbage spontaneously receive inside a alluring beach. abrasive, untidy crook

Evan Johnson

when he said 'you sound like a young lady as well" I died. I'm crying over here


Scammer: Don't do it, don't do it, DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT!!!!

Granny: What?

Andy Brown

OMG my stomach hurts so bad from busting up !!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Fredrik Avanzado

You deserve every view and every subscription for this kind of work.

Aakash Arasu

21:09 guy in the background says "she'll make you listen to the whole story.... Is she telling you the story?" XD

imran chaudhry


Zach Higgins



Wait so did he like use his own bank account??

Vince Ochieng

Did she say Sarah Connor ??????.


47:59 - I can hear the wedding bells ~ nice one man,,????

Big Cheifa23

Why does this sound like the black old lady car from cars ???


Beep beep... boop boop.....??????? You crack me the f-up!! Omg????

Viktor Frolik

The smiling nancy directly appreciate because day pharmacodynamically occur amidst a careful jason. parsimonious, detailed shrine

Edric Cantu



The large icons are a nice touch

Kjaz Boom

Hahahaha!!! Cant stop laughing good job man!!


The Sarah Connor reference went right over his head...

Naeem Baig

This guy is good ?

Who’s Manz Is This ?‍♀️

Bruhh when I saw his outfit i was like wtf then That voice came out I lost it lol ????grandma ? is genius ??

Nicholas Busch

Only fancy feast lol

faraaz alam

I died laughing on this??????


I am watching this like a netflix show

Edric Cantu

49:10 u broke him

Ashnay Bhai

49:10 hahaha


How is he so good at being old

The KittyKatKing

The futurama reference ?

Alice Bennett


Carrot King

what's with the stopwatch in the top corner, is he speedrunning this scammer

Edric Cantu

Unless u stop being funny i wont stop commenting

Jirka Šťastný

Lad you're a sevage. A sevage I say. Absolute legend. Bruv. Xddd

Fever Gaming

When he said u r 30-35 my heart skipped a beat?

Rita Villarreal

Man this video is amazing! Lol. So this isn’t your real bank account is it? Is this like a computer module?


Yeah let’s import a bunch more of these folks into the West. What could go wrong?


I like the remix in the intro

brian l

dude your videos are cool . but why drag them out for so long ? i mean 10 15 mins should be good enough to piss off a scammer . lol

Yankee conservative

ABSOLUTELY priceless! ???


i love that this guy had winrar payed for in the banking history

Meggy Farnsworth

Love you guys ??

Bertram Raven

Population of the USA: 332,198,990
Population of India: 1,388,419,952
Total Scammers Per US Citizen: 4.18
They've got the number on us!!!



Police officer


Muffin Mafia

One more minute wasted is one less minute used on a defenseless older person. Thank you for your work please keep it up. Thank you!!!


omg please tell me the name of that intro song? pleeease that was so catchy and funny

Suzanne Vandivort

Tooooo loooonnnnggggg!


Its been a rough year but is kevin and rebecca married now? Lots of love.

Arnold Fernbladst

GREAT voice! VERY funny!!!

JC Butler

You’re good

Jeffri Polanco

So hilarious

17 purple days

Most humiliating for the scammer (besides not getting “paid”): 7.9 million people listening and laughing at him and his stupidity.
Dude, you officially have been scam baited by “THE EDNA”!


Man is dedicated, he got a sound clip for a driving vehicle

Jady Foster

Great acting. That other guy is shameless hes joyfully and frothing at the mouth with the thoughts waiting for "elderly ladies" money .let alone stealing her bank info and abuse on a senior citizen. Come on the law has to put a stop to this. As for you acting as a grandma go get um i salute you in bringing them any pain and suffering you know how to do.

renee Andrews

He he i love pets. Hehe

TryT channel

I'm working a day just get ten dollar. And you easy take it from scammer thousand and thousand. Gg dude.


d... did i see that right? he is paying for winrar? what a kind soul!

Haley Warner

"It was never like this back in my day. We never had all these fancy phones and everything. Only fancy feasts.... for the cats". lol

Mary Martin

Highly entertained by your patience! I would want to knife them in the thro**!

Имя Фамилия

I can hear wedding bells

Aladdin Salih

Target guy: Excuse me mam
Scammer: he's a robot run
Grandma runs
That was something ??


This is mental sadism at its finest.

dina estoque



Dude, you could write for shows and movies it seems like, this is like a comedy movie or so.ething, str8hilarious

Life in a Bag

"Scamming a scammer"??? u're my HAPPY PILL brow♥️

Carlos Guadarrama

Underrated content


Broooo 3 hours I love it


Don't do it.......!!!!!
Don't do it.......!!!!!
don't do it..,.....!!!!!
don't do it.........!!!!!
don't do it........!!!!!??????????


speedrunning scambaiting


Very entertaining. Thanks.

Deepisha Roy

The best video ever ?

Lost walmart gift card

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Gift Card Scams EXPOSED - You Have Been Warned

45 662 views | 31 Jul. 2019

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Learn more: https://socialcatfish.com


On the first episode of You Have Been Warned, we explain in detail how gift card scams work, the key players, and what’s being done about it. We speak with major retailers like Apple and Amazon on what their policies are for these types of scams. Lastly, we’ve created a website for victims and targets to use for fighting back against these scammers.

According to the FTC, in 2018 alone, over $78 million was lost due to Gift Card Scams. We want to SPREAD AWARENESS on this issue so please help us in the fight and share this video!

We help people find lost loved ones and verify if someone you’ve met online really is who they say they are.

We’ve been featured in The Huffington Post, Tech.co, and have even been on the Australian TV show, A Current Affair, for the work that has come out of our site and the information that we deliver.

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#catfished #giftcardscam #romancescam

Badmus Oyinkonsola

All thanks to @Darkfeet7 on telegram he help with bitcoin flips and fresh cc and it work I don't no what I will do without you ....you are the real deal ?

Elizabeth Murphy

Regulate the damn internet period

Joe Hiding

I had a scammer copy a friends Facebook, and msg me saying I was granted 90,000 for a COVID 19 support program. He said i need to get a Ebay pay card,and scratch the back out and send him the picture. So I sent him a random penis picture!

Linda Cannings

Ive bought a visa gift card the perfect gift card when i went to use it says DECLINED ive left messages phone calls since 10 days now but cant get answers dont know what to do next any suggestions ???

Anthony Rachel

I got my cc from Dumpsgang on telegram and it works well in UK here thanks alot sir u legit ✅?

Darleen Fisher

In military wanted steam card to do business on computer sayi g needs to activate iphone haha

Rosie Vu

Thank you for explaining this so easily and completely.

Hollice Lafleur

I'm not interested in 1000 dollar gift cards unless I legit win it at the store


Jesus my dumbass gf used 3 giftcards to send to a scammer she contacted on letgo for iphone xr max no offense the guy was from Nigeria that accent. Im so mad at her for not listening before it happen yet shes one mad at me so whatevers im juat gonna get the paperwork gift card company required to hopefully get money back not give it too her unitl she learns her lesson.

shirlaine williams

thank you i didnt know what a gift card was for

1488 2Peu

I called an escort these days, it was priced at £ 100 .. She told me that in order to make an appointment with her, I must first put £ 50 on an Amazon gift card, and I will pay the remaining £ 50 when I finish my services. I sat and thought, what does an Amazon gift card have to do with the fact that I want to go to an escort ...!

Oluwa Joba

Amost got scammed today

Bella Gabson

I found a legit plug @Darkphate1 on telegram shout out to you bruh man hook me up with some valid cc with high balance..


West_hacker00 on IG sale all gift cards for half price

Marylyn Vicent

l am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic I found many favorable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon, I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. Brokers are nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent platform. I invested over $ 140,000 and couldn't withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing So, I reached out to Peter Harold to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $ 100,000 and the remaining $ 40,000 is in progress. I really can't tell how happy I am. Contact him via email
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You can also contact him via WhatsApp

Elizabeth Murphy

This is why I don’t go on the internet only you tube

Marilu Vazquez

Stay smart people, knowledge is power, great video

Jay Johnson

So we not gonna comment on how fire that song was? My gift card melted from that heat ??????????

Garry Olson

So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him..

aprilia suhesti

i had scam $500 gift card & he ask me again another $200 omg the number is +2348026810428 his name is Anderson brad but i don't know real or not

David Payne

I know a guy that has spent his 3 months of his ssi checks because he is not that bright of a guy and now is homeless and every month sends out all his money he gets monthly im trying to figure out a way to help this guy but you cant get it threw his head nice dude and all just easy to target by these people because he is not all there


Same thing happened to me but hp support and iTune card 400$


Great information.
strict actions should be taken to prevent this frauds.

i doubt is the giftcards bought by scammed or carded tracable?

i have seen people selling giftcards for 20-30% of there real value.

is it true that the people who buy unknowingly from this scammers get caught after using this giftcards??

Mark Austin

So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him.....

Roslyn Russell

This guy I been talking to ask for Google card to load his phone up now he wants money to get himself back to the states got angry at me an ask for over a thousand in some dollarsdidnt send now he's angry.saying he don't need my money then ask for banking info no no Iam deleting him it's Albert patrick

Gail Neeel

Yes, as far as I know, https://utopia.fans/security/can-a-gift-card-be-traced/ despite their convenience, gift cards are quite difficult to trace. Therefore, they undoubtedly become the target of criminals. In anticipation of the holidays, more attention should be paid to safety. Especially when buying gift cards.

Bella Gabson

I found a legit plug @Darkphate1 on telegram shout out to you bruh man hook me up with some valid cc with high balance..

some idiot penguin

give them a used gift card code with 0$ on it

deanna ramirez

I mess with them when I'm bored then they break up with me when I don't get the cards

Jemar Catana

i talk to someone asking me for a damn gift cards.

Sterling Lowery

Cool edutainment video. However it wasn't specific enough on exactly how the scammers gets the money from the gift card when the person gives them the gift card account # and pin #.

Joe Rice

I am so tired of the American people being scammed. Sometimes it’s other Americans, but a lot of the time it’s foreigners from other countries and that stings.

linda abah

You guys do an amazing job ??

shirlaine williams

they may be scammers but they still live like animals they dont even buy taste in clothes or a decent house lol lol

Hack Virus

Hey there people, i just want to say dont trust anyone online.my story is sad but i got to say it,some days ago i was scammed and the scammers got $9,559.00 from me.....i was really frustrated and had to tell a friend,she told me about a hacker that helped her husband recover his scammed money that was when I got to email the hacker he asked me a few questions and also proof of payment i made to the scammer,to cut the story short he recovered my scammed money and refunded to my account within 24hours i am so thankful to credithack you can email him if you need to recover your scammed funds:[email protected]gmail.com

uche clement

My card was declining any transaction i made but since I was directed to figotrack via IG I can have quick access to my card

patel vraj

when you needed a bunch Gift Cards then try claimcards.club amazing for all; ⚙ මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

Clubbin Mag

FU GIFT CARDS is a brilliant idea!
I love scamming the scammers!
It really warms my heart.

Esther Lawrence

Wow GIBSON_.TOOLZ0 on INSTAGRAM offers the best services...his services are amazing

True Addict

I am amazed that people fall for this shit

Badmus Opeyemi

I’ve been dealing with @darkfeet7 on telegram years and now no red flags at all I enjoy is company ?carding, lesson fully, cc, fraud bible,backlogs,sauce pack over 100 methods flip going on for cash app western union, skrill,PayPal
Trusted and tested?

Wanda Powell

Have been in close contact with this man he goes by Jack melson he says he's with US Army I never suspected this man scamming me he was a professional they are dumb scammers and they are very smart scammers I have run into both. All together I would say he has ripped me off for about 11 to $12,000 I always send him cash Amscot twice it was very skeptical about what I was doing he used three magical words I Love You, and he made me feel like he actually did then I started watching scammers on my phone and I started putting him through the test telling him I couldn't send but maybe a very small amount $25 to $50 the anger started coming out of him then he started calling me names. Even though he stay in contact with me they remain cool and calm even up till now and he said he is leaving to go back home to Washington now for his retirement he said he was going to need a little bit of my help because he was coming to Florida where I live to be with me that sent my alert radar up and started talkin about love and all this stuff juicy stuff since, well I might have been stupid for 24 months but I am scammer shy now and finally told him I knew what he had been doing the whole time and that he would never do it to me ever again but he loved me he wanted to marry me he was coming for me I told him to never contact me ever again and that is where it stands I have blocked him my computer a ma mobile phone and he's done with knowing he was doing this to other vulnerable women yes I had lost my husband two years when I met him but when I meet that new guy in my life again it will be in person. Thank you scammer's alerters out there, pledge never fall victim to them again ll

Ian Nsofwa

i got scam

Syaufi Shaharuddin

i need to learn from these scammers. not because i want to scam but i want to handle multiple girls at the same time too

uche clement

My card was declining any transaction i made but since I was directed to figotrack via IG I can have quick access to my card

Daylyn Sessler

6:50-8 min just happened to me yesterday

Brick CitiBoi

(828) 515-4753 that's their available agent contact information, text them right now that you heard about the program and you are ready to claim your Christmas and new year Bonus money.

Elizabeth Murphy

Todd call me I know a ring of these jerks

wan hawkins

Great job , very lively and informative . A few women I know really must watch this. Sure will prevent some future victims.

John Wood

I just received a working gift card and a PayPal transfer from empirestore11 on telegram.. so happy I met him...he's awesome and trustworthy ✅??

Liane Arandia

I had a scammer email me pretending to be the ceo of my company! It was believable, they are honestly evil

Saurabh Kumar

There are my schemes-
The method by which you send me the money you will receive in the same not going to transfer in any other bank or anything
After doubling you have to give me 5% of your doubled amount from the same method
Time taken=30 minutes
+91 7533897306
Also placing orders for your dream product

Mark Austin

So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him.....

Kirsten MS3

Funniest one was from "the electricity company" telling me my electricity was gonna be shut off. Sure Jan. I live on campus ?.

Elizabeth Murphy

Ok very simple get rid of Facebook Nd def google can’t scam without that voip bs

Arch Neilti

A scammer asked me for Amazon card... 100.00 for him and 100.00 for his Son. I blocked him

Matt Morgan

That's why I always say ain't no money and I have no idea what a iTunes card is and I don't send absolutely by all means absolutely do not send a no one any kind of gift cards of any kind to anyone

Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom

FYI- There's a phone scam going around where they leave a msg saying to call back ASAP or they'll issue a warrant for arrest. It seriously makes me LOL. But I see how elderly or the naive could fall victim to these types of scams. Sad world.

Heriberto Maldonado

How A bout If They Have U Take A Pic OF The Front And Back And The Recipt Of It It Is A Screm

Elizabeth Murphy

Shut google down it’s honest. To god they provide all they need to do this it’s google Facebook Craigslist now linkden

Real D

Did not give one dime to those stupid bitches scammers! :) Though one soundcloud fake representative (Discovered him through Google Search, believe it or not!) stole my money through the gift card. I wanted to punch him but anyways, now I am aware. Thanks for this video fam! See you at the top! - Real D

Kirsten MS3

I've stopped several of these in my time at CVS... especially romance scams via moneygram.

Ely Powell

Whoa! The second guy has crazy eyes!

Kelly Cosnowski

One day they'll have a gift card tracking device built into the cards so if the scammers get their hands on it they'll be traced and the money will be given back to the victim. When would they do this? Not sure but hopefully it will be a new thing to keep people from being scammed anywhere in the world.

Maureen Huddleston

Block them all.???

Keyanna Roberts

Yesterday at my job I had a customer on the phone with a scammer he was pretending to be Entergy and the scammer was asking him to buy a money pak card and put 500 on both cards. The customer was looking frustrated because he can hardly understand what the scammer was saying and my boss came out of her office and seen what was going on .She asked the customer have he seen David before and the customer said no and she asked the customer to see his phone and the scammer hung up in her face and he called back again and hung up . My boss told the customer that’s not Entergy because Entergy won’t have you buying a money pak card and I was shocked cause he was going be out of 1,000 and the customer thought he had a bill due but he didn’t and we gave the customer his money back and he thanked us.

Maureen Huddleston

I never buy anyone gift cards online.

Nora David

Don’t be fooled or scammed again with high money, I got mine at less amount from @Darkfeet7 on Telegram, text him up, so cheap affordable and honest vendor?

Matthew Conti

VICTIM STORY: Hey y'all I'm so glad I found this upload (a bit too late). Unfortunately, I was a victim of a gift card scam this evening and I want to share my story to help others. I'm currently undergoing a security clearance for a government job, and tonight an "agent" from "social security" called saying there was suspicious behavior related to my SS#. Years ago my laptop had been stolen and I thought it was related to the criminal. In short, she put me into a state of fear & anxiety saying there was a warrant out for my arrest and that overrode my reason. I got taken for $1800 worth of gift cards. STUPID I KNOW, but I want to caution everyone that these people really can put us in a state that can make us truly vulnerable.

Elizabeth Murphy

Well shut down Facebook Nd linkden and regulate the internet they hack into cameras film ur teen daughters and haha most the credit card debt right now went to fake profiles names taking from obituaries the internet must be regulated period


Now I feel that I’m gonna be the victim of this crap. I wish the scammers can get sued and put it in jail. I got an email from the attorney general that if I don’t follow orders then I will be placed in jail. Someone should give me advices or what not.

sami salim alrawhi

pls help me what yo do


Often they need gift cards for um"foodstuffs" or feminine products, medication, or medical assistance for their monthly cycle discomfort.



Femi Adesipe

Get your $1,000 Walmart gift card : https://dmstrck.com/click.php?camp=3505&pubid=8613&sid=


I got an IRS call and went along with it for a few minutes then said “hold on while call my tax preparer and put him on the phone with us” the guy hung up. Another time I told them to send the cops because I don’t have a penny to my name to which he said “don’t you have jewelry to sell or could I take out a loan!!! I again told him to send the cops and he hung up. Haven’t had another call in a year or more. Maybe my phone number was put on their “Don’t Call List” ???

Lyn Prats

Can i ask about this name if he scammer?he always tell me to buy itunes gift card his name daniel allyn please help me what im going to do..

Sherry Edwards

Great information and very educational. You should do a radio and tv commercial to let people know.


My grandpa got scammed by a guy who called him saying that someone is taking money out of his bank account and is processing the purchase, and gift cards are a faster way to get to get in the way of the purchase process, which is true. My grandpa lost a few hundred or thousand dollars on gift cards. The scammer seemed professional and knew grandpa's bank information. Grandpa was going through chemo for his skin cancer at the time too, the burning of the lotions kept him from thinking about the possibility of being scammed.

Carlos Guzman


Elizabeth Murphy

Who are they middle aged white men nd woman ex cons Americans not over seas

Lilly Gutierrez

they do this to get some food they say I don't believe it

Garry Olson

So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him..


Why every time the camera change his eyes do too.. the wrong way not towards the camera.. camera man needs to be fired lmmfao

Natalie Leonard

netflix account was going to be canceled, but wait...I don't have a netflix account

gift dube

They keep trying to get me but I keep telling them I’m broke

I started a joke !!!!!

I was watching a guy talk about scammers and than I guess somehow he got hacked and some downsyndrome dude in a black shirt and hat started talking and staring at me weird....uugghh

Beautyvixenmary G

A scammer ask me 50.00 steam card

John A

my girlfriend is a size 0, i bought her a size 10 pants, said no man ever.

Square Peg

A Target cashier stopped my mom from spending $1500 on cards.

sami salim alrawhi

I get a call from what's up
I sell Rolex watches used
he ask me to buy steam gift card and give the pin to
his shipping agent so that I can claim my money from western union

Chamberlin William

I was also scammed by a fake military scammer he got £9700 from me I was really frustrated I contacted the local police and banks but I could get help. My friend who also fell for these introduced me to Mr wills recover on instagram he asked some questions and also some proofs and well wow I guess the scammer will be in jail somewhere but I actually got my whole money recovered. Try him out if you were also scammed. WhatsApp ‪+44 7476 711093

T Bragg

I work in retail. This is something I have to stop on a semi regular basis.

Esther Lawrence

Wow GIBSON_.TOOLZ0 on INSTAGRAM offers the best services...his services are amazing

Kelly Cosnowski

ONLY if it was that easy to purchase a gift card to bail someone out of jail, everyone who was locked up and just needed to bailed out the streets would be flooded with criminals from the gift card bail PAYMENT system LOL.

Trijana Soepardi

Tell me how to report scam here?

Ms. Xaadiya Prince's Chronicles


Mr. MontClair

Scammers just text & called me at 300 am California time..& then they said for me to download cash app


Don’t tell me you buy your girlfriend gift cards.